College Lacrosse is here! Blue Hens outlast St. Joe's, 9-5

College Lacrosse is here! Blue Hens outlast St. Joe's, 9-5

College Lacrosse is here! Blue Hens outlast St. Joe's, 9-5

College Lacrosse is here! Blue Hens outlast St. Joe's, 9-5

Philadelphia, PA - In the first NCAA game of the season, the Delaware Blue Hens outlasted a St. Joe's team that stormed back from a 7-1 deficit. St. Joe’s put out a good effort, but fell short. They used a goal and an assist from attackmen Mike O’Neill and Alex Lopes, while senior midfielder Andrew Four chipped in two goals. Delaware junior Marty Kupprion scored four goals in his first career start, while fellow attackman Dan Hechtkopf assisted three times and had a goal of his own.

The game started out all Delaware, as middie Dan Deckelbaum finished a lefty drive just over a minute into the game. Junior face-off specialist and 2005 honorable mention All-American, Alex Smith, pushed the ensuing face-off into a fast-break. Hechtkophf fed Kupprion and less than 1.5 minutes in, Delaware was up 2.

On their first possession, Andrew Four took a Mike O’Neill pass and got the Hawks’ scoring started for the year. Delaware would own the rest of the half. On a man-up advantage, Delaware banged the ball around leaving left the back-side open. Marty Kupprion creeped up from X, was fed, stepped up to a shot and hit the lefty finish. Shortly after, Hechtkopf, this time driving from X, fed Kupprion on the crease. He put the lefty finish away giving him three goals less than 5 minutes in. Hechtkopf would get a goal of his own later in the 1st off a Cam Howard feed.

The scoring slowed in the second quarter, but again it was all Delaware. Beau Davis added a goal off another Howard feed. Then Howard (2 assists) added his lone goal of the day to end a very patient possession. He didn’t have much of an angle or much room, but managed to finish it anyway. Heading into the season, goalie was a bit of a question mark for the Blue Hens as long-time starter and All-American Chris Collins had graduated. Junior Tommy Scherr, brother of Rob Scherr – 2003 2nd team All-American goalie for Johns Hopkins, earned the starting spot and really came up big. He had 10 saves on the day, but many were on point blank shots. Two of those came with about five minutes to go in the first half, quashing any offense St. Joe’s was able to muster at that point.

Being early in the season, and February 11th, you’d imagine the teams wouldn’t be at top-form. This was evident in the second half, as each half held entirely different stories. While Delaware held a 7-1 lead, they are lucky they did, because the team that came out in the 2nd half might as well been wearing different uniforms. St. Joe’s played tough in the 2nd half, but couldn’t finish.

Mike O’Neill got the Hawks going in the 3rd. He drove from X with a quick move beating his man slightly top-side and put away a lefty finish. Both teams would go into an over 11 minute draught until Kupprion took a Cam Lucas feed with just :27 left in the quarter. Delaware still held a commanding 8-2 lead, but St. Joe’s held the momentum.

The Hawks won the fourth quarter, 3-1. Andrew Four got the scoring started with a cut down the side, and a quick-stick finish off a Lopes feed. Scherr contributed four big saves in the 4th, keeping St. Joe’s from making it even tighter. Another huge factor was Alex Smith, who won over 71% of his face-offs last season, as he continued right where he left off. He won 15 of 18 face-offs on the day. Credit St. Joe’s, however, from preventing many fast-break opportunities, as that’s where Smith can be deadly. He’s nearly perfected the pinch-and-pop face-off technique and has arguably the fastest hands in the country pushing it forward into fast-breaks. He didn’t get many of those opportunities today, though he didn’t lose a 2nd half face-off. Thanks in large part to Scherr and Smith, the Blue Hens were able to survive the pressure St. Joe’s put on.

For Delaware, if they want to build on last season, they need to play a more complete game than today. The offense that came out in the 2nd half was sloppy and lazy. It looked like a completely different unit from the 1st half. Marty Kupprion showed that he has the ability to be a very good inside player, proving to be quite elusive in front of the net and a good finisher. It seems that the attack of Kupprion, Howard and Hechtkopf fed off each other nicely. It must be noted that the Delaware offense also suffered with two of their top middies from last year on the sidelines. Both Jordan Hall (2005 CAA Player of the Year) and Vincent Giordano did not play. The defense played well throughout the game, as did Scherr. They didn’t give up many good looks at the net, and Scherr was there to bail them out when they did. Traveling to Lehigh next weekend should prove an even tougher challenge.

St. Joe’s will have to improve quickly as Navy travels to Philadelphia next weekend to take on the Hawks. While it’s not fair to grade a face-off performance from just today, they definitely need to improve there, though as mentioned they did a nice job of preventing the UD face-break. When they had the momentum going their way, it took a hit every time they couldn’t get the ball back. Freshman Eric Hotaling only had 3 saves on the day while not allowing any poor goals. However, he only faced 22 shots. A real trial by fire could come when an offense like Navy comes to town. Offensively, St. Joe’s has a few talented players, but as a unit they need to shoot the ball better. Coach Pat Cullinan noted after the game that it was definitely an area they’ve stressed and will continue to stress. All-in-all, it was a much better performance for the Hawks, with a big improvement over 2005’s 18-3 thumping by Delaware.

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    by (#97931) on 2/11/06 @11:16PM
thank god college lacrosse is here
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Not so fighting Blue Hens
    by (#57798) on 2/12/06 @9:08AM
Delaware has a chance to have a big year and be a consistent top 20 team, but not with games like this. If they want people to look at them for the team they potentially can be, then they need to blow out teams like St. Joe's. This could just end up being another Delaware lacrosse year, close games against easy wins, few big wins, but more close loses when alls they need was one extra push. I hope Im wrong, but after this game they need to step it up.
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(no subject)
    by (#122726) on 2/27/06 @8:49PM
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always nice for college lacrosse...
    by (#76664) on 2/12/06 @11:52AM
Delaware needs to have blow outs on teams like this to actualy be able to earn a spot in the top 20... they can only hope that it was early season jitters if they want to be reconized. Good job by St. Joe's to do there best to fight back but will need to pick it up for when navy comes to town
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    by (#50529) on 2/12/06 @4:03PM
when you can face off like delaware, you should be in every game...
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Tough Guy
    by (#121113) on 2/12/06 @10:18PM
I'm not saying BJ Fritts is the best college Lacrosse player in the country, but as long as he's strappin it on for the crimson and white the Hawks have a chance against anyone in the country.
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greatest delaware player ever
    by (#21330) on 2/13/06 @9:42AM
jim caboy is the greatest delaware player of all-time.
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greatest delaware player ever
    by (#121158) on 2/13/06 @3:55PM
I couldn't agree more!!....#10 was truly a dominating force!!!....He may have been 5'6", but he played like he was 5'8". Truly defined grace under pressure!!
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    by (#121162) on 2/13/06 @4:40PM
That Caboy was fast. You could not stop him, only hope to contain him. Heard he wears blue cleats. hot.
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Jim Caboy
    by (#121158) on 2/14/06 @12:06PM
Unfortunately, I think the partying got to be too much for him!! He swore he didn't know she was a working girl(boy)!!...But he loved her(him), anyway!!
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Delaware Lacrosse 1999
    by (#121255) on 2/14/06 @12:23PM
Does anyone out there think there will ever be a better UD lacrosse team, than the 1999 squad?...Let me know your thoughts...

Delaware 1999- (14-3)- only three losses to Georgetown(#4) Loyola(#1), and UVA (nat. champs)
4 All-Americans, player of the year, coach of the year(questionable), and #6 final ranking.
Pretty good squad, probably never to be repeated for this awesome university!!
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Delaware 1999- Year in review
    by (#57798) on 2/14/06 @1:27PM
It was a good team with some strong players, but obviously being carried by one personJohn Grant Jr. The rest of the attack - Jason Lavey and Sean Carney, helped out Grant, but he did all the work either playing or forcing a team to set a defense around him, then the team (Delaware) just had to adapt and finish. That team also had some strong defensive players - Ron Jedlicka in goal, John Ciliberto LSM, Marc Traverso and Jeff Krafft. (I saw the game against Towson and if Ciliberto wasnt all over the Towson midfielders, then Towson never would have thumbed the ball in over time, giving the ball to Delaware, which caused them to become The Delaware Team of 1999. If it wasnt for his tenacious D, then it would have been -The Delawho of 1999). - One thing that is over looked from that year was the smart move of placing Kevin Lavey at midfield. He and other guys like Dennis DeBusschere and Ken Carrington had a great year, especially adapting with no real FOGO.
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Delaware lacrosse 1999
    by (#121255) on 2/14/06 @2:25PM
Looking back, there was a middie line of Lavey, Bruder and DeBuschere, that quite honestly might have been the best middie line in the country that year. Unfortunately there was no 2nd line that could handle and produce like this line did.
Lavey-2nd all-time goal scorer UD history (AA)
Bruder- 6th All-time goal scorer in UD history(AA)
DeBusschere- 39 goals in 1999
Virginia had a serious problem matching with them in the QT finals, until the 2nd half hit, and these 3 guys had nothing left.(UD led 4-0 1st qt)
Carrington: very good, but not a true goal scorer like these 3
Ciliberto- Very Good.
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In the country or in Delaware?
    by (#57798) on 2/14/06 @2:57PM
Best middie line in the country? Step into my officewhy? because you are fired!

Want to talk about the Delaware UVA game it had nothing to do with the goals and who could sink the ball in the back of the net. It had everything to do with Delaware could not win a face-off. When Delaware needed the ball in their offenses stick, they did not have it because UVA was dominating them in face-offs.

Final Score Delaware 17-10
Faceoffs-UVA: 26. Delaware: 5

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(no subject)
    by (#121255) on 2/14/06 @3:26PM
I take it that was your best shot at comedy, good luck w/ that!
However, I do agree with you. This was not only a problem for them vs. UVA, but with everyone of the 14 wins and 3 losses they had that year.

Are you going to try and tell me that there was a better and more productive midfield line in the country(Yes country, not delaware.. smart guy) that year? The year before, (1998) John Grant, Jim Bruder, and Kevin Lavey combined for 117 of Delaware's 180 goals. They were able to do this w/o winning any faceoffs.

Delaware or not, these guys deserve some serious respect for what they accomplished, remember, most D1 schools they are playing against have double digit scholarships, UD 1999 2.5 scholarships. Pretty impressive for a bunch of walk-ons.
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Stop this insanity
    by (#57481) on 2/15/06 @11:29AM
i can sense a tone of sarcasm in the whatthe response so maybe his/her whole comment is a joke. I certainly hope so. Now while i have heard of Grant and Lavey I have not heard of this Bruder or Debussachre. Claiming they are or the were the best midfield line in the country (or any country) is a tad ridiculous. Let me remind you-They made it to the quarterfinals and LOST. And lost by a wide margin at that. Grant and Lavey can only do so much, if this was the best midfield in the country you would expect these other two people to step up. Saying they were tired is awful excuse, that shouldn't be used in late May. Maybe these delaware "walk-ons" could put down the bongs for a sec and actually be in shape. If you had the best player in the country, the best midfield in the country, the best (im choking on my own saliva writing this) coach in the country, they shouldn't been worked over by a better UVA team. 4-0 in the first quarter is great and all but we play 4 quarters in lacrosse...
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Name dropping?
    by (#103611) on 2/15/06 @12:15PM
Delaware did have some talented athletes that year, but they only had two known lacrosse players on the team - Grant is one of the best box player in the world, and Lavey is playing pro (played for US team).. The other two players you keep mentioning - Bruder and Debusschere, what are the doing now ? flipping bagels?
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Jim Caboy
    by (#21330) on 2/14/06 @3:23PM
jim caboy once scored a goal for his father on father day after telling him earlier in the game that he would. no powell or gait has ever done that i'm sure.
here's to 3 straight MVP's
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    by (#121367) on 2/15/06 @12:23PM
I quite honestly have never heard of this Bruder character. Honestly, Debusschere and Lavey were solid middies but I dont' think they were so good that they could make up for a weak link and still be called the best trio in the country. Who was the third Middie besides Debusschere and Lavey, was it really Bruder? I remember the starter being Motta.
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(no subject)
    by (#121255) on 2/15/06 @12:46PM
'99 Hon. Mention All-American, played for team USA in 1999 World Cup. Go to UD's website, 6th all-time goal scorer. Averaged 40 points per season. (real scrub!?!?!) I remember watching the games when I was in high school, and most teams brought up two longpoles to cover Lavey and Bruder, and put a short stick on Carney or Jason Lavey. However, because I am sure I am talking to a bunch of 1st team All-Americans, I am sure you guys know better than anyone, right? I was just trying to get a feel for what people thought of this squad, Never did I say these guys were the greatest, just a quality squad, with very few scholarships. and should be respected for what was accomplished. This was almost 7 years ago, and since real careers are not made in lacrosse, i don't think we need to ask "where are they now, flipping bagels?)
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What the? What did u say?
    by (#121367) on 2/15/06 @1:47PM
You say "Never did I say these guys were the greatest, just a quality squad, with very few scholarships." Actually the reason this whole thing started was because you had the nards to say that this was "the best line in the country that year." Stop contradicting yourself, did u even get past JUCO?
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Don Vito
    by (#121367) on 2/15/06 @12:52PM
Hey Don Vito, we must live in the same town. I have a guy that goes by the name Bruder Flippin Cinnamon Raisins and Pumpernickel in my home town as well
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(no subject)
    by (#121255) on 2/15/06 @12:59PM
What a typical F.L.I.D.!!!

What JUCO did you fail out of???
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    by (#121367) on 2/15/06 @1:11PM
What the? How did I offend you? Jeeze thats harsh.
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We're all impressed
    by (#57481) on 2/15/06 @1:55PM
yet confused about your staunch defense of this Jim Bruder Delaware Legend. I tell you what, its been a while since i was in high school but for me to remember the 5th best player stats on a one and done team is mind boggling. Ok you have won the argument that he can score but looking at the website, it appears better to call him a shooter than a scorer. 31% scoring percentage? I think Jim should split that award in threes and hand hand it over to John Grant and Kevin Lavey. Let us all remember the real arugment here and its not who flips the warmer bagels (whatever that means), its that this person claimed that Lavey, Debuschere, and Bruder were the best mid field line in the country that year. They may have scored a lot of points (thx grant), but it appears they didn't play defense with all the high scoring games. Nice win against Gannon too,
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(no subject)
    by (#121255) on 2/15/06 @2:45PM
Guys, didn't want to get into a huge argument, just wanted to talk about a good team with a lot of quality players.

Have a good one!
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I agree
    by (#121367) on 2/15/06 @2:59PM
For a guy that new all of those stats about such an average player in Delaware Lax history, you must be related to him. Maybe a younger brother or a relative. In that case, tell Bruder to ease up on the cream cheese when making my pumpernickel sandwich in the morning.
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(no subject)
    by (#121255) on 2/15/06 @3:11PM
No, no relation, just grew up near the area when these guys were playing. I had visited the UD web site recently and wanted some intelligent input on this 1999 team. I have to tell you, I do feel a heck of a lot smarter now that I have listened to you, though! Thanks.

Twister, you are extremely funny though. I think you are truly wasting your talents on here though. Maybe when your D1 All-american career is over, you can stop working at the car wash, and start that stand-up career.

I'm sorry if you feel that "Jeeze thats harsh"
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    by (#121367) on 2/16/06 @11:19AM
I was actually an all conference player with a degree from Montclair State. I'm sorry if I offended you "whatthe" I had been to a few Delaware Lax games in my day and I had never heard of Brunner or Bruder or however you spell the guy's name. I was however a fan of the other two middies. Why do you keep putting me down? What is your claim to fame?
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