Gettysburg Crushes Middlebury 18-6

Gettysburg Crushes Middlebury 18-6

Gettysburg Crushes Middlebury 18-6

Gettysburg Crushes Middlebury 18-6

GETTYSBURG, Pa. - Brian Pryor (Dallas, TX/St. Mark's), Chase Stewart (Downingtown, PA/Downingtown) and Evan Gallant (Lutherville, MD/Loyola Blakefield) combined for nine goals and four assists to lead 13th-ranked Gettysburg past No. 3 Middlebury 18-6 in non-conference men's lacrosse action on Wednesday.

Pryor, coming off a nine-point effort in his last home game, netted a team-high four goals and added one assist, helping the Bullets (3-2) outscore the Panthers 11-0 in the first and third quarters. Stewart tallied two goals and three assists while Gallant posted his first hat trick of the season.

Jon Sowanick (Bethesda, MD/Bullis) and Kevin Freehill (Baldwin, NY/Baldwin) each scored twice and dished out one assist in the win, Gettysburg's fourth in eight meetings with Middlebury (2-1).

Nick Bastis led the Panthers with two goals while Aaron Herter added one goal and one assist.

In what has become one of Division III's most anticipated annual meetings, the Bullets left no doubt with a combination of sharp shooting and stifling defense.

Pryor and Sowanick started Gettysburg off on the right foot, scoring back-to-back goals in a span of 45 seconds to make it 2-0. Ted Leonard (Wallingford, PA/Strath Haven) followed with his first collegiate goal at the 5:56 mark of the first quarter and fellow defensive midfielder Brian Ford (Niskayuna, NY/Niskayuna) got into the act with a goal in the final minute.

Pryor struck again 5:31 into the second quarter off a feed from Stewart, capping the Bullets' 5-0 game-opening run.

Herter put Middlebury on the board off a feed from Peter Mellen at 8:31, but goals from Sowanick and Freehill maintained Gettysburg's five-goal cushion at 7-2 heading into the half's final minute.

The Panthers struck twice in a span of 28 seconds to pull within 7-4 and nearly cut the margin to two, but a shot by Bastis at the horn was ruled to have gone in after time expired.

The Bullets ended Middlebury's comeback hopes with a 7-0 third quarter.

Chris Renzi (Fairport, NY/Fairport) started the outburst with an unassisted goal 1:53 into the quarter and defenseman Matt Smith (Quakertown, PA/Germantown Acad.) followed with his second goal in two games. Jared Harriman (Yarmouth, ME/Yarmouth) made it 10-4 with an unassisted marker at 10:10.

Two goals from Gallant and a goal and an assist from Pryor pushed the Gettysburg lead to 14-4 after three quarters. Stewart tallied three of his points in the final period, helping Gallant complete his hat trick 37 seconds into the quarter.

The Bullet defense held the Panthers to 16 of their 26 shots in the first three quarters and kept Middlebury without a goal for 26 minutes, 49 seconds during the hosts' 11-0 run.

Pat Vaughan (Cockeysville, MD/Loyola Blakefield) finished with six saves for Gettysburg. The Bullets return to action on Saturday at Swarthmore. Game time is 1 p.m.

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Oh My
    by (#97564) on 3/23/05 @8:26PM

Matty Muscles best long pole in the country, netting his second of the season. Eighteen goals, no more, no less. Absolutely outSTANding THEy MANaged to hold them to 6 six goals. the bullets Scored With A NastY midfielder and middlebury had no CHAnce to ScorE until the 2nd quarter. A sweet Victory for this yeArs Underated Gettysburg team. swartHmore up next.
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    by (#92043) on 3/24/05 @10:22AM
Unfiltered, non-pasteurized, crystal clear, additive free, pure bred, unrated Bullet domination. Gburg looks poised to make a run for it this year. Couple speed bumps early, but now is gliding as smooth as KY with heating sensation. I heard that defensman that looks like Dutch from Karate Kid, Matt Stanley, checked Bastis so hard he gave him a flesche wound. Did anyone see Maryland great, Goalie Tim McGinnis at the game? I tried to get his autograph, but he drooled all over my program.

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Panthers got waxed
    by (#24670) on 3/24/05 @1:31PM
I haven't seen a beating that bad since the Gopher got his subscription to Geriatrics Weekly.
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gulp gulp
    by (#14061) on 3/25/05 @8:56AM
Don't start sucking eachother off quite yet, wait to see how they fair against the gulls.

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Salisbury Class
    by (#92043) on 3/30/05 @11:32AM
With a name like "DONKEYPUNCHER" you are either a Salisbury grad, or a High School player aspiring to go to JUCO, then transfer to Salisbury, only to fail out after getting your ugly girlfriend pregnant. If you are in fact a Salisbury grad, you are probably writing this from you parents computer after coming home from your miserable job, where your boss has either a Middlebury, Gettysburg or Ithaca diploma on the wall. Maybe you would have gotten that corner ofice if you didn't have to drop out after getting your ugly girlfriend pregnant.

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    by (#78222) on 3/30/05 @7:12PM
It appears that it is YOU that has the brilliant mind to take five (5) days to compose such a scathing reply to an innocent post by Donkeypuncher!!
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    by (#24670) on 3/31/05 @9:11AM
What the schmotts is going this year with the rankings. Tufts and Messiah in the top 10? Tufts #4? They haven't played anyone nor will they play anyone. Their only real game this year is against Middlebury and I guarantee they get worked. And it's not like they played anyone good last year.
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Capt Pat(hetic)
    by (#24357) on 3/31/05 @2:19PM

Don't be offended that Bob Saccbreath told your whole life story in a mere 4 run-on sentences.

In your defense, I've seen uglier

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    by (#14061) on 3/31/05 @8:07PM
Sacc, YOU ARE A FIRST CLASS LOSER!!!!!! (and everyone knows it, all they have to do is read one of your many tasteless rants) The fact that you even continue to post attacks on Salisbury Lacrosse is simply comical. Salisury's numbers over the past decade and a half speaks for itself, so do us all a favor and stop acting like a midget in a d*ck measuring contest...

ADIOS GILLOPOLLAS........ (good one, d-bag)
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    by (#92043) on 4/01/05 @9:51AM
DONKEYPUNCHER, YOU ARE A FIRST CLASS LAX.SCHMOTTS POSTER!!!!! (and everyone knows it, all they have to do is look at your alias that you post under, I mean "DONKEYPUNCHER"...thats gold!). The fact that you grow so angry because of what someone else says (about your alma mater I suppose?)Is truly comical. DP (you mind if I call you DP?), if I stop posting my "tasteless rants" we would be void of your awesome replies and vulger anecdotes, and that we just can't have. Thanks though, you made my morning. Go Gulls!

ADIOS GILLIPOLLAS......(Thanks but I did borrow it from Juan Martinez.)
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gulls 13 bullets 7
    by (#14061) on 4/03/05 @10:28PM
Get over it, we're better than you....... Yes, this is officially your cue to post some delerious excuse as to why your precious bullets lost.

Measure on, MIDGIE!!!

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    by (#99122) on 4/04/05 @12:42PM
Dude seriously you are a FAG! you are such a Salisbury hater. My guess is your dumbass got rejected from there, or else coach berkman cut your ass! When they win the championship for the thrid year in a row are you finally going to stop hating? It's called respect for an amazing squad who would run all over your sorry ass!! See you in Philly BRO!!!!
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who are you kidding? (nt)
    by (#99257) on 4/05/05 @11:33AM
(no text)
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    by (#89939) on 4/08/05 @10:59AM
Does anybody actually get denied acceptance to salisbury?
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    by (#24670) on 4/08/05 @12:38PM
The most overrated team in history. Itís baffling how they were ranked #3. Can some one please explain it to me? Where did that come from? They got beat by an unranked Bowden team, and I donít think anyone was even a tiny bit surprised. If they take a deserving teams spot in the tourney this year itís a travesty. Itís crap. The red hanky has to be thrown. They need to go to booth.
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