Hopkins Uses OT To Beat Notre Dame 11-10

Hopkins Uses OT To Beat Notre Dame 11-10

Hopkins Uses OT To Beat Notre Dame 11-10

Hopkins Uses OT To Beat Notre Dame 11-10

Hopkins Press Release:

BALTIMORE, MD - Johns Hopkins freshman midfielder Michael Kimmel scored just one goal in Saturday night's NCAA Men's Lacrosse First Round game against Notre Dame, but it's the one everyone will remember as his unassisted tally one-minute into overtime lifted the third-seeded Blue Jays to a thrilling 11-10 win over the Fighting Irish. Kimmel is the first freshman in school history to score a game-winning goal in overtime in an NCAA Tournament game. The Blue Jays (10-4) won for the sixth straight time and advance to next Saturday's quarterfinals, where they will face the winner of Sunday's Princeton-Georgetown game. Notre Dame (11-4) had an eight-game winning streak snapped with the loss.

The Blue Jays led by two on four different occasions in the second half, but could never push the lead to three and the Irish capitalized late. After Brian Christopher scored his second goal of the game on a sneaky shot from the side, the Irish mounted their final comeback. Ryan Hoff scored the first of his two fourth-quarter goals with 7:19 remaining as he took a feed from Will Yateman and picked the top corner of the far post just after the Blue Jays had killed a man-down situation.

Hoff then forced overtime with his second goal of the period as the Irish forced a turnover with 32 seconds remaining and quickly transitioned up field, where senior Brian Hubschmann threaded a low pass to Hoff on the crease and Hoff slipped a quick shot past Hopkins goalie Jesse Schwartzman to forced overtime. There, junior Stephen Peyser won the faceoff and the Blue Jays worked the ball to Kimmel, who dodged from behind the goal, lost his footing to the right of the goal and fired a five-yard shot past Notre Dame's Joey Kemp from his knees to lift Hopkins to its ninth straight overtime victory.

Notre Dame came out firing early as Michael Podgajny scored twice during a 4-1 game-opening run as he opened the scoring just 61 seconds into the game and Hubschmann scored twice during the spree as the Irish held the Blue Jays to a just a Peyser goal in the first 21:24. Peyser's goal came just under four minutes after Podgajny had opened the scoring and was followed shortly after by a 45-minute lightening delay.

Hubschmann's first goal came less than a minute after play resumed and Podgajny scored with just eight seconds left in the first quarter. Hubschmann's second goal five minutes into the second quarter was answered by the first of Jake Byrne's three goals in the game as junior Paul Rabil dodged from the top and drew a slide before finding Byrne behind the play. Byrne quickly fired one past Kemp, who was caught coming back to cover the weak side.

Byrne's goal ignited a 6-1 run for the Blue Jays, who got an unassisted goal from freshman Steven Boyle to cut the deficit to 4-3 at the half and tallies by Rabil and Byrne before the third quarter was seven minutes old to take their first lead of the game at 5-4. An extra-man goal by Brett Vecchio drew the Irish even, but the Blue Jays' second midfield punched home two goals in a span of 1:31 late in the period to give Hopkins the first of its four two-goal leads. Senior Drew Dabrowski was on the back end of a nice give-and-go with junior Kevin Huntley and sophomore Brian Christopher blew a shot past Kemp from 10-yards out after taking a nice pass from linemate Mark Bryan with 3:03 remaining.

A 37-minute lightening delay followed shortly after Christopher's goal and the teams traded the next six goals after play resumed. Byrne, Rabil and Christopher all scored during the six-goal standoff ,with Podgajny scoring twice and Hubschmann once for Notre Dame. Christopher's second goal with 8:42 remaining in the fourth quarter gave the Blue Jays a 10-8 lead, but Hoff's two late goals forced the extra session, where Kimmel etched his name in the record book.

Rabil led the Blue Jays with two goals and two assists, while Byrne (3g), Huntley (3a) and Christopher (2g) all had at least two points. Schwartzman was solid in goal with 14 saves, while Peyser won 12-of-17 faceoffs, grabbed a career-high-tying 12 ground balls and scored the one goal.

Podgajny scored a game-high four goals and Hubschmann scored three goals and added two assists. Hoff added the two late goals and Yateman chipped in with two assists for the Irish, who got eight saves from Kemp.

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awesome game
    by (#103345) on 5/13/07 @7:25AM
rain delays aside, this game was nice.
Both goalies were awesome, the offenses really had to work for their goals.
Kemp made it look like jhu was moving in slow-mo by how quickly he moved, and Schwartzman looked unbeatable at times. I remember once, right before a penalty, where he blocked a shot down low and fell to the ground, and the rebound went right back to the Irish who immediately shot, and he got up to save it again.
Awesome game.
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ND vs Hopkins
    by (#167372) on 5/13/07 @9:12AM
Why was this game not on TV. It said it would be on CSTV but it was not. I think they should put more lacrosse games on TV. Are there any games on TV today?
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    by (#134841) on 5/13/07 @10:05AM
i dont think any games are on tv till next saturday
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    by (#98221) on 5/13/07 @10:21AM
all the games are on ESPNU
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notre dame proved a point
    by (#162792) on 5/13/07 @10:29AM
Looks like a big point for the gwll proving they canplay with the top teams in the country unlike providence.
All the games yesterday and today were on ESPN U and next week until we reach Memorial day weekend with the semifinals.
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ND showed....
    by (#78222) on 5/13/07 @11:36AM
that they are a very talented team with crazy athletism....but Saturday, the pipe was not their friend.
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    by (#166405) on 5/13/07 @2:37PM
what channel is that on?
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    by (#165421) on 5/13/07 @12:14PM
Not many people thought this game was going to be this close, but I for one thought ND could play wit Hopkins. Chris Peyser showed how important face-offs were, because JHU controlled the ball most of the time. This year all teams have stepped up from every conference. ND made JHU play until the final secounds. I can see JHU going to the semi-finals this year, and maby make it to the championship this year like they were expected to do so.
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    by (#136419) on 5/13/07 @12:46PM
Since Pietramala arrived at Hopkins for the 2001 season, Hopkins has played in several overtime games. However, since a regular season lost to UVA in like 4 overtimes in 2001, I think they have won every single won. Princeton and Bill Tierney were just like that during their awesome years.

Doing so well in overtime is not just luck-it is due to awesome coaching!!
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    by (#168668) on 5/13/07 @3:27PM
Utmost respect for Petro, certainly as a player - very good coach who will get better. With him, lax is a coach's game at JHU, which produces victories, but sometimes closer than they need to be (don't jump on this - ND played a great game). He dictates a very disciplined style, especially on D, which always keeps the game within reach, but also an approach that will keep an opponent in the game, especially if they can control face-offs (ergo, my vote for S. Peyser as an MVP for Hopkins this year). Also feel that working against such a D in practice may limit the effectiveness of the offensive talent - they have had the toughest times this year against aggressive defenses - e.g. UVA, and... ND (though I do think that the wet conditions were a bit of an equalizer last night). Coach will become great when he recognizes when to turn his players loose, which he has done on occassion this year - imho he will be the coach to combine the best elements of Tierney's D at Princeton and the run & gun finesse of Syracuse in its glory days. We. the judges, will just have to keep in mind the greater challenge of the sport's growth, with a greater talent base spreading to more schools. A good thing, if you love the sport.
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Petro in OT
    by (#103345) on 5/13/07 @10:38PM
Guess you shouldn't argue with success - but - didn't like the strategy of trying to run out the clock, i.e. stall ball against a good pressing D. If the Jays had run their offense, OT may not have been necessary. But again, monday morning quarterbacking is soooooo easy.
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    by (#136419) on 5/13/07 @12:55PM
Of course, Hopkins has been to the NCAA Tournament 37 straight years, which is unbelievable. However, now that Hopkins is in the Quarterfinals, here is another awesome streak-Hopkins has made it to the Quarterfinals 17 straight years! The last time they didn't make it that far was in 1990, when Princeton, who Hopkins destroyed 20-8 earlier that season, came to Homewood Field and beat Hopkins 9-8 in the 1st Round. That happened to be Don Zimmerman's last game as coach at Hopkins and introduced Princeton as a good lacrosse school.
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1 of 4
    by (#135016) on 5/13/07 @9:10PM
I don't know if JHU realizes this but they are the only team out of the four powerhouse teams that have won the majority of championship for the last twenty or so years. With Syracuse not getting a bid for teh tourney and Princeton and UVA out in the first round, they are the only team that can continue the legacy of those four teams. Coming from a Duke fan to all the JHU fans out there good luck to you and your team.
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    by (#158370) on 5/13/07 @11:22PM
Looks like he provided a little magic today in Maryland. Who would have thunk it. Some would have questioned whether the Retrievers even belong in the tournament. Say what you will, he won three National championships in four years at Hopkins. They were close against Air Gait in 89. Nothing against Tierney but Zim showed a little something special today. Good coach doing a good job in hard sell program.
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    by (#136419) on 5/13/07 @11:35PM
Although the Blue Jays had a rough season in 1990, which led to Zimmerman resigning, I thought that Zimmerman did a fine job in his 7 years as Hopkins' coach. A lot of people point out that he inherited great talent, and that most of the players on his 1984, 1985, and 1987 title teams were ones that Henry Ciccarone recruited. That may have been true. However, throughout Zimmerman's years at Hopkins, Hopkins always look disciplined and so well-coached. In fact, they didn't often make many mistakes and bit teams heads off when THEY did.

At UMBC, as bluejayfan said, Zimmerman has done a good job at a school that is a hard sell for top talent. This was definitely the biggest win he has had at UMBC and definitely the biggest win UMBC's program has ever had. This is the first time they have ever been to the Quarterfinals. Congratulations, Zim and UMBC!
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    by (#79336) on 5/19/07 @2:37PM
thunk... is that a word
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    by (#136419) on 5/13/07 @2:12PM
Georgetown beat Princeton 9-8 in O.T. They got the faceoff and came right down and scored. Tierney's great overtime run in the NCAA Tournament has come to an end. The last time Princeton lost in overtime in the NCAA Tournament was to Towson in triple overtime in 1991. After that until their loss to Georgetown, Tierney was 6-0 in overtime in the tournament, including 4-0 in the title game.
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A rare meeting
    by (#103345) on 5/13/07 @3:01PM
I think this is only the second time Jhu and G-town will meet.
I think i saw somewhere that jhu was 1-0 alltime vs. G-town, which isn't saying much
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    by (#136419) on 5/13/07 @3:09PM
What do you all think will happen? I am calling Hopkins in a close one. After missing the Final Four last season, Hopkins is hungry to get back and play in their own city.

I say:


Maybe overtime, maybe not
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I will take that.
    by (#52032) on 5/13/07 @8:56PM
I wrote before (http://www.lax.com/post.phtml?story=1835&post=5076&popup=1) that I thought the Jays got a tough draw. Maybe what they really deserved, but a lot tougher than a #3 seed should get. If Peyser continues to do the job at the X (three straight weeks, now?) and Jesse brings his A game (the stretch before the second delay seemed awesome listening to the webcast), maybe the Jays can do better than a one-goal game, but GT has a tough and good defense, and I would gladly settle for a nail-biter, so long as the Jays advance.
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    by (#165421) on 5/14/07 @2:43PM
I definaly have Hopkins over G-Town. Remember at the beggining of the season they were expected to to the championship. Early in the season, including their 3 game skid, they had no go to players, but now wit Kimmle, Rabil, Byrns and Boyle hot they are now looking for a championship. How sick would that be if we had another Duke Hopkins Championship game, as we did 2 years ago. Althought it would be reversed. A young Hopkins team loaded with talent vs. a tough senoir class of Duke, who will demand a championship.
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    by (#136419) on 5/15/07 @3:50PM
That is, since he took over starting in 2001. That is unbelievable, if you think about it. Some people will say that Hopkins should have won some of those games by more than just 1, but folks, a win is a win is a win.......... A record like that in 1-goal games is insane. Trust me, that is much more because of great coaching than because of luck. In fact, I don't know if any coach in the history of the sport has had a record THAT good in 1-goal games.


P.S.-I have said before that Bill Tierney is the best coach ever. However, Petro may be the best in this day and age. Also, who knows, he could be considered better years from now. Petro is only 39 or 40, so he has many years left.
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