Hopkins crushes UMBC, 15-6

Hopkins crushes UMBC, 15-6

Hopkins crushes UMBC, 15-6

Hopkins crushes UMBC, 15-6

The Johns Hopkins Blue Jays used a five-goal first quarter to grab an 8-0 lead against the UMBC Retrievers. That lead would never get closer than six. Jesse Schwartzman contributed 13 saves in the winning effort. The Blue Jays were paced offensively by a balanced Jake Byrne (2g,2a) and freshman Steven Boyle (1g,3a). Freshman Michael Kimmel contributed his collegiate hat trick, and junior Steven Peyser nabbed two goals and one assist. UMBC senior Drew Westervelt added three goals in the losing effort.

Though the stats at the end of the game weren’t too far off, and UMBC actually got the edge in some categories, this game was all Hopkins early. Hopkins reeled off five first quarter goals and added three more in the second period before UMBC was able to get on the board. Roughly half of Hopkins’ goals in the first half came off transition opportunities in the form of slow breaks or broken plays. UMBC tried to possess the ball on offense, so much so that they were called for stalling twice in the first quarter and warned to keep it in the box. Despite possessing the ball, they couldn’t get any good looks early. They finally started to generate more looks in the second quarter, but Hopkins goalie, Jesse Schwartzman, stepped up with six saves in the quarter.

Offensively, Hopkins didn’t appear to have much trouble doing what they wanted. They generated looks both in transition and settled offense. They’re scoring was balanced while their six offensive starters all had at least two points, with two getting three and two getting four points. Stephen Peyser had success up and down the field and also won five of his seven face-offs. Jesse Schwartzman played well in 56:52 of playing time. He probably could have been pulled earlier to allow one of the four other goalies on the roster to get some game experience, as he graduates this year and this game was clearly in-hand.

For UMBC, goalie Jeremy Blevins contributed 12 saves on a night where his defense didn’t give him much help. Senior Drew Westervelt was probably the lone offensive bright spot. He was responsible for three goals, two of which came on man-up. The first was nice ball movement and a righty low blast to finally get UMBC on the board with just 2:23 left in the first half. In the 4th quarter, Schwartzman was clearing the ball and tried to get it over the midfield. The 6’4” Westervelt elevated and made a one-handed athletic snag of Schwartzman’s loft. He pushed the ball forward and beat Schwartzman before he could recover. On UMBC’s third man-up, Hopkins shut Westervelt off. The UMBC man-up didn’t miss a beat as the other five banged the ball around as Westervelt watched from midfield. Halfway through Terry Kimener found Andy Gallagher who then found the back of the net. UMBC finished 3 for 3 on the extra-man.

Another interesting offensive theme for UMBC was freshman attackman Cayle Ratcliff. The 5’8” (stretched out), 230-lb freshman was making his first collegiate start. The Canadian appears to be mostly an off-ball player, generally planting himself around the crease. Late in the first half, Ratcliff found himself matched up with a short-stick defender and the ball back at X. He iso’ed and waddled his way to beating him top-side. Jesse Schwartzman, not a tiny man himself (listed at 6’1” and generously 220 pounds, maybe 250?), waddled out to double team, but Ratcliff dumped the ball past Schwartzman for his first of two goals on the night. What was interesting was his celebration. Maybe he didn’t realize that his goal made it 8-2 at the time and didn’t win his team a championship. He added his other goal later with just 4:04 to play in the game, and while the celebration was more subdued, it still didn’t seem fitting considering that it brought the game to 15-6. He might learn to watch Westervelt, who after scoring didn’t celebrate, the senior realizing that his team was getting whooped.

Hopkins returns to Homewood Field this Saturday to welcome back former assistant and associate head coach Seth Tierney. Tierney is now the head man at Hofstra and is bringing his young team to Homewood with the thoughts of upset in their minds. UMBC can finally take a breath as they’ve had a pretty rough schedule the past four days. They were in Denver beating Air Force on Saturday, losing by a convincing score to Denver on Sunday, taking a red eye flight home, a night practice, and then taking on a neighbor school which boasted a #5 ranking. While they have a chance to breath, it can’t be too deep because Penn travels to face the Retrievers on Saturday following their own tough loss today. Last year’s match-up saw Penn grab a 12-11 victory and even though neither team is quite what they were a year ago, it should still be a tight match-up.

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Seth Tierney returns to Hopkins this Saturday!
    by (#136419) on 3/07/07 @12:03PM
Yep! He returns this Saturday with his Hofstra team. This is his first year as head coach there after being a longtime assistant at Hopkins. Hofstra is 1-1 right now, with a victory over UMASS and a loss to Brown. I think Hopkins should win, but Seth Tierney knows this Hopkins team very well. It could be closer than people think!
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shut up
    by (#97931) on 3/07/07 @1:00PM
stop using an exclamation mark every two sentences.
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Please stop with this garbage
    by (#12161) on 3/07/07 @1:17PM
Every post you make is about John Haus or Seth Tierny, and they never correspond with the article you're posting in. It wastes space and is a pain to sift through, please stop with the completely unecessary posts.
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It doesn't relate to this game, I know!
    by (#136419) on 3/07/07 @1:39PM
You are right, that post did not relate to this game. But it relates very much to Hopkins, the team that kicked butt last night. And what is wrong with looking ahead to the next game and what is at stake? Since they don't always post articles on games until they are finished, where else can you talk about upcoming games?
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Don Zimmerman as a coach
    by (#136419) on 3/07/07 @1:35PM
There is no doubt that he has done a great job at UMBC. UMBC has never been an easy sell for talent, but they have been a regular in the Top 20 with him at the helm.

What Zimmerman did at Hopkins needs no introduction. He was coach there from 1984-1990, and during those 7 years, he won 3 national titles and was the runner-up 1 year as well. I don't know if he is in the Hall Of Fame yet, but I know that he will be if he is not already.

Some people thought that he was one of the best coaches in the history of the sport during his time at Hopkins. However, other people think that the main reason for his success was that he inherited an incredible amount of talent from Henry Ciccarone. It is true that he won his 3 national titles in his first 4 seasons, and a lot of the studs on those teams were recruited by Ciccarone. He didn't recruit nearly as well as Ciccarone, though, and the class that graduated in 1990, Zimmerman's last year, was considered one of the weakest in Hopkins history. When Tony Seaman arrived in 1991, he didn't inherit nearly as much as Zimmerman did when he arrived in 1984.

There is no doubt that Zimmerman wasn't the best recruiter ever, but I still believe he was awesome as an X&0 coach, as a motivator, and as a game coach. I remember watching some of his Hopkins teams play and they seemed so disciplined, well-coached, and crisp in their play. Just like Princeton, they very rarely made mistakes, and whenever you made one, they ate you alive! I remember watching a semifinal game in 1989 between Hopkins and North Carolina. Hopkins won 10-6, and the main difference was than Carolina made some huge mistakes and Hopkins didn't make many at all. Hopkins ate them up when they made those huge mistakes.

What do you all think? Could Zimmerman be a great coach but not as good of a recruiter? If so, maybe UMBC is a great place for him. It is not one of the top lacrosse schools, so recruiting isn't as quite as huge of a deal.
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    by (#131429) on 3/07/07 @4:08PM
im not sure who could recruit at umbc i mean lets face there never gonna get the talent that most of the schools ahead of them every year get, if zimmerman won the national championship while @ umbc he would def have to be in the hall of fame
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No coach could win a title at UMBC!
    by (#136419) on 3/07/07 @5:55PM
Not even some of the all time great coaches, past and present, like Bill Tierney, Henry Ciccarone, Bob Scott, Richie Moran, Roy Simmons, Jr., or Willie Scroggs, could have won a national title at UMBC. Even if UMBC had one of those guys, most players who could go anywhere would prefer to go to schools like Virginia, Duke, Syracuse, Georgetown, and Hopkins. Even if one of those guys were coaching at UMBC, who knows if they would be doing much better than they are doing right now with Zimmerman?

I really think that what Don Zimmerman did at Hopkins and what he has done at UMBC might be enough to get him into the Hall of Fame
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i dont know...
    by (#148951) on 3/10/07 @7:33PM
tierney probably could have done it. he made princeton into the power it is today by himself and won 6 national titles through his efforts alone. he recruited during an era of a smaller talent pool as well, which makes it even more amazing. so while i agree it would be nearly impossible to win at umbc, if anyone could do it, it would be tierney
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I totally agree with you!
    by (#136419) on 3/10/07 @7:39PM
If anyone could do it, it would be Tierney. Tierney is the best ever with Xs and Os and game coaching. Heck, he is a pretty awesome recruiter, too. Throughout his great years, he was able to pull in players to a school which didn't offer athletic scholarships. Now, even with the admissions having cracked down, he is still doing pretty well.

Did you all know that, when Ace Adams retired from Virginia in 1992, Tierney was hands-down UVA's first choice to replace him. However, Tierney and Princeton had just won their first national title and had loads of players coming back. So he said no. Man, if Tierney were at Virginia, he might have over 10 national titles by now! Who agrees?
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    by (#78222) on 3/08/07 @7:36AM
Not only is NTFan a great soothsayer in coaching and recruiting, he's a freakin' lacrosse historian now!!
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Once Again
    by (#131846) on 3/07/07 @3:44PM
Steven boyle has another great Game with 1 goal and 3 Assists. He is starting to show his brillance and i think he might become one of hopkins big offense threats this year and the the years to come.
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the two freshman roomates.....
    by (#141988) on 3/07/07 @4:11PM
kimmel and boyle are outstanding, Boland hasnt been playing were is he?
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    by (#153670) on 3/08/07 @12:03AM
My best friend who is a Hopkins fan told me about this. So I just had to read up and comment it. Good job to Boyle(not like he'll ever read it =p). Anywhos, I tip my hat off to Hopkins. Good luck the rest of the season and hope to see you in Baltimore this year(5th Year Straight I'll be at NCAAs Weekend)
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Goalie pants
    by (#145409) on 3/09/07 @3:40PM
the goalie for umnc was wearing baggy shorts werent those banned by the ncaa?
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    by (#78222) on 3/09/07 @7:55PM
If you meant the goalie for UMBC, those are called "Sweat Pants". They were a little larege for his 5-8 (?) frame....Jack Emmer, though low key, did a good job.IMHO. Lief thinks Dematha is in Rockville. GO GULLS>>>terps too.
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How was Leif doing?
    by (#136419) on 3/09/07 @8:05PM
In years past, I remember that Leif was quite critical at times. In recent years, he seemed to have toned down a bit. Was he critical in this game at all?

P.S.-I wonder if he got warned once or twice in the past about being too critical, and that he would be fired if he continued to be that critical. Could that have led him to cool off a bit?
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