Terps Repeat as ACC Champs

Terps Repeat as ACC Champs

Terps Repeat as ACC Champs

Terps Repeat as ACC Champs

On a bright sunny Baltimore Sunday, the Duke Blue Devils were taking on the defending ACC champion Maryland Terrapins. With the rain stopped and the sky blue, the fans in Baltimore were ready for one heck of a lacrosse game. and that’s exactly what they got. Duke came out firing and took an early 1-0 lead only 1:30 into the contest. Their first goal came on an early extra man opportunity when Kyle Dowd took a feed from Matt Danowski and stuck it in the top right corner.

After the first goal, Duke wanted to slow the game down and play their typical, very structured offense. With the tempo slow, and the time of possession in Duke’s favor, they were able to take a 2-0 lead when Dan Flannery took Danowski’s feed and placed it perfectly in that same top right corner. But much to Dukes dismay, that’s about all they were going to get from their offense on this afternoon. Although Duke has been nearly perfect all season with their only loss coming from Hopkins in OT, Maryland truly had their number. Maryland’s head defensive coach Dave Slafkosky came up with an amazing scheme and almost completely shut down the youthful and talented Duke offense. Duke continued to slow the game down using their inverted, slow tempo offense, but it just wasn’t their day.

All stemming from tremendous, hard nosed defense, and timely amazing saves by ACC Tourney MVP Harry Alford, the Maryland offense fired off six unanswered goals. Their first goal came on a play where Joe Walters avoided two Duke defenders and somehow found Jimmy Borell who scored on a hard high bounce shot. Both teams were playing great defense early on in the match, and the scored remained tied at 1 until 11:09 left in the second when Joe Walters scored the first goal of his hat trick. Joe Walters took a feed from Xander Ritz and snuck one by the very talented Duke senior goalie Aaron Fenton. Fenton had the save made, but only managed to get a piece of the ball, which trickled past his feet to even the score at 2-2.

Less than a minute later it would be Walters that struck again for the Terps. Maryland’s attackmen were riding hard and checked the ball from a Duke defenseman’s stick. Walters fumbling to gain control of the loose ball, almost lost it, but regained control, threw a quick fake and finished low past Fenton to take the lead for good. With the score stuck at 3-2 for nearly 20 minutes and already 9 minutes into the 3rd quarter, it seemed this was going to be tight low scoring affair, but then the Terps caught fire.

Maryland’s next goal came from Senior Andrew Schwartzman on a crafty right handed jump shot off an inverted dodge from behind the cage. A few minutes later Maryland had their first EMO opportunity. They capitalized when Xander Ritz found the wide open junior Captain Billy McGlone cutting through Duke’s Man Down defense. Maryland quickly became man up again and scored when Ian Healy picked up another deflected feed to McGlone and put it top shelf. Duke finally responded when its young gun Matt Danowski picked up a rebound and scored on a behind the back bounce shot for the afternoon’s sickest goal.

With Maryland leading 6-3, they were ready to put Duke away for good. Coming off a fast break opportunity, Maxwell Ritz picked up a loose ball and found the back of the net. Next goal came from Joe Walters who came around from behind to finish with a low left handed shot. Maryland's last goal came when Maxwell Ritz picked up another loose ball created by a scrambling Duke double team. Maryland was now up 9-3 with 2:42 remaining but Duke kept firing. The Blue Devil’s Peter Lamade scored on an underhand lefty rip coming off the feed from Matt Danowski to make it 9-4, but it was too little too late. Duke’s Dan Flannery scored again with 0:53 to close out the game’s scoring.. Maryland’s defense was too much for the Blue Devils this time holding the #2 team in the country to only 4 goals for the game. Maryland looks to be peaking at the right time of the year, avenging two of their losses by beating the #3 and #2 ranked teams in the country in one weekend.

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    by (#55043) on 5/01/05 @6:36PM
its an upset but im not that suprised duke is good but maryland played awsome.
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(no subject)
    by (#91729) on 5/01/05 @7:33PM
huge game for the terps. back to back acc champs.
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what the..?
    by (#93389) on 5/01/05 @7:57PM
Wow.. I only which I can see that game, good job Terps
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This hurts the Cuse
    by (#48113) on 5/01/05 @8:26PM
Even losing to Umass I thought Cuse might still make the tourney since its not really an upset but this definately hurts their chances. A win by Duke today and the Terps were probably out and that would have been one more slot open to somebody else. I'm looking forward to selection Sunday next week!
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Duke did not play to well
    by (#60247) on 5/01/05 @8:41PM
Today was a bad game for Duke, i was at the game and at the begining they started off with that 2-0 lead, until Joe walters took part of the game , and Harry Alford came up with some huge stops today.
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    by (#91729) on 5/01/05 @8:43PM
Yeah I was at the game also. Walters had a big game and other role players steped up too. Alford made some big stops down the stretch to insure this win.
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(no subject)
    by (#60247) on 5/01/05 @8:48PM
yeah bunting , you only did sit next to me at the game, haha yeah but Dukes defense commited way to many uneeded pentalties.
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Cuse is fine
    by (#41662) on 5/01/05 @10:48PM
They're holding a win over Army. They're above .500. They're in. UNC and Princeton have left 2 spots that were assumed taken at the beginning of this season. Cuse has to be under .500 to ever be shut out of the NCAA's.
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lets hope (nt)
    by (#72115) on 5/02/05 @8:46AM
(no text)
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Dartmouth is loving this
    by (#40548) on 5/03/05 @11:53AM
This was a huge win for Maryland but an even bigger win probably for Dartmouth who beat MD. With Dartmouth looking on as a bubble team this makes there win over MD alot more inticing. This is going to be a tough choice for the commitee on Sunday. They can chose Cuse' for an at large because of traditional power or they seize an oppurtunity to get teams into the tourney that have not really been there before. This would get them more exposure around and build a more level Division 1 larosse. I hope they chose the latter cause I would love to see some new teams in there that have talent but not the name.
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The Game
    by (#45083) on 5/02/05 @12:22PM
None of Alford's saves were spectacular or amazing; they were good saves, but he should have made every one of them.
Duke threw away about thirty passes, mostly in tight (not twenty feet over the head like Navy against Hopkins) and Maryland picked of many of those passes. Duke played a bad game and for that matter so did Maryland. It would take an incredibly horrible game by Hopkins for either of these dogs to beat them.
The game, typical of this year and recently, had no excitement whatsoever.
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not an upset
    by (#75260) on 5/02/05 @3:44PM
duke was just out beat by a team that has had it all year long but could never get it rolling. maryland wanted it more and walters was finally able to perform to the level he should be performing at every game. i'm not saying duke is not good, i'm just saying that an upset is not the word that should be used to describe this game. marylands young defense stepped up and took care of the queer devils.
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    by (#82596) on 5/04/05 @9:19PM
"queer devils" i love it. F*** Duke!!! Again the Terps steal a ACC championship away from Duke, its beautiful (the other time I am refering to is last years ACC Basketball Championship)
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Duke Chokes again
    by (#64197) on 5/05/05 @8:59AM
Why is it every year they choke, they always seem to have one of the best recruiting classes and just cant finish the job. Even this year when it looks like they have a chance to win the whole tourny they still lose in the ACC.

P.S. Walters is over-rated
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