Philadelphia Advances to Final with OT Win

Philadelphia Advances to Final with OT Win

Philadelphia Advances to Final with OT Win

Philadelphia Advances to Final with OT Win

Game brief
The clash between the No. 2 seed Rochester Rattlers and the No. 3 Philadelphia Barrage kicked off a dramatic evening of double-header action punctuated with an electrifying water world exhibit underwritten by Mother Nature LLC. Overall, the two teams were well matched and suffered from temporary lapses in play. Rochester failed to convert on numerous opportunities while Philadelphia continues to grow stronger and more cohesive. Blake Miller led the offense yet again with a six point outing while Greg Cattrano generated so much of the team momentum from the back court.

Statistical review
Shots on goal: Phila (41), Rochester (31). Saves: Phila (14), Rochester (23). Faceoffs: Phila (16/37), Rochester (21/37). GBC: Phila (60), Rochester (49), EMO: Phila (0/3), Rochester (2/2).

Goals/2-PTRS: Phila – Blake Miller 3/0; Keith Cromwell 3/0; Michael Springer 3/0; BJ Prager 3/0; Ryan Boyle 1/1; Matt Striebel 1/0; Roy Colsey 1/0; Doug Shanahan 1/0; Mike Mollot 1/0; Ryan Moran 1/0.

Rochester – Sean Lindsay 4/0; Ryan Powell 4/0; Casey Powell 2/0; Brenth Rothfuss 2/0; Kevin Cassese 1/1; Pat Dutton 1/0; Josh Coffman 1/0; Nate Watkins 1/0.

Assists: Phila – Blake Miller 3; ryan Boyle 2; Mike Mollot 1; Nicky Polanco 1.

Rochester – Sean Lindsay 2; Casey Powell 1; AJ Shannon 1.

Game detail
A change of address card, some fresh unis, and a complete franchise overhaul have put the Barrage at the head of the class for turnaround team of the year. Rewind a month ago in mid July, the Barrage were down 1-4 and unknowingly poised at a clutch tipping point. You had to wonder, with such a stacked roster what could possibly be the problem? Fast forward to the present, the Barrage are on the verge of their first MLL title with the momentum of a six ton, six game winning streak pushing the machine hard, fast, and forward.

A train of dark clouds was parked just to the West of the stadium and the Barrage were down 2-5 in the first quarter with that window of narrow escape closing quickly. Just one hundred fifty yards to the East, Greg Cattrano came down hard on his defense and issued some stern, loud, and ominous directives of his own.

It was one of those really cool things to watch if you were lucky enough to hear it and then see it down on the sideline, that moment for a team where all of those uncoachable intangibles coalesce and translate into chemistry, action, and outcomes. Mr. Cattrano is the man. Throughout the game you could find Cattrano racing down field, barking out orders, coming up with some huge saves, and driving an already intense and solid defensive unit of Polanco, Kuczma, and Spallina to give even more.

On the other end, Boyle provides a balance to Cattrano’s veteran leadership. He hasn’t lost a step in the transition from college to MLL and has become not only a vital playmaker for the Barrage, but an effortless leader who isn’t afraid to direct team traffic in spite of his rookie plates.

By comparison, where the Barrage are the unlikely winners of the season, you expect all the show and dazzle from Rochester. The Rattlers were able to give the Barrage a run for their money, but came up a little short in the end. Casey came out during the half with a knee injury but the net effect was the same as the first half. The Rattlers were led by Ryan Powell and Sean Lindsay. Powell contributed 4g and Lindsay led with 4g, 2a. The offense just did not generate as much heat as the Barrage (Philly had 41 SOGs to Rochester’s 31).

The Rattlers outshot and outscored Philadelphia 5-3 and 10-9 in the first period. Blake Miller was the first to light up the boards with a upper shelf goal at 2:26. The Barrage drew the slide and the double freeing up Miller on the crease. Johnson came up with the save on the ground but was not able to control the loose ball. Miller snagged the rebound and the shot giving the Barrage a 1-0 lead.

Rochester roared back with four unanswered goals from Lindsay (2), Rothfuss, and Powell. Linsdsay scored his first goal off of motion at 4:36 (1-1). Casey Powell gave the Ratters a two goal lead at 6:41 with a crease roll goal that hit upper right corner (3-1). Lindsay scored again off an assist from Powell at 9:34 (4-1). Game MVP Keith Cromwell replied with a goal for the Barrage at 11:32 and closed out the first period scoring. Ball tempo picked up for the Barrage and Boyle found the defense marking the ball (and slow on the slide) and Cromwell wide open on the crease for 3-5 at 14:19.

The second quarter was all about the Barrage. Philly outshot and outscored Rochester 13-5 and 6-2 respectively. Mike Springer cut open the period with a fake and crease roll goal that hit left hip at 2:26. Springer scored again off an assist from Striebel. The play started off an interception by Cattrano who ran the ball through the midfield and dished off the ball quickly to Striebel. Shanahan and Miller (2) scored for the Barrage. Rochester’s Nate Watkins broke the rhythm with a 50yd dash and a goal at 11:14 (6-8). Former Canon Brent Rothfuss scored at 14:00 to narrow the gap to one goal (7-8). Philadelphia generated momentum going into the half with a fast break goal with defender Polanco dishing off to Springer in front at 14:53 (9-7).

Philadelphia went back and forth in the third quarter. The Barrage outshot Rochester 11-7 and narrowly outscored them 6-5. Colsey opened the quarter scoring off an assist from Miller at 1:04 (10-7). Rochester netted two easy goals. Dutton came in unchallenged and shot through Cattrano’s legs at 1:23 and Lindsay followed with a grounder off the crease roll at 2:49 (9-10). The Barrage responded of an interception on the clear by Boyle who then added more salt to the wound with a two-point goal at 3:32 (12-9). Philadelphia’s B.J. Prager and Ryan Powell traded two goals each late in the third period. Prager took a wide-open shot on Johnson at 11:57 (14-10). Less than a minute later, Powell responded with a grounder of the roll (11-14). Prager followed suit closing the deal on a fast break series (off an assist from Miller) at 13:46. Powell wrapped up the third quarter shooting demonstrating some touch off the flat pass up top from Lindsay at 14:02 (12-15).

Rochester statistically controlled the boards in the fourth quarter outscoring Philadelphia 5-2. Powell scored his first of two fourth quarter goals taking his defender on the crease, screening out Cattrano, and pulling off a Watson-style dive and dunk for 13-15. A wide open Striebel scored for Philly hitting upper shelf at 4:57 (16-13). Prager followed up a with another goal off an assist from Miller at 6:46 (17-13) rounding out the quarter scoring for Philadelphia. Cassese banked a two point shot and Coffman followed up with a goal of his own at 12:38 (16-17). Powell scored the game-tying goal at 13:14 as he beat his defender on the crease (17-17).

Boyle had the ball during OT and the Rattlers were in a tight man. Rochester got a little too aggressive with a foul on Rochester’s Gatzel for pushing. The two teams traded possession and play was littered with bobbled balls and some easy read low percentage shots. Keith Cromwell ended the suspense with a lefty goal at 7:55 giving the Barrage their first MLL final appearance in franchise history.

The Barrage will face Boston in the final. The Barrage won their last meeting. Philadelphia is at peak-point temperature with a six game winning streak under their belt while the Boston crew will be riding off the emotion of their die hard hometown fans. Goal tending and the scoring momentum of each offensive unit will decide the championship. Boston has an edge in the circle with Peter Inge while both teams boast solid defensive play. Will it be Cattrano or Garrity who is coming back strong off an injury?

The MLL final will take place at Nickerson Field, Boston on Sunday at 13:00 .

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so who r they playing (nt)
    by (#71560) on 8/21/04 @4:11PM
(no text)
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    by (#80227) on 8/21/04 @6:32PM
It is nice to see teams other than bayhawks or lizards, maybe just maybe another championship team from Boston. I am not surprised at the play of Boyle having watched him for the 4 years in class of 52 stadium. Go Cannons !.
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    by (#7569) on 8/22/04 @8:51AM
Unfortunately, due to philly's lack of a fan base, i believe i am the only person in the deleware valley who actually has anything good to say about philly. It's great that they won, but even i won't be up in boston to watch them try to win their first championship (yea, bostons 5 hours away, and since i am the only barrage fan i couldn't find anyone else to go).
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if the team ever maintained a philly prescence
    by (#5616) on 8/22/04 @10:35AM
the barrage need to get their butts totally out of li/ct area and do as much fulltime work in philly to help promote the team. i think folks, evem the wings fans, that follow the barrage have liked the no-quit attitude from this team from day-1. the summer fan base might be at the shore so hopes of getting 10k+ / game are not a near term but i think that if more funds could be utilized in a more efficient manner, the attendance will increase to the size of roc or boston.

barrage can win this final in a shootout as we have the better goalie but midfield is a concern as we lack depth there when compared to boston's if inge comes back healthier than expected.
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Cool it!, Army Fag!
    by (#80227) on 8/22/04 @6:51PM
This was a nice game, this game shows that you don't have to score 40 points to make it exciting. Three reasons boston lost! 1. Ground balls, 2. Penalties 3. Cattrano what a performance. Boston did not choke they were outplayed by Phila. Hats off to both teams finally an exciting game. How about them Boston Fans, I was at the game and got my money's worth.
I guess no Lacrosse till the spring cannot wait for college lacrosse,

I guess Black Knights will be losers again will not make the tourney poor Knightslax (loser).
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hey faggot
    by (#58416) on 8/22/04 @6:34PM
how about your precious long island lizards? they didn't even make the playoffs. Your rochester rattlers? kncoked out in the first round. Your new jersey pride? also knocked out. I didnt see any new york teams making it to the finals. I'm pretty sure you said the lizards would win the championship this year. And the cannons played great defense today, it was because boston was a very injured team
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    by (#12339) on 8/22/04 @6:57PM
Both teams played good defense, that is why not much offense, genius!. A heart breaker for us Boston fans but we were in the championship game.
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ohh what a game
    by (#58416) on 8/22/04 @9:00PM
i dont care if boston lost, it was a great game. Garrity got off to a rocky start, but really settled down throughout the rest of the game. It was nice to see a crowd INTO a lacrosse game for once (watching a philly, balitmore, or long island game is dead silent.....its like there is no crowd at all). I was very happy to be there and see the best game of lacrosse i've seen in awhile. The real heartbreaker here is that mike battista, a lacrosse player from my hometown and a person i have met several times, was hit by a hard check and dropped his stick with just seconds left. Cmon mikey, that's not how bussy taught you how to handle your stick
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