Duke Overpowers UVA 19-9

Duke Overpowers UVA 19-9

Duke Overpowers UVA 19-9

Duke Overpowers UVA 19-9

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Max Quinzani scored a career-high seven goals and Duke scored 10 straight goals to close the contest as the second-ranked Blue Devils defeated third-ranked Virginia, 19-9, in front of a record crowd of 8,000 fans at Klockner Stadium on Saturday night in Charlottesville, Va.

The Blue Devils improve to 12-1 overall and 3-0 in the ACC while the Cavaliers fall to 10-2 overall and 1-2 in league play. Duke captures the ACC regular season title for the third time in four seasons and earns the top seed in the conference tournament slated for April 25 and 27 in Charlottesville. The Blue Devils will meet fourth-seeded North Carolina at 5:00 p.m. while second-seeded Maryland takes on third-seeded Virginia at 7:30 p.m.

Duke picked up its fourth straight victory over the Cavaliers. Virginia, who had won 21 consecutive night games at Klockner Stadium, had posted eight straight wins in Charlottesville over the Blue Devils.

The Blue Devils came out strong as Quinzani scored on a pass from Sam Payton just 16 seconds into the contest to put Duke ahead, 1-0. Steve Schoeffel then netted two goals less than two minutes apart to push the Blue Devils’ advantage to 3-0.

Virginia got on the scoreboard with 1:09 remaining in the first period when Ben Rubeor found Gavin Gill for a tally to put the score at 3-1, but Quinzani picked up a rebound for a score with less than a second left to give Duke a 4-1 lead heading into the second period.

The Cavaliers responded with three straight goals to knot the score at 4-4, as Rubeor netted a pair of makers and Shamel Bratton scored once.

Duke ended the half with four consecutive goals, as Quinzani put the Blue Devils up one at 5-4 on a put-back with 3:01 left in the half then increased Duke’s advantage to two at 6-4 on a pass from Matt Danowski.

Matt Danowski found Zack Greer for a tally at the 1:31 mark and Quinzani scored for the fifth time in the initial stanza with less than a second left on the clock to send Duke into the break with an 8-4 lead.

Quinzani netted his sixth goal of the evening at the 14:11 mark of the third period to give Duke a 9-4 advantage but Virginia rallied with tallies from Garrett Billings, Peter Lamade and Will Barrow to make the score at 9-7 before Brian Carroll brought the Cavaliers within one at 9-8 on an extra-man goal.

Steve Giannone knotted the score at 9-9 on a pass from Danny Glading at the 8:31 mark, but Duke answered with five straight scores as Greer, Michael Ward, Zach Howell, Brad Ross and Mike Catalino each found the net to give the Blue Devils a 14-9 advantage heading into the final period.

Nick O'Hara found Greer for his third tally of the evening to put Duke up 15-9 at the 14:36 mark before Quinzani netted his seventh goal of the contest to put the score at 16-9.

Danowski netted an unassisted goal at the 11:45 mark before O’Hara’s marker eight seconds later pushed the lead to 18-9. Schoeffel closed the night with his third goal of the game to account for the final margin.

Quinzani increased his season goal total to 43, tops in the nation just ahead of Greer’s 42. With a hatrick versus the Cavaliers, Greer has now scored three or more goals in 36 contests – all Duke wins. Greer moved into sixth place on the NCAA’s all-time list for goals scored with 183.

Danowski finished the game with one goal and three assists and moved into second place on the NCAA’s all-time scoring list with 323 points, passing Tim Nelson, who posted 320 points with N.C. State and Syracuse from 1982-85. Air Force’s Joe Vasta holds the career mark with 343 points.

Duke travels to Manhasset, N.Y., next Saturday to play Army at 12 noon. The game will be televised by ESPNU.

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    by (#170678) on 4/13/08 @11:37AM
i don't think there's any question as to who is the best team in the nation...

...especially after you dismantle the third best team in the nation
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look at the scores
    by (#3709) on 4/13/08 @12:13PM
it looks like the game against g-town was a total fluke.

Everything other team they have crushed, including teams such as Hopkins, UVA and UNC, so its not like they are crushing cupcakes.

I would be shocked if they are not playing on memorial day
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simply amazing
    by (#167651) on 4/13/08 @12:48PM
Duke just continues to impress me. no matter the opponent they always just completely obliterate them. i dont quite understand how they lost to georgetown, maybe they were just getting a little to comfortable, but regardless they are certainly national champ material.

Quinzani will defnitely be leading the Duke offense next year, especially if Greer decides not to come back for another year. it was incredible how many times Quinzani got in there and took care of business.

Cant wait to go see them play Army next weekend!
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    by (#187708) on 4/13/08 @1:28PM
Does Adam Ghitleman not play at all for UVA?
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    by (#118964) on 4/13/08 @1:46PM
Can someone please explain to me why Mark Wade was put in? They were only down by 4 or 5 at that point, and he has ONE save to his credit. Yea Petit looked visibly injured, but what about Ghitleman?

And another thing... I think Duke has an incredible team this year, and John D is doing a great job. But am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous that the NCAA gave them an extra year of eligibility? Yeah what this girl did was sad and unfortunate, and I feel bad that a lot of innocent people had to go through it. But is the NCAA forgetting that the reason this all happened is because they had a team-wide stripper party?!? Not that there is anything wrong with strippers, or inviting them to parties I'm all for having good times, but shouldnt the players understand that what theyre doing compromises their involvement as student athletes? Is the NCAA setting a good example to younger kids by saying, "hey go ahead and have loud raging stripper parties that cause problems on campus, because if your good enough athletes then everyone will forget about it later." And its not like they only got to play 1 or 2 games that season they played 8 games. If your an injured player in the 8th game of a season and you lose the rest of the season, the NCAA doesnt give you a full extra year of eligibility, so why give it to a bunch of guys who brought trouble on themselves?
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(no subject)
    by (#165751) on 4/13/08 @3:32PM
i agree
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I agree too
    by (#3709) on 4/13/08 @3:45PM
I hate what happened to them, they should be reimbursed for their troubles. And compensated in every way possible in regards to the case.

But they did put themselves in a bad position.

Under aged drinking with strippers is a bad idea for kids that age. I know they all do it, but that does not mean they should not be aware of the position they are putting themselves in.

anyway, I do believe they should be given back everything they lost in regards to the case and things that only effect them.

The NCAA season is a little different, because it taints the competition, they should get back everything they lost, but this does not only effect them, it also effects everyone they are playing against.

College sports is played for a limited period of time, everyone should go by that timeline.
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    by (#155398) on 4/13/08 @3:40PM
I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for what these players "had to go through." I realize the school threw them under the bus to save face but they brought it upon themselves. So they missed half a season, big deal, that's not a real hardship, they're all suing the school anyway and will probably win, so I'm sure they aren't losing any sleep. The university cancelled their season, not the NCAA, so I don't know why the NCAA felt so generous and decided to throw them such a huge bone, what, were they rewarding them for not having any more stripper parties that year? Give me a break, this isn't one of the best all time teams, even if they win the championship, there's like 4 or 5 guys on this team that should be in the pros right now...
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wait a second...
    by (#170678) on 4/13/08 @11:09PM
drperna, sir, you are misguided.

the ncaa granted the extra year BECAUSE the players were thrown under the bus, even though they made a bad decision. there's also an a-hole named mike nifong? oh yeah...
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i understand...but...
    by (#155398) on 4/14/08 @11:34AM
But I still don't feel it was the NCAA's responsibility to do so because it was the university that cancelled the season in the first place, it wasn't due to any sanctions or probations or anything by the NCAA.

I certainly agree Nifong is a bottom dweller, thankfully he's been dis-barred and publicly humiliated. And to think he persecuted the whole team just so he could get votes in his re-election campaign, what a scumbag.

Anyways what's done is done, this team is ridiculous, I just think having all those super-seniors makes it a tad unfair. They would still be awesome without them, just not THIS dominant. I'll concede that even my Orange have no shot of beating them in May, even though they've played at a consistently high level all year.
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Yeah I wondered that too...
    by (#185297) on 4/13/08 @5:19PM
Watching the game, my dad and I thought maybe he was hurt, but later in the game he's seen dressed to play. I know their goals against isn't the best, but I always thought Ghitelman managed good games.

UVA went real deep in their goalie pool though, I think they had at least 3 out there for the game.

Either way, I expected a sizable Duke win, which at first seemed doubtful but 10 goals in a quarter made my prediction come true. Quinzani just seemed to grab every rebound.
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is duke unstopable right now?
    by (#131429) on 4/13/08 @10:24PM
that georgetown game looks like such a fluke, i just dont see anyone beating them right now. it looks like someone is going to have to win the game like 17 to 15. their offense is insane this season.
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the tourney
    by (#131429) on 4/13/08 @10:29PM
whats everyone's opinion on the top 4 seeds right now? i say
#1 - Duke
#2 - Syracuse
#3 - UVA ( but what if they lose to md in the acc tourney?)
#4 - Maybe georgetown but then they lost to navy so to me the 4th seed is pretty open right now.
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Georgetown Beat Navy, But Lost To Loyola! (nt)
    by (#136419) on 4/14/08 @1:27AM
(no text)
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top four seeds
    by (#167651) on 4/14/08 @3:45PM
my opinion would be:

#1 - Duke
#2 - Syracuse
#3 - UVA
#4 - Georgetown/Cornell

I'm still confused as to why Duke hasn't been bumped back up to number one in the polls. They've been on fire lately. Although so has Syracuse so whatever. It'd be a hell of a game to see Syracuse and Duke go at it in the tourney.
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(no subject)
    by (#105065) on 4/13/08 @11:37PM
Well soo much for that sh1t, that just goes to show never put you money on UVA, i certainly did and payed the price.
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1st Of 3 Meetings Between Duke And UVA?
    by (#136419) on 4/14/08 @1:30AM
It is VERY possible. They could meet in the ACC Title Game and again in the NCAA Tournament, most likely in the Semifinals or the Title Game. And, beating a great team 3 times in 1 season is not easy to do.
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    by (#181989) on 4/14/08 @9:14PM
go duke
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so what?
    by (#123571) on 4/14/08 @10:01PM
I disagree with all you people saying that the duke guys should not have gotten another year of eligibility. I feel that they paid for their mistakes and then some (too much in my mind). Granting them another year to play the sport that they love is the least that could be done. I know that throwing parties and throwing parties with strippers is so bad in many people's eyes, but so much pressure is put on these athletes, that they sometimes need to relax and be college kids.
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i agree
    by (#195404) on 4/15/08 @9:42PM
i agree with meshow31 100%
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