Salisbury Knocks Out WAC 21-9

Salisbury Knocks Out WAC 21-9

Salisbury Knocks Out WAC 21-9

Salisbury Knocks Out WAC 21-9

The game started off with J.D Radebaugh and Chris Martin, two of the game's best face off middies, going head to head. It was Radebaugh who drew first blood, giving his team the first possession. Washington was also the first to score when at 12:46 Owen Mulhern dodged an errant check by Dave Dipaola, letting him bounce a shot past Dodson and silence a very loud SSU crowd. Salisbury bounced back though and tied it at one when Joe High roped one stick side past Pagano. Salisbury managed to score less then a minute later when Craig Rhodey drove through three defenders on his way to the crease and dinked one low on the short side. On the defensive half of the field, SSU's long poles may have been a little to revved up early on and found themselves victim to a late hit, giving Washington a one minute man up advantage. Washington was able to capitalize on this at 8:47 when big J.D. Radebaugh put a high bouncer past a shaky Dodson, tying the game up at two. Salisbury, who was determined to hold the lead, went up 3-2 at 8:08 when Joe High quick sticked a Kevin Fox feed past a stunned Pagano. However, Washington was resiliant early on and managed to tie it up at three when last game's miracle worker, Craig Rentch, beat his man to the net and put a dip and dunk past Dodson. Washington was finally able to jump ahead when Rentch buried a backside feed from middie Owen Mulhern, giving them a 5-4 first quarter lead.

The second quater started off just the way SSU likes it, fast and furious. Scoring first was long stick middie Phil Matkovic, who picked the ball up off the face, sprinted down the field and dodged two Washington defenders before he put a five yard shot past Pagano. Scoring next for the Gulls was Kevin Fox, who squeezed a twelve yard bouncer in, giving SSU a one goal lead. As this was going on it seemed that Radebaugh and Bookhamer were having words, and in a completely classless move, Radebaugh slashed Bookhamer in the groin. The far side official who was watching all of this quickly threw a flag and gave Radebaugh a one minute unreleasable unsportsmanlike penalty. Although Salisbury was unable to take advantage of the man up, it seemed to give their team the spark it needed to finish the quarter with a commanding 9-6 lead.

The second half started off with Joe High scoring a classic garbage goal on the crease, as he out-muscled a Washington defender and goosed in a ground ball. As Washington started to see the game slip away they started to take stupid penalties. The first two came at 6:37 when Radebaugh and Mulhern both took unnecessary slashing penalties. Salisbury quickly converted a five on three, giving them a commanding 12-5 lead. It was at 1:05 of the third when Washington finally found the back of the net off of a high bounce shot from, you guessed it, J.D Radebaugh. The fourth quarter was all Salisbury as they outscored Washington 7-1. However, there were some fireworks in the fourth quarter when J.D Radebaugh decided to crosscheck Chris Martin across the head right after the face off. The refs and fans were quick to jump all over this one, but curiously, both Martin and Radebaugh found themselves in the box.

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    by (#2984) on 5/14/00 @7:04PM
Cheap shots are not what this game is all about; heart, love of the game, and class is. There is a difference between losing and losing with class. Today you lost a lot more than just a game.
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   suck falisbury by 5/15/00 @2:42AM
      Take It Easy Big Boy by 5/15/00 @5:48AM
      see ya in OC by 5/15/00 @8:30PM
War on the Shore II
    by (#1954) on 5/14/00 @7:20PM
Just got back from the game, and want to clear up a few facts in the story. First, Dodson started for SSU in goal and was pulled after the 3rd Wac goal for Tewes, who only gave up 6 goals the rest of the game. Second, Radebaugh is the cheapest player in Division III and should have been thrown out of the game after the cross check to Martin's head. Washington College lost its composure and their staff allowed it to happen. The officials let the game get out of hand in the first 5 minutes.
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The Game
    by (#1845) on 5/14/00 @8:01PM
Hey JD, how do you like playing Salisbury now? You are a disgrace to the Radebaugh name. You suck, your team sucks, and your coaching staff is a joke. I'm glad you get to think about your pathetic performance the rest of your life.
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   The Game by 5/16/00 @2:48PM
War on the Shore
    by (#2657) on 5/14/00 @8:51PM
It's funny, I didn't see any comments from Salisbury fans after they lost two weeks ago.Typical. Salisbury has been the cheapest team in Div. III for the last ten years, so lay off Radebaugh. WAC is a young team and will be back next year with a vengence.
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the seagulls are back
    by (#1815) on 5/14/00 @9:30PM
i could talk forever on how pathetic and cowardly WAC played in today's contest, but insted i'll focus on the suburb effort of the Seagulls (since we won't be hearing too much from the sho'men in the next few weeks!) SSU put together a game plan to make up for all the mistakes they made the last time they played the WAC. From the clearing,to the zone offense, to the man-down defense, the seagulls looked like a totally new team. Sorry W&L, the gulls are back, and i don't see your season lasting too much longer.
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   OUTCLASSED??????? by 5/14/00 @10:01PM
      laxer8888 by 5/15/00 @7:34AM
      (no subject) by 5/15/00 @9:43AM
get the facts straight
    by (#3036) on 5/14/00 @11:09PM
If you are going to write a story make sure you have the facts. First, Dodson was in the goal for SSU at the start of the game. Another error that you had was J.D.Radebaugh was given a 2minute unsportsman penaly when he hit Chris Martin.
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   yeah...get your facts straight by 5/15/00 @2:27AM
      SSU is VERY selective about who the admit . . . by 5/15/00 @2:07PM
         (no subject) by 5/15/00 @3:32PM
            Go to by 5/15/00 @3:45PM
               You are both Wong by 5/16/00 @6:49PM
Salisbury recruits the lowest class kids.......
    by (#3048) on 5/15/00 @12:19PM
Salisbury's Lacrosse team is made up of the most unsportsmanlike kids I have ever witnessed. First off, JD was retailiating when he got the penalty you all are so upset about. The SSU player deserved what he got. Salisbury is a joke and everyone is DIII knows this. SSU doesn't even play anyone worth mentioning all year long. It really amuses me. It's a loser school with loser people who are never going to do anything with their lives. Kids who want to go there are hippy losers who just want to smoke pot and ditch class. The coach, team, student body is all one big laugh. It's really funny.........
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   LUVLAX who are you? by 5/16/00 @6:54PM
   hey tommy tough nuts by 5/19/00 @2:52PM
Wanted to say one more thing
    by (#3048) on 5/15/00 @12:42PM
The area surrounding Salisbury is disgusting...

How can you all live like that??? It stinks and the people are gross!!! It is a reflection on the school. That whole place should be bombed. It's really frightening that people still live like that. I thought NJ was bad, but after being to Salisbury I now know the new armpit of America.
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   Are you kidding me by 5/15/00 @12:58PM
      You're a loser SSU superfan#99 by 5/15/00 @1:39PM
            You're a loser!!! How does it feel to be a loser?? by 5/15/00 @3:10PM
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            Luvlax you got some issues by 5/16/00 @7:03PM
   "That whole Place should be bombed" by 5/15/00 @4:22PM
   Who Cares by 5/15/00 @4:37PM
   Re: Wanted to say... by 5/16/00 @5:47PM
   To luvlax by 3/04/01 @7:41PM
The Facts
    by (#1794) on 5/15/00 @5:31PM

Salisbury State University
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile: 1030-1200
AVG GPA: 3.30
Acceptance rate: 60%
Tuition: $8,000

Washington College
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile: 1000-1200
AVG GPA: 3.10
Acceptance rate: 84%
Tuition: $20,200

US News also ranked Salisbury 7th among all Northern Public Universities.

Sorry WAC Moms and Dads, it's time to get off your cloud. I know it seems comforting to you to send your kid to an overpriced school, since that's what you did for them in High School, but WAC is not the exclusive institution that it's price tag suggests. Tha fact is any kid that attends SSU could attend WAC, and most other schools in Maryland. Salisbury hasn't always been a good school but it is now. Sorry Fans! I think it's time you all find something else to be wrong about.

Isn't it great watching a bunch of public school kids kick the shit out of a bunch of spoiled private school babies.

WAC isn't a bad team, Salisbury is just better.
WAC isn't a bad school, Salisbury is just better.

Stay jealous!

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    by (#3048) on 5/16/00 @12:47PM
Salisbury is really a bad place to go whether it be for Athletics or Academics. It is a joke. Everyone who attends real schools understand this and this is why so many people are upset!!! Let the truth be heard! Salisbury recruits from low class high schools in bad areas of MD with crappy kids. People from Pasadena and Dundalk go to Salisbury. What does that tell you? They have some talented athletes who could have done much better at a better school with better direction. Turner and High could have been all-americans at UVA or Syracuse or Princeton and graduated with a top education. Instead they chose SSU! It is really sad. Whether their decision came from their bad upbringing by crappy parents, or by the surrounding environment which made it "cool" to be a loser and smoke pot, to whatever. They hurt themselves in the long run by entering SSU. For all the younger kids looking at DIII or DI schools to play for remember that you want to also find a good school with excellent academics. You want to put a school on your resume that says something. I guarantee SSU graduates have been turned down jobs because their reputation preceeds them. The reputation is that kids there are losers! They all come from crappy backrounds and will never amount to anything. Half of the lacrosse players there don't even graduate! The coach, Berkman, is really a low class citizen. He doesn't care about his players. He has no class!!! College should be about the experience and what you have after those 4 years. SSU will never pay off. They are seen as the scum of DIII lacrosse and always will with Berkman at the head. To sum it up---SSU IS A JOKE AND ALL THE PEOPLE THERE AND IN THE SURROUNDING AREA ARE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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   SSU by 5/16/00 @2:39PM
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   luvlax by 5/18/00 @8:01AM
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If you're so good SSU,why don't you go with Hobart
    by (#3045) on 5/16/00 @2:25PM
I love D-III lax a lot, but some of you SSU guys are out of hand. The Sea Gulls were impressive the last couple of years, but they're not gods gift to the lax world. Honestly though, D-III lax is still too predictable. Some of these other schools have to start taking it to the next level like Middlebury. Im talking about Springfield, OWU, upstate schools that lose to Nazereth every year-(Cortland, Hartwick, Alfred, RIT and RPI) Hopefully Ithaca will be the next team to emerge. As for this year SSU or Naz, but who didn't know that? If you want to win a national title and you live in upstate, you go to Naz, and if you want to win it in MD, you go to SSU. Come on high schoolers, have some sack and go to some other schools (Ithaca)
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   Who won in 1998? by 5/18/00 @1:25PM
      I hope WAC will be back..... by 5/18/00 @6:18PM
         POINT WELL TAKEN by 5/18/00 @11:10PM
    by (#1329) on 5/17/00 @2:27PM
(no text)
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W&L cant hide anymore.
    by (#1794) on 5/18/00 @11:58AM
W&L can't hide behind their schedule anymore, It's time to run with the big boys.

W&L fears Iranians.
W&L fears the double-stack heckler.
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