Albany Drops Hopkins 8-7

Albany Drops Hopkins 8-7

Albany Drops Hopkins 8-7

Albany Drops Hopkins 8-7

BALTIMORE, MD - In a game of runs, it was visiting Albany that had the final one as the visiting Great Danes stunned the Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse team, 8-7, at Homewood Field Saturday afternoon. Albany grabs its first win in the six-game series and moves to 1-0, while the Blue Jays drop their first season-opener since 2001 and are now 0-1. Johns Hopkins was ranked number one in the Nike/Inside Lacrosse Media Poll, while the Danes were listed as receiving votes.

Hopkins led 7-5 after a seven-goal run erased an early 5-0 Albany lead, but it would be the Danes who had the final spree. Steve Ammann's unassisted goal with 4:46 remaining drew Albany within one at 7-6 and it took just 41 seconds for John Alpizar to get the equalizer as he drove hard to the goal and beat a late slide to tie the score at 7-7.

Albany, which won 4-of-5 faceoffs in the fourth quarter after winning just 5-of-13 through three quarters, won the faceoff after Alpizar's goal and worked the clock down under two minutes before Alpizar fed a cutting Frank Resetarits, who beat Blue Jay goalie Jesse Schwartzman with a shot low inside the far post to give Albany the 8-7 lead. Albany won the ensuing faceoff as well, but turned the ball over quickly to give the Blue Jays one last shot. The Blue Jays had two shots in the final 10 seconds, but Kevin Huntley whistled one low just past the far post and freshman Steven Boyle was stuffed on the crease as time expired.

A late-game rally didn't seem like it would be necessary for Albany as the Danes sprinted out to a 5-0 lead in the first 22 minutes. Resetarits scored three of his four goals during the spree, including one less than one minute after a Matthew Green goal to make it 5-0 with just over eight minutes remaining in the second quarter.

The Blue Jays trimmed the deficit to 5-3 at the half as Huntley, Jake Byrne and freshman Michael Kimmel all scored in the final 7:34 of the second quarter. Huntley and Byrne scored within 35 seconds of each other, while Kimmel's goal came off a restart with three seconds remaining in the second period.

It took just 55 seconds of the third quarter for the Blue Jays to pull within one as senior Drew Dabrowski beat Albany goalie Brett Queener from in tight after a nifty spin move to avoid a defender. Sophomore Mark Bryan finally knotted the game with 12:30 remaining when he took a pass from Kimmel and one-timed one past Queener.

When Boyle and junior Michael Doneger scored within three minutes late in the third and early in the fourth quarter it appeared the Blue Jays would avoid their first two-game losing streak in seven years, but Ammann's goal jump-started the game-ending run for the Danes and provided a win that wasn't secured until Boyle was stuffed at the gun.

Resetarits led the Danes with four goals, while Alpizar and Steve Ammann added one goal and one assist. Queener played 50:39 in goal and posted four saves, while Dan McKeon played 9:21 and registered two.

Seven different players scored goals for the Blue Jays with Boyle and Kimmel each knotting a goal and an assist in their collegiate debuts. The Blue Jays held a 30-21 advantage in shots and won the ground ball war 40-29, but Hopkins couldn't overcome Resetarits and the spirited late-game rally by Albany.

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Sounds familiar...
    by (#139861) on 2/24/07 @4:23PM
Hmm. I seem to recall a number one seed being knocked off by an unranked team by one goal last week too. So many of you naysayers then said that UVa is way overrated. So how bout the Blue Jays. Overrated? And Syracuse losing to Army? That's the top seeds falling like flies. I'm telling you guys, UVa is still the team to beat this year.
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Duke, MD or Princeton
    by (#37283) on 2/24/07 @5:49PM
By that logic, UVA isn't the team to beat. I would expect a top 5-10 team to become the next number one. Duke maybe, Maryland or Princeton is more likely to be a powerhouse this season. Maybe Navy or Georgetown will be a threat. Of course UVA, Hopkins, or 'Cuse might have just had hiccups and will go 15-1 to the title. However, I think think if you're losing to teams like Albany and Drexel, you're not going to have a great season. Just as the Wahoo's did after winning the 2003 title, then losing to Denver and Air Force. I am looking foward to a great season!
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i agree
    by (#143077) on 2/24/07 @10:29PM
im still putting my money on maryland this year. Georgetown is getting consistent wins. I dunno about Navy though. But Cornell looks solid, although im a little biased as a cornell fan
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Can Cottle Win The Big One?
    by (#136419) on 2/25/07 @2:17AM
I would love to see Maryland win it all this year! A lot of people think Cottle has been an underachiever when it comes to big games! If he and Maryland won it all, it would sure take the monkey off his back! The question is-do you all think Cottle can win the big game?

P.S.-As an underdog, Cottle has done great! However, as the favorite, he has had some rough times!
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    by (#129810) on 2/25/07 @9:40AM
Logic would say that Georgetown be ahead of MD because Georgetown just beat MD. gtown is the team to beat i say. They just beat a solid MD team, and i am pretty sure gtown beat uva in fall ball. my top 4 go 1. gtown 2. princeton 3. Duke 4.UNC

p.s. also Albany needs new uniforms asap they are absolutely hideous
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I am no Princeton fan BUT...
    by (#96158) on 2/26/07 @2:11PM
I would make an early guess that Princeton will at least get to the final 4 this year. With as many of the top teams being held to single digit score vs. lesser defense and inferior goal tending than that of what Princeton has this year, I believe Princetonís ability to hold teams under 5 goals will suprise people.
Hopfully JHU snaps out of it and does some scoring, but on the other side of it I woulnd't be surprised at a repeat performance right around 7 goals or less.
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Stop It With The Rankings...
    by (#1383) on 2/24/07 @10:34PM
This has always been a pet peeve of mine. How about letting teams play a couple of games before you start referring to teams as "top ranked" or "a number one". Number one according to who? Two or three guys at a newspaper? I don't even know if it should be considered an upset that Albany won since neither team played a game, both are good teams, and Albany almost won last year too.

Syracuse and Hopkins are both not that good. They'll continue to lose all year long. I'm willing to bet UVA's loss to Drexel was a fluke though.
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drexel win
    by (#95258) on 2/24/07 @11:49PM
was a fluke drexel lost to lehigh today who is a pretty good team. they only lost to delaware 8-5. the patriot league will be very competitive this year with strong colgate, bucknell, army, navy ,and lehigh teams.
but i mean brettt queener is a nasty goalie. not only can he stop them but he can score them too.
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You are an idiot
    by (#155915) on 2/25/07 @12:12AM
Oh yes syracuse and hopkins are not that good. What a stupid thing to say although both teams have returning all americans. Lets do a little research before we make moronic comments about how they will continue to loose all year long. Apparently you are smarter than the people running the polls.
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Good Point
    by (#1383) on 2/25/07 @11:39AM
So you're saying I'm a moron if i thought Cuse and Hopkins could possibly lose to Army and Albany? Gosh, I hope they don't lose to those teams so I don't look stupid. Syracuse almost lost to Hobart too (who just got beat by Bucknell).

And what teams don't have returning AA's for christ's sake? Based on the number of honors given about 4 starters from every team finishing in the top 20 could get AA (and obviously there's more at #1 than #20).

And you're also missing my point - who's your wizard of oz "running the polls"? In reality its 2 or 3 fans like me that know just as much (or little) but they work at a newspaper. There's no special wisdom involved, just guesswork. Which is why no one should be even referencing their "rank" until the season is about halfway through.
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    by (#155915) on 2/25/07 @3:40PM
What really didnt make sense was how you said that hopkins and syracuse were going to continue to loose all season long yet Virginnia's loss was a fluke? What justifies that statement. Albany outplayed Hopkins, Army outplayed Syracuse and Drexel outplayed Virginia. Just because these underdogs beat top teams in the country doesnt mean that they will continue to do the same all season long. Each team approaches each game with a different mindset. All that matters is their end of season rank and I can bet you that at the end of the year, these underdogs will most not be up there with these Powerhouse teams.
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This Is A Sign That There Is More Parity Than Ever
    by (#136419) on 2/24/07 @9:42PM
Absolutely! Who agrees?
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    by (#142648) on 2/24/07 @10:42PM
But then again, it's still February folks.
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Paul Rabil?
    by (#95258) on 2/24/07 @11:42PM
where was paul rabil? if he wouldve shown up this game wouldve been a different story
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    by (#23904) on 2/25/07 @12:37AM
well, um....he didn't
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Georgetown is the team to beat.
    by (#119053) on 2/25/07 @10:23AM
Georgetown beat UVA 11-10 in a fall ball game in around september and they didn't even use Brancaccio . As you saw yesterday that boy can really play. He and Steven Boyle are the best freshmen in the country and it showed yesterday although JHU lost. Brancaccio had a hat trick against MD. That is very impressive. This year my top five are Duke to win it, Georgetown, Princeton, JHU, UVA.
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    by (#150687) on 2/26/07 @2:55PM
im pretty sure that albany took georgetown in a scrimmage, anyone know for sure??
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Hopkins Has A New Offensive Coach!
    by (#136419) on 2/25/07 @12:32PM
I believe that Bobby Benson is now Pietramala's top assistant and is running the offense. Don't forget that it takes time for players to adjust to a new coach and a new system. Seth Tierney, now head man at Hofstra, is a great offensive coach and Benson is filling big shoes. I think that Benson will do a good job though, and Hopkins will be fine!
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Another surprise... still too early
    by (#153670) on 2/25/07 @5:11PM
Ok... Top teams are having loses that no one expected.... They're being outplayed or acting too cocky. I think this season will be a lot better than last year because most of you act as if the #1 seed team will always be undefeated, that's not the case it goes the best overall team with the fact of wins/loses added in. This season will be like '03 or '05.

But honestly, it's too early to be calling anything... If I had to rank teams as of right now it would be...
1. Georgetown 2. Duke 3. UVA 4. John Hopkins
It's so early in the season teams are still fighting for the 4th-10th ranked seeds.

But overall I would say my final four prediction teams would have to be...
3 of the following teams
Virginia, Duke, Georgetown, Princeton, Syracuse, John Hopkins, Maryland
1 of the Four Final Four teams I expect to be a total surprise team like UMass.
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Benson Needs to Realize and Utilize
    by (#96158) on 2/26/07 @1:28PM
Benson's best shooters are not his best dodgers and his best dodger plays at X. AND Dodging from X and scoring very rarely happens. The players that can shot need to get the ball where they can shot and score. There needs to be a whole lot more off ball movement going on while the ball is being dodged from X (or from anywhere). When no one off ball moves offensively it makes the opposing defense look stellar. Making correct 1-2 and 3 slides from and to players standing still is as easy as it sounds.
There are players on Hopkins who can certainly create the one slide but nothing will happen until the other 5 offensive players are consciously manipulating where and when the defensive players can and cannot 2 and 3 slide from.
The saddest thing in sports is waited talent. To have the talent JHU has on the offensive side of the ball and come up with only 7 goals is more than sad, it is criminal.
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    by (#76067) on 2/25/07 @4:58PM
Does anybody else have a serious problem with Albany's uni's? More specifically, their helmets? They look like some kind of gay ass space helmet or something. I mean honestly, what self respecting coach would allow his team to don such horrendous attire? I hope everyone on the team at least got a bowl of soup for wearing them.
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i agree
    by (#3709) on 2/25/07 @8:45PM
the helmets are crap, they look like they were an attempt to be really modern but instead they look kind of silly.
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why not?
    by (#97931) on 2/26/07 @1:30PM
why dont they just get the same uni's that the Iroquois Nations had. those were sick
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    by (#157332) on 2/27/07 @7:41AM
You sound like a bitter bird from the nest. Really get over it. You're petty, you didn't even notice their shoes. :) yeahhhhhhhhh
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    by (#155915) on 2/26/07 @10:18AM
Hopkins couldn't shoot. Rabil missed two over the crossbar and Huntley inexcuseably missed two shots left of the goal from five yards out. Jake Byrne missed a behind the back shot while he was alone on the crease.
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Early Upsets
    by (#131429) on 2/28/07 @12:35AM
while these early season upsets are nice for a lot of talk how much will they really mean by may? the final four will still consist of either uva,cuse,princeton,hopkins,gtown,md,duke and then maybe a surpise team like umass, hofstra etc
(look at drexel they already lost after their big win over uva)
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no question
    by (#60188) on 3/12/07 @6:35PM
cuse just beat georgetown...i know they lost to army but every good team has one of those days. Cuse will deff go to the finals with hopkins......big game cuse vs.hopkins next weekend that will determine alot
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