Hopkins Dominates Georgetown 14-6

Hopkins Dominates Georgetown 14-6

Hopkins Dominates Georgetown 14-6

Hopkins Dominates Georgetown 14-6

The Johns Hopkins Blue Jays earned their 27th appearance in the Final Four with a commanding 14-6 victory over the Georgetown Hoyas at Princeton Stadium on Saturday. The Jays controlled the pace of the game from the opening faceoff and never looked back. After the Hoyas’ first goal Hopkins was able to keep Georgetown off the board for more than 29 minutes. Every G-town goal was almost immediately answered by the Blue Jays, who now head to their very familiar home, Baltimore and Memorial Day weekend.

Georgetown got on the board first with an unassisted goal from Andrew Brancaccio two minutes into the first quarter. They wouldn’t score again until about two and a half minutes into the third quarter. In the interim the Jays would score six times.

From the get-go this game had a markedly different pace than the first quarterfinal match. Where Albany-Cornell was frenetic, face-paced, and relentless, this game was much more metered, careful, and methodical. Both Georgetown and Hopkins vied for possessions, but once the ball was won, they settled into set offenses, working the ball around and trying to set up good match-ups.

Hopkins notched their first goal with an unassisted tally from Mark Bryan. Jake Byrne followed that up off an assist from Brian Christopher. Byrne added another as time winded down in the first, this time off the assist from Kevin Huntley.

Despite Georgetown’s lack of scoring, they did maintain a few good possessions. But Hopkins, feeling confident in their proven goalie Jesse Schwartzman, stuck to their game plan, keeping Georgetown out of the middle and allowing them to take 12 to 16 yard shots. The plan worked as Schwartzman ate up the shots he was supposed to, and the Hoyas helped usually by winding up so much and over shooting that they missed the cage completely.

On offense, the Jays did to do what the Hoyas couldn’t, working the ball inside and putting shots on cage where Georgetown keeper Miles Kass wasn’t. Hopkins shot better than 40%, scoring 14 on 34 shots. At times it seemed they couldn’t miss. Kevin Huntley, who tallied five goals and an assist, commented after the game that his offense did a lot of film study and noticed Kass was weak low. This was reflected in the vast number of high-to-low, bounce, and low-to-low shots the Jays employed.

The second quarter opened with Huntley getting called for an illegal stick. The Hopkins D held strong for the extended extra-man, but it did not rattle Huntley, who returned and just kept on scoring.

Tom Duerr scored the next for Hopkins, driving from X, until he was above the goal line, then rolling back inside on his man to fire a bounce shot past Kass. Huntley began his scoring barrage then, netting back-to-back goals five minutes apart. First Paul Rabil fed a cutting Huntley whose shot Kass got a piece of, but it still trickled in. Then Huntley worked the unassisted, driving in from the wing, and bouncing a shot past Kass, making it 6-1, and ending the half.

Georgetown added goal number two when Ryan Still snatched a rebound and put it past Schwartzman. The teams exchanged goals as Michael Kimmel scored unassisted for Hopkins, and Cullen Molinari got his own solo tally for Georgetown. However the bleeding would not stop

Huntley score on a low burner off the assist from George Castle. Andrew Miller then got his first goal of the season with a little help from Eric Zerrlaut. Huntley netted goal number four off another assist from Rabil with 24 seconds left in the third quarter, leaving the score 10-3 Hopkins.

After some nice ball movement, Garret Wilson caught a pass from Trevor Casey and fired a ripper from about 15 yards out, cutting the deficit to six. However, a comeback was not in the books for the Hoyas.

Hopkins reeled off three straight goals, two unassisted from Christopher and Kimmel, and Huntley’s fifth and final, again from Rabil. Steve Bauer of G-town and Stephen Peyser then exchanged unassisted goals, bumping the score up to 14-5.

Georgetown drew last blood with under a minute left as Trevor Casey drove, beating keeper Michael Gvozden who had just entered the game. Hopkins won the final faceoff though and was able to run out the clock and seal the 14-6 victory.

Georgetown still remains stuck on the quarterfinals, never advancing past that round of the playoffs. Head coach Dave Urick said it is a stat he does not think about until the media presents it to him.

“We’re a tournament caliber team and that’s something to hang your hat on,” Urick said after the game. “It’s better than being home.” Unfortunately though, that is just where Urick will be next weekend.

A noticeably different tone characterized Hopkins head coach Dave Pietramala in post game interviews.

“This group deserves a lot of credit, but our work is far from over,” Pietramala forewarned. “I thought we had everybody play together today…I still think we’re capable of playing better.”

While perhaps Georgetown stopped and smelled the quarterfinal roses in Princeton, Hopkins blew right past them on their trek back to Baltimore.

“As a lacrosse player, the worst thing in the world is to be home on Memorial Day,” Schwartzman said after the game.

Perhaps Paul Rabil’s quote typified Hopkins goals’, as well as the essence of what the tournament is all about. “I’m just glad to be able to go back to the Final Four with my team.”

Hopkins now awaits its next opponent, the winner of the UMBC/Colgate game. Hopkins has yet to play Delaware this season. The Jays faced UMBC on March 6 and beat them 15-6.

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(no subject)
    by (#165751) on 5/19/07 @5:31PM
I thought this game would've been closer, but i guess not. A lot of people gave Hopkins crap cuz they had one rough spot where they lost to UNC, Duke, and UVA in like 2 weeks. But, comne tourney time they really know what they're doing, whihc is why they are going back to teh final four for the 27th time.

I'm calling Hopkins over Duke, again
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   NO WAY by 5/19/07 @5:56PM
      Sorry you missed the game by 5/19/07 @6:21PM
         i saw it by 5/19/07 @6:42PM
            ok by 5/19/07 @8:35PM
         Watch Schwartman.......... by 5/20/07 @7:22AM
         haha by 5/20/07 @4:36PM
      No Way? by 5/19/07 @7:53PM
            i hate don zimmerman by 5/20/07 @4:39PM
Georgetown Defense
    by (#158370) on 5/19/07 @6:04PM
Thought they were given the edge in this game? Very unimpressive Georgetown team. Seems they were once again overrated.
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   that's lax.comrank by 5/19/07 @6:22PM
    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:06PM
They slaughtered a very good Georgetown team today! I am not saying Hopkins is definitely going to win it all, but I will say one thing. If Hopkins keeps playing like this, they are going to be tough to beat.
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:10PM
They face the winner of UMBC/Delaware. I think that could be a very close game, but I think that Delaware is more talented, more athletic, and it doesn't hurt having Alex Smith on face-offs. I say:


And, I say that Hopkins beats Delaware next Saturday.
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    by (#16732) on 5/19/07 @6:10PM
brancaccio, casey and wilson accounted for half of the hoyas' shots by simply winding up and cranking from the perimeter. that may get you a goal every now and then, but not against hopkins and schwartzman when he's on fire.

also, these hoyas broke stephen peyser's jaw in a preseason scrimmage last season. i wonder how he did today to get back of them for that.
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:18PM
Of college lacrosse coaches, that is. He is a very good coach, but during the games, like Dungy, he stands so still and quiet on the sidelines. The main difference between the 2 as coaches is that Dungy has a championship at the highest level of his sport, and, although Urick won many titles at Hobart, he has not won one at the highest level of his sport.
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    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:20PM
Since they are recruiting better than ever and since Georgetown is an easier sell for talent, Georgetown will be a power for years to come. Expect to see them in Final Fours in future years!
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   definately by 5/19/07 @8:38PM
    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @6:51PM
That is, every year in the Quarterfinals. They have been in the Quarterfinals for 10 of the last 11 years, but they only have been to 1 Final Four those 10 times. I am starting to wonder if, after losing in the Quarterfinals a few times, Georgetown started getting psychologically affected in their Quarterfinal games and that it continues every year. It is like, maybe Georgetown knows they are going to lose because they are supposed to lose. I am not saying I am correct, but could this be a possibility?
I know it was the case for the Boston Red Sox for so many years.

However, take nothing away from Hopkins! They played great!
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   could be, but by 5/19/07 @8:40PM
    by (#136419) on 5/19/07 @7:01PM
Sorry to get away from this game, but Georgetown's success in lacrosse makes me think that there is a school that potentially could be a great lacrosse school-Villanova. Before Urick took over at Georgetown, people knew that Georgetown had what it takes to be a good lacrosse school and to get good players:

1. a great school
2. a beautiful campus
3. located in a beautiful, wealthy, part of town.
4. lots of fun things to do nearby
5. a very, yuppy environment with a lot of rich kids
6. good athletic facilities and money
7. beautiful girls

They were right about Georgetown, and they have done a great job. I really think that Villanova could do the same if they put the time and effort into it.

What do you all think?
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   re: Villanova and beyond by 5/21/07 @12:05AM
    by (#103345) on 5/19/07 @8:43PM
now is looking a lot like SU of the '90s, not going 100% in the regular season, but then turning it up and coasting through the tournament. Not that they've coasted through completely (Exhibit A: Last week), but they are sure playing a lot better
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   Cuse by 5/19/07 @10:30PM
      georgetown by 5/19/07 @10:36PM
         I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN! by 5/19/07 @11:41PM
            Psst... by 5/20/07 @10:54PM
         recruiting... by 5/20/07 @1:17PM
            well... by 5/20/07 @1:19PM
            "most of cuse's players come from west genesee" by 5/20/07 @10:30PM
         (no subject) by 5/20/07 @1:59PM
Schwartzman ate up the shots he was supposed to
    by (#52032) on 5/20/07 @9:37AM
Jesse might have let in *AT MOST* three soft goals, including the long stick goal, but what really fired the team up (and, just as important, him) was some AMAZING saves. It forced Georgetown to aim for the corners, and to crank too hard. He keeps playing like this, and the Jays can beat anybody. Let's hope this is a trend, because without Jesse in the game, the Jays can also lose to anybody, especially if the refs call Peyser's faceoffs too tight.
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      I have been disappointed this year, but ... by 5/20/07 @3:55PM
    by (#136419) on 5/20/07 @2:17PM
Delaware beat UMBC 10-6 on Sunday to secure a spot in the Final Four. It will be the Blue Hens' first trip ever. So it will be Hopkins vs. Delaware. I think it could be a good game. However, I think the Blue Jays are going to advance for a few reasons. First of all, the Hopkins players and coaches have plenty of Final Four experience, and the Delaware players and coaches have none. So the Blue Jays have a serious edge in experience. Secondly, since the game is played in Baltimore, chances are that Hopkins will have many more fans than Delaware, giving them a home field advantage. Thirdly, although Delaware is hungry for respect, the Blue Jays are hungry to get back to the title game after not even making the Final Four last year. Most importantly, although Delaware has talent, Hopkins has more. Some people might call Delaware the UMASS of this season. The Blue Hens have surprised many people. However, one must remember that UMASS beat Maryland and Dave Cottle, who is not known for doing much in big games when his team is the favorite, in last year's semifinal. The Blue Hens will have to get past Pietramala, who is doing as good a job as anyone right now. Although Delaware is peaking, so is Hopkins. Although Delaware has good senior leadership, so does Hopkins. So I say:

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    by (#135885) on 5/22/07 @7:06PM
It's time for Delaware to kick some more ass and beat Hopkins. Hopkins will lose cause they're so over rated. I give Delaware the win in the semi finals
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