Ross’ Stylish OT Goal Lifts Duke Past UVa, 7-6

Ross’ Stylish OT Goal Lifts Duke Past UVa, 7-6

Ross’ Stylish OT Goal Lifts Duke Past UVa, 7-6

Ross’ Stylish OT Goal Lifts Duke Past UVa, 7-6

As two teams known for possessing firepower, the contest between Duke and UVa surprisingly transformed into more of a defensive battle. True, both teams pushed in transition and looked to create a free flowing game, but what should have been offensive opportunities usually became great sick checks, broken passes, or decisions that were rushed because heat was coming. Thirteen goals in a game is about what either of these teams average individually, not collectively. But as each team picked their spots, it was the Blue Devils who struck the final blow of overtime, taking down the Cavaliers 7-6, and assuming the top spot in the ACC.

The game developed a hurried pace early, as both teams’ defenders swarmed ball carriers and tried to force turnovers. Duke tried to press Virginia on the ride from box line to box line, whereas Virginia’s attackmen rode hard, but the Cavaliers left the middle of the field quite open.

Both goalies looked sharp from the start and remained quite steadfast throughout the game. Virginia controlled the pace of play for much of the first quarter, but the Duke defense held strong, limiting the looks UVa could get. Watching the Cavaliers offense, it is clear many of their sets run through standout attackman Ben Rubeor initiating play from X.

UVa drew first blood, as Garrett Billings tossed a feed from behind the cage topside to Jack Riley, waiting all alone. With no one on him, Riley had time to set his feet and fire, giving the Cavaliers a 1-0 lead six minutes into the first quarter.

Duke answered back quickly. As the ball worked behind the cage, UVa’s defense slowly started to get sucked down. With a simple skip pass up top, Matt Danowski found a wide-open Peter Lamade who pinned the top right corner, tying the game at 1-1.

UVa took the lead right back though. Working high on the wing, Foster Gilbert rolled back-and-forth twice on his man. Finally feeling his weight shift, Gilbert changed direction again, burning down the side and ripping a running bouncer with no one on him. The first quarter thus concluded with UVa holding a 2-1 lead.

A goal by Max Pomper put UVa up 3-1, but Duke would grab one more before the half. Brad Ross came streaking in from the edge of the box to the crease, weaving amongst defenders for the unassisted score, Ross’s first of what would be three on the day. At halftime the score reflected a superb defensive effort by both teams, 3-2 UVa.

Most noticeable about play in the first half, especially UVa’s, was how busy the longsticks were. Neither the Blue Devils nor the Cavaliers saw many scoring chances as offensive players constantly felt pressure, and the ball spent a lot of time on the ground, or just being flung quickly from one end to the other. Even on plays where defenders got beat, they were able to fling a pole out and snag a piece of someone’s stick or knock down a pass. For all the comments about the deadly speed of this UVa team, it seems most apparent in their defense.

Ross tied the score with his second goal of the day, the first of the second half. After a nice little shake-n-bake move on the wing, Ross got a step inside on his man and released a high ripper for the score, 3-3.

Rubeor got his name on the board with his first of two scores. Driving from X, Rubeor wrapped around the cage and snuck a ball between the post and Duke keeper Dan Loftus’ leg. Steve Giannone stretched UVa’s lead to two, scoring a goal similar to Ross’ at the start of the half. Giannone rolled inside, fought through two defenders, and got off an awkward bounce shot that went right over Loftus’ shoulder.

Duke began to take control of the game, trying to settle into longer possessions, but the Cavalier defense’s aggressive play did not let the Devils sit stagnantly for long. Eventually the Dukies found pay dirt. With Danowski playing catch and faking like he would rush a post from X, UVa’s defense began to sink. Danowski flipped an over the top pass to a wide-open Mike Catalino who set and fired for the score.

Duke tied the game at five as Lamade fed Zach Greer sitting right off the crease. Greer caught and finished the close shot, his bread and butter.

UVa took the lead right back with some impressive play from Turner. After making a good save, Turner gained control of the ball and looked to clear. Finding no one, he carried the ball all the way down field, to about five yards short of the box. From there, he hit Rubeor streaking across the face of the goal. Rubeor caught and fired in the goal on the run, giving Turner only his second career point (the other was also an assist).

With six minutes left, Danowski then tied the game at six. Driving hard from the top of the box down the wing, Danowski fired a high-to-low shot that somehow squeezed in between Cavalier keeper Kip Turner’s leg and the post.

The teams traded some good rushes up and down the field, but regulation ticked away, and the game was destined for overtime.

UVa won the opening possession of OT but lost the ball on an errant shot. Duke snagged the ball and took a timeout. Coming out of the timeout, they attempted to run a set offense. As the ball worked to X, Danowski carried, looking for an opening. Then, he whipped a pass to Ross, sitting right on the crease. Having little time and space to maneuver, Ross tucked the ball around his back, putting it off-stick-side high, beating Turner for the game winner, Ross’ third of the game; 7-6 Duke.

Perhaps the hardest part of this loss for UVa is the play they got out of Turner. He posted a career high 20 saves, and held Duke, a team that averages almost 12 goals again, to only seven.

Danowski showed that he is the quarterback of this Duke offense. Netting only one goal for himself, he had a hand in three others, leading all scorers on the day with four points. Rubeor, his hypothetical counterpart on the Cavalier end, put up two goals, but could not get the ball to his teammates in places they were finishing.

Duke claimed the top spot in the ACC tournament with the win today. They play Army in Durham, NC, next Saturday afternoon at 1. Virginia will enter the ACC field ranked second. They play Dartmouth in Charlottesville, VA, Saturday afternoon at 1.

If the ACC tournament plays out as expected, a Duke v UVa final would be a contentious and entertaining prospect.

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Crazy Goal
    by (#131846) on 4/14/07 @9:00PM
this was a very good game to watch to great teams and amazing goalie play and one of the nicest shots you will ever see it kind of seems like it is destiny for Duke to take but im hopeing for Cornell to take finally there getting a lot of recognition
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   uva by 4/14/07 @9:21PM
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         please by 4/15/07 @3:28PM
            but until then by 4/16/07 @2:52PM
      haha... by 4/14/07 @9:54PM
      i agree by 4/15/07 @7:36AM
         UVA Schedule Harder by 4/15/07 @10:33AM
            (no subject) by 4/15/07 @6:05PM
               (no subject) by 4/16/07 @6:18PM
         Not many games left in season by 4/15/07 @12:15PM
Sportcenters top 10 plays
    by (#48113) on 4/14/07 @9:28PM
Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning. I have to imagine this goal will make it pretty high up there on their top 10 list. I haven't even seen it yet but if its as good as people have described it I look forward to seeing it.
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   posted by 4/14/07 @9:41PM
   Around-the-world by 4/15/07 @9:14AM
      Top 10 by 4/15/07 @11:31AM
         (no subject) by 4/15/07 @12:11PM
      at closer look..... by 4/15/07 @12:30PM
    by (#136419) on 4/15/07 @12:39PM
It is more than just possible. They will be the #1 and #2 seeds in the ACC Tournament, and if they beat North Carolina and Maryland, they will meet in the ACC Championship. In addition, they both will likely be seeded in the Top 3 going into the NCAA Tournament-very likely 1 and 2 if Cornell would lose(I don't think they will, though.) If neither team chokes, they would probably meet in the Final Four.

I think Cornell is just as good as anyone, but I still don't think they are getting total respect. You watch-if UVA and Duke meet in the Semifinals, a lot of people will be saying that that is for the national title. However, assuming Cornell is the winner's opponent in the title game, that will only motivate Cornell more.
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    by (#136419) on 4/15/07 @12:55PM
Right now, it very well might be. They are both in the same conference, have 2 of the best coaches in the game, are the 2 easiest sells for talent, and battle each other in games and for top players. What do you all think?
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   Well..... depends by 4/19/07 @3:39PM
      You Have A Point! by 4/19/07 @9:57PM
         Your everywhere!!! by 4/20/07 @10:29AM
            Landon-Georgetown Prep Rivalry by 4/20/07 @11:30AM
               Yeah by 4/23/07 @9:25AM
      Duke-UVA by 4/26/07 @9:44AM
    by (#136419) on 4/15/07 @1:11PM
In addition to featuring the top teams in the ACC and 2 of the best in the country, it also featured the top 2 candidates for the Tewarton in UVA's Rubeor & Duke's Danowski and 2 top candidates for 1st Team All-American Goalie in UVA's Turner and Duke's Loftus.
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    by (#135016) on 4/15/07 @2:39PM
Duke definately didn't look at their best yesterday, but they still managed to win it, just imagine what they could have done at full capacity. Someone else said this already but the only thing that saved UVA from a blow out was Kip Turner's incredible performance in the net.

A side note about cornell, they don't seem like they have been tested much this season except for the game against Duke. Just look at their scheule. They seem well held but I don't know if the Big Red is a shoo-in for the final four.
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   Agreed about Cornell by 4/15/07 @3:22PM
   cuse by 4/15/07 @7:14PM
      I hope Cornell makes it, too. by 4/15/07 @9:42PM
      im not saying... by 4/15/07 @10:15PM
         I agree... by 4/19/07 @3:34PM
   Duke-Virginia rivalry by 4/20/07 @12:29AM
    by (#136419) on 4/15/07 @5:22PM
I know that John Danowski is the head coach, but are the assistants the same as they were under Pressler or did Danowski bring in an entire new staff? Did anyone come with Danowski from Hofstra? Who is the top assistant?
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    by (#136419) on 4/16/07 @11:34PM
The ACC Tournament will take place the last weekend in April. Duke will play North Carolina in one semifinal, while UVA will meet Maryland in the other semifinal. They should be good games. Duke, UVA, and Maryland are locks for the NCAA Tournament. Carolina very possibly will make it, too. The Tarheels are 8-4 right now, and all four of their losses have come to teams in the Top 10. In addition, they have impressive wins over Hopkins and Notre Dame. I think the Tar Heels could still make the NCAA Tournament no matter what happens in the ACC Tournament. However, if they beat Duke in the 1st Round of the ACC Tournament, they are DEFINITELY in the NCAA Tournament.

By the way, I think that John Haus has done enough this season to keep his job for a little while longer.
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    by (#143077) on 4/18/07 @7:12PM
his style is soo relaxed, he never gets intimidated under pressure. Just brushes off checks, you can see it in one of the sequences of photos, where the he moves around the guy on the ground and then just takes that check to his arm, and keeps his stick perfectly protected at all times. Tewaaraton anyone?
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      rubeor has numbers by 4/18/07 @7:25PM
            Ummmmm.... not sooo sure by 4/19/07 @3:32PM
               keep in mind by 4/19/07 @7:46PM
   Cornell is #1, but....... by 4/20/07 @12:24AM
      Dont get me wrong... by 4/20/07 @10:23AM
         I will take that into consideration. by 4/20/07 @11:15AM
Loftus' thumbs
    by (#121794) on 4/19/07 @7:22PM
Has anyone noticed the fiberglass thumbs on loftus' gloves?? One of my friend at goalie camp had the exact same thumbs on his defts but said his dad made them for him, basically a one-off thing. But does anyone know where i might be able to get a pair?
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   cstv by 4/19/07 @9:23PM
      (no subject) by 4/19/07 @10:12PM
   Goalie "Thumbs" by 4/20/07 @9:51AM
    by (#125413) on 4/26/07 @9:36AM
You guys just dont like UVA because you're all yankees. Don't even ty to say that Duke is a southern school. Its a refuge for yanks who couldn't get into the ivy league. It just happens to be in North Carolina.
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