Hopkins Upsets Duke 10-9

Hopkins Upsets Duke 10-9

Hopkins Upsets Duke 10-9

Hopkins Upsets Duke 10-9

In typical Hopkins fashion, the Blue Jays controlled possessions, packed it in on defense, and found themselves heading back to the national championship game after defeating Duke 10-9. The high-octane Blue Devils never got their offense clicking, while Hopkins cashed in every opportunity. Hopkins will push on to Memorial Day against Syracuse, hoping to avenge another regular season loss in May.

Hopkins successfully slowed the game down, dominating possession time and holding the ball for the best possible opportunities. Early in the first the two teams exchanged goals. Kevin Huntley drew first blood off a Michael Kimmel feed. Then the tag-team of Zack Greer and Matt Danowski answered with a quick goal in transition.

Duke jumped to a 2-1 lead on the stick work that has put up huge numbers all season. On the man-up, Greer threaded a pass to Max Quinzani sitting on the crease, who threw a few fakes and stuck the ball past Hopkins keeper Michael Gvozden.

The rookie Gvozden had a solid day, staying poised in cage and making the stops he had to, racking up 17 saves in the game. It helped him that his defense crushed down and crippled opportunities for the usually prolific Duke attack.

Hopkins tied the game early in the second quarter and never looked back. Brian Christopher carried down the wing and hit a bouncer past Dan Loftus. Then Steven Boyle rushed around the cage and threw a one-handed shot around Loftus, who looked like he never quite saw it. The Blue Jays got their lead to 4-2 on a goal that looked like something from Duke’s playbook. With some quick stick work, Stephen Peyser drove, then kicked off to Boyle behind, who immediately hit a cutting Huntley. Running out of angle, Huntley tucked his stick around his back, skipping a shot past Loftus.

Kept quite for the first half, Paul Rabil got Hopkins going in the third, throwing a nice swim move to get space, then hitting Michael Doneger cutting underneath for the catch and shoot.

Duke would not go quietly though. Three-straight goals got the game tied at five. First, Steve Schoeffel rushed in from goal line extended for the score. Then Quinzani showed how much he grew up from last year’s championship game. Coming from behind, the sophomore rolled high, got inside, and slipped a shot past Gvozden while drawing a holding call. Then Duke showed just how good their transition game could be, scooping up the ensuing faceoff and flying down field. Schoeffel grabbed the ball, hit long pole Chris Tkac, who then nailed Terrence Molinari for the finish.

But like last year, Rabil stepped up and stopped the third quarter bleeding. In his usual man-child form, Rabil carried across the top and nailed a 16-yarder on the run. Then Huntley showed what a good time and room shooter he’s become, grabbing a loose ball out of the air and ripping a low to high shot right under the crossbar.

Danowski finally got one for himself in the beginning of the fourth, taking a 12-yard jumper that slipped by Gvozden.

Hopkins got another though, when Huntley hit George Castle on the wing. When the defense didn’t slide, Castle stepped up and stuck the shot.

Danowski added another, ripping a jumper between Gvozden’s legs. Duke showed even their long stick’s have offensive skills on the ensuing faceoff, when Parker McKee hit Nick O’Hara cutting in for the goal. But the tick-for-tack continued, as Kimmel hit a cutting Boyle for the finish. Kimmel played the role of feeder again, this time hitting a cutting Huntley for Jays’ tenth and deciding goal.

Once they had the lead, Hopkins just killed the clock, finally relinquishing the ball with about a minute left. After Gvozden stood tall on a Quinzani shot, Duke got possession and set up for a score. Doing what he has done so well all season, Ned Crotty inverted, causing the defense to sink down. A quick pass up top left Brad Ross open to load up and nail a shot. Danowski had one more chance, but Gvozden showed poise, stuffing him and preserving the Hopkins win, 10-9.

Much like last year, after sleeping on Hopkins while they struggled early in the season, the Jays find themselves back on the game’s highest stage. The loss marks the third-straight time Duke has fallen to Hopkins on Memorial Day weekend. All controversy about a tainted title with fifth-year players can now be silenced.

The Jays and Orange will clash on Monday, a rematch of a game Syracuse won 14-13 in OT back in March. The game is the first time in nearly two decades the two most storied programs in collegiate lacrosse will play for the title. The winner will walk away with their school’s tenth title in the NCAA tournament era.

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Correct me if i'm wrong,
    by (#103345) on 5/24/08 @6:33PM
but isn't this the first time the Blue jays and orange will meet in the championship since the Petro-Gait era?
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What do you mean, upset?
    by (#168668) on 5/24/08 @7:01PM
Can't wait to hear all the whining, excuses.
Curious, too, just looking at the Duke U. sports website, that all those 5th year players are simply listed as 'seniors' - truth in advertising?
I'm trying very hard not to be a jerk, but two serious questions - first - just how worthwhile is it to schedule so many games against lesser opponents; does it backfire in the end to keep blowing out teams like Presbyterian just to pad stats?
second (related) - has the NCAA done away with the rule limiting the number of games per season, changed the number, or does Duke not play any fall-ball games (recall that an extra year of eligibility was denied recently to a Hop player, injured early in the spring, because a fall ball game counted)?

Thinking that the NCAA might actually be pleased about today's outcome - tried to do the right thing, avoided (to some extent) the second-guessing about creating an unequal playing field.

Looking forward to a great game on Monday and a nod to 'cuse - recall some very frustrating years when they struggled either early on, or in mid-season, just to peak for the championship, too often at the hop's expense. Yes, to some - same old, same old - but if love the game - it will be the two best programs in history going at it.
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            Coaches play those games by 5/25/08 @9:34AM
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         They lost... PERIOD by 5/25/08 @12:49AM
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(no subject)
    by (#185297) on 5/24/08 @7:32PM
I can easily agree that Hopkins is a great team, with great players and great coaching, but I wanted Duke to win this years championship. They have such good players and have done so well that its unfortunate that some of those seniors, 5th year or not, will never get to have that for all the effort they've put in, and oddly enough, because they couldn't win it against the same team every time. That kind of series of losses hurts the most.

Also, a Duke-Syracuse game would have been awesome (in my opinion) because of the potential for an amazing, fast paced game, assuming Syracuse would perform better than they did today. Yeah, they won, but they looked really slow against UVA.
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   Syracuse-Duke by 5/24/08 @9:38PM
      agree by 5/24/08 @11:32PM
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         Taste it odulax by 5/25/08 @7:26AM
            not really bitter.... by 5/25/08 @11:03PM
            SUCK ON IT SPERMO24 by 5/26/08 @4:00PM
Duke got screwed
    by (#167859) on 5/24/08 @8:45PM
there is no other way to put it kevi huntley's goal at the end of the third period should not of counted there is no way in hell that ball crossed the plane before time expired as stated earlier the NCAA Lacrosse should allow video replay's because as they showed the replay to the viewers there was no way the shot was even close to beating the clock and..... how can you say that bucknell is not a good team to play against duke when they were nationally ranked pretty much the whole season they never broke past 15 but still nationally ranked.... Hopkins is a joke and i can not wait to see the orange blow them away in the national championship
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   and so the whining starts (nt) by 5/24/08 @9:15PM
   44 titles a joke? try 0 by 5/24/08 @9:45PM
   The Goal by 5/24/08 @11:52PM
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   somebody is really bitter.... by 5/25/08 @10:03PM
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The Last Time 'Cuse and Hopkins Met In Champs.
    by (#136419) on 5/24/08 @9:23PM
The last time these two teams met in the Title Game was in 1989. That was a classic game, and it featured Gary Gait against Dave Pietramala, arguably the two best players ever in the game. Does anyone remember that game? Syracuse led 5-4 after 1. Hopkins had a big run in the 2nd to lead 8-6 at the half. The 3rd Quarter was dead even, and it ended 11-9. In the 4th Quarter, goalie Matt Palumb, attackman John Zulberti, and middie Rodney Dumpson stepped it up for 'Cuse, and, with just a few minutes left, 'Cuse led, 13-11. Hopkins refused to quit, though, and middie John Wilkins scored on an outside shot to pull the Blue Jays within 1. Not long after the next faceoff, Syracuse got the ball, called timeout, and set up a play to run out the clock.

There was no doubt who was going to get the ball for Syracuse(Gary Gait) and who was going to defend him(Dave Pietramala). Play resumed, and Pietramala dogged Gait. He checked the ball away, and after a scramble, Hopkins got the ball with about 12 seconds left and called a timeout.

On the final possession, Hopkins' star attackman Matt Panetta got the ball. He was being defended tightly, so he passed it to Jeff Ihm behind the goal. With about two or three seconds left, Ihm found a cutting Dressel who fired a point-blank shot which was right on goal. However, Matt Palumb stopped the shot with his chest, and Syracuse had a 13-12 win. One must not forget that, in this game, Dave Pietramala stripped Gary Gait multiple times.

So, these two teams will meet again 19 years later. One can hope that the game will be as good as that game!
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   I called this and you know it... by 5/25/08 @12:36AM
      Sperro24 masturbates to his own comments. by 5/25/08 @2:31PM
Hopkins Coaching Staff!
    by (#136419) on 5/24/08 @9:50PM
In this game, they performed one of the best coaching jobs ever! They shut down a Duke team that was probably hungrier than any team ever after what happened in 2006 and due to losing in the 2005 and 2007 Title Games to Hopkins by one goal.

But Hopkins was SO ready to play, and so much of the credit has to go to the Hopkins coaching staff. Bobby Benson is doing an awesome job as the offensive coach, and, at 27, I bet that he gets offers from major programs for head coaching jobs soon.

In addition, having Dave Pietramala and Dave Allan on the same coaching staff is scary. Both are two of the biggest geniuses of the defensive end ever!
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(no subject)
    by (#79702) on 5/24/08 @10:01PM
Thank god Hop won, all i have been hearing all week is how duke is the greatest ever, and that they will blow the jays out. I have said on these boards that duke would not win to some very negative responses. Well hate to say it but i told ya so. GO HOP!
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   I was with you all along by 5/25/08 @12:46AM
Very predictable... Coach D comes in 2nd ... again
    by (#3651) on 5/24/08 @10:14PM
1st congrats to JHU. They had a well thought out game plan: play hard & let Coach 2nd place make no adjustment...

Same as it ever was... same as it ever was... Last year, JHU slows the pace, their goalie come up big... Duke comes in 2nd, 1 goal loss.

Year before (while at Hofstra) Coach "runner-up" up coaches his way out of a comfortable lead to lose in OT to UMASS, another 1 goal loss.

Back to reality next year. The dynamic duo are gone, Q is on his own & Duke is lucky to play in May.
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   Greer has one more year by 5/24/08 @10:43PM
UVA champs '06
    by (#94442) on 5/24/08 @11:28PM
i didn't notice to many people bitchin in 2006 when duke's season was cancelled. most likely because teams were glad not to play them. so should we discount UVA's championship because they didn't have to play a team who was likely to be in philly on memorial? i think not but now everyone complains when they do have to play those players. there's no difference. and just wondering do you really think that any person from that 2006 team would have done that again just to get an extra year of eligibility? the false allegations screwed those kids life's up for over a year and some of them for a life time. i suggest all of you complaining about duke's extra year of eligibility go and read Its Not About the Truth and realize what happened before you start complaining about how they all got an extra year......
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   It doesn't matter now by 5/25/08 @7:32AM
cinderella killers
    by (#180020) on 5/25/08 @2:06AM
there are all these dramatic stories of great teams with even greater motivation falling to a team known as the "new york yankees of college lacrosse". last year duke came off a terrible event that caused them to lose an entire season then looking for the most amazing comback undefeated, beating cornell in teh semis by 1 with 3 sec on the clock (one of the best games ive ever seen) but then reaching the championship and falling to a high powered bluejay squad. some may call this a "cinderella story" gone wrong. after wich duke players were allowed an extra year of eligeability seeking revenge and hoping to rise again but then fell in a great game to an almost identical hopkins team only missing a few of last years greats.
and for syracuse, coming off one of teh worst seasons in team history fighting to bring back the old syracuse that everyone enjoyed to watch. after an amzing victory over a great virginia team looks to beat one of the NCAA's beast. can syracuse redeem themselves? if hopkins would beat syracuse it would be another "cinderella story" gone wrong
so are the johns hopkins bluejays the cinderella killers?
predictions: Hop:11 Cuse:8 huntley and boyle will put up big numbers with a few added by rabil and pyser along with hopkins secondary midfield, cuse will rally back with fast time and room shots stinging sorners but will fall short of the win, each faceoffman will have great performances and each draw will be a battle in its own
looking forward to a great championship from a hopkins faithful
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   or Cinderella? by 5/25/08 @10:54AM
so deep
    by (#134493) on 5/25/08 @3:06AM
did anyone else notice danowskis pocket it looked a little deep ahhaha
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   (no subject) by 5/25/08 @1:48PM
    by (#76067) on 5/25/08 @3:51AM
Bocklet's yard sale on Quinzani was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.
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   Fashion Police..... by 5/25/08 @6:56AM
   That was sweet. by 5/25/08 @7:38AM
   Bocklett is God by 5/25/08 @9:48AM
beastly game
    by (#117375) on 5/25/08 @7:53AM
it was a battlefield out there.they were fighting for every ground ball and possession as if it would make or break there season.Gvozden was a monster in the cage, shutting duke down when hop needed it most.i think because duke lost again that these two teams will become rivals. maybe next year duke will make it there business to take down hop for all the 5th years who could not pull it off.
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Rabil's Swim Move
    by (#143771) on 5/25/08 @10:56AM
did anyone else notice that whenever rabil did a swim move, he used his other hand to push the defender in the back. i thought that was illegal. besides that it was great game and Syracuse and Hopkins in the final will an exciting game
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   (no subject) by 5/25/08 @12:12PM
   Rabil Faceoff grips....? by 5/25/08 @10:08PM
      i ment Peyser.... by 5/25/08 @10:10PM
(no subject)
    by (#133167) on 5/25/08 @12:08PM
hops cleats?
so fresh
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Goal Tending
    by (#135016) on 5/25/08 @3:52PM
Gvozden did an incredible job in net for the jays. Personally I think in goal performance makes or breaks a game, and I think it shows here. Gvozden had 17 saves for 65% while Loftus had 11 for 52%. if goal tending had been equal Duke would have handled the Jays with a good 5 to 6 point margin. Props to Gvozden, MVP of the semis in my mind.
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   (no subject) by 5/26/08 @6:58PM
      Wrong by 5/26/08 @8:12PM
(no subject)
    by (#143590) on 5/25/08 @8:25PM
new nike jerseys are ballin
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REaD Please
    by (#188590) on 5/25/08 @11:24PM
Could we say upset of the year? I think so. I am NOT a Hopkins fan. (i am a navy fan). I mean Hopkins is a good team but duke has so much talent they should have won the game. but great effort from hopkins to upset duke. GOOD GAME ALL IN ALL!
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   Upset of the year? - please by 5/26/08 @9:16AM