Second Time's The Charm, Middlebury Wins It 16-12

Second Time's The Charm, Middlebury Wins It 16-12

Second Time's The Charm, Middlebury Wins It 16-12

Second Time's The Charm, Middlebury Wins It 16-12

Salisbury won the opening face. Chris Turner stuttered from top right and fired one lefty (the book on him was all right) but was denied by a sharp looking Dave Campbell. Middlebury's first offensive possession resulted in a John Dodson stuff on Holt Hopkins from the crease and the Gulls went on O. Playing a tight man, Middlebury faced the Gull's invert offense with Jimmy Barnes, Rob Bates and Turner taking runs at the open space created by the rest of the offense camped out up top. 4 shots and a Jed Raymond kayak later, the Panthers got it back on offense. They made quick work as Holt Hopkins drove past a fallen Hirbod Azmi and fed attackman David Seeley for a wide open 10 foot crank high, at 10:55. Salisbury won the face and went into the same iso offense, from behind and the wings, but Campbell made a save on a low bouncer by Salisbury's Josh Bergey. At 8:02, the Gulls finally got on the board when Ryan McKenzie drove from up top and fed Rob Bookhamer on the crease, beneath the sliding Panther D. At 6:45, the Gulls made it 2-1, when Tim Parks wormed his way through a triple team, bag, shaft and ball, and came around the net to finish high. The Panthers answered a minute later when Salisbury's Jordan Austin missed an over the head on Panther attackman Zach Herbert, who took it to the cage and finished five hole, 2-2. After a 10 second call on the ensuing face because of great D by the Gull's lumber-laying Dave DiPaola, the Gulls went on offense for 2 minutes. At 4:18, Salisbury's Bergey took advantage of his short stick matchup to finish on the run low, but he paid for it when Middlebury's Sebastian Estrada layed a crushing hit. After surviving a fast break off the face, the Gull's Azmi fed John Karchner to finish off a 3 on 2 break low and away, 4-2 Salisbury at 3:53. Middlebury would not got away, however, and Ryan McKenzie scooped up another pipe rebound to make it 4-3 at 2:34. After Middlebury D-man Ben Fritz made a smart play to hold on to the ball as he was being pushed out of bounds on the endline, Salisbury's Bergey fed Rob Bates on the crease to make it 5-3 in the final seconds of the first quarter. Despite being down by 2, Middlebury's tight man defense looked strong as short sticks Derek Esposito and John Rice played excellent position defense and Jed Raymond was throwing well timed butt end back rap checks all over the place.

After winning the 2nd quarter opening face, Middlebury's Seeley iso'd from the left wing, rolled inside and finished 5 hole with little or no angle, at 13:34, 5-4 Gulls. A minute later, the Gulls made it 6-4 when middie Ryan Fisher ripped one from 18 yards out. The Panthers went on a sustained offensive run to try and answer back, but Dodson came up big, making 2 saves with his left elbow, and the Panthers eventually threw it away. The Gulls returned the favor on the throwaway and the Panther's Matt Dunn answered back with a drive from up top, at 10:49. 10 seconds later, Middlebury tied it up, 6-6, when John Boynton finished off a face-off fast break from Peter Soden with a 15 yard bounce shot. Three minutes of scoreless play would follow with disciplined defense by both teams and hard hitting, well-refereed play. At 5:49, Middlebury went up 7-6 when Holt Hopkins made an unbelievable 30 yard look to Steve O'Neil on the crease to finish the slow break off a Salisbury turnover. The Gulls tied it up a minute later when Kevin Fox worm-burned one in through a screen from 15 yards out. The Panthers liked the lead, however, and said so with a goal by Jamie Haire off a feed from O'Neil at 3:43. 14 seconds later, the Panther's Seeley ended up with it after a gb scrum to score his fifth of the day to make it 9-7. The Gull defense slammed their sticks to the ground and Gull coach Jim Berkman called a timeout to calm everyone down.

No luck. Middlebury's Hopkins finished off a feed from Curt Goldman at 2:42. A minute later, Salisbury's Turner scored a debatable goal when he dove (was he pushed?) through the crease and went behind the back in mid air. It would have been a sick goal if that was still allowed, but I guess it's a judgement call. With :58 to go in the half, Middlebury's Hopkins ducked under an Azmin 2 fist check, pumped high, and finished low to make it 11-8. Salisbury's Parks would cut it to 11-9, when he rocked and rolled until he was he able to let a 10 yard righty crank go that found the bottom of the net, at :28. The teams went into the locker rooms to discuss the 2nd half proceedings and figure out how to come out ahead of the rapid scoring pace. The 20 goals scored was the most ever in a D3 championship half.

Middlebury continued their air tight defense holding the Gulls scoreless on a 2 minute opening possession. At 12:06, Middlebury's lightning quick Bryan Sanchez broke his cover's ankles from up top to finish righty on the run low to make it 12-9 Middlebury. Immediately after, another Gull possession was denied by strong defense by Brian Nickel on the Gull's Craig Rhodey. 2 minutes later, Middelebury's Nickel would strip a falling and noticeably absent Joe High. The Gulls were looking anxious as players drove to the cage trying to let shots go with Panther defender's sticks on their hands. At 7 and change, Middlebury's Sebastian Estrada doubled from the crease to crush a roll dodging Rhodey. At 5:29, Salisbury's Turner tried to power to the crease against Nickel and go behind the back, but Campbell held pipe to make the save and leg it out for possession. Finally, after over 8 minutes of dominating possession, the Gulls Greg Fisher powered in to the crease from the right wing to finish high, 12-10 with 3:53 to go in the 3rd. The Panther's would go up 3 again when Jamie Haire stuttered from up top to finish lefty on the run, 13-10 Panthers with 1 and change to go. Salisbury's Ryan McKenzie would connect off a feed from Bergey with :54 to go to cut the lead to 2. But the Panthers would answer right back when Greg Carroll made a nice in and out move from behind catching Gull D-man Bryan Shanahan stepping forward. He stepped by to come around and finish near pipe to make 14-11, Middlebury.

After going man-down, Middlebury's Campbell would make a smooth-looking save at 13:40. Middlebury would get a flag on the clear but could not convert. The Panther D would hold the Gulls shotless and scoreless on another 3 minute possession with Gull players falling when they tried to make cuts and Raymond doubling to lay crushing hits. After clearing it, Middlebury's Dunn would finish off a righty sweep from up top after just 20 seconds on offense to make it 15-11 with 9 and change to go. Alternating turnovers would follow, and Salisbury would go on offense in desperate need of a spark. But they let go a shot with no backup and Middlebury went on the stall with 7 and change to go. The Panthers would turn it over, and Salisbury's Rob Bookhamer fed Rob Bates on the weak side of the Panther slide to make it 15-12 with 5:59 to go. At 5:17, Middlebury's Raymond kayak-stripped Salisbury's Bergey, but the Gulls got it back to call a timeout with 4:57 to go.

The ensuing Salisbury possession would end in a drop and the Panther's went on the stall. At 3:17, Middlebury was forced to score as the Gull defense was in panic mode. Midlebury's Zach Herbery fed Seeley on the crease to make it 16-12 Middlebury. The Panthers faceoff man Peter Soden would come up huge to win the ensuing face, and his team's offense killed a minute. Salisbury got a brief possession, but took a rushed shot. With 1:36 Salisbury got a last chance, but the crowd knew it was over, and so did the Gulls as Middlebury would leg out a rushed shot for possession.

Middlebury played a defensive masterpiece to win the 2000 D3 Men's Lacrosse Championship. Jed Raymond was a dominant presence on the field, and his well-timed aggressiveness trickled down to the rest of his defense to defeat the high-powered offense of the Salisbury Gulls.

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gulls fans
    by (#1279) on 5/28/00 @7:06PM
just wanna know where all the trash talkin gulls fans are now - guess you guys arent too good at predicting games.
way to go middlebury
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What did the Heckler say
    by (#2969) on 5/28/00 @7:12PM
I told you Middlebury didn't mess around. They didn't mess around. I told you that they would bring home the crown. They brought home the crown. And everyone thought the best thing in Middlebury was a Baba's grilled steak and Cheese....... think again. Middlebury is insane. Not only is it a wonderful, top-notch elite academic institution.... its a wonderful place to be. with its championship, the panthers continue their dynasty.... Middlebury is no joke... they could carry their weight in D1.. and you know it.

Later losers
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   Are you nuts? by 5/28/00 @7:43PM
   good call by 5/28/00 @9:07PM
   (no subject) by 5/29/00 @3:13AM
   heckler by 5/30/00 @12:27PM
    by (#2981) on 5/28/00 @7:19PM
Hats off to Middlebury for not only kicking the crap out of the Gulls, but for shutting up all of their ignorant, obnoxious and uneducated fans.

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   Ditto by 5/30/00 @10:05AM
Where are the SSU fans?
    by (#682) on 5/28/00 @8:07PM
You called us idiots for picking Middlebury and talked trash all year.
Where are you guys now? Middlebury handled SSU with ease today. Proving that New England Lax has done more then arrive. Naz and SSU may have the history but Middlebury is wearing the first ring of the new century. Many more to come.
Where were all the Gulls high powered scores we kept hearing about?
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   Middlebury is for real by 5/30/00 @10:41AM
BOOYA !!!!!!!
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @1:49AM
FOR ONCE I'M GLAD THAT HECKLER WAS RIGHT ON HIS PREDICTION. Hey, to my dawgs lovehappy and watcher09, it's time to celebrate, who's got the keg ? I'LL PUMP !!!!!!!
Oh, and one more thing I hafta add to this. I know people who in high school had no interest in lacrosse whatsoever. They went to SSU for college and all of a sudden all they did was talk sh*t and brag about how awesome the gulls were. They all just jump on the bandwagon when its convenient for them and SSU is supposed to be sick or is playing well or better etc. Any other time, you don't ever hear a peep out of them about SSU lacrosse. Hey SSU, looks like you got what you deserved with your big mouths, big egos, 6th year sneaking- seniors and forming all-americans and winning teams with D-1 f*ck ups who should be playing d-1, get kicked out of d-1 or have other lame-a** excuses for going to SSU to play lacrosse instead of a d-1 school. Later !!!
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putting up
    by (#2519) on 5/29/00 @8:58AM
Hats off to Middlebury, I wasn't sure you could avenge last year's loss. To those Salisbury 'fans', where are you? I sincerely hope that next time you think about talking trash, you remember W&L and Middlebury. Salisbury is not in a class of its own, and no DIII team could really hang with the big boys in DI. I'll tell you one thing, I can't wait to see Middlebury play W&L in a battle of awesome schools with awesome lax teams.
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      laxman77 by 5/29/00 @6:23PM
         You forgot one thing cool guy... by 5/30/00 @12:59PM
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @12:28PM
...hey, all of those obnoxious SSU fans who make postings on here must be on vacation together or something. Hey, where's all those sh*t talkers huh ? Wheres "Bingdooda" (more like bongdooda) and "Espncory" and all those other over-confident, trash-talking, obnoxious, ignorant, stupid, bitch-ass poor excuses for students/lax players/people. Maybe you will learn now that when you have a "sure winner" you just shut up, play hard and try to win and you don't open your mouth. Also, you never take an opponent lightly, no matter who they are. I guess you know now that calling Middlebury a joke, well, now makes you look like the true joke that you have been all your life and this whole season on here making stupid postings about how SSU was god-like and kissing their asses so much all year. WE ALL THOUGHT ALL OF YOU SSU SH*T TALKERS WERE A JOKE...NOW, WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE ONE...SO, TO REITERATE, YOU ARE A JOKE, ALL OF YOU GET OFF IT AND GOOD LUCK SSU GETTING A GROUP OF PLAYERS LIKE YOU HAD THESE FEW YEARS AGAIN...IT WON'T HAPPEN, PERIOD.
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   laxman77 by 5/29/00 @6:19PM rule...plthhhhhhh by 5/29/00 @9:36PM
         Great post demerc by 5/30/00 @1:10PM
         demerca by 5/30/00 @7:53PM
            wnbacory by 5/30/00 @11:38PM
               I AGREE WITH BOMBER,DEMERC'S POSTINGS KICK A$$ !!! (nt) by 5/31/00 @3:34PM
               wnbdemerc/ tool by 6/01/00 @10:09PM
                  cory cory cory by 6/02/00 @11:58PM
                     demerc demerc dork by 6/03/00 @8:12AM
   laxman77 by 5/29/00 @6:27PM
   laxman77 by 5/29/00 @6:27PM
      WELL, MY Dawg DEMERC JUST MADE YOU LOOK LIKE... by 5/30/00 @1:07PM
         (no subject) by 5/31/00 @2:41AM
            soc22lax by 5/31/00 @9:23AM
               I hear ya bro but... by 5/31/00 @11:22AM
Man I love this page !!!
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @12:45PM
SSU hardly has any young talent, so good luck in the future fellas (ha ha). Hey, wheres that one dude from SSU on here that over a week ago I totally whored on here ? You know who you are, what, no response to what I said 'cause it was so sick ? That's ok, typical SSU fan who has like never even played before. You probably have no response 'cause you know I'm right anyway. Man, I just love being on here with all my fellow SSU-haters. Keep it up guys, I wanna see how many bullsh*t excuses they make, if any have the sack to make a comment on this game again, later.
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   Hey listen... by 5/29/00 @1:42PM
      Screwball, the only candya*s on here is you pal... (nt) by 5/29/00 @5:47PM
      screwoff or ball or something by 5/29/00 @6:31PM
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @1:40PM
(no text)
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   Middleberry by 5/29/00 @2:08PM
   I didn't see the game by 5/30/00 @10:09AM
      Some did, yes, I swear I saw a pink-dyed one too. (nt) by 5/30/00 @1:11PM
Um, laxman7777....
    by (#2519) on 5/29/00 @2:02PM
Hey laxman7777, I don't know what your beef is with Salisbury or there fans, but I now think they have suffered enough. I'm pretty sure they got the picture after your first two lengthy responses, but your afterthoughts might be a little excessive. SSU is a good team with fair-weather fans. I think that is all we need to say.
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   OK DUDE, I HEAR YA, Very good point...Later. (nt) by 5/29/00 @5:45PM
Congrats to Middlebury!
    by (#1762) on 5/29/00 @3:21PM
Great job Middlebury you played a super game. I AM an SSU fan and am sorry they lost. (The $10 bucks for the game was well spent.) I am sure you would admit this was not a cake walk!? Hey #34 great"D".

Pray for Humility, you'll need it. The guys at the top get the most stones tossed at them. Just read the comments against the Gulls this season.

You now have the mantle of #1 and all that comes with the position. Wear it well!

"Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift your up." James 4:10

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   Great game by 5/29/00 @4:00PM
      Bring the chatter by 5/29/00 @4:32PM
         Yeah, Great coaching Berkman...WHAT A LOSER!!! by 5/29/00 @7:33PM
         Good work Gulls! by 5/29/00 @9:57PM
I'm gonna swallow some pride here guys...
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @5:57PM retrospect of my comments, I would like to apologize for getting too carried away because I dislike SSU so much.
Gogulls= A class act SSU fan, I wish there were more of you man, I might have more respect for SSU fans then...The Big Fan is another SSU Fan with class and he makes a very good and original statement and biblical quote also. Thanks for giving me something to think about man...Hey, Gulls13, whether you are on the team or not I am sorry for putting you guys down man, its just not like me to do that and I don't know what got into me, I got too carried away with my personal issues on here. Again, I'm sorry, I hope you accept my apology all of you SSU fans and everyone else whom I offended, except that jerk screwball...
later guys.
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What's up with the Burg?
    by (#3399) on 5/29/00 @9:07PM
First of all I would like to congratulate both Salisbury and Middlebury on great seasons. I saw both these teams play and they both had a lot of depth and talent. I was just looking at the past D3 champs and it occured to me that Gettysburg has beaten the eventual National Champion in the regular season three years in a row. In 98 GC-7, WAC-3; in 99 GC-10, SSU-8; and again this year GC-10, Middlebury-6. Yet over this 3 year span Gettysburg has not advanced past the quarterfinals. As a fan of the Bullets I know they return a strong squad and I hope they finally back their regular season up with a strong showing in the tourney next year.
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Game comments
    by (#3410) on 5/30/00 @9:01AM
Having read most of these comments, I just wanted to mention a couple of things I feel are important that fans of the DIII finals.

I first want to emphasize how much respect I and the rest of the Middlebury squad have for Salisbury State. Undoubtedly, the Seagulls have some of the most dangerous players in our division. Chris Turner, Parks, DiPaula, High,...all of these outstanding players deserve the recognition they earn at the end of the season. In addition to their capabilities, the Seagulls also possess a level of class unparallelled in division III. For these reasons, and others, Salisbury State is a powerhouse program.
Second, I want to comment on the notion that we, or any other DIII team can compete in DI. Although it is true that many players in DIII could play at the DI level, (Turner and Parks come to mind, as well as our own Holt Hopkins), we must acknowledge that the depth of caliber players like the aformentioned goes much deeper in top ten DI teams. So don't worry, we in DIII are not suffering from some delusions of grandeur.
To Paul Shirley, we know Middlebury is in the middle of nowhere, that's why we like it. Its really beautiful up here; you should see it, although I don't think you made any friends with your comments. That's OK, we're usually pretty forgiving. Also, while I have a tremendous respect for W&L and their program, I hesitate to agree with you in that our win was a function of their loss. Salisbury is too good a team to scout and interpret with one game. Give them more credit before you jump to conclusions.
This is getting long, so I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports the game. You've made my experience so rewarding. Good luck to everyone next year, I'll be watching from the sidelines.

Jed Raymond
Middlebury College
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   Middlebury by 5/30/00 @7:33PM
   Mr. Jed Raymond by 5/30/00 @7:49PM
   Midd lax by 5/31/00 @12:32AM
Great Game But Where Was ESPN?
    by (#3426) on 5/31/00 @12:15AM
Did ESPN STIFF the Division 3 Title Game this year? Usually after the Division 1 championship game is over a replay of the Division 3 championship game is shown on ESPN or the Deuce. I really don't remember but I have watched this game for the past few years. Why did ESPN pull the plug on this game or is it going to be shown at 3 in the morning sometime this week. ESPN has p*ssed a lot of lacrosse fans of especially with some of the sh*t they have the b*lls to show!!!
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