Salisbury Wins A Close One

Salisbury Wins A Close One

Salisbury Wins A Close One

Salisbury Wins A Close One

The first three minutes of the game was an end to end bonanza with both teams trying to outrun the other. It was about three minutes into the first when both teams started to settle down and run their offenses. Salisbury got the first scoring opportunity when Craig Rhodey tried to put one over goalie Wes Hays' shoulder, but Wes was there with stick in hand and quickly denied Rhodey's attempt. At 7:24 Hays was not so lucky, and kicked in his own rebound off of a Tim Parks shot to give Salisbury a 1-0 lead. The Generals, who showed amazing poise all day, quickly answered back at 6:37 when middie Pope Hackney drove left to right and caught Dodson on a off hip bouncer. Washington and Lee went up 2-1 when Colin Dougherty caught a Matt Dugan crease pass and burried it past a stunned Dodson. It was at 2:25 of the first when Washington and Lee struck again. Hackney beat Trentadue to the crease and placed one in the upper right hand corner from two yards out, letting the General's take a 3-2 lead into the second quarter.

The second quarter started out with Salisbury dominating the first five minutes. Scoring first was Chris Turner, who ripped a double poster to beat Hays at 13:22. The next goal came at 9:34 when long stick middie Dave Dipaola threw a beautiful crease feed to Fox , who then had no trouble dipping and dunking one past Hays. Salisbury seemed to have all of the momentum at this point, but the Generals managed to slow them down when Tom Burke picked up his own rebound in front of the crease and knotted the game at four. However, any of the momentum the Gull's might have lost they got back when Chris Turnrer drove across the crease, dove, and while falling, ripped a behind the back shot that blew passed an amazed Hays. The half ended in a ominous 5-5 tie.

The third quarter once again started out with SSU dominating on both sides of the ball, but much to the General's credit Salisbury was only able to pick up one goal, that off of a fast break scored by attackman Rob Bates. After the Generals weathered this five minute flury, they managed to find the back of the net off of a Dougherty shot at 9:09 and tied the game at six. However, a two goal run late in the quarter allowed Salisbury to take a shaky 9-8 lead into the fourth.

The fourth quarter started off slow, with neither team able to sustain any offense. This was especially true for the Generals, who were being ripped by the one-two combination of Dipaola and Azmi. Despite the Gull's stingy defense, Chris Brown managed to sneak one by Tewes at 9:53 to tie the game at nine. For the next three minutes it was anybody's game, but at 6:17 Kevin Fox found Craig Rhodey all alone on the right side and he wasted no time putting the game winner past Hays. Washington and Lee had their chance to tie it up at :54 when Chris Turner took a questionable pushing with possesion call, but were unable to capitalize.

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    by (#2776) on 5/21/00 @5:28PM
To all the people who haven't had anything nice to say about SSU and Turner. See in College Park next week!
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One more game.
    by (#303) on 5/21/00 @7:27PM
Herbodie is the man. My player of the game. That guy just wants to win. Bates looking good out there's about time! Joe get off the ground, your going to get your ring dirty. See you all at College Party, I mean Park. Great game Herbodie
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   SSU's Class by 5/22/00 @12:35PM
      Mr. Jomama by 5/23/00 @7:48PM
What's new
    by (#2503) on 5/21/00 @7:50PM
What an impressive performance from the seagulls today. Definately the best game all year. W&L, a good team you are, but just not good enough. Maybe next year you'll have a shot at a ring, but I doubt it. Middlebury, are you serious? No comment, just laughter!
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   Middlebury by 5/22/00 @9:29AM
      Agreed by 5/22/00 @11:53AM
         Might wanna reconsider that score buddy by 5/22/00 @9:25PM
            Rematch by 5/23/00 @1:45PM
         Might wanna reconsider that score buddy by 5/22/00 @9:26PM
      WHAT??? by 5/22/00 @9:20PM
         bingdooda your clueless! by 5/23/00 @4:36PM
               Smart guy by 5/24/00 @8:09AM
Great Year Washington & Lee
    by (#3113) on 5/21/00 @8:39PM
Today's game was the National Championship
game. Hats of to SSU, they are a great team
and unlike the WAC game, the sportmanship
between these two schools was awesome. W&L
you played a super game, and came close at
the end at tying it up but 3 pipes today and
it wasn't to be. Keep playing hard Generals,
your turn will come. Good luck to SSU in
the finals! Great careers by Dougherty and
Brown of W&L, Dugan, pump it up for next year.
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SSU can't get too cocky
    by (#3045) on 5/22/00 @11:25AM
SSU better not let their heads get too big for the final game. Middelbury is a scrappy bunch whose long poles are solid. They have to come out strong and put Middlebury out in the first half. Middlebury has only beaten one great team this year and aren't ready for what is going to hit them. SSU is just too strong though and the Panthers won't be too much of a hassle.

SSU 14 Middlebury 7
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hey, luvlax...sorry, but it has to be said
    by (#3064) on 5/22/00 @12:24PM
luvlax, WHERE ARE YOU NOW!!! That's right, the low life rednecks from SSU are in the big game once agaaaiin!!! And although we are facing an improved Middlebury, you all have to admit, the Gulls are THE most dominate team in D III lax. The record doesnt lie, just 2 losses in the last two years! They do not get a cakewalk schedule either (Gettysburg,Bowdoin, Denison, OWU, WAC,etc...) While Middlebury hasnt seen that much of a challenge. Cant wait for sunday, cause I know I'll be out leading the rowdie rednecks on the stands cheering on my Gulls.
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   I'm right here BigBarkPunk........ by 5/22/00 @1:45PM
      Joboo needs a refill by 5/22/00 @5:16PM
      Yo dude !!! by 5/22/00 @9:30PM
         MY ABOVE COMMENT WAS DIRECTED TO LUVLAX, THANKS !! (nt) by 5/22/00 @9:34PM
What a Game...
    by (#3240) on 5/22/00 @6:30PM
Anybody who didn't get to see W&L/SSU on Sunday missed one GREAT game. I certainly gained a lot of respect for W&L. Their kids played hard, but clean. After watching WAC embarass themselves the week before, that was a welcome change...
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    by (#3064) on 5/22/00 @10:10PM
OH, PUH-LEEZ!! luvlax, you and your butt kissing buddy need to put a sock in it. You have some nerve. I read all the posts last week, don't be coming out like you are some little angel. You were one holding the gas can in the forum of distasteful remarks. You sit there at your computer, trying to put down the students, faculty, parents, and even the community of Salisbury. Now, I am sure that all these groups committed a grave injustice against you.(sarcasm) Or maybe it's because you just have nothing more meaningful in your life but to insult others. Well sir, YOU are the one without class. As for me and the rest of my peers, you know what, YES, we are a bunch of low class rednecks...but you know something, a low class redneck from MD has twice the character is someone upidity momma's boy. Well, you have fun cheering on whatever squad you cheer for(this week I assume you're jumping on the Middlebury bandwagon.) I'll be ending my college career cheering my boys from the lax squad on to their 2nd consecutive title (I believe that would make it 4 in the past 6 years) This is my last post, so you can get you little satisfaction by thinking you have won the war of last words, since it means that much to you.

Class of 2000
Salisbury St.
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   You just summed it up.......... by 5/23/00 @10:53AM
               laxmann7777 you go dude! by 5/24/00 @9:49AM
                  Uh,thanks man(assuming you aren't being sarcastic) by 5/24/00 @1:31PM
Answer if you can please...
    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @10:24PM
i've heard alot of talk about "laxy lax" or something, can someone please explain what that is exactly and what teams they think play it or something because I'm curious to see what it is and if I agree, thanks !
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Let's hope SSU has changed their haircuts
    by (#3045) on 5/23/00 @8:43AM
This final game should be a great one but I hope SSU's players don't have those ridiculus haircuts like they did last year. I mean come on, mohawks? That was cool in 1987 for high school football teams in New Jersey, not college lax in 2000.
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   Your Smart by 5/23/00 @12:16PM
      You must have thought those haircuts were cool. by 5/24/00 @8:22AM
         Everyone chill about the haircuts... by 5/24/00 @1:38PM
            Just trying to make a joke by 5/24/00 @2:19PM
               Ok Bomber, later man... (nt) by 5/25/00 @1:32AM
   HEY BOMBER, GOOD CALL DUDE !!! by 5/23/00 @2:07PM
    by (#3155) on 5/23/00 @4:27PM
First of all I wanted to make a point that Jim Huelskamp is the greatest player ever to play at Salisbury State. Good luck Joe High (Dulaney) and keep up the good work. Middlebury should not be taken lightly. Good luck.
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   Hules rules by 5/23/00 @4:35PM