Georgetown gets back on track in ECAC race, 8-6 over UMASS

Georgetown gets back on track in ECAC race, 8-6 over UMASS

Georgetown gets back on track in ECAC race, 8-6 over UMASS

Georgetown gets back on track in ECAC race, 8-6 over UMASS

Washington, DC - The Georgetown Hoyas responded from a let-down last weekend against Loyola by stifling the powerful UMASS offense. It didn't come easy, as 3-year starter, now defensive midfielder, now starting goalie again, 5th year senior Rich D'Andrea played brilliantly in goal for his 2nd senior day. His 15 saves came often on point-blank, should-be goals. For UMASS, their goalie, Doc Schneider, played pretty good as well, with 9 big saves. However, Sean Morris carried the offense with three goals and an assist.

Both teams started the game by trading possessions. UMASS looked especially crisp on offense in the early going. Just a few minutse in, UMASS was moving the ball well and got a nice look at the cage. D’Andrea made his presence known early and made a nice save on a low shot. From here out in the first quarter, the Hoyas pretty much controlled the ball and jumped out to a 3-0. lead.

For those not familiar with the situation, Rich D’Andrea was a three year starter (2003-05 seasons) for Georgetown. He came back for a fifth year and opted to play defensive midfield allowing Miles Kass, a big-time recruit – now a sophomore, the chance to start in goal. Kass went down with an injury at the end of March, and so D’Andrea traded in his short-stick for a return to the goal. D’Andrea was in net as the Hoyas beat Navy and Fairfield. Kass returned against Loyola last weekend, but left the game and D’Andrea returned.

“I’ve been working pretty hard the last couple of weeks. I’ve been getting a lot of support from all the guys on our team. So I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with each game. It’s nice because I’ve been fortunate to be able to do this for the last three years. So it’s not the most dramatic jump. Like I said, I’ve just been getting a lot of help from everyone,” said the 5th year senior D’Andrea. “Yeah, I definitely am [looking forward to playing defensive midfield. I’ve never had the chance to do that before and this year is one of the most fun years I’ve ever had. I am looking forward to that and we’ll see when that happens. It’s kind of week-to-week with Miles. We’ll see what happens down the stretch here.”

Georgetown head coach Dave Urick echoes his goalie’s sentiments.

“I will tell you, he’s [D’Andrea] a great athlete that just happens to be a goalie as well, I guess. He’s something. He’s just one of the better athletes I’ve been around. To be honest with you, he doesn’t particularly like playing in the goal. He’d rather be out there running around playing defensive midfield. One thing that he puts first and foremost is the welfare of what we’re all about as a team,” said Urick. “He’s back in there and he’s starting to like it a little more I think when he gets all these pencils in his face after a game. I guess that’s a good thing.”

D’Andrea’s performance in goal really made it difficult for the UMASS offense to ever get going. Off-ball pressure was applied to Tewaaraton candidate, Sean Morris, all over the field. It wasn’t necessarily a shut-off, but they didn’t make him be an easy outlet for the ball. Fellow Tewaaraton candidate, Georgetown’s Reyn Garnett, was responsible for covering Morris for a lot of the game. Garnett held the battle after an early poke check takeaway when Morris tried to switch directions. Morris, however, won the later battle as he took over in the 3rd quarter with a hat trick. The last two came on nearly identical question mark dodges, one to each side. To finish each, they weren’t necessarily the hardest shots. The one to his left he did a little jump and D’Andrea bit low as Morris floated the ball into the top of the net.

“Well, we thought we’d put Reyn on him and Jerry [Lambe] both. Put two different guys on him throughout the course of the game,” said Urick. “Looked like Reyn was getting a little tired and that made us switch and put Jerry back on him. He’s a heck of a player, you’re not going to shut him down, that’s for sure. You just hope he doesn’t have a career day against you. I don’t know what he had, but he had enough. He’s a Tewaaraton finalist and for good reason. He’s a tough kid.”

The switch from Garnett to Lambe on Morris paid dividends in the fourth. Morris wasn’t without his chances, but again D’Andrea came up big. Lambe did get out of position occasionally as he did keep throwing takeaway checks on Morris, which is a mistake as not many people will be taking the ball away when he dodges.

One mistake that it seemed UMASS continued throughout the game was not changing their shooting style. D’Andrea was saving just about everything low. He was going low almost to the detriment of the top of the net. Being a tall goalie, he can compensate. However, UMASS continued to try and skim the turf with goals and D’Andrea continuously turned them away.

One strategy that UMASS employs out of the ordinary is a longpole facing off. It’s refreshing to see someone line up for the draw with a six-foot pole. Don’t look now but senior Jake Deane is 142 out of 233 on the year for a .609 win percentage with 88 groundballs. He lost more than he won against the Hoyas (7 of 18), but again even when he lost having a longpole there takes away most fast-break opportunities and clean gbs by the other face-off man.

Credit too, Georgetown’s new FOGO, Christian Trunz, who went 11 of 17 and scored his first career goal. Late in the 2nd quarter, there was a scrum at the face-off. Trunz goosed it out to himself in front of the scrum and saw daylight ahead. He hustled down, no UMASS slide and beat Schneider on a bounce shot.

“I’m sure they didn’t expect him to be the threat, and he punched it in, you gotta give the kid a lot of credit,” said Urick. “At our banquet in the fall, we have a tradition that I brought here from somewhere else. It’s just a wooden G whenever a kid scores his first goal. It’s about 5 inches high and we put the date and the game and all that. I’m sure when that comes around next fall that’ll be one he’ll remember for quite awhile. That’s a big goal, that’s a big lift.”

Moving forward, both teams head into important parts of their season. UMASS has big ECAC games left in Fairfield and Rutgers, with the annual meeting at Syracuse. All three aren’t necessarily must-wins, but you can bet all three of the other teams need the wins against the Minutemen. If UMASS were to lose all three, wins over Hofstra, Harvard, Loyola and Hobart, might prove to be enough to get them into the tournament. They certainly will help ensure their fates by winning two of the three.

For Georgetown, they close out the season on the road with two tough ECAC match-ups, Penn State and Rutgers. Penn State is still playing for their playoff lives, with their only quality win being UMASS, and possibly Hobart, they must win against Villanova and Georgetown. Nearly the same exact situation occurred last year, where Penn State needed to win out and met Georgetown on the last day of the regular season. The Nittany Lions won that game, 13-12. With two losses, Georgetown is still probably in, as that would make them 8-4, with quality wins over Syracuse, Delaware, Hobart, Navy and UMASS.

“Now we’re back on the road, we’re back in the bus and hopefully these freshmen come up with better movies because they haven’t done a great job up until now. We gotta go to Rutgers and Penn State. I think Penn State is playing very well at this stage of the season,” said Urick. We need to keep this thing on the left hand column so that we can play our way in. We told our guys you can play your win in or you can play your way out. Right now we still think we gotta play our way in. And if we can play our way in and play our way back on this field, then that’s important too. We’d rather play another home game if we could. But we don’t want to put the cart before the horse.”

”I think we got a shot now, I guess, if Loyola loses, we can still win the league if we win out. I’m a Polish guy and I can figure that out,” joked Urick. “So that’s certainly something to shoot for. This is a very competitive lacrosse league. It’s one of the best leagues in the game right now. I think us and the Ivy League are probably right up there. These guys take pride in that league now. The first couple of years it took us awhile to settle in, but now I think they take pride in the fact that this is a very good league and to win it is an accomplishment.”

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    by (#132710) on 4/24/06 @9:32AM
is it me or do some of these guys need a stick check? a few of the umass guys look like their pockets are over an inch too deep. it also appears that they all have their sticks rigged so they call pull their pockets tight if need be. sorry to call people out but that's just crappy if you ask me.
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way deeeep
    by (#78222) on 4/24/06 @12:39PM
You could see this all year. The close-ups of Morriss, #25, and #3 realy show it. GO GULLS (terps too)
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How Is it Illegal, if it never gets called?????
    by (#96158) on 4/24/06 @1:26PM
Both Teams in these pics show off a bunch of Illegal Sticks....Find some pics of Penn State and Hobart and Hopkins and Syracuse and Maryland and Virginia...there is a huge percentage of players who use the Draw String...the string that holds the bottom of the mesh to the 4 holes in the plastic right near the ball can play 1/4" to 1/2" too deep and pull one string and the stick becomes as tight as a girls stick...Chris Cara from Bucknell Last year had the worst one of them EVER!!(Blatant and Obvious)
Penn State
ECAC stands for:
Everyone Cheats Athletics Conference.

Coaches should report to the ref's prior to the start of the game which 4 Players sticks He wants checked during the game. Than At Random times during the game when that player has the ball in their stick at a time that takes no offensive opportunity away from the player...the whistle should blow....the player can not touch any strings and the stick gets checked....also if the player is on the ref's list from the coach...the stick should be checked immediately after Every Goal that player scores all game long.
These Players only cheat because it is so ridiculously easy to get away with.
Players pull their drawstring at the end of each period and they are all set OR if they score the go ahead goal near the end of a game they also pull it then.
You hear Quint always make the comment that the narrow stick heads make it difficult to check the ball out...why he doesn't know about or point out the fat grocery bags these kids use for pockets I have no Idea.
One of the main problems with this game right now is that 60% of the offensive players have Illegal sticks and 75% of the defensive players constantly cross-check during 1-on-1 defense and niether ever gets called... BUT 95% of any body contact is called a push from behind.
The fact that too Many Ref's who have no idea of what they need to control, has made the rules of this game a joke.
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deli22 is my
    by (#78222) on 4/24/06 @7:03PM
favorite ranter and he is on a ROLL!!!(see Cornell vs Princeton). But, I agree with him 100%. GO GULLS (terps too)
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    by (#131429) on 4/24/06 @11:43PM
in a season that seems wide open georgetown looks like they might be able to make a good run this year
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    by (#131429) on 4/24/06 @11:44PM
in a season that seems wide open georgetown looks like they might be able to make a good run this year
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Not sure if you ever played
    by (#118282) on 4/25/06 @8:46AM
any lacrosse player will tell you that their pocket stretches in the rain and the field was soaked this day. also, you are calling out all pictures where kids are carrying and cradling the ball. any action shot of someone carrying the ball is going to make it appear to have an illegal pocket. might be hard for you to understand but the gravitational force created by cradling a lacrosse stick makes the pocket temporarily deeper and forces the ball to the deepest spot in the pocket. that is the whole point of cradling, so if you look at an action shot of a kid cradling, of course his pocket is going to look much deeper than it is when being checked. as far as cross checking goes, it has always been a part of college lacrosse. youth refs may require that your hands be together, but that is just part of the college game and it might slowly become completely legal like it is in the MLL.
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    by (#96158) on 4/25/06 @11:31AM
Go to Penn State's website and check their photos vs. Stonybrook (Indoors) You'll see pockets a full inch too deep, the sticks are dry and the pocket materials' are not that elastic they are much more firm than you give them credit for. Do you know how a draw string is strung? If you did you wouold be able to spot them in most any photo. A shoelace is used to tie the bottom of the mesh to the 4 holes in the head closest to the ball stopper. The use of the Shoelace is so that when it is pulled to make the pocket legal it is thick enough to not easily slip back to illegal depth when ref's drop the ball into the pocket. This string is also identifiable by the extra knot tying the ends together giving player a loop for their finger to fit into for easy and quick pulls.
When I get old and lose my mind I will forget more about this sport than you will ever know about this sport.
Is there a rule about cross-checking in the rule book??(YES!) Why aren't they called?
Is there a rule in the book about the legal depth of pockets?? (YES!) Why do so few get caucht??
The Rules are there and I don't blame the players for cheating---because if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin' hard enough.

The Problem is how poor a job ref's do of controlling games and keeping them within the rules.
If a ref sees a slash he should call it! Right?
If a ref sees a stick he thinks might be too deep he should check it! Right?
The rules are only a joke because ref's don't make the calls!!!!!
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(no subject)
    by (#24759) on 4/25/06 @1:36PM
Cross-checks are not called in the abundance that you would like because it would grind the tempo of the game down and give entirely too many man-up situations if a referee would simply call a penalty every time a defensive players pole makes contact with a offensive player while having two arms attached to it. The cross check rule exists to stop a player from griping the stick at two opposite sides and using the length of the shaft to transfer force harnessed by the respective arms on that shaft. This rule should be interpreted as the skill level of the game dictates, because solid defense includes sitting back in a defensive stance and giving equal pressure back to a driving opponent, while at the same time driving him into an alternative position away from the back pipe. In the photos you are referencing, a defensive player is in a good defensive stance while most likely giving a disproportioned amount of pressure with one hand or the other indicating that the force being transferred is not in the middle of the shaft, bur rather in one of his gloves/arms. This is a good call by experienced officials that know a cross-check when they see it, and know when a player is giving equal pressure back while playing good defense. If you interpreted this rule too closely, you could call it on every play, much like holding in football. Nobody in lacrosse has a problem with it.
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not the sport for you
    by (#83152) on 4/25/06 @5:18PM
you should go watch girls lacrosse games. no pockets and no contact, right up your alley
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Illegal Stick
    by (#117689) on 4/26/06 @3:41AM
Ha, I find it funny how illegal Morris' stick looks in pics 79 and 80. The kid's a stud either way.
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    by (#19315) on 4/26/06 @10:10AM
I feel like I'm reading posts written by 9 year old rec kids (and I very well may be)...obsessing over the legality of their "pockets" and wearing full body armor. You complain about refs not calling enough penalties?? ok, I can understand if you're upset out there with novice player who thinks his stick is an axe that he's trying to cut down a tree down with, but c'mon now, this isn't a sport for pussies. If you're going to be bitching when a d-man is either pushing out or applying a hit on someone with his hands not completely touching and calling it a a "crosscheck", you might want to consider picking up tennis, or perhaps equestrian with pretty little horses. I say let the kids play and stop picking at every little detail. Referring to "illegal pockets", anyone that has been in the game for awhile knows its not the wand, its the magician.
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