Syracuse Dominates the Final

Syracuse Dominates the Final

Syracuse Dominates the Final

Syracuse Dominates the Final

It was almost sunny, just enough to keep you hoping. Princeton was in black, the Cuse in white. Cercy jumped the gun on the first face and Princeton controlled. Owen Daly took several runs at the cage from the right wing, but Glatzel shoved him away each and every time, forcing the Tigers to work it around the outside. Cuse got the ball when Mulligan beat it out to the endline on a shot, but it came back down the other way when Ciaone pulled a swim move and hit Tierney in the thigh. Cuse was putting up some smart, aggressive, helping defense. Abrams was on Sims, Mollett on Powell. Syracuse broke the ice first at 8:15 when Coffman drove down the right wing, forced a Mollett slide from the crease, and dumped it to Powell uncontested from a yard out. Banks added to Cuse's total when he drove around from right behind and posted up on Damian Davis. A couple of rocker steps later, he turned into the middle and let a righty bouncer loose that found the five hole. Banks again from the right side at 3:43 for a 3-0 lead -- he took Brian Lieberman out to the wing, knocked it into fifth gear for a little, got position underneath along goal line extended, and forced it by Tierney from right outside the crease. Banks then took a slashing penalty, but Cuse was even able to strike gold on that. Jay Abendroth took the outlet from Mulligan and pulled a side-winding clearing run. No one decided to pick him up as he was coming down the middle however, so he fed across to Springer in the middle of the hole, who pulled up on the shot (you could hear the disappointment in the crowd) and dumped it to Coffman when the slide came. Coffman finished all alone and in pump-faking heaven. Some unpleasantries then developed when Princeton's Matt Bailer delivered a clean, hard hit on the sideline, but the refs saw it otherwise. Tierney flipped and drew a flag. The quarter ended on that note, but it would get worse for the Tigers.

Sean Hartofilis drew a three minute non-releasable illegal stick penalty when the refs conducted their mandatory 1st quarter check (the ball stayed in even when it was turned 90 degrees -- no wonder he kept it in traffic yesterday). Ciaone whipped a no look pass on the ensuing man up that sailed up to the midfield, so Princeton was able to head the other way. The tides of fortune turned when Banks drew an illegal body check and Glatzel drew a slash when he tried to find the back of the neck. Princeton was actually man up now. St George threw a nasty over the head, got the ball, the first penalty was released, and Cuse took a timeout. On the following possession, which turned into a man up when Glatzel's flag was over, Powell drove around from right behind, inside rolled and tried to find the inside corner, but Tierney met him low. Wasn't over though -- Powell grabbed the rebound as he was still coming across he face of the goal and stuck it behind the back to the upper left corner for a 5-0 lead. It became 5 on 5 when Powell was called for a hold on a clearing Mollett, but Winship Ross cleaned Powell's clock after the whistle. Syracuse couldn't take advantage of the 30 second differential, choosing to take their time and pick their spots. When it became all even, Springer iso'd from up top on his short stick, O'Shaughnessy, took him down the left side, got underneath and switched to his right hand for a low and away rip to the offside corner. At 6:07, Hartofilis darted inside from the right wing against St George, got a step, and put Princeton's first tally on the board for a 6-1 deficit. It quickly became 7-1 when Cuse's Dan Stessan drove the length of the field and kamikazeed at Tierney. Mollet planted him, but Tierney ventured out for the loose ball. Bad idea. Powell beat him to it and fed across the grain to Banks, who hit the empty netter. The Tigers stormed right back on two sick individual efforts. First, Owen Daly caught an off target feed as he was streaking in from the left wing. He face dodged his way through the center of the hole and finished. Rob Torti then took one straight down the middle from up top, split dodged one guy, rolled on another, and stuck a laser to upper right. The ball stayed in the corner, waived for a second, and then fell. The goals came just thirty seconds apart.

Cercy started the 3rd with some more faceoff mastery and moved it around the horn. Springer took the ball off the left pipe, bulled hard around the corner on Scott Farrell, who gave way, and Springer pumped a great cross crease feed (once the double came) to an uncovered Banks. 8-3 Cuse. The Orange hit yet again on the very next possession when Hardy drove the right pipe from up top and found a, gasp, uncovered Banks on the left pipe. He faked about 7 seven times in a half second and then in a blink of an eye nailed the top right. Princeton, sensing they wouldn't go far in a run and gun, took an extended run on offense without really making an attempt at taking it to the hole. Cuse got smart to it, and Glatzel laid a crushing hit on a double from the crease to get the ball back. Cuse was starting to smell the title, and you could sense some Dome flair creeping into the game. Springer had some great chances on a couple breaks, but Tierney stoned him. Springer did eventually notch another when Hardy hit him on a routine pass to the left wing, but Springer decided to bring the heat, and the kid's got heat, for a rifle past Tierney with almost no angle. Sims returned the favor when he nailed an offside hip from 12 yards out, but Cuse once again answered. Banks lost Mollett at X, and by the time Mollett doubled back in front of the net, Banks was already finishing on the other side for his 6th of the day, and an 11-5 lead. Princeton would get another in the quarter when a weak push call was heaped on Abrams after he tied up Sims on an over the head. Brendan Tierney converted on a nice EMO feed to the middle from Harrington. The 3rd ended with Cuse up 11-5.

Cercy and Bassett were just killing the Tigers on the faceoffs. When Cuse settled, they started to look like the Princeton team they were up against; moving the ball around the outside endlessly, and becoming very hesitant to take any risks. Princeton actually fell victim to the hypno offense -- Banks hit Powell on a routine pass from behind to the left wing, but because they hadn't challenged on previous opportunities there, the Tigers forgot it was actually in shooting range. Powell didn't, and ripped it low and away for a 12-5 lead. Trevor Tierney eventually stopped the slumber when he kick saved one from Stessen and sent it the other way, but Cuse's longsticks, like they had been all day, were lightning fast on the slides and magnets on the passes across the middle. At only 10:00 of the 4th, the game had taken on the air of a done deal. Ryan Powell was trying to tie Casey's career Syracuse scoring record a little too hard (he needed just one point), and Cuse was losing opportunities on forced feeds and shots that really had no chance. Players were playing for stats and highlight reels now. Princeton made the final score look closer than the game really was when Sims wheeled around from the top right of the box and threaded it to Streibel on the left pipe. Sims notched one of his own at 1:48 when Mollett took a coast to coast down the left sideline and dumped it to Josh as the slide came. 12-7 Cuse, but it wasn't even that close. More fruitless attempts to get Powell that one last point occupied the next minute and a half, but at :18 Ethan Mills took a Powell feed from behind to up the score to 13-7. More importantly, it meant god knows how much dinner table abuse was now going to be piled on Mike Powell.

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Wow what a thumping
    by (#2675) on 5/29/00 @1:54PM
Ya know what Princeton, you wimps should have at least shown up today. Instead you got abused by the far most SUperior team in the land the CUSE.
The National Championship was not the other day against Virginia, although you a*&holes seemed to think so. An absolute embarrassment. I never should have doubted SU. They are the best team in the country and ultimate kudos today to Liam Banks. WOW dude. Way to show up in the biggest game of your life!!!!
and Ryan Powell, the best player in the country hands down. What a career bro.
I can't wait to see all the Princeton losers come out now with their excuses. You ivy league softees and nerds got lambasted today by the best team in the country and you just better swallow that loss and be quiet.
I don't want to see ANY excuses, just paying homage to the real team, the CUSE.
later nitzes
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    by (#85) on 5/29/00 @4:16PM
Hey Screwball...about responding to your own post...? Bush league, brutha. As for the 'Cuse, they deserved it today with great defense. Nothin for nothin, but 13 goals is nothing to give a shout out about on offense.

Now, here's the bottom line. Next year, graduating only two seniors (well, Sims may count as two alone), with the best freshman class this year, and the best freshman class next year...I doesn't take a degree from Salisbury State to figure out who is going to be dominating the next few years at Rutgers for the finals...Cry all you want, Props to Cuse, but get used to seeing the orange and black on the podium...Word.

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Orange Monday!!!!
    by (#3000) on 5/29/00 @4:59PM
Congratulations to the 'Cuse!!!! 2000 National Champions!!!!!!! Way to start off the new century in the record books! Kudos to the Tigers on a great tourney run, but it was without a doubt the Cuse's year! Great job!!!!!!!!
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    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @5:32PM
Gratefulax= Pure class posting on here.
Clashkidd7, Cuselax319, and Sigurd= ALL 3 make very good points and arguments and back them up, thanks guys, I think 'Cuse vs. Princeton is gonna be the next great rivalry that we see. Possibly the title game the next one or two years also.
VIRGINA VS. SYRACUSE, I AGREE, WOULD HAVE BEEN A WAY BETTER GAME, THERE WAS NO WAY 'CUSE WAS GONNA LOSE TODAY AT ALL...AND I'M A NON-CUSE FAN ADMITTING THAT ONE...MOVING ON...PRINCETON4= Another guy who makes pure class postings on here and sounds very intelligent and civil while doing it...I agree with Watcher09 and my DOGG lovehappy as usual, they both always make good points and arguments and back them up too...Oh, and to jerkoff Screwball, guys, trust me, he's an ass and he doesn't even need to post anything to look like one, he has no class as usual and clearly doesn't understand the game of lacrosse like we all do. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for these two teams who are always good no matter who they have and who always have good recruiting classes and coaching too. That's it for now, later guys.
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ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by (#3048) on 5/29/00 @7:40PM
Great job to Ryan Powell and gang!!!! Princeton didn't even deserve to go up against them. It should have been UVA playing. Would have made for a much more exciting game. Instead we all witnessed Syracuse kick the crap out of Princeton. Seriously, Josh Sims? Are you kidding me??? He does not deserve middie of the year. He didn't even do anything.....??? Hartfolis is pretty good for a freshman I'll have to admit. He's gonna be great if he hits the gym and the experience will help in years to come. SYRACUSE PICKED THEM APART!!!! Eveyone says Princeton is suppose to have this great Defense, BUT when I watched the game today, Syracuse was the team with the outstanding defense. They were perfect in the execution of their plan to win today!!!!!! Great job Syracuse. I was also truly happy to see Ryan tie his brother in career points. That was really cool to watch. I know everyone likes to hop on the bandwagon of the Powell boys but Ryan did an outstanding job!!!! And how about Banks today???? Holy cow, he rocked!!!
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The Championship
    by (#3033) on 5/30/00 @1:10AM
As much as I despise SU, I have to give them props, they were the better team today. As for Heckler, you said your predictions are never wrong, what about your poor Hobart. As I recall they got demolished in the first round. I think you just jumped on the SU band wagon. Sims is for sure the middie of the year. Later.
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For the record?
    by (#2946) on 5/30/00 @12:05PM
No real surprise with Syracuse coming out on top in the tournament, although 'didn't expect Princeton to be there in the final. As mentioned in other comments here, the Tigers showed a lot of heart in beating Virginia.

Should Desko have pulled Powell & Co. earlier in the 4th? Did he show a lot of sportsmanship by allowing the attackman to go for his brother's record?

By that point of the contest, the win was secure. For a brief moment, it appeared that keeping Ryan in the game to give him the chance to tie Casey in points was more important than the winning a championship.

At least that's the impression I got from watching the game on ESPN. Sit him down, and let other teammates enjoy the experience of contributing to the victory.

Perhaps I'm underestimating the significance of this achievement. However, if he didn't get it by the final period, Desko should have rotated the sub(s)in.

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One more thing...
    by (#1329) on 5/30/00 @1:54PM
JOSH SIMS= MIDDIE OF THE YEAR, ALL-AMERICAN (1ST TEAM 3 YEARS IN A ROW), ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN (3.5 GPA), ALL TIME POINTS AND/OR GOALS SCORER FOR PRINCETON (SOMETHING LIKE THAT), AND ONE HELL OF A LEADER TOO...he always drew the long pole and hardly anyone could help him because they were too busy watching him (the freshman and sophmores)and he was also screwed when prager went down also. Hartofilis did some stuff after that, but Sims still strapped them on his back sometimes and did it all. If you disagree, you didn't watch closely at all...ALSO...SCREWBALL/HECKLER, SINCE YOU ARE THE SAME PERSON, I FIGURED I WOULD TELL YOU THAT IF BEING AN ASS WAS A COUNTRY...YOU WOULD BE CHINA. PERIOD.
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    by (#2789) on 5/31/00 @5:26PM
Laman7777 and watcher09 make good points about Sims. I know he wasn't the star of the game, but I can't help think that Sims is an overall better player. Then I think Powell is a scoring machine! I decided that they are equal. Also I think that Powell and Sims should proud that they are considered some of the best collage players and probably pro, when they turn(MLL). Also I just wanted to say I can't wait for the MLL Summer Showcase!

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    by (#206) on 6/07/00 @11:28AM
The Canisius Griff's are by far the best Div. I team, and Syracuse is a close second, considering I live in Buffalo: GO BANDITS!!! DALLAS SUCKS!!
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   falconboy00 by 6/13/00 @4:27PM