Lizards Spoil Cannons Run, 19-16

Lizards Spoil Cannons Run, 19-16

Lizards Spoil Cannons Run, 19-16

Lizards Spoil Cannons Run, 19-16

Game Brief
The third time was a charm. The Long Island Lizards (3-2) edged out the Boston Cannons (4-1) 19-16 in front of 6,108 recorded on hand at Nickerson Field (Boston, MA). The L.I. crew turned the tables and avenged two earlier season losses to the hometown heroes, 16-17 (22/05/04) and 17-20 (12/06/04). The Cannons were unable to overcome an early deficit and convert on precious possession - especially on a late flurry of fourth quarter shots (SOGs: L.I. (29)/Boston (47) and padding Dougherty stats (31 saves). Game MVP Jay Jalbert paced the attack with a 7-pt outing (2-1ptg, 2-2ptg, 1a).

Statistical review
Shots on goal: Long Island (29), Boston (47). Saves: Long Island (31), Boston (10). Faceoffs: LI (13/35), Boston (22/35). GBC: LI (26), Boston (36), EMO: LI (1/6), Boston (3/8)

Goals/2-PTRS: LI - Jay Jalbert 4/2; Tim Goettelmann 3/0; Chris Massey 2/0; Jarred Testa 2/0; Kevin Lowe 1/0; A.J. Haugen 1/0; Shawn Lyons 0/1; Ken Gardcia 1/0; Steve Sombrotto 1/0. Boston - David Evans 4/0; Steve Dusseau 3/0; Conor Gill 2/0; Chris Fiore 2/0; Kevin Leveille 1/0; Mike Battista 1/0; Mike Regan 0/1; Peter Inge 1/0.

Assists: LI - Kevin Lowe 3; Tim Goettelman 1; A.J. Haugen 1; Jay Jalbert 1. Boston – Conor Gill 5, Kevin Leveille 2; Chris Rotelli 1.

Starting line-ups
LI: Attack – Chris Massey (Princeton ’98); Tim Goettelmann (Loyola ’00); Kevin Lowe (Princeton ’94), Midfield – Jay Jalbert (Virginia ’00); Chris Cercy (Syracuse ’01); Corey Harned (JHU ’04), Defense – John Gagliardi (JHU ’97); Damien Davis (Princeton ’03); Brandon Testa (JHU ’01), Goal – Brian Dougherty (Maryland ’97).

Boston: Attack – David Evans (Brown ’96), Connor Gill (UVA ’02), Michael Watson (UVA ’97), Midfield – Mike Regan (Butler ’00), Mike Battista (Loyola ’00), Steve Dusseau (Georgetown ’02), Face-off – Peter Inge (S. Australia ’00), Defense – Ryan Curtis (UVA ’00), Tom Fallon (UMass ’03), Michael Peyser (JHU ’03), Goal – Chris Garrity (Penn State ’03)

Game Detail
The first two weeks of June have been all about shaking a waning killer buzz scored at what can only be affectionately referred to as the May M&T Circus. The addiction to that special blend of $4 waters, 24-hr BBQ fog, the Admiral’s Section 105 crowd control tactics (with a ‘Fire it up’ + matching choreographed dance move), and of course, a heavy dose of amazing lacrosse has been an unruly beast to tame. It’s only natural to expect that the sudden shift to summer action be met with awkward resistance.

So on the drive to (my) first MLL game of the summer, there were a few issues to be sorted. The most evident issue was the change of venue. Location. Location. Location. The organizational decision to migrate from Lowell to Boston provided an immediate bonus: commute time reduced by 3x. Parking concerns were easily addressed by leveraging existing BU + Fenway infrastructure. Massachusetts residents require little incentive to battle city traffic and $2.28/gallon gas. Ask a Celtics or Sox fan. The inverse relationship between fan support and championships is a deceptive metric. Team Loyalty is not a moral imperative; it’s a state law. The move to Boston has provided a more legit backdrop for the local franchise. Like the more disciplined Cannons offense, the front office has given more attention to detail, marketing detail. The application of the Cannons brand was more consistent – from the parking to concession signs. The focus on team sales (buses of stick-toting fans eager for jersey signings), pricing structure, reduction of admin and overhead costs, smarter application of resources, and stadium capacity should prove a successful strategy for the Beantown group.

The pre-game excitement was met with a lukewarm Cannons start. The Lizards came out strong and set the tempo for the rest of the game. LI took the face off and scored within the first 30 seconds off a lower left goal from Jarred Testa (1-0) at 14:30. Teammate Tim Goettelmann followed up with an upper shelf goal off a crease roll one minute later. The Cannons responded with an Evans roll and riser at 12:14 (1-2). Two-point king Mike Regan added his signature touch giving the Cannons their first lead of the game at 10:15 (3-2). Lizard Jay Jalbert opened for office hours early scoring his first of two 2-pt goals (4-3). Former Minuteman Chris Fiore stepped up for two goals in the first quarter. The Lizards were more effective on possession outscoring the Cannons 9-5 in the first 15. The Cannons outshot the Lizards 12-11.

Cannons face off man Peter Inge lit up the field with a fast break goal within the first seven seconds of the second period. The Lizard defenders were caught flat-footed on the slide and the Cannons brought the score within three (6-9). The Cannons matched the Lizards’ goal output, five a piece, however outshot their opponents 14-6. The (4pt) goal of the second period would go to LI Shawn Lyons. As the clock was running out, and everyone was calling for him to shoot it, Lyons caught everyone (especially Chris Garrity) by surprise with a shot that came from nearly the 50. Cannons Conor Gill flickered for one goal and two assists in the second. Jarred Testa’s behind the back goal at :44 gave the Lizards a 14-10 lead going into the half.

Jay Jalbert opened the third quarter with a laser that hit Garrity’s stickside high with less than 10 seconds on the clock (15-10). Tim Goettlemann posted up with a crease defender for another top shelf goal at 12:52 (16-10). Hometown favorite Mike Battista scored his first and only goal of the game on EMO from up top off an assist from Gill at 8:26 (11-16). Goettlemann and Garcia (from Kevin Lowe) responded with a goal each giving LI a 18-11 lead at 1:54. Gill wrapped up the third quarter with a goal dished off from Kevin Leveille at 1:18 (12-18).

The final period was the most goal quiet quarter of the game. Boston outscored LI 4-2. The early deficit was too difficult to correct. The Cannons did have plenty of opportunity to level the playing field. Boston took 15 shots to LI’s five. Evans came up big for the Cannons in the fourth scoring a hat trick. Chris Massey logged in the only goal for the Lizards in the last quarter. The two teams got a little rowdy in the remaining seconds of the game with a few blows exchanged. It appeared the ref only suffered a few minor scuffs.

Final score Long Island 19 Boston 16. The Lizards’ next match up will be against the Baltimore Bayhawks at home on 25 June 04 at 19:30. The Cannons will face the Pride in Boston at 19:00 on 26 June 04.
Story to follow.

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Lizards all the way
    by (#12339) on 6/21/04 @7:25AM
the first 2 games were flukes lizards a better team than Canons(chokers like Red Sox. Canons looked flat and uninspired troughout the game unlike their last outing, also bad shot selection specially towards the end.
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(no subject)
    by (#78066) on 6/21/04 @8:24AM
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lizards rule
    by (#78066) on 6/21/04 @8:25AM
The lizards way out played the cannons, The lizards are just a better team. The lizards kick $&*$ing @$$.
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    by (#79116) on 6/21/04 @2:58PM
whats asdas mean?
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    by (#78066) on 6/21/04 @6:30PM
$*#& you ma. I spicy
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couple ?'s
    by (#76306) on 6/23/04 @11:21PM
ok, for one....we dont hear much about the rattlers..being from rochester i feel left out..but who gives a sh** about me, and many teams are there in the mll? 6 or somthin like that? ya pathetic, there should be a hell of a lot more teams to make it really good and to help the sport of lax grow cuz right now alot of people r finding it really boring watching the same match-ups every 3 weeks. If anyone lives in a city w/ out a team...(which is alot) call your major or w/e u do to get somthin like this and beg for money to support a lacrosse team!!
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the addition of lax teams
    by (#80127) on 6/24/04 @1:05AM
the mll plans to expand in 2006 with 4 teams and then in 2008 to add 2 more. they are doing this to prevent the draining of the talent pool like the NHL has done.
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    by (#78066) on 6/27/04 @9:08AM
fuck you man. People dont get bored of watching the same match ups. ITs the advertising, you here alot more about faggetball i mean baseball more thean you here about lacrosse. Also you are strong (smelling). I Spicy
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A few thing
    by (#80137) on 6/24/04 @1:25PM
To start off I have been reading a lot of posts of a lacrosse game. Well I have a little inside info my friend got to play a demo of a lacrosse game made by microsoft (the same people that make x-box). He said that it was good, they you could to stuff like behind the back passes and what not. But he also said there were a lot of cliches in the game. But he said they got some big-time players in to consult on the game so it should be good if it comes out. So we should start a petition up to send to microsoft to get this game in the works and that we will buy it any cost.

Another thing I know the MLL is expanding soon to either 4 to 6 teams where do you see these teams going. I see Denver, Seattle, and maybe two California Teams. Let me know.

And before the league expands they need to address a couple of things. Such as if they are going to keep the shot clock and 2 point line they need to add an LSM to balance things out a little more. I love offense but this is just crazy. I understand that the league is trying to attract more fans and the way to do that is but adding offense but they also need to worry about the hardcore fans like us. In addition they need to find a bigger sponsor to take over for Warrior like Nike or Adidas that way players could have a better chance of making this a full-time job by getting contracts from the Big 4. Because as we all know many of the players hate playing with Warrior. I still play with a Warp and would hate to have to make a transition. Just a few thoughts, give me some feedback.
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the new teams
    by (#80127) on 6/24/04 @3:04PM
the places that the MLL is looking at is Denver, Dallas, detroit, Chicago, Columbus,and either L.A. or San Diego, and San Franisco or San Jose.
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Rules and Fan base
    by (#12339) on 6/26/04 @8:47AM
If you go to an MLL game majority of fans on hand are Kids! they should be exposed to a lax game that resembles the game that they play, no confusion as for the rules. Scoring 40 goals per game is too much, looking at the quality of players on the field even with 4 longsticks and college/high school rules i still think that there should be enough scoring to be interesting for one thing the shot clock, they should keep the two point rule i personally think that college should adopt the two point rule, making the game more interesting.

As far as expansion the league should do a better job of research to avoid poor attendance, look at Phila, NJ, etc. The league should look at what Boston did, nicely described by the above reporter
BTW nice pictures.

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Diluting the Talent Pool
    by (#71610) on 6/26/04 @9:16AM
MLL should be carefull in expanding too much, the talent pool for lacrosse is not as deep as for example basketball or football. MLL should try hard to increase TV coverage for MLL, same thing to be said for NCAA College LAX game coverage it is not enough to cover the semis and championship, there should be coverage for marquee games during the regular season. Otherwise LAX would continue to be a regional game.

I agree completely that the two point rule be adopted for college game (maybe high school). The game should evolve, same thing to be said for the womens game; enough already with the inbound rule if the ball goes out of bounds it should be a turnover!. They should keep the free position shot
there is free throw in basketball as well as for soccer, and hockey. another thing during a yellow or red card penalty the team should be man(woman) down not substitute for another player .

nice pics!
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