Hopkins Unbeatable At Home Under Petro, Take UVA 9-7

Hopkins Unbeatable At Home Under Petro, Take UVA 9-7

Hopkins Unbeatable At Home Under Petro, Take UVA 9-7

Hopkins Unbeatable At Home Under Petro, Take UVA 9-7

The biggest match-up of the weekend did not disappoint the local fans at Homewood field this Saturday as #1 Hopkins defeated #2 Virginia 9-7. Number 24 Freshman Kevin Huntley helped the Blue Jays to their fifth straight win of the season with a fourth quarter hat trick after edging out Syracuse in an overtime thriller last weekend. The first two periods were some of the best run and gun lacrosse yet this spring. The second half proved why Hopkins is deserving of the number one spot. This win brings the Blue Jays home winning streak to an astounding 30 in a row, the last time Hopkins lost at home was over a year ago when who else but the Cavaliers took them down in four overtimes for Coach Pietramala’s only home loss since taking the helm of his alma-mater.

After all the dust had settled the score was four up at the half. Virginia out shot the Blue Jays in every quarter but just couldn’t seem to hit the net, while Hopkins continuously capitalized on unsettled situations with a key goal at the end of the 1st quarter by Senior long stick midfielder Greg Raymond to put Hopkins up 3-0. On a side note, it looked as though he took his goal celebration staight out of Jake Steinfeld's books.

However Raymond couldn’t flex for long as UVA opened up the scoring in the second quarter with the quick footwork and side arm snipe by number 14 junior Matt Ward who finished the day 4 and 1. Virginia took the second quarter over by tallying a total of four goals to JHU’s one. Hopkins only goal of the second was scored by number 25 Jake Byrne while on man-up assisted by Kevin Huntley. The Cavaliers second goal scored by Junior Midfielder Matt Poskay assisted by Brendan Gill proved controversial as only two of the three field referees saw it cross the plain. Senior Attackman John Christmas made his opinion quite clear that he was in disagreement with the loan umpire’s no goal call. But after short deliberation, Poskay’s shot was ruled a goal. Shortly thereafter, Ward netted his second of the day. To complete the Cavaliers comeback run, number 6 Ben Ruboer finished off a fast break feed from Matt Ward.

The Hopkins offense took over in the second half with goals by Peter LeSuer and Kyle Harrison in the third quarter and a three-goal effort by number 24 Kevin Huntley in the fourth. Virginia tried their best to continue their comeback run, out-shooting Hopkins 11-4 in the third quarter. However, Hopkins defense led by Sophomore Goalie Jesse Schwartzman had a total of 20 saves on the day. In addition to his save percentage he and the Blue Jays defense completed 19 of 25 clears helping them keep possession of the ball and their lead for the remainder of the game. Matt Ward also added two in the second half for Virginia with a final goal by Kyle Dixon as the final seconds ticked off the clock.

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Hopkins Proves Themselves Worthy
    by (#97042) on 3/27/05 @3:31PM
Well at least Hopkins didn't disappoint this weekend, they showed they really do deserve #1, and Virginia's offense, most notable John Christmas, again needs to pull his act together...Kevin Huntley had a great 5 point effort in replacing Kyle Barrie...Perhaps this earns him more time in the future (i.e next week @ UNC?)
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Virginia's offense.
    by (#94711) on 3/27/05 @5:21PM
The 'hoos really do need to get it together on offense. They were controlling the ball nicely, but they took awful shots. Nothing against Schwartzman(sp?), because he did have some nice saves, but most of UVa's shots were stickside high and without a lot of angle. I'd say between five and ten of them weren't even on the goal.
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    by (#78222) on 3/28/05 @9:35AM
If Kip Turner had a few more timely saves, the outcome may have been different....
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Kip Turner
    by (#82697) on 3/28/05 @10:49PM
Turner's a great keep, no doubt about that. I was at the Towson game and he had some absolute rob jobs against some pretty good shooters. But I agree with "captpat". As a keeper, you're expected to save fifty percent of the shots that you face. That's a minimum, a bare minimum. If turner had met that standard he would have had seven saves, which means seven goals against, which means, if UVA had still been able to score all seven of their goals, they would have gone to overtime, at least. Yes, Turner's a good keeper, but he has to make the saves that aren't expected of him in the big games in order for UVA to stay on top.
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what happened to that yevoli guy?
    by (#98340) on 3/29/05 @7:39AM
he didnt graduate did he?
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    by (#94711) on 3/29/05 @12:57PM
He's redshirting this year; I think he just had surgery on his back.
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    by (#10) on 3/30/05 @9:34AM
what is up w/ their butt ugly uniforms
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Butt ugly
    by (#78222) on 3/30/05 @7:14PM
I've seen better practice jerseys.
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wow dude
    by (#54446) on 4/03/05 @11:20PM
wow dude. YOUR NUMBER #10. thats like amazing, you were here at like the start of the company. and your right. the uniforms suck ass, but they play damn good lacrosse
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So Many Pictures
    by (#52032) on 4/01/05 @1:07PM
Great, and thank you.
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thanks. (nt)
    by (#83121) on 4/02/05 @10:31AM
(no text)
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mark my words
    by (#54446) on 4/03/05 @11:17PM
you can mark my words: UVa will be in the national championship next year if not this. Look at the team; they are playing excellent and look at the people coming back; matt poskay, kyle dixion, matt ward, drew tompson, jj morissey. And then their are the young guns like ben rubeor, and jack rilley, and ryan kelly. And then you have two great goal keepers kip turner and bud petit. The d won't be horrible either with ricky smith coming back, steve holmes, mike culver.

come on, there gonna be a damn good team, and should be for a couple more years.
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