Cara Becomes Patriot League All-Time Scorer In Penn State Loss

Cara Becomes Patriot League All-Time Scorer In Penn State Loss

Cara Becomes Patriot League All-Time Scorer In Penn State Loss

Cara Becomes Patriot League All-Time Scorer In Penn State Loss

LEWISBURG Pa. - Bucknell's Chris Cara became the Patriot League's all-time leading scorer with a six-point game, but the night ended on a sour note for the 12th-ranked Bison, who dropped a fast-paced 11-10 decision to visiting Penn State on Tuesday night at Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium. The disappointment doubled when the team learned that Army overcame a big deficit to defeat upset-minded Holy Cross by the same 11-10 margin in double overtime, ending Bucknell's chances of hosting the Patriot League Tournament later this month.

Cara entered the game needing four points to equal the Patriot League scoring record of 238 set by Army's Tim Pearson from 1999-2002. He finished with six on three goals and three assists, giving the national scoring leader 240 points for his career. His goal with 1:20 left in the game brought Bucknell within one after it had trailed 11-7 just moments earlier.

The Nittany Lions (6-5) got back-to-back goals from John Eremus to build that game-high four-goal cushion and still led 11-7 inside six minutes to play when the Bison (7-4) tried a valiant comeback.

With 5:30 to play Cara hit Patrick Christensen for a fastbreak goal, then Christensen scored again off a Steve Case feed just after Ryan Goodman's faceoff win. Later, Bucknell's riding unit forced a big turnover and Christensen corralled the loose ball, drove toward the goal and dished to Cara, who scored as he received a big hit from the defense.

Penn State's Greg Gurenlian, who came into the game winning nearly 66 percent of his faceoffs on the year, controlled the biggest draw of the night just after Bucknell had pulled within a single goal, and the Nittany Lions were able to run out the clock without losing possession. Gurenlian won 15 of 22 at the X on the night and led all players with nine ground balls.

In addition to Cara's half-dozen points, Christensen finished with three goals and an assist, while Case had a pair of assists. Nate Whitaker led Penn State with three goals and two assists, while Patrick Heim, Eremus, Brian Boyle and long-stickman Jesse Tarr scored two goals apiece.

Penn State stunned the home crowd with three goals before the Bison even had an offensive possession. Right off the game's opening faceoff Whitaker tallied off a Gurenlian feed for a goal just seven seconds into the game. Boyle scored twice in 24 seconds to make it 3-0 at the 13:06 mark of the opening period.

But the Bison shook off the early deficit with a 4-0 run of their own. Brian Gargan put Bucknell on the board with a hard lefty shot, then Cara scored twice in succession, the latter on an acrobatic diving shot in front of Penn State goalie Chris Courteau.

Kirk Klett made it 4-3 with a tough catch and shot in traffic with 7:57 left in the quarter, giving Bucknell a four-goal outburst in only 3:35.

But the Lions regained much of the momentum when Heim's shot from the left wing found the net with only one second left in the period, making it 4-all after one. Heim opened the second period scoring to give Penn State the lead back, and Tarr bounced one in with his long stick two minutes later to make it 6-4.

A pair of Bison freshmen helped spark another rally. First, Rick Carolan scored from a tough angle after a Cara pass, then Nick Marks scored from out high to tie it at 6-6 with 6:12 to play in the first half. But the up-tempo Lions answered quickly off another faceoff win, with Whitaker scoring the go-ahead marker just 24 seconds later. Tarr potted another transition goal with 1:49 left in the second to make it 8-6 at the end of a high-scoring first half.

Early in the second half Christensen finished a Cara feed with three Penn State players in the penalty box, bringing the Bison within 8-7, but the Lions picked up the next three to seemingly take control, setting up Bucknell's ill-fated comeback attempt.

Bucknell outshot Penn State 38-34, but the Nittany Lions had the better of the loose balls, claiming a 35-23 ground ball edge, including a 20-9 advantage in the first half. Courteau finished with 15 saves, while Bucknell's Matt Baran had 13.

The Bison conclude the 2005 regular season on Saturday at Colgate at 3 p.m. With a victory Bucknell would join Navy and Army at 5-1 and create a three-way tie for the Patriot League regular-season title. However, Navy would prevail in the tiebreaker and get the No. 1 seed. Thus, the top three seeds are set for the tournament. Bucknell will be seeded No. 3 and face No. 2 Army in the first round on Friday, Apr. 29 at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Md. Game times for the opening round have not been announced.

Had Holy Cross defeated Army on Tuesday, Bucknell could have joined Navy in a two-way tie atop the standings with a win at Colgate. The Bison would have prevailed in that scenario thanks to an overtime win over the Midshipmen earlier in the season.

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    by (#96158) on 4/20/05 @3:35PM
I guess it would be impressive if The Patriot League had any 1st or 2nd team All-American Defensive players. Other than the Navy Goalie the last 2 years--who has this kid scored on???
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    by (#98692) on 5/04/05 @7:21PM
Who are you kidding
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Just Checked the Rest of the Tough Schedule
    by (#96158) on 4/20/05 @3:59PM
Way to crank up the out of conference schedule--MARIST?? MT.ST.MARY's??
Lets have ANY Powell play that Schedule and the question wouildn't be could he score 400 pts in 4 years --it would be when in his Jr. Yr. will he hit 500 pts.
(What type of games did this kid have this year vs. Army, Navy & Maryland??)((the only ranked teams he played))
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    by (#7571) on 4/21/05 @7:53AM
Wow, you're right. Tim Pearson from Army only had 238 points. they don't play anyone either. That sucked too.
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Jealous much ?
    by (#65832) on 4/21/05 @7:28PM
If this was so easy to do, then why isnt the record broken every year? Dont disrespect the record on technicalities, the kid played the games on the schedule and did his best...better then any other offensive player in Patriot League history. The past two years, he has been double,triple teamed by every team and still puts up the numbers. Anyone who attacks an article like this is clearly immature and jealous. I feel a pathetic sadness for you people.

Congrats Cara, great career to be very proud of.
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    by (#7571) on 4/21/05 @8:32PM
Yeah. Bucknell and Army don't play anyone good. (Georgetown, Maryland, Carolina, ND, Hofstra, Syracuse, Navy, Rugers, Cornell, ect.) They all suck. Cara had no competition. Sorry if my sarcasm didn't come thru on the first post. Congrats kid.
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Yeah Really
    by (#94711) on 4/21/05 @9:37PM
Anyone who has seen Cara play will tell you how good he is, regardless of the schedule he plays (which is by no stretch of the imagination easy). Deli22, please get off the Powell brother's nuts, I think we would all appreciate it.

P.S.- Anyone see the article about lax in SI? I don't think it was the best I've read, certainly there were a few inaccuracies, but its awesome to see lax in such a popular magazine.
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    by (#78222) on 4/22/05 @6:09PM
What was the date of this issue?
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    by (#94711) on 4/22/05 @7:43PM
It's the NBA playoff preview issue, dated April 25th.
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Powell's or whoever------
    by (#96158) on 4/23/05 @10:22PM
It would be a waste of time and effort to sit and name the 100+ other players who could shatter that record in that league. Here is one simple and shinning example---Christmas at UVA instead of being the semi-disapointment he has been at UVA---- In the Patriot League he collects 300+ points maybe 350. Lets remember this is the League that Bucknell went undefeated in and everyone with a say so said, "SO WHAT!" no NCAA tournament!
My original aggrivation with the article was that Penn State (a stuggling team & unranked) Beat Bucknell who does not deserve to be ranked and the article is about a record in a league that holds No Juice.
I am sure the player is a great kid and a good player that anyone would love to have on their team as long as that team gets to play the Div I JV schedule that the Patriot League contends in.
(Reporting the Scoring record in that League is like reporting the team leader in ground balls at JHU's practice session.)
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deli22 - "22"? not a powell reference i hope.
    by (#65832) on 4/23/05 @11:16PM
Your most recent remarks, although filled with errors, tend to make me think you are bitter bitter person. Basically what you are saying is that Christmas is better then any offensive player that the patriot league has ever produced? Reaching on that one? Patriot League's schedule not as tough as ACC, sure, but does that mean they should not have records and not honor those who have set new ones? Does it mean websites like should only report on JHU/SYR/VA/MD? No one is debating how great your Gods are (powells) - but what does that have to do with Cara's record? If you are a true lacrosse fan and want to see the sport grow, you should root for "JV" programs like bucknell to gain some recognition - help show the rest of the country lacrosse isnt just a 6 team sport.
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My Problem
    by (#96158) on 4/24/05 @1:13PM
Bucknell loses the game, Bucknell doesn't deserve it's national ranking. these are facts! (as Army's huge loss to Duke proves--auto-quals for league champs should never be the rule)
The writer however chooses that the story is this kids record On a team in a weak league who plays it's out of league games in even a worse league (Metro Atlantic)Div I's Freshman level conference.
Lacrosse is growing and that is great. The unfortunate part is the level of DIV I talent has shrunk as the sports popularity grows.
What is your intelligent explaination of how that happens year after year?
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YoYoLaxer & MDLacrosse can you read??
    by (#96158) on 4/24/05 @4:18PM
The truth is below:
Buknell has 2 wins vs. teams with winning records. AND Only 1 win vs. ranked teams.
Bucknell does not belong in the top 20!!!
YOYO u mention:
(Georgetown, Maryland, Carolina, ND, Hofstra, Syracuse, Navy, Rugers, Cornell, ect.)
I see Navy & Maryland-on Bucknell's schedule-the rest they obviously would rather not play.
and, by the way YOYO do you realize UNC, ND, Hofstra and Rutgers are ALL Horrible lacrosse teams? HORRIBLE!!(Rutgers has players on their Man-UP that can not pass and catch)HORRIBLE!!

The Schedule: Bucknell
(That does not get you to the NCAA's)
H Marist (5-6) Metro Atl.
A Harvard (5-5) Ivy League (Loss)
H Navy (9-3) Patriot (Win)
H Maryland (6-5) ACC (Loss)
H Holy Cross (3-10) Patriot
A Pennsylvania (2-10) Ivy League
A Lafayette (2-11) Patriot
H Lehigh (9-4) Patriot (Win)
A Army (10-3) Patriot (Loss)
A MtSt Mary (6-7) Metro Atl.
H Penn State (7-5) ECAC (Loss)
A Colgate Patriot (???)

I will say Bucknell is about 24th to 26th BUT when there are only 57 teams that is barely the top half of the Division.
I agree Cara is a very good Lacrosse Player and had a very good career and should be proud of his individual accomplishments, but he and his team do not belong in the NCAA post season.

MDLacrosse--find all my errors!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    by (#7571) on 4/30/05 @8:08PM
You got too much time on your hands. The kid's good. He deserves recognition. Ease up. You're like the mean kid in The Karate Kid who just wants to beat people up. Let Ralph Maciano have his day.
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deli 22 comments....
    by (#101702) on 4/25/05 @1:11PM
Within the past several years there was a Bucknell starter and Patriot League player who went to UVA as a graduate student. Once there he started for the Hoos.
No doubt UVA with its tradition and its scholarships.... and the Princetons of the world usually get 40 guys who are better than the 40 guys at Bucknell.
No doubt A Chris Cara type could play for any team in the nation. Would he post the same numbers if he played for UVA with their SOS schedule. I don't know...who knows they might improve on a team with 3-5 coaches, scholarship players to his right and left, and lots of press. More importanty, he is solid young man who lets know of this go to his head......
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Cara gets my All-American vote
    by (#96158) on 4/25/05 @3:37PM
It's a great record and a great career and he is probably a great Kid.(His team lost to an unranked opponent--why mention the record??)
I am not too sure he starts on Attack at Duke, JHU, Maryland or SU.
The best Defender in the Patroit League last year was an Honorable mention All-American so that's as high as I can vote Cara this year.
We will see where the real voters put him soon. My guess is Honorable mention or 3rd team at best.
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Deli22 is a lacrosse genius.
    by (#65832) on 4/27/05 @9:08PM

Errors? Well - that depends on what you are arguing. There are only 15 teams this year that are not horrible? Thats fine, your opinion. Good for you. Why hasnt any other athletes put up the numbers Cara has in the Patriot League in the past 4 years? Have you watched him play? My guess would be NO, or you wouldnt have made such a rediculous comment about him starting on a "real" team. Granted, he wouldnt have started all four years, but he would have junior and senior year. Ask any coach. GU coach said he would be playing for him right now. Georgetown a joke school?

You still havent answered the question as to why you felt compelled to belittle the article about Cara. Should they not have written the article? Should they not allow records in the Patriot League because your little sister can play for any of the teams?? I'm not trying to argue that they play a SOS like JHU/SYR etc. I just find it pathetic that people like you attack articles like this about a player that has done something great. Seriously sounds like jealousy. All you seem to keep saying is Bucknell isnt as good as Syracuse - great. Good observation sherlock. Powell would set the record in Patriot League? Probably, who knows? He was a great player. Christmas or "100" other attackmen in the country. Not a chance.

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Facts, just the Facts
    by (#96158) on 4/30/05 @9:44PM
I never mentioned G-town as a team where he would not start. (re-read if you need to) The reason no one else has put up those numbers in the past four years is that Cara is the (Rare) Very good player in that league on offense. Right now! His Sr. Year he does not start on attack where I previously mentioned.
Does the fact that he broke the record belong in the article (Sure) Should it be the entire article AND the headline (NO!) Bucnell #12 at the time lost to an Unranked Opponent (At the time) Penn State. The upset should have been more of the story than it was. Cara's record is an all-time record-----------100 other all-time attackmen would absolutely shatter that record in that league.
I am not saying Bucknell isn't as good as SU, I'm saying they aren't as good as half of the Division One teams in the country. How did the Patriot League Playoffs workout for Bucknell?
Name 8 teams that honestly have a real chance at the National Championship. You can't, there are less than 5 teams with a chance, SO after the actual top 15 teams (not the coaches poll & not the power rating)--the rest ARE Horrible!
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Proper Credit
    by (#96158) on 5/07/05 @12:14PM
Cara (Medford, N.Y./Patchogue-Medford), a senior attack, has been named the Offensive Player of the Year in the Patriot League for the second consecutive season, and it's easy to see why. All he did was shatter the League's all-time career scoring record. He currently sits at 245 career points, seven more than the former record-holder, Army's Tim Pearson, who graduated in 2002. Cara set the record with a three-goal, three-assist performance in a loss to Penn State. He is also just seven assists behind Pearson, the all-time assists leader in the PL. This season, Cara's 62 points thus far are one back of the ninth-highest single season total in League history, and his 34 assists already rank in a tie for seventh.
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    by (#55914) on 5/11/05 @10:07AM
Chris Cara logged three goals and four assists against Maryland

Cara had two against Navy and one against Army the first time, and 1g 3a the second game

i know bucknell is in a weak league, but cara isn't a weak player to any standards. hes one of the best in the country...and bucknell isn't a crap team either. they just never get their chance to show their stuff in prime time games against big schools

by the way.. Marist made the tournament
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Cara, GOOD yes! Very Good------??great??
    by (#96158) on 5/11/05 @1:04PM
Marist got in as easily as Bucknell could have---They won their league.
I hate AQ's.
Fairfield and Marist are both in by AQ's and they both throw up questions marks??WHY??
I have said CARA is a real good player---but not a top 10 attackman in the country. He might get Honorable mention or even 3rd team All-American but it will be bacause he is a senior and the younger player(S) that are better than him will get looked past because they have more chances to make All-American again in future years.
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