Irish Hang On to Prevail Over Buckeyes, 10-8

Irish Hang On to Prevail Over Buckeyes, 10-8

Irish Hang On to Prevail Over Buckeyes, 10-8

Irish Hang On to Prevail Over Buckeyes, 10-8

Notre Dame came into this game 2-2 in the GWLL and left 3-2, with a 10-8 win over Ohio State. This Irish host Quinnipiac next weekend to close out there season and then hope for an at large bid to the big dance, for Denver is going this year as the GWLL’s AQ representative. The Irish opened in control of the game 5-1, and dictating the tempo to the Buckeyes and this was based upon the strong play of seniors Brian Hubschmann and Pat Walsh, each of which rang up three goals. But, as they have done for the better part of the season, Notre Dame let the Buckeyes back into the game. That aspect of the Irish made this game interesting. The Ohio State Offense relied upon a variety of interesting sets, including the hidden ball trick-twice. The first time, two Buckeyes walked behind the goal and turned and one appeared to do a pocket-to-pocket exchange. The player on the right then ran hard to roll the right pipe (without the ball) and the player on the left walked to the left pipe and tried to roll. The Irish defenders stopped both players before they could get above the GLE. The second time, four Buckeyes huddled at the restraining line with their backs to the Irish goal, and then they all broke out. This caught the Irish unaware, but Joey Kemp managed to deflect the shot from close in. Kemp had 12 saves today, with 7 of them coming from the 4-5 yard range.

Walsh played rabidly today, moving on the pipes and trying his typical reverse roll. Half the times, he himself was rolled back out and other time the Buckeyes were effectively at closing the space between Walsh and the net. With his two assists today, Pat Walsh moved into second place in the Irish career assist recordbooks with 101. Dave Ulrich holds the record at Notre Dame with 110. When we first saw him appear in St. Louis four and a half years ago, we thought Walsh would break the record by his junior year, given his 32 feeds his freshman year. His production slackened as teams pinned him on attack. A few stumbles this year have just now put the record in reach-barely. Next week against Quinnipiac, Walsh’s teammates need to move in and out to get nine feeds for him to tie the record and ten feeds to climb to the top. That will make the home closing game for Notre Dame interesting.

Hubschmann started the action by feeding Lucius Polk up top from the right side at 6:28, whgo used a right underhand shot to sneak past goalie John Bolen. The prior nine minutes had involved alternating possessions with neither team getting any really good looks on the cage. Notre Dame patiently moved the ball and hunted for an opening and OSU reacted by sliding timely and pushing out on the ball. The bane today for OSU was its man-down defense which handed the Irish 3 goals of 4 attempts. ND held off 3 extra man opportunities for the Buckeyes. Craig Nolan evened up the score at 1-1 on a pass from Andy Bender and beat Kemp at 4:28 as he rolled the cage. Hubschmann then found Matt Karweck at 2:17 on the left, and Karweck fired to the off stick side of Bolen. At 1:31, Matt Ryan went behind the cage and curled the right side, shooting three steps after crossing the GLE to give the Irish a 3-1 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Hubschmann started the second quarter with a solo goal at 12:07 after starting at X with Dan Christman. Christman rolled the left side, while Hubschmann took the right side, coming up about 10 yards and using an underhand roller shot to beat Bolen, 4-1. Kemp made two point blank saves to keep the Buckeyes down and at 5:32, Walsh found Hubschmann at top left to give Notre Dame a 5-1 lead. Irish defender DJ Driscoll even used a ground bal pick up to run the length of the field and shoot on Bolen, but he was easily stuffed having telegraphed hsi intent to shoot. The Buckeyes would not rollover and at 2:55 Bender found Jason Lutz to narrow it to 5-2. The Irish had problems trying to grab the ball on the resulting face-off and OSU brought the ball down and Kevin Buchanan converted a solo goal at 1:01 while running from top left toward Kemp to end the scoring at 5-3 for the half. Notre Dame held the ball at the end of the half in order to maintain possession and avoid a face for the second half.

Mike Pogdgajny was fed by Walsh after moving the ball around and Pogo nailed the net at 14:18 to put the Irish up 6-3. Pogo let loose an overhand shot that hit the top pipe and the ball came down and bounced twice and rolled behind Bolen for a score. Walsh put ND up 7-3 with a solo shot at 9:02, taking the bal from behind and curling the left pipe, popping out slightly, and then rolling the opposite way to hit inside the left pipe behind Bolen. Hubschmann then copied Walsh’s move by rolling the left side as well, but the area leading to the left pipe was then closed by a Buckeye defender. Hubschmann then used a but in the gut basketball move to move his defender a bit, and then rolled and used an overhand to beat Bolen at 8:29 to go up 8-3. Joel Dalgarno made two nice feeds over a minute span and first found Lutz and then found Jason Bloom to narrow the count to 8-5 at 6:46. OSU then had problems breaking an Irish ride and Hubschmann intercepted a pass above the line and fed Walsh, who was about 5 yards south of the line. Walsh took it to the net, used two jukes to fake Bolen and scored his second of the day at 4:39 to increase Notre Dame’s lead to 9-5.

At 1:12, OSU rebounded with a goal from the right side by Craig Nolan who took a feed from Justin Doran behind the cage and Nolan used a right overhand from 4 yards out to beat Kemp. 9-6. The Irish won the faceoff, but turned the ball over to the Buckeyes who promptly returned the favor. Both teams were playing hard man to man in the fourth, with the Buckeyes trying to pressure the Irish into a few turnovers. A hard shot from close left hit Bolen squarely in the top of facemask, and he buckled and was replaced by Drew May for a minute and a half while he recovered. A quick pass by Bender across the crease to Josh Wittenberg at 11:27 made it 9-7. Five minutes of exchanges passed until 6:08 , when Walsh notched his third goal of the day, a solo shot to raise the gap to 10-7. Walsh, Pogo and freshmen Peter Christman were working hard to keep the ball out of OSU’s hands. Matt Ryan erred with a high pass to Christman and OSU attacked and obtained a holding penalty to giver them a man up advantage. They then tried their second hidden ball trick stunt, stacking four players together up top about 10 yards out. When they broke, the Irish defenders took the right men and left the one not holding the ball uncovered, so that Kemp was able to answer with two straight rejections on mid-percentage shots. A broken ND clear led to Doran feeding Nolan at the top of the crease, and Nolan pushed a hard one past Kemp to narrow it to 10-8 at the 2:11 mark. Clagett won the face off for Notre Dame but a shot by Matt Ryan went wide and the ball was picked up by Bolen. OSU turned the bal over on the clear and the Irish brought it behind the net to Christman. Christman was schooled behind the goal and stripped of the ball by Josh Funk, but OSU could not get the bal out of their zone, with Regis McDermott and Ross Zimmerman each making a strip and a pick up. Time ran out for the Buckeyes. This game used to be for the right to go tot he Big dance. Not so this year as Denver has beaten Air Force to run a 5-0 record into the seat for the GWLL automatic qualifier.

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