Lizards Spoil Boston Homecoming 19-14

Lizards Spoil Boston Homecoming 19-14

Lizards Spoil Boston Homecoming 19-14

Lizards Spoil Boston Homecoming 19-14

Game brief
Even when you are the home team, the sentimental choice, and the number one seed, it’s pretty difficult to alter the momentum in your favor when your opponent gets a sports highlight caliber clip off the heroics of a long stick defender’s behind the back goal. Unfortunately, for the 5,842 fans in attendance a Sunday prom with a flashy Baltimore date followed by a Stones chaser over by the Big Green Monster will have to wait for next year. Game MVP Berger led a hard-hitting crew with 6 points while Conor Gill posted up 6 points for the Canons. Lizards will go head-to-head on ESPN2 for the live telecasted final on Sunday at 13:00.

Game detail
A mostly native crowd of 5,842 strong anxiously awaited their home team to take center stage. Boston, the number one seed, had defeated Long Island last week 10-9 in a dramatic come from behind OT thriller. The anticipation of the second semifinal game between Long Island and Boston had texture, a particular smell, and many sounds – especially the sounds of titanium, alloy, and the short heated verbal exchanges among big, big men.

Minutes before the first whistle stadium ushers handed out sportsmanship pamphlets like they were donuts at an overeater’s anonymous meeting. The more relevant text read: Habit #2: Never Fight. Habit #7: Be Nice to the Other Team. And a players’ favorite, Habit #9: Respect the decisions of the referee or umpire – If you don’t agree with the ref, what should you do? Irony aside, the second semi did not lack any of the action and color of a Bruckheimer film.

A hard-hitting Long Island defense of McCabe, Polanco, and Gagliardi matched up against Gill, Millon, and Leveille respectively. On the other end, Cannons defenders Curtis squared off against Massey, Passavia against Berger, and Staines against Goettelmann. Boston out shot Long Island 50-46 and came up with 23-37 at the face-off X. Jenkins and Inge split the face-off duties. The tie breaker also relied on the respective performances of Garrity and Cattrano who edged out Garrity with 18-14 saves. The game started aggressive and intensity picked up as the clock timed out.

Boston out shot and outscored Long Island in the first period 18-11 and 6-5 respectively. Boston controlled the first ball and Jarret Park stormed off the bench scoring within 30 second going low right. Conor Gill found the net nearly 30 seconds later with a goal from up top (2-0).

The Lizards answered with three consecutive goals. Goettelmann scored from X going past Garrity’s right hip (1-2). Berger rolled the crease and caught a pass from Jalbert going upper left (2-2). Goettlemann notched his second goal of the game off a fast break series (3-2). Boston and Long Island traded goals.

Boston scored two goals from Fiore and Battista briefly edging out Long Island 4-3. Long Island came back with two of their own from Berger (Massey) and Goettelmann. Leveille closed out the first period scoring. Gill passed from X to Leveille who rocked the screens going low passed Cattrano (5-5). Leveille gave Boston the one goal edge going into the second period with and beautiful sequence from Gill, Millon, and Leveille tacking the top right corner (6-5). Rotelli was called for game misconduct and unnecessary roughness.

The second period was even more tight with Long Island and Boston scoring 4-4 off of 11-18 shots and at times play was frantic. Long Island came out strong with two consecutive goals from Massey (Haugen) and long stick defender Gagliardi who snagged a loose ball rebound and shot behind the back (6-7).

Gill responded with his signature shot from X and posting up against his defender and turning and shooting (7-7). Miller took advantage of an out of position Garrity finding the mesh at 8:21 (8-7).

Boston answered with two pipe bangers from Rotelli and Leveille. Leveille unleashed an incredible side arm shooting around his defender (9-8). Jalbert scored for the Lizards and Gill wrapped up the scoring for the Cannons in the first half (10-9).

The aggressive hitting intensified on both team diluting any traces of finesse or fluid ball movement. Long Island dominated in the third out shooting and out scoring the Cannons 17-8 and 6-1. The Lizards silenced and suffocated Boston with four unanswered goals from Miller, Jalbert, and two from Berger giving Long Island a 13-10 lead. Miller scored the first goal of the period on an open lane to goal. Boston defenders left Garrity out to dry. Jalbert scored on and underarm riser on a power play at 6:17.

The start of the fourth period was bit scrappy and despite Boston many looks on net 13 shots on goal to Long Island’s 8, the Lizards outscored their hosts 4-3. Miller scored his fourth goal of the game off a spinning shovel shot on the crease (16-11). Boston’s John Christmas scored fresh off the bench nearly 30 seconds later going top left (12-16). Berger extended the lead yet again off an assist from Haugen at 3:58 (17-12).

Boston received their last spark and two goals from Chris Fiore who seems to demonstrate more fire when backed against a wall. Fiore drove straight in with a crazy side arm rip going top right at 6:19 (13-17). The Boston defense recognized they had committed an error doubling up on Goettlemann behind leaving Haugen alone on the crease who then converted for an easy goal at 7:30 (18-13). The body of the language of the Boston team spoke volumes and Fiore again sparked the offense with a definitive drive to goal straight off the face-off (14-18). Jay Jalbert closed the game out with an insane outside rip at 9:53 (19-14).

Final score Long Island 19 Boston 14. The Lizards advance to the finals where they will face the Baltimore Bayhawks this Sunday at 13:00 live on ESPN2.

Boston Cannons vs. Long Island Lizards
Current Record
Boston Cannons10-3
Current Record
Long Island Lizards5-8
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BOSTON sorry for ya
    by (#81057) on 8/20/05 @8:32PM
Sorry to see boston lose, I bet it was a good game. But Bayhawks are to strong for LI. Hopefully Boston will overcome this years and last years stumbles.

Oh, I was reading the little bitch sessions between Deli22 and Knightslax....Hey, Deli22 I actuallt know this guy knightslax, I played Lax this year with him, I can tell you about this guy if you want, let me know if interested.
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    by (#97042) on 8/20/05 @8:40PM
It was really not a good game at all, sloppy on all sides, bad defense by both teams, Cattrano played well, Garrity was awful, and I can't believe this just happened.
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    by (#97042) on 8/21/05 @9:19PM
Wow! You might be the classiest guy on Earth! The Cannons lost because of you? Haha no one likes you, has anyone ever told you that, or don't you have friends? Haha overrated, right, 10-2, the #1 seed, yeah overrated, definitely. Classy. Very classy. My hats off to you, knightslax.
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    by (#97042) on 8/22/05 @10:00AM
Because I said they didn't choke, right? No, they weren't overrated, were the STEELERS overrated in the NFL last year? No, they choked, but they weren't overrated, they were a great team. So were the Cannons. They just choked. Who said they didn't? I said they weren't overrated. Haha the Cannons SUCK? Right, so did the Steelers, right? Overrated is NOT losing when it counts you moron, that is called choking, in no way is a 10-2 team, the #1 seed, overrated. THey choked, plain and simple. Who is crying? Dude, will you grow up?
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    by (#97042) on 8/22/05 @11:22AM
Overrated to me, means JUST NOT BEING THAT GOOD...The Cannons ARE good, you said it yourself, they just choked you stupid moron. Overrated and choking are two different things. Good is not "winning when it matters most", good is winning, plain and simple. The Cannons are not overrated. They choked, but they are a great team. Chokers and an overrated team are two very different things. The Steelers were not overrated. THey choked. Faggy prep school education? Dude how old are you, 12? Grow up and argue like a respectable human being. Insults about a person's sexuality are unnecessary.
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I'm the confused one?
    by (#97042) on 8/24/05 @11:36AM
No! NO NO NO NO NO! Again, I will use my Steelers analogy, or the Cannons if you prefer. The Steelers went 15-1, were the #1 seed in all of the NFL, and then choked in the playoffs twice, barely skipping by the Jets and losing by a pounding to the Patriots. The hype surrounding them did NOT outweigh their accomplishments. This team went 15-1. Unheard of nowadays, and that loss was with a different QB at the helm. But how many championships have the Steelers won recently? THey didnt win last year, thats for sure. If the Patriots lost in the playoffs, they were not OVERRATED. They choked. Their 14-2 record with numerous injuries is simply ridiculous. Sure, they would have "choked", but didnt. The Steelers are not OVERRATED for losing, they simply choked. But no choke job can overcome what they did in the regular season, with a 15-1 record. IF ANYONE SAYS THAT THE 85 BEARS WOULD HAVE BEEN OVERRATED IF THEY HAD LOST, THEN THEY ARE WRONG! THEY JUST CHOKED! The Cannons didnt close the deal. 18-6 record past two seasons. #1 seed in the playoffs both years. But they're overrated, right? No, theyre not. They're chokers. But they are NOT overrated. What title were people giving them in the first place? Who overrates them? I never said they were going to win, did I? No, so shut your mouth.
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You guys have got to calm down. (nt)
    by (#83121) on 8/26/05 @5:39PM
(no text)
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    by (#97042) on 8/27/05 @10:51AM
Right, so when the Patriots lost to the Dolphins in a fluke loss, that meant that they were overrated, when they went on to win the Super Bowl with more man-games lost to injuries than any other team in the league? That means they are overrated? How are they overrated? What are you talking about?
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Haha Watered Down NFC Teams?
    by (#97042) on 8/27/05 @2:58PM
Did you forget who they had to BEAT to get to those watered down teams, you moron? Indianapolis' offense, Pittsburgh's defense, the Titans, Pittsburgh again, the Raiders..This team wins in the clutch. Yet they are overrated, right? Ha. I am supposed to value your opinion right now, after saying the PATRIOTS are overrated? But I'm the one who doesn't know what it means? Please.
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Knightlax--never ending--moron!!
    by (#96158) on 8/27/05 @3:38PM
Knightlax is the biggest moron who ever posted on this site.
He never makes sense and he never shuts up.
Just try to ignore him and maybe, IF WE ARE ALL LUCKY, he will go away.
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Dont Discourage Him!
    by (#97042) on 8/27/05 @6:52PM
This is entertaining! Please! We're getting to the good part! HOW ARE THE PATRIOTS OVERRATED? Come on now, spit it out...How about beating every team when it counts? Come on now, go ahead, explain this one knightslax!
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Again, Resorting to Personal Attacks?
    by (#97042) on 8/27/05 @8:21PM
They played watered down NFC Contenders? What does that have to do with anything? Are you trying to deny that the Patriots ARE the BEST team in football? Just don't. Please, just don't do it. How can we value your opinion then?

3 of the last 4 superbowls, in an era where no one thought that was possible. So we lost two games we should have won? What does that make us? NOT the best team in football? I dont think so. ASSHOLE.
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Just Goes to Show You
    by (#97042) on 8/28/05 @9:53AM
That you have no idea what you are talking about. When we discuss "overratedness", the status of being overrated, I would like to hear some other teams that you think are overrated to know what you mean by overrated. The MLL only has six teams, so I try and ask for different teams. Dont make it seem like the Patriots have nothing to do with this, this has been all about understanding what overrated means. And you said the Patriots were overrated. Super Bowl Champs. They werent the best team in the league? Who was? Dont give me that "This isnt" BS. Because it has everything to do with overrated status, rather than the Cannons or Bayhawks or on an individual level. Glad to see I know where your coming from. THe Patriots are overrated. Ha. Just do us a favor and shut your mouth.
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Fair Enough.
    by (#97042) on 8/28/05 @12:04PM
Sure, I'll drop it. Will you drop it? One more question: You were fighting for my ability to watch it? Mind explaining that one?
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Arent You Just the Greatest
    by (#97042) on 8/28/05 @1:50PM
As if someone asked you or forced you to join the Army. Blow it up your ass, your preaching to the wrong choir. What, you think you get points for it? This is a discussion about teams being overrated. Not about your army duty.
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Just Shut the Fuck Up
    by (#97042) on 8/28/05 @4:24PM
Dont you know when to Shut the Fuck up? I asked you the question you dont have to go ram it down our throats about how you were fighting for us. No one asked you to. I live in Jamaica Plain in Boston. Hows that? What, do you think Im scared of you?
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