Orange Keep the Tigers at Bay

Orange Keep the Tigers at Bay

Orange Keep the Tigers at Bay

Orange Keep the Tigers at Bay

The opening five minutes of this match were about as sloppy a lacrosse game as I’ve seen in a while; neither team had anything even close to resembling a possession and they each seemed to pass the ball around with reckless abandonment. It stayed much this way for the entire first, slowly gaining a bit of respectability as the ball changed ends over and over again, until Syracuse middie Greg Rommel finally scored the first goal of the game- and it only took 14 minutes and 12 seconds to happen. Rommel carried the ball from out top, splitting right to left and then rolling back to his right. He ripped the under hand low to high to the top right corner putting the Orange on top 1-0.

With little time left in the quarter, Princeton was forced to wait till the second to get their first of the game. It came from Scott Sowanick after the Tigers finally pieced together their first semblance of an offense. Sophomore middie Mike Gaudio took the righty dodge from out top drawing the defense’s attention, leaving Sowanick alone on the far side of the field. Gaudio fired the ball across the field and Sowanick let the righty high to high fly hitting the net over Pfeifer’s shoulder. 1-1.

Freshman attackman Mike Leveille then got his first of three on the day putting the Orange back on top 2-1. Leveille dodged alone from the back lefty, rolled to his right after crossing the GLE and dove underneath his defenseman hitting the top right corner as he fell to the turf. Senior Brian Crockett would then give Syracuse a two goal cushion at the 3:36 mark off a Brett Bucktooth dodge from behind. 3-1 Syracuse.

Princeton then closed out the first half scoring as Zack Goldberg got his only tally of the contest. After a hard fought clear, Goldberg dodged immediately out of his midfield sprint and ripped a shot only a few steps inside the restraining line. 3-2 Syracuse. The Orange managed to control the following faceoff and sent the ball into the crease with only a few seconds remaining in the half. They managed to get a low to low shot off, however Larking saw it the whole way and the 1st ended with the ball in his stick.

The second half started the same way the first ended with Princeton striking only 15 seconds in the third quarter. Peter Trombino got his first of what seemed like would be an endless amount of goals as Michael Wenzel got the ball to him off the opening faceoff. Trombino was left alone on the crease and easily put the high to low shot in from the doorstep. 3-3. Trombino didn’t wait long to get back into the scoring column, as he picked up a deflected loose ball only 45 seconds after his first goal. He dodged righty, rolled back to his left and fired the outside shot putting Princeton up by one. 4-3 Princeton.

The Tigers would then go on to a two goal lead off the stick of, you guessed it, Peter Trombino. Princeton again showed some tremendous ball movement finding Trombino alone out top. He dodged lefty this time, rolled back to his right, and put the righty bouncer past Jay Pfeifer for the 5-3 Princeton lead. Princeton’s faceoff work could only be described as domination at this point, as they won four consecutive draws, almost completing eliminating the Cuse offense.

After finally settling down, the Orange defense began to mesh and was able to give their offense some time to get to work. Mike Leveille was the first to get them back on track after out hustling his defenseman to the top side and putting the lefty bouncer past senior goalie Matt Larkin. 5-4 Princeton. Brett Bucktooth got his second assist of the day on the next Syracuse goal as he dummy dodged and hit a cutting Jake Plunkett for the easy quick stick. 5-5.

Princeton again took the lead however, this time off of a man up goal from Tripp Shriner who used a pretty fake low shoot high to get the ball past Pfeifer. 6-5 Princeton. It was at this point that things got bad for the Tigers, as Syracuse would go on to score the next five goals of the game. Leveille got his hat trick to once again tie the game, this time at 6, as he again beat his defenseman and received an almost one on one with the goalie as his reward. 6-6. Midfielder Steven Brooks then put Cuse back on top with his first of two goals as the clock ran down in the third quarter. Brooks ran an almost full circle around the goal, eventually ripping the lefty outside shot with only 10 seconds left on the clock. 7-6 Syracuse.

It was now Cuse’ chance to open the quarter the same way they finished it, as Greg Niewieroski dodged lefty, rolled to his right and fired the bouncer to put the Orange up two. 8-6 Cuse. Brian Crockett liked Niewierski’s style so he tried his own bouncer off the lefty dodge from out top, also finding the back of the net for his second on the day. Steven Brooks then tallied Cuse’s final goal of the day as he threw the lefty fake flip behind the goal, giving him just the step he needed to fire the low to low shot into the net. 10-6 Cuse.

Princeton looked like they were beat, but they continued to fight, eventually closing the gap to two. Whitney Hayes came righty from behind, inside rolled on his man and was pushed into the crease as he fired the ball past Pfeifer to cut the deficit to 3. 10-7 Cuse. With one last push, Mike Gaudio made the Orange pay off of a broken clear and out hustled his way to the goal, ripping the outside shot to close out Princeton’s scoring at 8. With little time left, Princeton was forced to pressure the ball in order to get it back but only resulted in getting flagged twice as Brett Bucktooth just stood still in the corner as the final whistle blew. 10-8 Syracuse.

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hells yea-
    by (#72115) on 3/26/05 @6:31PM
levielle, 5 goals against hopkins, three today- sick
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Great Photos
    by (#91692) on 3/26/05 @6:53PM
Great Photos and online so soon after game..

Good work.

Cuse are on the way to Philly 05

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no there not what are you takling about
    by (#92701) on 3/26/05 @10:35PM
syracuse is horrible this year, i was at the game both teams could hardly catch...hobart philly'll see this week against syracuse...hobart is nasty they were destroying georgetown like 8-1 at halftime and then they just didnt play and then it was too late...hobart can beat anyone there going to the final four
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    by (#72115) on 3/27/05 @1:53PM
cuse was beating hopkins 7-1 near half, so i don't know what this syracuse sucking is all about...
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That's Right
    by (#96630) on 3/28/05 @10:15AM
Iceman, They are dangerous. 'Cuse could very easily perform just well enough this year to squeeze into the tourney, get to the F4 and win it all.

Having said that, my bet is on Hobart tomorrow night at home over SU. First W since 1986 over the Orangemen...
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hobart cuse-
    by (#72115) on 3/30/05 @9:59AM
cuse wins, really horrible... also sick game from pfiefer- 21 saves Kraus-Simmons goes to Cuse. 13-12.
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Orange Goalie
    by (#96630) on 3/30/05 @10:18AM
Yeah, that kid kept them in the game. Valente, too. It sounded like 'Cuse was absolutely shelling the 'Bart cage in the first quarter.

The Statesmen had multiple shot opportunities in the second, but their aim was off.

Not sure Hobart will ever get as close an opportunity to beat SU than they did last night. Maybe they'll draw each other in the first round of the tourney...
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nah dude
    by (#15317) on 3/30/05 @10:34PM
near halftime doesent count. the only thing that counts is the score at the end, and who won it then? hopkins navy in the final. im calling it
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Call It
    by (#96630) on 3/31/05 @8:51AM
Laxattack, Reasonable call on the Hop in the F4 final, I believe you're spot on there.

Navy? They'll be lucky to get past the first round.

Duke? 'Will see how they fare in the ACC tourney, then make the call on far they go.

Thoughts on Virginia?
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    by (#42448) on 4/01/05 @9:42AM
i think you forgot to finish that sentence...they were up 7-1 at the half but lost 12-11 in OT. i think that 'cuse can be put in the "sucking" category after that poor performance (at least for that game)...
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No they aren't (nt)
    by (#92047) on 3/30/05 @8:35AM
(no text)
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    by (#93389) on 3/26/05 @11:32PM
Well the fans sure got a great game today from the two Titans of the 90s.. all I have to say is that people do not give these two team too much credit considering the type of teams (JHU, UVA, GTOWN) they face early in the season. The teams both are in the transition state..princton lost 2 High scorers and SU lost 7 its alot considering that they lead scorers were score the majority of both team's goals since they dont really spread it out like other.. (Boyle and Powell) i still have faith in them and dont bail on them liek those "fair weather fans" out there on this site.. They are the two great Dynasties, this year MAY not be the year for them, but they'll be back... I hope I'm wrong.
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    by (#93389) on 3/26/05 @11:37PM
Better Tiger decal Princeton, last year was a joke with those stupid cartoon character...
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    by (#85240) on 3/27/05 @1:26AM
i'm so glad that these teams are in decline, what a great moment for college lacrosse
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    by (#749) on 3/27/05 @1:36AM
Cuse has the best recruiting class in awhile coming in next year. and they could easily win out.
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    by (#97042) on 3/27/05 @3:35PM
Hey man, not doubting you, who they got coming in and where can you read about it online? Thanks man.
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    by (#65203) on 3/27/05 @11:19PM
They have Pat Peritt, Dany Hardy from Tully, and anothey guy is also amazing, but i forget his name. But yeah, they have a wicked good recruiting class coming in next year,and they have one this year too, Steve Babbles, and ofcoarse Mike Leveille. Trust me, i know Syracuse, and coach Desko always comes thru on his team, when SU gets their offense together, and when mike is 100% confident and knows he fits in the offense, they will be amazing. First of all i dont see why everyone is dissing SU this year and everyone thinks UVA and JHU are soo good but SU blows. May i remind u that SU lost to UVA by 1 and lost to JHU by 1 in OT.and they did have a call against them with a minute left in the UVA game that very well possibly cost them the game. And they were up 6-1 at halftime vs Hopkins? I was at both of these games at the dome, and SU looks very good. When Bucktooth, Romel, Crockett, Leveille, Brooks, Park and Plunkett all get consistant and hot, i want someone to tell me how they will be stopped? They wont be. Hopkins and UVA prolly the two best this year barely sneak by 'Cuse early on, when cuse is 100 % and confident with the youhth, come tournament time, SU is going to be amazing. look at Leveille, 5 goals against Hopkins, 3 against Princeton? C'mon and hes only beginning to feel like hes fitting in. when he knows hes there to stay and hes a big part of the team, he can step up and help crockett and bucktooth lead this team to National Championship #10 no doubt about it.
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    by (#92701) on 3/28/05 @8:58PM then go to recruits on the left side panel
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don't speak so soon . . .
    by (#5100) on 3/31/05 @1:33PM
every year this time there's a chorus of folks saying "this is the year that syracuse won't make the tournement." if I remember correctly, that was the common prediction, and they ended up winning the whole damn thing. I don't pretend to know what will happen this year (since some dumbass thought it would be a good idea to play the SU-Gtown game in california of all places), but I wouldn't write off syracuse until the select the field for the tourney and then play all the games.
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