Cannons Take Lizards 20-14

Cannons Take Lizards 20-14

Cannons Take Lizards 20-14

Cannons Take Lizards 20-14

Game brief
(Boston, MA) The success of the Boston franchise reflects the native sports culture very well. The Cannons relied on the horsepower and kick of a local-flavored stew including a heavy pair of Minuteman aces (five alums + a Newton favorite on the roster) and the 5,687 fans including a young fan base pooled from a well-choreographed rotation of pee-wee games all spiked by the stimulating influence of the all imperial Starbucks tent. After a semi-even start, the compounded second-half quarterly effect of the Cannons assault overcame 2004 tournament MVP Greg Cattrano. Game MVP Kevin Leveille put on a clinic with 7 goals 1 assist.

Game details
The awaited match up between keepers Greg Cattrano (Long Island) and Chris Garrity (Boston) lived up to the billing in the first half despite the shot selection on both ends of the field. Long Island out shot Boston 16-15 in the first period while Boston out-scored their guests 3-2. The UMass connection between Boston’s Chris Fiore and Kevin Leveille was the high light of the evening. Fiore played the role of the playmaker while Leveille was always magically free and painfully effective on the crease.

Both teams traded possession in the first two minutes with a shaky start. Long Island’s Jay Jalbert beat the slide high and got the lower right corner at 2:00 (1-0). The Lizard’s continued to wrap the ball around quickly when Goettelmann skipped the pass and found Panetta up high for another low right shot at 3:37 (2-0).

Lefty Cattrano challenged the Boston offense coming up with some killer high right saves until Leveille snagged the loose ball rebound in the air and show low (1-2) at 4:33. Leveille converted again going high right and evening up the score at two a piece. Passavia wrapped up the first period scoring with a long stick goal of the faceoff beating the defense and going low right corner (3-2).

The second period both teams were neck in neck with each squad scoring 5 goals off of 12 shots a piece. Millon scored his first goal of the game off a lefty low right shot under a minute into the period (4-2). Rotelli followed up with a goal starting on X and holding the ball for a few seconds before getting Cattrano in the dimehole (5-2). Lizard’s Haugen responded with a nasty rip that hit top right shelf at 3:17 (3-5). Team mate McDermott got Garrity on his left side hip bringing the Lizards within one (4-5). Conor Gill responded with his Hoo move on the crease with the diving dip and dunk on the crease at 5:46 (6-4).

Long Island responded with two goals one from Berger and another from Haugen tying up the game at 6-6. Fiore and Gill answer back with a pair of goals to extend the Cannons’ lead once more 8-6. Long Island’s Massey made it a thrilling a finish with a goal at the buzzer going left to right on the crease and taking Garrity upper 90 (7-8).

Boston edged out Long Island 4-3 in the third and each team shot 10-11 respectively. Long Island was only able to convert 1 of their 5 EMO while Boston was 2 for 3. MA native Mike Battista opened the third period with a two point who off the screens up high going high past Cattrano’s stick side (10-7). Long Island responded with a goal from Massey at 3:14 (8-10). Leveille scored on a power play off an assist from Gill (11-8). Leveille scored again unmarked and inside as Fiore baited the D up high on a fake and dished off to Leveille (12-8). Jay Jalbert responded for the Lizards with a nasty rip that hit top left corner logging in a much needed two points (10-12).

The fourth period was the most prolific for both teams Boston outscoring Long Island 8-4 off of 11-10 shots respectively. Long Island was first to score of a goal from Goettelmann (11-12). Boston responded with goals from Battista and Rotelli (14-11). Panetta brought Long Island within two with an underhanded flip that went past Garrity’s right hip at 6:17 which signaled four unanswered Boston goals. Leveille notched a casual hat trick (12-17) while Rotelli scored off of X extending Boston’s lead 18-12. Jalbert scored off and outside riser for 13-18. Millon scored off an assist from Leveille. Miller scored on a wide-open look for Long Island 14-19 but it was too little a little too late. Fiore capped off the scoring bonanza with a nice dodge up high hitting upper 90 on a low to high crank. Final score Boston20 Long Island 14.

The talent and firepower of the Boston troupe are undeniable however the change in line up from last year most notably with the absence of Watson and the addition of Millon was underscored by the performance of Boston’s latest marquis addition. The offense at times seemed to organize under a different set of chemical guidelines compared to last season’s offense where Gill started on X. With a 4-0 record, there isn’t much room for error but come July 16 when Boston will meet a very tough Baltimore who will match up against Gait?

Long Island will host Philadelphia next weekend while Boston will meet NJ at Nickerson.

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pictures of game
    by (#107349) on 6/19/05 @6:01PM
The pics are great. I was at this game. How about at least one of the Cannons dancers too? You used to include them. They are fun.
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    by (#72115) on 6/20/05 @9:10AM
these new tommy hillfiger jerseys are mad gay... the old ones from last year were nicer.
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    by (#101774) on 6/20/05 @1:19PM
the lizards helmets used to be so much better. now they are so dam boring
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Baltimore all the way
    by (#80227) on 6/21/05 @8:02AM
How do you stop Gait, Marashek, Mickey. Boston 22 Baltimore 30 will be an awesome game.
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    by (#11721) on 6/22/05 @12:12AM
Spell right dude it's not Marashek it's Marecheck
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It's Marechek
    by (#11721) on 6/22/05 @12:17AM
Marechek OPPS !!!!!
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    by (#78222) on 6/21/05 @11:55AM
Lizards' helmets were the best in they may be the worst.
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uniforms blow
    by (#82645) on 6/23/05 @1:43PM
their entire uniforms suck this year last year they were wicked
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The real thing to comment on
    by (#96158) on 6/23/05 @11:22AM
Helmets and jerseys---who cares!
Pat McCabe From SU is named to the world team and Levelle puts up 7 goals on him. I am a big SU fan but I don't like what I see going on with McCabe and All 3 Powells on the team. Desko is out of his mind if he can not find a better D-man than McCabe or a better attackman than Ryan Powell. BS is BS but too much BS is what is going on with that. McCabe can not even stay matched up on the crease--let alone stay with a dodger. McCabe is one of my All-time favorites but his time was then not now. Ripkin knew when to scratch his name of the line up-- it is time for McCabe to do the same.
I know Millon didn't even tryout for the team because he knew this SH*# would happen anyway. Everyone wants to see all three Powell's play together but I tell you---Ryan brings the very least to that party.
I would love to see SU win the next 10 NCAA's but as far as Desko's move with those two guys--FU-SU
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    by (#65203) on 6/23/05 @2:21PM
What the hell are you saying? I understand about McCabe, but R. Powell? Ask anyone that actually plays against him, if you think he is an easy guy to cover, your dead wrong. Hes def. not as quick as mikey, but hes fast on the move, he knows how to ride, and look at him, he is still putting up points. Your telling me that he shouldnt be on this team and w/e, ur wrong. there is many figures you have to have to be a complete attackmen, like riding defenses, agility, strength, quickness, all of that, and Ryan has it all. Hes playing against the best defensivemen in the game in the MLL, and he finds a way to free his hands, make a move to get that assist or the goal. Playing attack doesnt mean you have to beat your guy all the time, ask all the great lax players, great attackmen dont need to get buy their man, they free themselves up to be able to get off a shot or pass. and Ryan does it. Hes an amazing attackmen, hes playing against the best defenses in the game, and hes still putting up points. He is in the top 10 for all time scoring in the MLL, and he has missed many games!! IDK what the hell your thinking, or if you look at his stats after a game and see like (2,2) or (1,3) and your like " jesus this guy sucks" Pfft cuz, ryan is def putting up numbers every game, but you still stand here saying he doesnt deserve to be on this team. He is only one of the best attackmen playing the game. i gurantee you if u knew any mll attackmen like gait, gill, merachek, M. Powell, C. Powell, millon they will all tell you that ryan is an amazing attackmen, and i bet many of the young ones out there look up to ryan. Ryan rides defenses hard, he gets assists, he puts up goals, he breaks down defenses, and hes a team leader. Thats a true attackmen.
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Where are they now?(Amazingly absent from list)
    by (#96158) on 6/27/05 @3:24PM
Points Leaders
Player Team Points
1. Tom Marechek Bal 28
2. Gary Gait Bal 27
3(T). Mark Millon Bos 26
3(T). Kevin Leveille Bos 26
5. Conor Gill Bos 24
6. Blake Miller LI 23
7(T). Mark Frye Bal 21
7(T). Mikey Powell Bal 21
9(T). Chris Massey LI 20
9(T). John Grant, Jr. Roc 20
Total Goals
Player Team Goals
1(T). Gary Gait Bal 20
1(T). Kevin Leveille Bos 20
3(T). Tom Marechek Bal 18
3(T). Mark Millon Bos 18
5. Blake Miller LI 17
6(T). Josh Sims Bal 14
6(T). Chris Massey LI 14
8(T). Scott Urick NJ 13
8(T). B.J. Prager Phi 13
10. Mikey Powell Bal 12

1 powell in the top 10 in the league but ALL 3 on the world team attack? WTF!?!?
What's wrong is wrong and what is completely wrong is all the SU boys on the world team that don't really deserve to be.
I will repeat myself, "I am a huge SU fan!"
BUT the world team roster is out of control. Even if Desko wins the next 22 NCAA's(which I hope he does) he should never be asked to coach or put together the world team again.
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Boston Wins again
    by (#62931) on 6/25/05 @11:00PM
Boston won again today vs. NJ pride. Was a good game, Christmas got his first and second goals of his MLL carear, and was pumped about that. Millon had some sick shot and many points as well, and of course gill diving threw the crease. Hubbard the only player worth talking about on the pride, had a nice and maybe his first of the season for him, a 2 point shot along with many almost all the goals for the NJ. Wasnt really a close game at all, but quite fun
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