'Cuse Outguns Georgetown 17-13

'Cuse Outguns Georgetown 17-13

'Cuse Outguns Georgetown 17-13

'Cuse Outguns Georgetown 17-13

Syracuse midfielder Josh Coffman started the game's scoring off at the 13:21 mark in the first quarter when he put an unassisted low righty bouncer by Schroeder, giving the Orangemen an early 1-0 edge. Georgetown moved the ball down the right side of the box, banged it from back-left to Andy Flick, who was sitting back right just below goal-line extended, who then immediately fed the crease to a cutting Scott Urick. Urick one-timed the feed from Flick to tie it up at 1-1. Syracuse midfielder Matt Caione split to his left from the top of the box and, as he set his left to shoot, his defender shoved him down the lane. The shove forced Caione's lefty shot way low of where he was aiming and it actually helped when the ball wound up skipping off the wet grass right over Schroeder's left shoulder into the back of the net, 2-1 Syracuse. Georgetown's second goal of the game showed what the Hoyas offensive theme of the day would be. At the 9:56 mark of the first quarter Hoyas attackman Peter Velepec dodged from the right wing to his right, and while driving towards the goal he whipped a feed into Urick, who caught it and finished righty, 2-2. Powell worked the right pipe and drew a Georgetown slide. As the slide came, Powell dished the ball across the crease to Banks, who quicksticked it into what seemed to be an empty net. Schroeder came diving across from the right pipe to stuff the Banks shot at the doorstep. Another 'Cuse shot was saved by Shroeder, but the rebound wasn't contained and Springer was able to pick it up and finish it, giving Syracuse a 3-2 edge on the Hoyas. Georgetown's Peter Velepec beat his man underneath from the right wing, and with the help of a slow Syracuse slide took the ball from the groundfloor to top floor in the upper left, 3-3. Syracuse's Coffman drove righty from up top, drew a slide from the crease, and dumped the ball down to Darcengelo, who was trailing his sliding defenseman. Darcengelo took Coffman's feed and put it by Schroeder to give 'Cuse the lead back at 4-3. A stingy Orangemen ride led to Powell out-groundballing a Georgetown defenseman on the bench sideline. As Powell picked up the groundball it appeared as if he missed an open Springer on the crease, but Powell looked past Springer to Darcengelo on the backside who finished low, near-pipe on an unset Schroeder, 5-3 Syracuse. With 7 seconds left in the first quarter Steve Dusseau drove the left pipe from behind, inside rolled his man and somehow squeezed one by Mulligan, who was hugging the pipe. Syracuse won the face-off and pushed the ball quickly to Springer, who rocketed one upper right by Schroeder. The only problem is that the refs ruled that the shot came after time had expired, leaving us with Syracuse up by one 5-4 at the end of the first quarter.

Powell started driving the right pipe from behind. Georgetown defenseman Roger Colbert locked up with him and started to drive him out at goal line extended, and as Powell is forced away from the goal he flicked an around-the-back shot which pings the lower right pipe. Georgetown's defense is called for a slash on the loose ball after Powell's pipe. Caione got a cross field pass from Powell and stuck a lefty jumpshot off stick-side to put Syracuse up by two 6-4 at the 12:34 mark in the second quarter. After a Georgetown timeout, the Hoyas came out in a 5-man zone and shut off the crease man. Syracuse recognized the 5-man zone and set up their zone offense. Powell caught the ball up top on the zone, dodged through the point man and finished low. Powell single-handly beat the Hoya zone and put the Orangemen up by three 7-4 with 5:32 left in the second quarter. Andy Flick answered right back for Georgetown as he put an unassisted goal by Mulligan less than 45 seconds after Powell's goal, 7-5 Syracuse. On Syracuse's next possession, Springer worked the ball down the right side of the box to Powell at X. Powell redirected Springer's pass over the top of the goal to a slashing Tim Byrnes, who only had to flip the ball into a open net to put 'Cuse up 8-5. Georgetown midfielder Mike Hammer worked the lower left wing and and force fed the ball to Urick, who was cutting righty, and the coach's son finished righty to make it 8-6 at the 3:24 mark of second quarter. Hammer spotted up on the right side of the field and force fed the ball to Urick on the crease, who finished the play lefty to cut it to 8-7 Syracuse. This lefty goal by Urick was his 143rd career goal, making him the all-time leading goal scorer for the Georgetown Hoyas.

If anyone is looking for a great example of a textbook dip-and-dunk check out Syracuse's ninth goal of the game. Powell inside rolled his man out on the right wing and found himself pretty much wide open on the crease when no Hoya slid to him. Powell proceeded to make Schroeder look helpless when he dropped low and finished top shelf. That closed out the first half scoring for both teams, and as they headed into the lockerooms at halftime, Syracuse led Georgetown 9-7.

Another tough Syracuse ride led to a loose groundball on the wet grass, which led to another unsettled situation for the dangerous Syracuse offense. Darcengelo found an open Coffman in the top right corner of the box who finished high to high into the upper left corner, 10-7 Syracuse. On the following face-off Georgetown grabbed the groundball and worked it down the left side of the field in a broken-up fastbreak situation. Flick got the ball and fed it across the crease to Velepec, who rolled away from his defender, turned the corner and finished low on the near pipe, 10-8 Syracuse. Georgetown's Velepec got a step on Orangemen defenseman Billy St. George a little below the left goal-line extended and drove to his left. He snuck one into the upper left corner, bringing the Hoyas within one of Syracuse at 10-9 midway through the third quarter. Georgetown pulled even with the Orangemen as Steve Dusseau got loose around the top right of the box and bounced one by Mulligan, tying the game up at 10 with a little over two minutes left in the third quarter. As soon as Georgetown's offense was able to notch the game up at 10, the Orangemen offense woke up with only their second goal of the third quarter. Syracuse pushed the ball forward to set up a fastbreak situation in which Springer grabbed the point pass, threw a righty around-the-back pass down the right side to Liam Banks, and Banks finished off the break to put 'Cuse back up 11-10 with less than two minutes left in the third. Dusseau struck again for Georgetown as he iso'd from the lower right wing and beat his man underneath to put a diving righty shot by Mulligan. Mulligan felt that Dusseau was in the crease, but the refs felt otherwise, leaving the game tied up 11-11 at the end of the third quarter and a lot of fans starting to believe that a Cuse-UVA final may not be set in stone.

Syracuse got on the board first in the final quarter when Darcengelo fed the ball across the crease from the right goal-line extended to Springer. Springer left his feet to catch the ball and before landing, he finished lefty, 12-11 Syracuse. Matt Caione caught a pass from Springer at the top center of the box and, without hesitation, found a wide open Tom Hardy on the crease. Hardy caught it, turned, and finished on the cusp on the crease for his first goal of the day. It put Syracuse on top by two at 13-11. With a longpole on his hands, Powell rolled back righty and somehow got a slow shot off. It found its way right between Schroeder's five-hole, 14-11 Syracuse. With 4:28 left in the fourth the Hoyas had still not scored. Springer took a Coffman feed and flat out roped one into the upper left from the righty shooting spot to give the Orangemen a four goal lead at 15-11. Urick tried to rally the troops as he finsihed off another goal on the day at the 3:37 mark of the fourth to put the Hoyas back within three at 15-12. After Velepec missed an around-the back shot on the following face-off, Scott Doyle found Velepec for some redemption when he fired a lefty shot low and away into the lower left corner, bringing the Hoyas to within two at 15-13 with 2:57 left in the fourth. Urick's and Velepec's two quick goals gave the Hoyas a little life in a game which seemed as if it was more-or-less over. Schroeder made a great kick save on a Powell attempt, but couldn't control the rebound which Powell picked up and dumped over a fallen Schroeder, 16-13 Syracuse. Syracuse came out of their own timeout ready for the two-minute pressure by the Hoyas. After Schroeder came out of the goal the Orangemen pushed the ball and Powell found an open Springer cutting down the crease. Springer threw the ball in with a little over a minute to go to put Syracuse up 17-13. In a game that looke like it might be affected by the wet field conditions and constant rain, it was quite the contrary. A lot of offense by both squads, a little defense and two somewhat solid goalie performances. There was not a whole lot either Mulligan or Schroeder could do with the shots that were constantly unloaded on them by the opposing offenses. The Ornagemen/Hoyas two battles this year(the last game of the regular season and today's quarter-final) may be a spark of a new rivalry which we used to only see on the Big East hardwood. The Orangemen are heading down to Maryland for another Final Four weekend on Memorial Day just like everyone expected, with the Hoyas heading home after giving the top team in the nation a serious run for their money here at Rutgers.

Post-Game Quotes:
Winning Syracuse Coach Desko on his team's performance in the second half today against Georgetown, "Things kind of started to go our way at the right time in the game."

"When the other teams are pressuring us it is nice to know we can get the ball into Ryan's stick."

Georgetown Coach Urick on his team's play against Syracuse:
"I was really impressed with the effort our kids gave. We had some self-inflicted wounds that we couldn't overcome and you can't do that against a team like Syracuse."

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Business as usual
    by (#3081) on 5/20/00 @5:10PM
Memo to all the people that said SU would lose:
They are the best team in the country people.
They aren't going to lose. Maybe sometime next year but not this one. They will win the National Championship at Byrd in a week or so.
No other team has any chance. Later women
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    by (#764) on 5/20/00 @6:25PM
there is no doubt in my mind that im gonna be seeing syracuse hoisting the trophy when i'm at byrd next week. hate to say hopkins will lose, but they blue jays can't handle cuse. actually, nobody can handle cuse.
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(no subject)
    by (#2336) on 5/20/00 @11:00PM
ahhhhh, finally the voice of reason. cuse will win it all.
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ya know what
    by (#764) on 5/24/00 @5:19PM
actually, i woke up last night and said "Upset, upset!" and i realized what was going on. i'm predicting an upset! JHU over Su 13-12.
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lovehappy is head over heals for SU
    by (#3233) on 5/22/00 @1:36PM
It is no surprise you are an SU fan. They will lose. Why you ask? The intelligence of SU is about the same as yours, so in that case they have no chance, as you would say, ladies. Lovehappy is a NY meat...I bet he will try to kick my a** now. Tuffguy.
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    by (#3210) on 5/21/00 @5:51PM
all this time i thought JHULAX4 was actually Chris Harned. Guess I was mistaken.
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G-Town was a great warmup
    by (#3045) on 5/22/00 @9:21AM
G-Town had a great year and should be proud of their season and their great run in the playoffs and also proving those wrong who said they didn't deserve to be there. Unfortunatly, they are not in the same league as the Cuse and didn't deserve to win. All Lax fans should be excited for some great semi-final games.
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Great games
    by (#3081) on 5/22/00 @11:03AM
The top four seeds make it, we couldn't have asked for more... See you at Byrd
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AS MUCH AS I LOVE UVA, Princeton will win.....
    by (#3048) on 5/22/00 @2:01PM
It's going to be Princeton and SU in the final and Princeton is going to win. They are truly the team to beat!!!
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Team to beat????!!!!
    by (#3081) on 5/24/00 @12:47PM
Please you have to be absolutely kidding me!
For you to say that Princeton is the team to beat is completely ridiculous. I know that they are one of the most traditional teams ever in D1 lax and they have won numerous titles in the 90's but that was then and this is now. Virginia is the reigning champion and Princeton is seeded 3 right now in the brackets. SU and Virginia are both still alive and are the favorites to win. I do agree with you that it will be a SU-Princeton final, however I think SU will handle them in the Championship for a win. SU is the team of destiny not Princeton.
Why don't you reconsider your "teams to beat" luvlax. Let's go Cuse!!!
later gents
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @1:38PM
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @10:03PM
OH, also, i've heard alot of talk about "laxy lax" or something, can someone please explain what that is exactly and what teams they think play it or something because I'm curious to see what it is and if I agree, thanks !
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