Salisbury Trumps Gburg In 2 OT's

Salisbury Trumps Gburg In 2 OT's

Salisbury Trumps Gburg In 2 OT's

Salisbury Trumps Gburg In 2 OT's

SALISBURY, Md. - Junior Kylor Berkman took a pass from senior Bruce Richardson and scored the game-winner for top-ranked Salisbury University with 2:48 left in double overtime to defeat No. 3 Gettysburg College, 11-10, before 1,411 at Sea Gull Stadium. The victory sends the Sea Gulls to their 11th NCAA Division III men's lacrosse national championship game.

"I didn't think about it. I just shot it as hard as I could," said Kylor Berkman (two goals, one assist) of the game-winning goal.

Salisbury (21-0) will meet second-ranked SUNY Cortland (18-1) for a third consecutive year in the national title game. The two teams will square off on Sunday, May 25, at 1:30 p.m. in Foxborough, Mass., in Gillette Stadium. SU defeated Cortland 15-9 in the championship last year in Baltimore. The Red Dragons took down Salisbury 13-12 in overtime the year before in Philadelphia.

Cortland stomped seventh-ranked Ithaca College 16-5 in the other national semifinal on Sunday afternoon.

The Sea Gulls have won 44 consecutive games since the start of the 2007 season and will take a 74-0 home winning streak into the 2009 season.

Salisbury trailed the Bullets, for the majority of the game, and faced a 9-7 deficit at the start of the fourth quarter. Richardson (two goals, two assists) and sophomores Jake DeLillo (two goals) and Mike Von Kamecke scored three straight goals to give SU its first lead since 10:06 left in the second quarter. The Gulls held the 10-9 lead until 2:19 remained in regulation when Gettysburg season leading scorer Joe Brody (two goals, one assist) scored an unassisted goal past SU goalie Nick Fiorentino (eight saves) to knot the score at 10 a piece and force overtime.

Gettysburg won the face-off in the first overtime period and got off two shots to Salisbury's one shot in the four-minute extra period but the score remained tied at 10. The second overtime period started with SU winning the face-off behind Ryan Finch (13-for-15 on face-offs, 10 ground balls) winning his 13th face-off of the game. After a Salisbury timeout the Sea Gulls set-up the game-winning play as Richardson found a wide-open Berkman on the right-side of the Gettysburg goal.

"I am awfully proud as a coach and a dad that the last shot went in," said SU coach Jim Berkman. "That is the biggest shot of his career."

The other story of the game was the play of Fiorentino in between the pipes for the Sea Gulls. The fifth-year senior earned his second victory and start of the season in the net for SU. His eight saves is a season-high.

"Yeah I was nervous to begin with but once I got that first save and the game got going things went real well," said Fiorentino. "I got into the game and got into a rhythm."

His last start was over a month ago against Hood College in the first round of the Capital Athletic Conference tournament.

"I think Nick's performance today was a tribute to all of the guys that had been on the sidelines over the past 20 years that probably didn't play as much as they wanted to, but they worked hard every day in practice," said Jim Berkman. "It is a reflection of all of the guys that have been behind the scenes that have been integral parts of Sea Gull lacrosse."

The SU defense dominated in front of Fiorentino and made the Bullets work for every shot. The Sea Gull defense held the Bullets scoreless for the first 10 minutes of the third quarter and first 13 minutes in the fourth. Senior defender Ryan Phillips caused four Gettysburg turnovers and scooped up six ground balls. Sophomore long-stick midfielder Connor Burgasser caused three turnovers and scored his first two points of the season with an unassisted goal in the second quarter to give SU a 3-2 lead and an assist to senior Kevin Kustron at the start of the third quarter.

The Sea Gulls caused 15 turnovers as a team and scooped up 35 ground balls compared to the 28 scooped by Gettysburg. The maroon and gold outshot the Bullets 49-33 for the game and dominated the faceoff circle as SU won 17-of-26 face-offs. The two teams were nearly perfect on clears as Gettysburg was 26-for-26 and SU was 24-for-25.

The Bullets were led offensively by Eastern Shore native Trip Dyer's three goals followed by two goals apiece from Ben Sufrin, Brody and Tom O'Donnell (two assists). Gettysburg goalie Zach Furshman made a game-high 14 saves in the loss.

This is the fourth time these two teams have met in the national semifinal round and the second year in a row. Salisbury is now 4-0 all-time against Gettysburg in the semifinals as the previous three wins led to national titles in 1994, '95 and 2007. Last season, Salisbury edged Gettysburg 9-6 at Sea Gull Stadium. During the regular-season the Sea Gulls battled back from a 7-2 halftime deficit on the road to win 11-8 against the Bullets.

"I think I am 10 times more tired then I was last time [against Gettysburg]. We were in it the whole game, we were never as far behind," said Kylor Berkman. "Lacrosse is a game of runs. We were never worried when we were down."

Today's overtime victory was the first since the 2006 national championship game against SUNY Cortland. The game before in the 2006 national semifinals Salisbury needed overtime to defeat Roanoke College, 13-12.

The Sea Gulls are also 7-0 in the NCAA tournament since 2007 and 22-1 in the postseason since 2003.

"I can't tell you how impressed I am with my teammates. It was a gutsy performance," said Fiorentino.

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salisbury lax
    by (#195810) on 5/19/08 @6:43PM
Huge win for the Gulls, I predicted them to lose to Gburg so im naturally disapionted...
Salisbury wont beat Cortland though...

Cortland 13 Salisbury 11
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(no subject)
    by (#79702) on 5/20/08 @1:02AM
Cortland may have been beating up on weaker teams the past few games, but they wont beat salisbury.
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    by (#128943) on 5/20/08 @11:45AM
The North is much stronger than the south this year, you have it backwards. Salisbury will lose this game, probably by 5 goals.

Of course, southerns will use the excuse that their goalies got kicked off the team.

That shouldn't be an excuse though, if you play with fire, like Salisbury always does, you will get burned. A lot of their players care little about academics and respect and are not comparable to real DIII schools.

Two of their national championships are tainted as they were won by Chris Phillips who was academically ineligible at the time. This time, Salisbury pays the price before the game.

Do not get me wrong, they are a good team and not everyone on their team is a bad kid, but this kind of thing was bound to happen with some of the kids Berkman brings in there every year.
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Weaker is the Response
    by (#199119) on 5/20/08 @12:27PM
Taffie . . . your kidding right? Good Team & and incredible program. SU is the standard of excellance in lacrosse for all divisions. Berkman is the standard for coaching and recruitment as well. Name a team that has perfect players . . . thats right there aren't any. 20 years of coaching in Salisbury and only 30 losses. 7 national championships. Your crying before the game even starts.

Excuses? Tainted? Shut up and enjoy the game.
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    by (#128943) on 5/20/08 @2:37PM
If "excellence" is only measured in wins and losses, than yes, Salisbury is the standard.

However, it is indisputable that Chris Phillips was twice kicked out of Salisbury for bad grades, and failed out both spring semesters that Salisbury won titles and he scored the winning goals in those games. The teams they beat that year in the semi's and finals (Roanoke, Whittier and Middlebury) all played straight up, with eligible college students, Salisbury did not. It is DIII lacrosse, so the NCAA won't look into it.

Regardless, I am not making excuses or "crying" about this year's game. Salisbury will lose. The only crying and excuses will come from the Gulls after the game. I only said in this case, Salisbury is getting what they deserve with the goalies being off the team. Salisbury is a great lacrosse team, but not a great COLLEGE lacrosse team.
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It doesnt matter Taffe....
    by (#81726) on 5/20/08 @4:52PM
Even if that kid flunked out twice, He is still considered elgible according to the NCAA rules - as long as in the fall semester before that spring season he had a GPA of 2.0 or higher. If his GPA was under 2.0, then youre considered academically inelgible for that spring season. I know after a few of my spring seasons (I had a 1.4 my freshman year and a 1.0 my junior year) I had to get my ass in gear in the fall to be elgible again.
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I don't believe that is true.
    by (#128943) on 5/20/08 @5:32PM
You become ineligible the moment the grades are official. Salisbury played those semifinal and finals games after their graduation, and after the spring semester and after the kid failed out. Phillips shouldn't have played in the semis/finals. Its typical Salisbury, and this time they are paying the price before the Championship.
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Can't believe I'm chiming in on this but...
    by (#2903) on 5/20/08 @6:58PM

" Good Academic Standing. To be eligible to represent an institution in intercollegiate athletics
competition, a student-athlete shall be in good academic standing as determined by the academic
authorities who determine the meaning of such phrases for all students of the institution, subject to
controlling legislation of the conference(s) or similar association of which the institution is a member.
(Note: The restrictions, exceptions and waivers set forth in Bylaws, and
also apply to the general requirement for good academic standing and satisfactory progress.
It looks like they differ to what the institution deems as "good academic standing."
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Re: academic standing
    by (#128943) on 5/20/08 @10:34PM
Exactly, and the fact that the kid failed out of school shows that at the time of the semi's and NC game he was not in good academic standing at Salisbury. There is no argument.

Those titles are shams, they used an ineligible player who wasn't even a college student at the time and finally it caught up to Berkman and Salisbury this year as two more of their dirty players got kicked off the team, but this time Berkman had no choice but to do it before the semi's and finals. Dirty program.
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THE Best Program
    by (#199119) on 5/20/08 @11:16PM
One attackmen and two goalies won't change the facts. Taftie what are you some "poser" that never made a college team much less an SU team. Enjoy the game Sunday it will be a great game. The BEST team will win.

7-Time NCAA Division III
National Champions
(1994, '95, '99, 2003, '04, '05, '07)
162 All-Americans
30 NCAA Tournament appearances
20 consecutive NCAA bids
18 NCAA Semifinal appearances
14 CAC Championships
(1995, '96, '97, '98, '99, 2000, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08)
7 National Players of the Year
31 National Position Players of the Year
NCAA Record Winning Streaks
* 99-game conference streak
* 69 consecutive wins (4/17/03-5/21/06)
* 77-game regular-season streak
* 74-game home streak
* 44-game winning streak
Ranked No. 1 by USILA, Inside Lacrosse
Five straight perfect regular-seasons (2004-present)
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Taftie are you salty?
    by (#129676) on 5/21/08 @11:09AM
First and foremost its 2008, your throwing the words north and southerns around like we are on the eve of another civil war.

Secondly the guy that posted the rule about NCAA eligibility hit the nail on the head. If you have doubts check out the College World Series which end in late June. The reason guys can play is because grades aren't official until an institution deems them closed and these dates vary by institution and are sometimes as late as July 1st. So your Chris Phillips plea along with several others are starting to fall on deaf ears.

As a successful Salisbury alum from your precious north, I find your comments lacking backbone and oozing with jealousy. I bet your aspirations of greatness fell short in this great sport of lacrosse and I wish I still had some SU gear I could give to you like all the other children who admire the great athletes who will be at Gillette this weekend.

However I do agree that its Cortland who is the favorite. They have more than enough going for them with there attack unit and being able to exploit a 3rd string goalie shouldn't be to difficult, however as Gettysburg seems to find out time and time again, never and I mean never underestimate the Gulls. Perfect weather for to outstanding teams makes for a great day of lax.

I hope your not salty and I look forward to hearing you brag about how great Cortland(a school you never went to) is if they win and hopefully never hearing from you again if the Gulls pull out one more W. Either way it will be a win/win on this end and a sad state of affairs on your end.

By the way if you wanted to play for a great team all you had to do was hit the wall. Shame no one let you in on that secret.
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Thank you!!
    by (#1248) on 5/21/08 @11:25AM
You hit the nail on the head with this Taffie guy. Nobody else still talks about North/South the way this kid does. It's amazing, he'd go on every article and post how bad the "South" is because Cortland beat up on Cabrini one game and since Cabrini played so and so to one goal it means the "South" is overrated and sucks. I've begged Taffie to show me all his National Championship rings, but he can't do it. I'm a former ODAC lacrosse player and we had guys from all over the place on our squad, nobody gave a crap about the North/South thing, that's just something for a wannabe nerd like Taffie to wax about while he sits in his room wishing he had made the JV team this year.
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    by (#128943) on 5/22/08 @5:03PM
I have hit a nerve apparently. Great arguments, "show us your championship ring", "you are jealous"

Fact is, if I said where I went and how many rings I have or do not have it has no influence on the subject, and you would not believe me anyway. Which is fine.

Regarding the North/South thing, FE21 pretends to take the high road on this. Go back and look at the original thread, I only mentioned it after a typical envious southern posted the same "the south is better than the north bracket" crap we hear every year. Only southerns find the need to bring this up, I was only responding. FE21, needs to pump the south, otherwise his alma mater Lynchburg would look worse and worse after their yealy NCAA meltdown.

One thing is for sure, I did not go to Cortland, but the are the superior team this year.

2knees4u, I do not doubt you went to Salisbury, it shows. Typical BS in your post. You try to disguise an upfront excuse for Salisbury as a compliment for Cortland: "Cortland's attack can expose a 3rd string goalie". Oh really? Is that the only way Cortland wins?

We heard the same excuses from Salisbury in 2006 because they had a middie get injured in the NC game. You guys love to post your winning streak stats, but the first time something negative happens to your team, you will make excuses and not praise the winning team.

Salisbury brings in dirty players, and this year Berkman is paying the price. They do not deserve to make excuses. Suck it up and win.
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Only A Fool
    by (#199119) on 5/22/08 @10:50PM
What gives Taftie? Why do you hate Salisbury so much? Who is making excuses? I do praise the winning team . . . it happens to always be Salisbury!

I will be looking for your post late Sunday.
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    by (#1248) on 5/22/08 @11:31PM
Dude, the only cord you struck is I'm tired of seeing you post about the Cabrini/Cortland game and then drawing all kinds of conclusions about the North/South based on that. Teams have bad games, that's how Ithaca beat Cortland and Cortland bounced back and beat Ithaca. That's how Gettysburg lost to F&M and then came within an OT goal of playing for a National Championship two weeks later.

I stated it's tough to come out of the South with the #1 (Salisbury) and #2 (Gettysburg) teams always in the bracket, really talking about how hard it is to get past Salisbury if you are any of these teams:

Gettysburg, WAC, Roanoke, Lynchburg as these teams seem to consistenly be making the tournament out of the Southern bracket but every year they know they've got to beat Salisbury to get to the finals. it's a tough road to come out of the South because whether you like it or not, Salisbury has created a dynasty and they are very hard to beat, that is indisputable.

I asked to see your ring because you continually trash teams like Cabrini, Lynchburg, Villa Julie etc...Maybe you are some badass 4 time all american from Cuse, the way you talk down about every DIII program south of NY without a National Championship I would hope so.

I'm sure Cortland is an awesome team, I'm hoping the game will be televised on ESPNU because I'd love to see a great game and I honestly don't care who wins. I'm done with this whole line of BS, it's a great time to be a lacrosse fan, great teams and great players are coming from all over the place and that's a cool thing for the sport.
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Fair Enough
    by (#128943) on 5/23/08 @2:53PM
Fair Enough FE21, it is a great time to be a fan.

One correction though, Cortland is Number 2 in the nation right now in the Coaches Poll, so stop saying Gettysburg is.

thebigfan, believe it or not, I do not hate Salisbury, they are fun to watch. But I am realistic and call it as I see it, they are a dirty DIII program, they will lose on Sunday, and they finally are paying the price for being dirty this year by having to start a 3rd string goalie in the NC game. Also, their fans consistently make excuses, they did in 2006 and 2000 and they already are in 2008.
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(no subject)
    by (#199119) on 5/23/08 @5:12PM
the kid the got hurt in 2006 would have made a HUGE differance. He was their outside shooter that would have kept the goalie honest. (btw he is a blood relative to me) Dirty is a strong word. EVERY team has its handful of knuckle heads, i know i was one. But to say a team is dirty is pretty strong. Berkman is a personal friend and his program is not dirty . . . but sometimes he gets his share of knuckle heads.

Look, the game will be great; no question. If they loose so what; it will be good for the game if they do. However it will NOT weaken the program, it's solid. Nick the "3rd String" now starting goalie has been shot on everyday in practice by the number one team in the nation. Salisbury is good because they'll tell you, practices are harder than games. The 3rd and 4th teams deserve a great deal of credit for playing so hard against the starters everyday and never seeing the field.

So Taftie, no excuses here. But don't burry the bury yet. Wait till 3:30 Sunday. BTW the 2000 team was a bunch of knuckle heads!!

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(no subject)
    by (#128943) on 5/25/08 @10:53AM
Cortland was without their 1st team AA midfielder in 2006 also, so the Gulls have no basis for excuses.

Teams like Gettysburg and Middlebury may have "knuckleheads" but not ones who get arrested for 19 felonies and not numerous kids who fail out of school or who failed out of other schools.

Salisbury is dirty, no way around it, and this year they will pay the price.
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Clean Win!
    by (#199119) on 5/25/08 @7:25PM
Well Taftie . . . there you have it. You were WRONG!!!!!

Go Gulls! (AGAIN!)
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    by (#128943) on 5/25/08 @7:31PM
I just put some crow on the grill. Nice win Salisbury. Hopefully a few of their kids get a degree with that championship.
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(no subject)
    by (#199628) on 5/26/08 @6:27PM
ok so i'm from salisbury i know the team and they are amazing berkman is an amazing coach and you shouldn't be saying anything about them lets think.... 124 wins and 2 losses in like 6 seaons i say thats pretty good 8 national championships berkman has the record for the most career wins he did it in 21 years whereas the other guy did it in like 35 there is a reason that they continually win mational championships... they're good that game against cortland when they lost was a fluke and this year they stil beat them and salisbury was using their third string goalie nick really pulled it out and had one of the best plays of the game.. when he decked that cortland player salisbury is one of the most amazing lacrosse teams in the nation
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(no subject)
    by (#106546) on 5/20/08 @9:08PM
same thing everyone said last year. cortland will win. and once again they wont. salisbury will win another title behind their 3rd string goalie
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Salisbury Showed Signs Of Championship Team
    by (#136419) on 5/20/08 @9:11PM
Sure they did!

1. They beat a great Gettysburg team.

2. They took care of business while starting their third-string goal who didn't have a lot of experience. Championship teams always find a way to get it done, even under adversity. And Salisbury made no excuses and did just that.
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    by (#79176) on 5/21/08 @11:55AM
1. Congrats to Salisbury, they get it done year in and year out

2. 2knees, I can assure you that G'burg does not "underestimate" Salisbury...
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Final 4
    by (#2903) on 5/21/08 @12:51PM
I think we can all agree that both teams will come ready to play and it will likely be a sick game. I can assure you that neither team thinks this will be a walk over and will come ready to strap it on. Salisbury, like 'em or not, deserves every bit of respect they get - they earned it. As with the eligibility thing, what does it matter now? If it didn't seem bother the Middlebury team they beat in '05, why should it bother you?

If you ask any player on any of the small, fortunate handful of teams that have beaten Salisbury over the past 7 years, they would want SU's best - no matter what. That's what competing on this level is all about.

Good luck Cortland, good luck Salisbury. Play one for the ages on Sunday!
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TV / Internet
    by (#14061) on 5/21/08 @2:24PM
Does anyone know if this will be aired anywhere on TV or perhaps the internet. I know last year, there was a free live feed from CSTV, but I looked at thier site and it did not look like they were airing it. Please provide any info on this, as, unfortunately, I will not be able to make the trip to Foxborough.
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    by (#16389) on 5/23/08 @2:16PM
Found this on

"Only two remain in the hunt for the Division III Men's Lacrosse Championship. Cortland State will take on Salisbury May 25 for the title. The 1:30 p.m. game will air live on CBS College Sports Network."
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Wrong Again Jit-bag
    by (#14061) on 5/26/08 @8:28AM
To quote Taftie, see above:

"The North is much stronger than the south this year, you have it backwards. Salisbury will lose this game, probably by 5 goals."

Get a clue dude. 22-0, best team in the nation!!

You just keep conspiring up reasons as to why Salisbury should not have titles, and they'll just keep piling them up. Year after year after year......your a hack, now go hit the wall.

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