Men: Navy Sinks Army, 10-8

Men: Navy Sinks Army, 10-8

Men:  Navy Sinks Army, 10-8

Men: Navy Sinks Army, 10-8

It's a cliche, but you truly can throw away the season rankings when these two squads meet up because pride is on the line. As would be expected, it was an extremely violent affair with plenty of great hits. Forget man-ball on a day like today, it was more like man-man. The ball was secondary as players looked to leave their mark on opponents.

Mickey Jarboe was the hero for Navy once again as he made 18 saves. Again, Nogic stepped up to match Jarboe, but the story for the Cadets was co-captain Alex Fyfe. He had a goal and four assists, but the way he did it was most impressive. We can sum it up in one play he made today. He must have been studying World War II recently because he made a Kamikaze rush towards the net that would make the Japanese proud. With Navy up 3-2 Fyfe started from the midfield line and ran straight at the goal. In the face of oncoming defenders he only increased his speed and just before the point of impact, about seven yards from the goal, he jumped and launched a shot an instant before getting crushed. The shot beat Jarboe and Fyfe picked himself up and played big the rest of the day.

The first quarter started with Jarboe showing what he's all about. Army longpole, Ryan Hanrahan, came down off a face-off and took a dangerous shot that Jarboe gobbled up. Then he hit Eddie McKinnon with the breakout pass. Big deal right, well the big deal is McKinnon is an attackman who was standing about ten yards away from Army's goal line. Things slowed down and teams played conservative defense, but Navy broke the deadlock when Adam Borcz took a Perry Taylor feed and ripped an overhand shot that tipped off Nogic's stick into the net, 1-0. The rest of the quarter featured great saves by both goalies and ended with Navy's McKinnon decking Nogic after a clearing pass. Usually players let up in those situations, but this was Army-Navy.

The second quarter started even slower than the first as Army didn't get on the board until there was only 4:05 left. After a fierce battle for a loose ball outside Navy's restraining line, Army Picked it up and moved it quickly to Lee Dingman who got his first of four, 1-1. This started a flurry of scoring. Jarboe stoned Jimmy Vlakis and Navy marched the other way for Jon Brianas to score, 2-1. At 2:22 Dingman got another for Army before Brenden Power put Navy back on top, 3-2. Then Fyfe got his previously mentioned tally to go into the half tied, 3-3.

Army went man-down less then 10 seconds into the second half when Alex Garn was called for a trip. However, Army got the best opportunity when Dingman fed Tim Pearson on a break -- but guess who stoned him? Army killed the penalty, but at 11:55 McKinnon fed Andy Beal on the backside to put Navy up 4-3. Army longpole, Hanrahan, tried his luck again when he fired a laser from the restraining line. This time, he beat Jarboe to tie it at 4-4. Borcz answered for Navy when he received a cross crease feed and split two sliding defenders to sneak one past Nogic, 5-4. The Midshipmen then went up by two when they cleared the ball down the right side until it was behind goal line extended and Power fed the ball back against the grain to a cutting Bart Orr who finished, 6-4. Later, there was great defensive play as Navy defender Chad Donnelly threw the book at Tim Pearson. A sucession of three great checks dislodged the ball. Later, on the other end, Army longpole Justin Charise did a similiar job on Eddie McKinnon. The ball was thrown out of bounds by both teams on their respective possessions. The game completly broke down with sloppy play in the middle before Navy got a good chance. Nogic made a poor decision, coming all the way out to the restraining line to make a hit. Navy held onto the ball and Jon Brianas came out of the pile for the empty netter, 7-4. Again, with Army man-down they got a better opportunity than Navy. This time they capatalized when Dingman fed Pearson behind his back and Pearson beat Jarboe one on one, 7-5.

Navy had one more quarter to hold onto a lead that they built up. On a great timing play Dingman converted again. With both players being covered closely they managed to get the shot off. John Ryan snapped the feed and Dingman got the shot off before checks could be thrown, 7-6. Like Navy had done all day, however, they scored 20 seconds later on a turnover at midfield. The break was actually botched, but lonstick Tali Burton trailed the play and picked up the loose ball to bounce it in, 8-6. Navy got two more goals to make it 10-6 on shots by Beal and Power. They went into a stall offense after that, but Army fought back on goals set up by Fyfe, which were scored by Dingman and John Fernandez. Army had possesion with a minute to go at the sideline. Navy called timeout before the ball was put into play. Army came out of the timeout with only five players and Pearson tried to beat two and lost the ball. Navy ran out the clock on the other side.

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    by (#2675) on 4/30/00 @3:07PM
Army has been disappointing all year long. Their win over Hobart in the beginning of the season was a total fluke. I don't care what anyone says, Hobart is winning the National Championship this season.
See you in College Park
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hobart will never win a D1 title
    by (#1671) on 4/30/00 @8:31PM
although army's win over hobart might have been a fluke, hobart will not win the national championship. that was nice of you to try to showcase hobart over the internet by making that ridiculous statement. however, until hobart can get D1 athletes to play there, the only way they will ever get even a bid to the tourney, is by beating the rest of the lame schools in the patriot league.
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    by (#2700) on 5/01/00 @9:53AM
After Cornell's glory days waned in the 70s, I thought the same about any of the Ivy schools, until Coach T. left DIII RIT for Princeton. Give it time brother.
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    by (#2714) on 5/01/00 @5:40PM
Princeton has proved very recently that championships can be won without athletic scholarships. Granted it will be very tough for Hobart to compete with scholarship programs such as syracuse or Virginia, but the statesmen have great tradition and always seem to draw talent. It's not impossible.
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It sounds like you're bitching, puss.
    by (#1983) on 5/01/00 @6:29PM
Get over it. You guys lost because you're not as tough as Army. Face it.

I want to give a shout out to B, what's up.

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Hobart winning a championship
    by (#2336) on 5/02/00 @1:40AM
thats the most retarded comment i have ever heard. hobart isnt winning jack this year. they cant hold a candle to 'Cuse and UVA, and i would mention Princeton here but that remains to be seen. this weekend will reveal a lot.
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    by (#2675) on 5/03/00 @11:48AM
This weekend will reveal a lot you queen. Hobart boasts one of the top players in the country in Breslin and can recruit top d1 athletes and is currently ranked in the top 15. So what the hell are you talking about? They have given every top team in the country a game and have beaten up on Cornell and Penn St. Just wait and see when they are winning the National Title come the end of May
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    by (#2788) on 5/03/00 @10:35PM
Hobart is a good team, but I wouldn't say they beat up on Cornell and Penn State. They beat the two teams by a combined six points. Their losses to Army and Harvard are more telling of their season.
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gimme a break
    by (#2675) on 5/04/00 @12:10AM
First of all, Army was their first game of the season and they lost to Harvard in the snow by one goal. Check your stats before you complain like a little baby. Hobart will win the National Championship like I have been saying all along. They were pounding Cornell 9-1 before they let up and toyed with their minds to let them back into the game. Penn St. was not much of a game either. Princeton should be easy fodder for Hobart this weekend in preparation for the Tournament
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No way
    by (#2109) on 5/09/00 @1:39PM
There is no way in hell that Hobart will beat out schools like.......Any other D1 teams for that matter. Pick a different team man.
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Navy deserves this one
    by (#2715) on 5/01/00 @6:00PM
Navy has been trying really hard for a long time, and I think this was no surprise
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