Virginia Goes 17-0, Beats UMass for National Championship, 15-7

Virginia Goes 17-0, Beats UMass for National Championship, 15-7

Virginia Goes 17-0, Beats UMass for National Championship, 15-7

Virginia Goes 17-0, Beats UMass for National Championship, 15-7

The machine that is Virginia lacrosse capped off it’s undefeated season with a 15-7 victory of UMass, crowning the Cavaliers 2006 NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Champions. With Doc Schneider playing out of his mind for the first half, UMass kept it close, but eventually UVa’s firepower proved too much too often. Behind five goals from both Matt Poskay and Matt Ward, the Cavaliers rode off with their fourth NCAA Championship.

A championship game record 47,062 fans attended the game.

Matt Poskay opened up the scoring on the day. His first goal set a new Virginia scoring record for a middy. The goal came as Kyle Dixon drove, drew the slide, and threw across his body to an open Poskay who set and fired high.

Both goalies looked sharp in the first making some solid saves. UMass’ Doc Schneider grew sharper as the game went on. He made a myriad of impressive saves that kept UMass right there with UVa for the first half.

“Doc Schneider is as solid as any goalie in the country,” UMass coach Greg Cannella said after the game.

UMass tied the score at 1-1. Clay Stabert worked an inside roll on his man and beat UVa keeper Kip Turner low. Poskay tallied another goal when Danny Glading drove from around the cage, then doubled back and hit Poskay for the off-angle goal.

The next UVa goal came in typical up-tempo style. Defenseman Matt Kelly blocked a shot with his head. The Cavaliers grabbed the loose ball and pushed it down field. They executed a perfect fast break, ending when Ben Rubeor hit Danny Glading for the goal.

Virginia capped off their first quarter scoring when Ward caught a pass from Garrett Billings. Ward scored as Schneider was caught out of net, giving UVa a 4-1 lead.

The second quarter belonged to UMass. Working on the wing, Sean Morris hit a cutting Rory Pedrick for the goal. On the ensuing faceoff, longstick Jake Deane scooped up the loose ball, carried down field and scored.

Virginia couldn’t be kept quiet all quarter though. Matt Ward wrapped around the cage and got an awkward deflection to drop for the goal. UMass answered right back though. Good ball movement eventually ended when Jamie Yaman threw a feed from the top of the box to Jim Connolly for the score. The half ended with UMass trailing by just a goal, 5-4.

UMass tied the score early in the third. Pat Larmon hit Brett Garber who fired high and hard, beating Turner. But in the second half UVa had all the answers. Drew Thompson fed Matt Ward in tight for the finish. Schneider thwarted good chances for UVa by making some huge saves. First he blocked a low shot, then on the chaos for the rebound, he dove across the cage stuffing another attempt. Virginia eventually added an EMO goal from Kyle Dixon.

d UMass got it back to a one-goal game, when Morris hit a cutting Yaman. No one slid to Yaman, so he threw a few fakes and scored. That was the closest UMass would get.

Poskay added another goal when he caught a pass on the wing from Glading and ripped a shot with very little angle for the EMO score. About 30 seconds later Dixon would add another, firing high and hard and beating Schneider.

Crisp passing by the Cavaliers resulted in another goal. Working the ball around the cage, Rubeor hit Poskay standing off the crease for the finish. Ward added another off an assist from Ricky Smith. At the end of the third the Cavaliers had taken over the game, leading 11-6.

Poskay got his fifth and final goal as he cut down the middle, caught a pass from Thompson, and buried a shot over Schneider. Ward then tallied his fifth, also off a Thompson assist.

“I had a good stroke and I was able to finish,” Poskay said after the game.

UMass grabbed their final goal of the afternoon when Jake Deane grabbed the loose ball off the faceoff and hit Pat Larmon. Larmon buried a shot as two sliding Cavs hammered him.

Ben Rubeor scored the final two goals of the day. The first came off an assist from Glading. He got the next working in and getting off a shot just before getting crunched by a sliding Minuteman.

With talent at all six positions, UVa easily killed off the last 2.5 minutes of the game. When the final ticks of the clock ran out, UVa won 15-7, a convincing win to cap an impressive season.

In their typical style, Virginia dominated the groundball war, faceoffs, and shots. Schneider’s 17 saves dwarfed Turner’s six, but the relentless attack of the Cavaliers was too much, despite how sharp he played.

With the team not expected to advance very far in this tournament, UMass has to take losing in the final as perhaps a moral victory. Though the loss hurts, spirits have to be high for fighting this hard this far.

“I thought our guys fought back,” Cannella said. “We have a lot to be proud of.”

As the season went on, Virginia’s quest for a championship seemed to gain more strength. “One of the themes we had was to get better every day,” Ward said. “I know as a team, each week we got better.”

Better is an understatement. Week-in and week-out this team crushed opponents, becoming the first team to go 17-0, and one of the most dominating teams ever. The offense shot the lights out of opponents, and the defense disrupted and domineered those that came against them. Some have even described this Virginia season as perfect.

“I hesitate to use the word perfect for anything I’m involved with,” Cavalier coach Dom Starsia joked after the game, though he conceded a little to what his team did. “It’s a very special moment for this team and Virginia lacrosse.”

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Story Coming?
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Front photo is a broken image, 1 day later and no story? This site is really starting to slip.
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   ZachBabu? by 5/30/06 @6:25PM
    by (#133021) on 5/30/06 @3:11PM
I kinda liked letting the DIII guys have some glory..
that was THE upset of the year, DI,2,& 3 Whatever anyone says. I think letting a team who broke a 69 game winning streak have some press time is FINE by me.

f*cking right Cortland! GO SUNYAC's... .PublicSchoolsForLife.
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   What hhappened................? by 5/30/06 @6:30PM
   What hhappened................? by 5/30/06 @6:31PM
    by (#133021) on 5/30/06 @3:11PM
I kinda liked letting the DIII guys have some glory..
that was THE upset of the year, DI,2,& 3 Whatever anyone says. I think letting a team who broke a 69 game winning streak have some press time is FINE by me.

f*cking right Cortland! GO SUNYAC's... .PublicSchoolsForLife.
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   Sorry.. by 5/30/06 @3:12PM
Yo yo yo.
    by (#34940) on 5/30/06 @3:56PM
Doc Schneider was INSANE.
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warrior commercials?
    by (#121258) on 5/30/06 @4:47PM
anyone else hate those warrior lacrosse commercials?????? matt ward = tewaaraton winner!
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   sick by 5/30/06 @5:47PM
Will Marc Van Arsdale Move To The Next Level
    by (#136419) on 5/30/06 @6:48PM
I know I mentioned this in another article, but I think that it is clear that UVA assistant Marc Van Arsdale is a great coach and is an offensive mastermind. I think Marc is from a big lacrosse family, too. I have never met him, but I hear that he is a nice guy. He also has had head coaching experience at Penn. So, I wouldn't doubt that he would be at the top of the list of big name programs looking for coaches-ie. Duke. I don't know if Van Arsdale would go there, but the quesion is, will he make the move to a head coaching job at a top notch school someday or stick it out at UVA and take over when Dom retires. I think Marc is at least 10 years younger than Dom. I have no idea. What do other people think?
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   Pressler by 5/30/06 @7:32PM
UNC would be a great job if Van Arsdale wanted it
    by (#136419) on 5/30/06 @10:19PM
I know that John Haus has not been fired, so he most likely will be around for at least one more season. However, if UNC struggles next year, it could be the last straw for Haus. Remember throughout the 80's and the early 90's when Carolina was one of the easiest sells for blue chippers? Those days seem like distant memories. In this day and age, it is clear that UVA is the easiest sell. However, although UNC is a few hours south of UVA, there is no reason it can't be almost as easy of a sell as UVA. Here are some reasons why UVA is so attractive to top talent, and UNC has the same blessings:

1. Some many players want to go away from home, and UNC and UVA are both far away from most of the lacrosse hotbeds.

2. They are both great schools.

3. Lacrosse is a very preppy sport, and although UVA and UNC are both state universities, they are very preppy ones.

4. Both campuses are among the most beautiful in the country.

5. Both college towns are considered among the best in the country.

6. The facilities, both indoor and outdoor, are awesome.

If Van Arsdale likes the atmosphere in Charlottesville, he might like it in Chapel Hill as well. If he doesn't take the Duke job, and the UNC job opens up, would he take it?

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    by (#103345) on 5/30/06 @10:35PM
Congratulations on an undefeated season!
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ok im just gonna through this out there
    by (#133021) on 5/31/06 @1:49AM
i know i have no business putting this up on an all male site but i have to
... im a sweet blonde lax gal from long island who plays at college... to all those guys w/o shirts... i wanna be on you... wait wait, i wanna be on you..

HAHA. ok. nough w/ that... Great Lax Season by all.

Well Done UVA, nothing beats perfect.
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   You must be good by 5/31/06 @6:41PM
   Oh no! by 6/01/06 @1:52PM
Best Teams Of The Past 20 Years
    by (#136419) on 5/31/06 @12:03PM
In my opinion, this UVA team had to have been one of the best teams in the past 20 years. A few other teams who could have given them a run are:

1988, 1989, & 1990 Syracuse teams-Led by players such as Gary & Paul Gait, Tom Marachek, Greg Burns, John Zulberti, Rodney Dumpson(A very underrated player in that dynasty) Pat McCabe, & Matt Palumb.

1991 North Carolina team-Led by players such as Dennis Goldstein, Mike Thomas, John Webster, Dan Donnelly, Joe Bedell, Eric Seremet, Jim Buczek, Ryan Wade, Alex Martin, Bryan Kelly, Graham Harden, Greg Paradine, and Mike Piazza

Perhaps 1997 Princeton as well-Led by players such as Jesse Hubbbard, John Hess, Chris Massey, Todd Eichelberger, Lorne Smith, Josh Sims, Greg Osier(was that his first name), and a very underrated goalie in Pat Cairns

The question is, who do you all think was the best?

P.S.-Did I miss any teams?
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   good picks by 5/31/06 @12:16PM
   True by 5/31/06 @1:21PM
   You are both absolutely right! by 5/31/06 @2:39PM
   Mike Piazza??????? (nt) by 5/31/06 @7:35PM
      Mike Piazza was a solid goalie! by 5/31/06 @9:32PM
         Andy Piazza by 5/31/06 @10:28PM
            You're Right! by 5/31/06 @10:32PM
   the best by 6/01/06 @5:50PM
1991 Tar Heel Squad Proves Easy Sell
    by (#136419) on 5/31/06 @12:27PM
While we are at it, take a look again at that 1991 Tar Heel squad. Although it was coached by Dave Klarmann, that season was Klarmann's first, meaning that was really Willie Scroggs' team. That shows what an easy sell it was with all that I previously mentioned about the school combined with an awesome coach who not only knew the game inside and out, but who was also a good people person, and who could relate to his players. Willie Scroggs was all of those. From what I have heard, Dave Klarmann and John Haus have fine knowledge of the sport, but neither have the people skills of some other coaches.
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Does anyone know
    by (#110147) on 5/31/06 @10:37PM
what kind of cleats #7 was wearing? Theres a couple of pictures of his cleats. They appear to be Nike and have a square patch over the small toes. There are some players on Hopkins and Syracuse with them as well.
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   don't know by 6/01/06 @5:51PM
dont no y
    by (#133476) on 6/10/06 @11:24AM
i dont no y i havent commented on this yet i guess i was too lazy
but i have been sayin this since the begging of the season that uva will win it all and guess what they won. i think that umass just lost it after uva took the lead they really didnt look to good right after it. Congrats uva and sry to all the umass fans but its good for me so i can show all my friends in new york that uva is better then "hofstra" Uva prob isnt goin to look too good next year cuz of losing i few peeps but we will still rock and i will always root for them no matter what its in my blood literally
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