Maryland Advances Past Hofstra, 14-12

Maryland Advances Past Hofstra, 14-12

Maryland Advances Past Hofstra, 14-12

Maryland Advances Past Hofstra, 14-12

Maryland took a commanding 5-1 lead in the first quarter and ended the half 6-2, but the Dutchman clawed their way back to a 9-9 tie going into the fourth. The teams went back and forth for the first half of the quarter, but with the score knotted at 11; Maryland ripped off three tallies to put the game out of reach. McGinnis let in a few uncharacteristic goals, but his play was still better than average. The defensive combination with close defense, Jason Carrier, Casey Connor, and Michael Howley joined by lonstick Geoff Burnham and middies Jeff Shirk and Nate Watkins were great in settled situations. Hofstra was able to capitalize in unsettled situations; they worked the ride for at least three goals. Hofstra did a lot of the little things well to keep themselves in the game, but in the end Maryland over-powered them.

The first quarter was all Maryland despite the fact that Hofstra drew first blood. Dutchmen attacker Joe Kostolansky finished a Scott Dooley feed from behind to start the scoring. Freshman sensation, Mike Mollot, had a slow start. First the ball flew out of his stick with nobody on him and trickled out of bounds, and then he got smacked by Brian Spallina, Hoftra's longstick middie. Maryland's first two goals were anything but garden variety. Malone got caught up in traffic high above the crease so he dumped a behind the back pass to Mike Lamonica, who had his back to the goal. Sensing the on-coming traffic, Lamonica shovels one over his shoulder without looking and finds the upper right, 1-1. Then, Andrew Combs stepped up on Hofstra goalie, Mike Demeo, and deflected a clearing pass with his chest into the open net, 2-1. Mollot picked up his play and found Malone for the next tally, 3-1. That one was a feed from the top to the crease, and the next one involved the same duo, but from behind to the crease, 4-1. Brian Zeller got the first of three on the day with a straight up sweep down the right side, 5-1.

The second quarter was a stalemate with each team getting one. Ramar Clash had a classic battle with midfield defender Nate Watkins. Both players are huge and Clash attempted to bull in three times on the side of the goal. The third time was the charm, as he got inside and Watkins was forced to haul him down. They got nothing on the man-up, but it was an outstanding battle. Mollot really started to control the flow in the second quarter, distributing the ball to the crease, back door, and backside with his pattented lolli-pop passes. Joe Barile broke the second quarter ice by faking a shot to temperarily freeze his defender, then moved in closer to rip an underhand shot, 5-2. Spallina and Mollot met up again later; they exchanged viscious slashes and both went off for a minute. Seems the young guy took exception to the thrashing that Spallina so often dishes out. Mollot got the last laugh, as well as the last goal of the half to end it 6-2.

Malone returned the favor to Mollot just seven seconds into the second half for a runaway score of 7-2. Hofstra's Tom Kessler kept scrapping, however, and he snagged a clearing attempt and scored, 7-3. Hofstra then had a couple of chances to rip shots, but they took ridiculously long wind-ups in the face of closing defenders. Perhaps they were thinking that they had to shoot the ball as hard as they could to beat McGinnis. The Terps struck again later, with Zeller sprinting straight down the center while ripping one through Demeo's legs, 8-3. Hofstra would go on to score six of the next seven goals to tie it at nine. Scott Dooley came from behind the net to get a lefty score for the Dutchmen. Then, Kostolansky got a gift goal on McGinnis. Receiving the ball at the top righty crank position in a fast break, Kostolansky fired an average overhand shot that beat McGinnis through the legs, and McGinnis saw it all the way, 8-5. Mollot came back for Maryland when he rushed the net from behind and slipped inside the defense to get a low right-handed shot off, 9-5. Kostolansky answered with a similiar shot from the fast break. "If it aint broke, don't fix it." Kessler got yet another opportunistic goal when he picked up a loose ball on a botched play to make it 9-7. Next, Bob Parinelli fed Kessler for their third goal in just over a minute. Finally, Ramar Clash worked the bottom corner and fed Adam Hananel for an upper right rip, 9-9.

The fourth quarter started out neck and neck. Maryland started the festivities with a dandy. They pulled off the hidden ball trick with amazing success when Mike Lamonica and Brian Zeller passed by each other above the restraining line. Lamonica faked a flip to Zeller and the entire defense bought it. Lamonica might as well have been shooting on an open net, 10-9. Kostolansky wasted no time by putting in a rebound within seconds to knot it back up at 10. Zeller decided to take another dead-on run at the cage and had success with an overhand shot that beat Demeo, 11-10. Then, Jeff Shirk got a phantom slash call to put Hofstra on the man-up. Doug Shanahan cashed it in for the Dutchmen with one of his lasers from his favotite spot, off to the goalie's right in the top corner. At this point Andrew Combs stepped up bigtime for the Terps as he scored the next three goals to make it 14-11. First, Mollot drove to his left from behind and popped a cross-crease pass high in the air. Combs risked life and limb to go up and quick stick it home with the right-handed shot. Next, he came from the other side to quick one in lefty on two lightening passes, the last coming from Marcus Lachapelle. Before Combs got his third goal of the quarter some very important things happened. Mollot, an attackman, got caught on defense against the very hot Kostolansky. Kostolansky had four goals on the day, but Mollot held his own to stop the big man. With 2:30 left Ramar Clash could of made it 13-12 when he managed to work his way to the doorstep of Maryland's goal. He threw the ball inches over the cage. That's a shot that will replay many times for Clash as Maryland went the other way and scored when Mollot fed Combs. Hofstra was down, but never out. Kessler stripped defenseman Casey Connor of the ball at the restraining line and ran in uncontested for the score. He paid for it when Mike Lamonica leveled him with a shoulder to the ribs. Kessler was winded, but the score was 14-12 and the Dutchmen had an extra man. Maryland managed to kill it to end the game.

Note: we apologize for the tardiness of the story, but the UMBC site was not equipped to go online. Much to our dismay, we had to wait till after the four hour trip home to post.

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Hofstra lax
    by (#2675) on 5/15/00 @4:06PM
The premier program that is Hofstra lacrosse took a tough loss yesterday from the Terps. Just goes to show you by the close score of the game how much Hofstra has progressed. Many will say hey Screwball, did you think Maryland would win? Honestly I did, based on the fact that they are a much bigger school and the game was played in their backyard practically. Hofstra will soon be perennial powerhouse and I guarantee a National Title in less than five years. Long Island lax is much better than Maryland anyday. Just wait til Syracuse takes the title wimps
Later nitzez
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Keep it clean and Hofstra might be champs
    by (#3045) on 5/16/00 @10:24AM
All you chumps that have to call each other f*gs and talk about each others moms should just go to some gay porn chat room and discuss your repressed fantasies there.
- Hofstra has done a tremendous job with their athletic program overall in the last 10 years and can only get better.
- I think Long Island dudes are meatheads as much as the next guy, but thats what makes them hard nosed lax players.
- MD's Lax tradition is too strong and will always produce but things could change within the next 5-10 years. The skill level in Eastern Mass has improved drastically within the last 10 years. I think youll see some surprises from this area in years to come. (Not at schools like NEC or Merrimack though, they will go to UMASS, Cuse and Ivys in D-I and the Springfields, NESCACs and Upstate schools in D-III
-As for now, the Cuse has an easy road to the final game and will play Princeton. Theres no way VA can win it again this year
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    by (#1329) on 5/17/00 @2:19PM
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   Laxyman by 5/17/00 @2:28PM
    by (#1329) on 5/17/00 @2:42PM
YEA, I'M A WIMP...HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ME OR PLAYED AGAINST ME, NOPE, SO HOW WOULD YOU KNOW ? OH, WAIT, MAYBE I DID PLAY AGAINST YOU, YOU'RE ONE OF THE GUYS THAT I PLANTED IN THE GROUND. YEA, THAT'S IT. I'M SOMETHING THAT RHYMES WITH WIMP..PIMP...ANYWAY, DO you know what a "HECKLER" IS ? It's someone who isn't good enough to be in the game and sits in the stands and watches and heckles guys knowing that they can't come off the field to get them. Well, if you ever heckled me, I would just ignore you and score or assist on the winning goal and I wouldn't even look at you, you would just know how much of a little !@#$%^&* you truly are. So take you ticket stub home and put it where the sun doesn't shine...oh, nevermind, that would just give you pleasure. Thanks for playing, try again.
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Yo Heck...
    by (#1329) on 5/17/00 @5:35PM
...first of all, telling me to "grow up bud" is not considered a cutdown or comeback...2nd, I never talked about how many goals or assists i have or had at all ever and i never talked about juking any defenseman, so stop putting up words that I never said "nitz" the way, what the hell is "nitz" is that a cutdown, it sounds like an un-intelligent joke to me, like should read the posting titled "Screwball" by MDLax above...that should prove that your "NY lax rules" statement is a little bit off par. Plus, what the hell is this: "You must be really proud of yourself for taking cheap shots at Heckler. He is just a kid and doesn't do anything to hurt anyone. GROW UP" Now, does this mean that 2 people share this name or something, or do you have a split personality where one stands up for the other...either way, you're one weird, strange, and most likely queer NY laxer...the only team that has mostly NYers that will ever do anything is 'Cuse, who, by the way, starts about 4 mders, including their best d-man glatzel, from boys' latin in baltimore...where the hall of fame is, right near hopkins, who, if they don't ever start recruiting more MARYLANDERS won't go anywhere or win anything for a're coolness overwhelmes me...later "NITZ" new yorker...thanks for playing again, try again please !!!

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    by (#1329) on 5/21/00 @2:15AM
...not only have you got the gayest name on but you also used a response without using the word "nitz" in, movin' on up you are !!! can you say that "all the best players on all the best teams are from Ny and/or long island" ?...What about guys like Josh Sims for princeton ? Who's the best freshman on Hopkins, Bob Benson from Mc Donough in MD and he's the only MD starter on the team too !!! Hey, what about UVA ? I guess Gill (from md) sucks huh ? I think not...Maryland's best player can't really be determined but almost every single one of their standouts is from md, w/ the exception of Mollot on attack...Princeton's best d-man is freshman Damien Davis from MD too...all Notre Dame's best are from MD as well as teams like Towson, UMBC, Penn State etc. best players are from MD. Well, I have a life, unlike you, so i'm not gonna continue this...oh, i forgot Navy too, as well as Georgetown...all of their best are from Maryland and I haven't even covered all of D1, let alone D3 and JUCO...LATER "NITZ"
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    by (#1329) on 5/21/00 @2:19AM
...Duke's best and UNC's best are also from Maryland you dumb motherf****r and i'm sure i'll think of more later "NITZ" so piss off and go read my comments from Duke vs. Hobart and maybe you'll learn something about the sport...(man, i can't believe i'm wasting my time responding to a meathead new yorker who if god himself came off the cross and said that MD is better at lacrosse than NY, he would still argue with him).
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How 'bout this too...
    by (#1329) on 5/21/00 @6:51PM
I feel like continuing what i've said above so i'm, i think "lovefaggy" has heard of UVA's D-Man Ryan Curtis, he's only like the nations # 1 close defenseman and guess what, he's from Potomac MD and rising star on their attack, Ian Shure, he's from lutherville MD (boys' latin grad) and Conor Gill is on that attack too who i mentioned before (from St. Paul's in Baltimore) and UVA's also got alot of other freshman and sophmores from MD that you will hear about in the future i guarantee it...oh, before i forget, in the last bay state games for all stars, the MD high school all stars beat the NY all stars like what do u hafta say about that ?...OH, and i know that md and ny are the top 2 lax states but guess what ? alot of the country's best players come from conn., mass., virginia, pennsylvania and canada also etc. u didn't think of that lovehappy...hey, what about other maryland stars and future stars from maryland like princeton's owen daly, josh sims, joe rosenbaum, damien davis, ryan mollett, chris berrier and josh white ? Gee, its funny, for a few years now, according to my counts, Princeton has recruited more maryland players than anyone...and they won how many titles ??? COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT !!!...Hey, and what about Duke's alex lieske, Greg Patchak (like leading attackman and scorer), FACEOFF STAR SCOTT BROSS and Georgetown's Tom Tamberrino, Brett Wagner and Keith Baker ? Loyola's Jason Born (starting goalie), Dave Fields and Mike Stromberg etc...Maryland's Craig Hochstadt, Dave Rose, Goalie Pat McGinnis, Mike LaMonica, buggs combs, matt urlock, casey connor (All American), Brian Zeller, Marcus LaChapelle, Chris Malone (All American), and future star Alex Poole...and UNC's Chase Martin, Pat Jackson, and Todd Maher...UMBC'S dan marohl (all american) and Josh Hahn and Eric Barger...NAVY'S ALL AMERICAN GOALIE MICKEY JARBOE, Adam Borcz, Notre Dame's Dave and Todd Ulrich, Tom Glatzel...Delaware's Chris Purpura, future star freshman Ryan Metzbower, Kick-ASS d-man Bryan Barrett and CORNELLS STARTING D-MEN Bobby Werhane and Will Brassel plus SYRACUSES BEST D-MAN JOHN GLATZEL(BOYS' LATIN)...TOWSONS FACEOFF STUD JUSTIN BERRY, Todd Paradise (all american), Keith Smith...WOW, I COULD GO ON FOREVER WITH THIS, AND I JUST WENT THROUGH A FEW D-1 TEAMS...LET ALONE D-3 AND JUCO...OH, AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THESE GUYS ARE YET, DON'T WORRY, YOU WILL SEE HOW THERE'S A WAVE OF AWESOME MDERS THAT ARE COMING UP AND STILL YOUNG...JUST WAIT AND SEE.
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    by (#1329) on 5/21/00 @7:15PM
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   laxman7777 by 5/21/00 @8:46PM