Princeton Snaps Hopkins Homewood Streak 6-4

Princeton Snaps Hopkins Homewood Streak 6-4

Princeton Snaps Hopkins Homewood Streak 6-4

Princeton Snaps Hopkins Homewood Streak 6-4

Princeton snapped Hopkins’ 37 game home winning streak today in methodical Princeton fashion: play stingy defense and shorten the game with good clock management. Maybe it as the chilly weather that iced Hopkins’ shooters and they’ll play better in subsequent weeks, because the Hopkins fans are going to want some explanation for the anemic Hopkins O they watched today. They managed only a goal every quarter, shooting an abysmal 12.5% on the day, putting only 11 of 32 shots on the cage.

Princeton’s offense was hardly a juggernaut, but their six goals were good enough for a road win at Homewood and they were robbed a few times by Hopkins netminder Jesse Schwartzman. The Tigers’ quick sliding defense had the Jays completely under wraps throughout the contest and performed admirably on man down, holding the Hop EMO to 1/5. Hopkins fans are going to find themselves asking “What are we going to do without Harrison?” – As no one on the Jay offense asserted himself as a legitimate dodging threat except Paul Rabil, and Rabil looked very frustrated in the 4th quarter and started to try to do things himself.

The first minute of the game may have been the most exciting of the contest. Princeton eventually possessed the game’s first face-off after a nice battle at the X, and not long into their possession freshman midfielder Mark Kovler made a strong dodge from the top left into the middle of the field before firing a missile past Schwartzman. The fans seemed ready for a shootout, but play quickly slowed as both teams committed a litany of poor turnovers early in the game. Late in the quarter the Jays knotted the score when Drew Dabrowski converted a feed from Jake Byrne. The second quarter was much of the same, with the Jays and the Tigers exchanging more turnovers than quality scoring chances. Amidst the sloppy play, they traded goals and went into the half tied at two.

The second half began slowly, but Hopkins pulled ahead midway through the 3rd when Rabil converted a nice feed from Dabrowski. However, beginning midway through the third quarter, Princeton went on the only run in the game, scoring four unanswered goals. Peter Trombino led the effort, recording two goals and an assist in that span. Hopkins’ O couldn’t seem to get their bearings and mount a comeback, but the Blue Jay faithful found some hope when Greg Peyser pinged the top left corner on man-up with under four minutes to play. A few minutes later, Princeton midi Scott Sowanick committed a really stupid unnecessary roughness penalty and Hopkins had the chance to pull within one on man-up but couldn’t convert.

Overall, this game wasn’t pretty – but Princeton has to feel good about upsetting Hopkins at home, particularly after going 0-5 to start the 2005 season. There are many young players on the Tiger squad who showed a lot of promise, so you can expect this year’s squad will follow the usual Princeton game-plan and peak in May. On the other hand, the Blue Jays have to feel a little shell shocked as they hadn’t lost at Homewood since the 2001 season and really couldn’t mount any kind of offense. However, the defense looked solid, Peyser looked excellent facing off, and Schwartzman was spectacular. Anyone who follows lacrosse knows the Hop will get things together, and while they may not be last year’s team, they will be contenders come tournament time.

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(no subject)
    by (#69765) on 3/04/06 @7:22PM
Hopkins last lost at Homewood during the 2001 season, not the 2004 season.
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(no subject)
    by (#124651) on 3/04/06 @7:31PM
why are their cornell notre dame pics here?
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nice macs
    by (#97931) on 3/04/06 @11:43PM
i like the all black macs Princetons using those look sweet. but their jerseys look horrible.
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O my god.
    by (#72115) on 3/05/06 @11:37AM
never say macs again, never even think about warrior gloves. Warrior equipment is the worst ever, you cant even feel your stick with mac daddys on, and who names something,"mac daddys." i mean come on... Warrior=garbage(except for the krypto alloy).
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not true
    by (#97931) on 3/05/06 @12:09PM
they have good heads and shafts but their pads arent the best. i just got the superstar 2s for team gloves and the palms arent that great and the finger protection is questionable but i dont think that all warrior gear is bad. i personally prefer brine pads and heads but thats just me. and the kryptolyte broke really fast for me. and yes warrior does have stupid names for gloves and the worst marketing ever
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    by (#113210) on 3/06/06 @1:23PM
isnt warrior buying out brine?
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    by (#125413) on 3/08/06 @7:39PM
the warrior pads are way too shiny
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    by (#97931) on 3/05/06 @12:11PM
why do all the hopkins players have 21 on their shoulders?
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For a fallen teammate.....
    by (#49967) on 3/06/06 @9:10PM
the black 21 on the Hopkins Players' jerseys is for Matt Stoffel '04 a former player that died in a car crash on 83 in Baltimore a few months ago......the article is on
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    by (#109552) on 3/05/06 @4:02PM
i am really glad that princeton won, i hated seeing such a dynasty suck last year, and they didnt get a whole lot of respect in 2004 either, i expect that people will truly see princeton as a superpower this year. hopkins does not seem to be as good this year, but they'll shape up, not that losing to princeton is bad or anything but they could be a consistant top 5 team this year if they win the next 2 or 3, but they definately cant expect a season like last year
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Come on Hopkins
    by (#95883) on 3/05/06 @9:20PM
Losing a lot of their seniors hurt em a lot. I hope they improve, nto that Princeton is bad or anything, just hoping to see em i nthe finals again.
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    by (#100800) on 3/05/06 @10:51PM
You can't replace a Kyle Harrison but you can work as a team.
I think JHU thinks they can all do it themselves. They are going
to have to work as a team to get to the championship game.

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    by (#125413) on 3/08/06 @7:41PM
Hopkins was really lucky to get past UVA last year
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u know nothing
    by (#103345) on 3/09/06 @6:59PM
i didnt even have to look at your name to know youre a uva fan. every uva fan u come across will be saying that that game was luck. the truth is they're all just pissed that jhu played strong in the end, after uva thought they had put jhu away with their cheap stall. dom starsia favorite thing to do is stall. that's how they got passed navy. plus russell had a bad game.
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Princetons Freshman Class
    by (#123573) on 3/06/06 @5:37PM
Princeton's got one of the best, if not the best freshman class in the NCAA this year. Chris Peyser #38 Defense was Inside Lacrosses # 6 recruit and he is sick. Count on Princeton to be in the finals in a couple of years.
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    by (#103345) on 3/09/06 @6:55PM
is he related to the jhu peysers?
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