Hofstra Upsets UNC

Hofstra Upsets UNC

Hofstra Upsets UNC

Hofstra Upsets UNC

Both teams exploded off the first face off and displayed 2 minutes of unsettled fury. UNC's Jeff Sonke broke the ice at 13:21 when Matt Crofton fed him for the game's first goal. Hofstra answered right back on a man up goal when Joe Kostolansky fed a wide open Bryan Walker on the crease. He was open for at least 15 seconds. Hofstra seemed to be full of intensity, but almost too much, as the first quarter penalites began to pile up. At 11:27 left in the 1st, Hofstra picked up a slashing penalty. However, goalie Michael Demeo looked sharp as he denied a number of UNC's extra man shots. At 9:25 Steven Will scored on leftie post up jump shot unassisted from 5 yards out. In addition to penalites, being too juiced up can lead to sloppy play and poor decision making. Hofstra blew a number of clears. At 4:40 left, Hofstra picked up an offsides penalty. After staving off UNC's EMO, they picked another one up at 4:04. UNC finally connected at 3:32 when Steven Will fed Tim Gosier to go up 3-1. Hofstra redeemed themselves in the final minute of the quarter when Tom Kessler drove baseline and finished low and attackman Scott Dooley tied it up on a hard move from behind. Hofstra was lucky to finish the quarter tied at 3, and UNC was guilty of not taking advantage of their opportunities.

Hofstra picked up right where they left off, carrying their momentum and luck into the second quarter scoring in the first 9 seconds. In a telling example of things to come, Hofstra middie Doug Shanahan raked the face to himself, sprinted down the field along the left side and stuck it on the run with impressive velocity, to make it 4-3 Hofstra. Shanahan is one of the best middies in D1. He faces off, wins ground balls, plays good d, is very fast, and plays with an old school aggressiveness not seen in the newly emerging lacrosse philosophy of ball and possession control. At 12:28, Hofstra attackman Ramar Clash (6'4" 220) would provide an exciting goal. Matched up with UNC shortstick Joel Miller (6'0 185 lbs.), Clash began to bull in on the left pipe. Giving up 40 lbs. Miller put up a great fight pushing Clash out from the goal. Clash pulled it out, realized the size of his mismatched opponent, bulled through on an inside roll, pumped high and finished high pumping his fist and pumping the crowd. Momentum Hofstra.

Carolina finally got the ball and went on the attack. Hofstra's defense looked quick as Brian Spalina doubled and slid from the crease repeatedly. UNC could not beat the slides and remained patient. Finally, at 11:05, the Tar Heel offense beat the Hofstra slides to feed UNC's Chase Martin who finished one on one with the goalie. At 8:28, UNC connected again when Mac Hammer beat his man baseline and finished low standing to make it 5-5. It looked like it would be a goal for goal game as each team's offense was clicking and getting good shots. Both teams played a little more tentatively until UNC went up 6-5 when Matt Crofton went behind the back off a Chase Martin feed at 4:42. Momentum UNC. After winning the faceoff, Hofstra's Shanahan raced down the field through everybody and just missed from ten feet out. A couple of seconds later, Hofstra middie Bob Paranelli fed Tom Kessler on the crease to tie it up at 6. UNC answered a minute later when a wide open Andy Jonas put in a rebound to make it 7-6. As the 2nd quarter ended, it looked like the second half would be an all out slug fest with UNC ahead on points, but Hofstra rumbling with intensity.

Looks can be deceiving, however, as Hofstra would go on a 3rd quarter run spearheaded by Shanahan dominating the face offs. At 13:31, Hofstra attackman Scott Dooley connected with middie Parrinelli who pump faked 3 times to finish high beating UNC's zone D. Shanahan won the ensuing face off and worked the ball to the attack. After moving the ball crisply, Ramar Clash faced dodged his defender and bulled toward the crease. As the slide came he dumped it to Parrinelli who finished on the crease to make it 8-7. Shanahan won the next faceoff and brought the ball into the offensive zone. Hofstra worked the ball to him at X for an invert. His d-man fell down and he came around the crease and was hit from behind. At 10:44, Parrinelli fed Clash for the EMO goal and Shanahan got the unofficial assist. Timeout UNC. Momentum Hofstra.

Hofstra smelled blood, and connected at 6:34 when Bryan Walker fed Joe Kostolansky to make it 10-7. At 5:49 to go in the 3rd, Dooley fed Kostolansky on the crease for his second to put Hofstra ahead 11-7, with a 5 goal run working. Seconds later, Hofstra middie Adam Hananel rolled from up top and beat the shaken goalie Kris Blindenbacher high. The stands began to party as Hofstra cheerleaders tossed t-shirts to the crowd. The 3rd quarter run, and the game for that matter was almost over, when Hofstra's Scott Dooley iso'd from behind untouched to finish off hip making it 13-7 with a minute left. UNC scored a goal in the final seconds, but their goalie, and their team looked stunned.

As we all know, five goals in lacrosse is not an insurmountable deficit. But Hofstra opened the first minute of the fourth, with a Shanahan face off and a goal by attackman Tom Kessler to make it 14-8. UNC responded with 2 goals by Jeff Sonke, but shot themselves in the foot with a penalty that Hofstra converted for 15-10 lead. The flags began to fly on the frustrated Tar Heels and Hofstra began to put it away with 2 more unanswered EMO goals. The 18th goal was provided by the exciting attackman, Ramar Clash. After receiving a feed on the goal line extended, he exploded through multiple checks of UNC's man down D and finished high with authority shaking his head as if to say, "You can't hold me!" That was the exclamation point for Hofstra, and a sign of things to come. Hofstra is a talented, aggressive and hungry team and should not be held back from going to the tournament. If they win the upcoming America East tournament they'll be there and could show that last year was no fluke with the intensity they possess. Stat of the game: Hofstra middie Doug Shanahan converted 21 of 25 faceoffs and had 23 ground balls.

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    by (#2177) on 4/29/00 @10:42PM
Inconsistancy is sweeping the NCAA.
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the previous comment
    by (#2336) on 4/29/00 @11:16PM
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(no subject) (nt)
    by (#2670) on 4/30/00 @12:15PM
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Ha Ha Ha
    by (#1635) on 4/30/00 @1:58PM
UNC sucks except for Sonke and Miller
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you are correct
    by (#2678) on 4/30/00 @5:01PM
I agree with Younger. The only thing that UNC has going for them is that they have two midwest guys, sonke and miller. Way to go hoftra!
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Say what?
    by (#2700) on 5/01/00 @10:03AM
Keep it clean, positive and intelligent, brother.
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    by (#764) on 4/30/00 @4:02PM
How can you call this an upset? Hofstra has been playing well all year. The beginning of UNC's season was a fluke. Hofstra almost beat Princeton for crying out loud. Hofstra is definately a better team than UNC any given day.
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    by (#1635) on 4/30/00 @6:01PM
Anyone with midwest boys are hard. Plus...we know how to hit, I won't back down to anyone.
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Long Island represents
    by (#2142) on 5/01/00 @12:13AM
I think it was an upset from a rank followers standpoint, obviously. But those who know the deal realize that Long Island is pretty much the mecca of US lacrosse talent.
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    by (#2507) on 5/01/00 @8:47PM
Long Island is without a doubt where the best players in the world come from!
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Photo from 4/29/00 game (UNC v. Terps)
    by (#2535) on 5/01/00 @4:27PM
I am trying to obtain the name and e-mail address or phone number of the photographer who took the photographs that appeared on this site last week from the April 29, 2000 game - UNC v. Terps. I would like to get an original of one of the pictures that appeared. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks
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we take 'em
    by (#2) on 5/01/00 @7:48PM
whichever one of us that covers the game takes the pictures. they're digital cameras, so, while good for the web, they're not the best of quality if they were to be printed. there is no "original".
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