Duke Nips Colgate 9-8 In Last Minutes

Duke Nips Colgate 9-8 In Last Minutes

Duke Nips Colgate 9-8 In Last Minutes

Duke Nips Colgate 9-8 In Last Minutes

DURHAM, N.C.—Duke University senior Brad Ross tallied a goal with 2:51 left in the fourth quarter to lift the fifth-ranked Blue Devils to a 9-8 victory over No. 15 Colgate. Ross finished the day with two scores, registering the first and last goals of the contest.

The win is the second for the Blue Devils over a top-20 opponent this season. Senior Ned Crotty paced Duke for the second straight week with four points from two goals and two assists. Five other players scored a point in the game.

Colgate senior Brandon Corp led all players with five points off of four goals and one assist. Classmate Kevin Colleluori added three scores and a helper to the cause.

“[The game] was awesome,” head coach John Danowski said. “First of all it’s February 20 and you have to keep all of this in perspective. It is so early. The intensity and [Colgate’s] comeback and our ability to learn to withstand another team’s run and then try and make plays. I was really proud of our team and really obviously delighted with the outcome.”

Duke jumped out to a 7-1 lead midway through the second quarter before Corp scored twice to make it 7-3 at halftime and set up a thrilling second half. The Blue Devils defense held the Raiders to just eight shots in the opening 30 minutes, including just one in the first quarter.

“We had a couple nuggets early, picked off a few passes,” senior defenseman Ryan McFadyen said. “We were playing really confident. The first quarter went really well. I think it was 3-0 at the end of the quarter, we were feeling good, protecting the crease and stuff. All of us were playing together.”

An unassisted man-up score 16 seconds into the third quarter by Ned Crotty made it an 8-3 game and seemed to put Duke in control of the game. However, the Raider defense came up with big plays over the next few possessions and the offense took advantage of a couple opportunities to make a furious comeback.

“I thought Colgate did a great job of defending us,” Danowski said. “The goalie came up with some timely saves. I think the second half we were 2 for 22 shooting, which is not going too bode well down the line, but again for February 20 that is going to happen. You’re not going to be the sharpest that you’re going to be all year.”

The Raiders scored four unanswered in a span of 4:28, including one in the final second of the frame. The two teams came out of the huddle and continued the outstanding defensive efforts. With both teams being held scoreless for 10 minutes, Corp finally tied the score for Colgate with an underhanded shot past Duke keeper Rob Schroeder.

After a failed clear attempt for the Raiders, Duke took advantage. The Blue Devils sent a pair of shots wide before Crotty could get one on net. Harrington came up with the big save, but Duke’s Steve Schoeffel was there to corral the ground ball. He found Ross who was able to work his way around a short-stick defender and get the winning score.

“We were kind of scrambling and I got a short stick and I was trying to go down the side. They showed on the side and I just kind of rolled back and let [a shot] go,” Ross said.

Rookie CJ Costabile tallied his first career goal, while sophomore Mike Manley also added a score as a pair of long poles got on the board for the Blue Devils in the game.

Duke held a 41-26 advantage in shots and won the ground ball battle 44-33. At the faceoff X, senior Sam Payton won 9-of-16 restarts to help the Blue Devils take 11-of-19 overall. Colgate’s Jim Carroll went 8-of-18 for the evening.

In goal, Schroeder made five saves, including two in the fourth quarter, while Harrington made 13 stops for the Raiders.

Duke returns to action on Feb. 22, hosting Harvard at 12 p.m., at Koskinen Stadium.

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Great To See Patriot League Teams Getting Better!
    by (#136419) on 2/21/09 @12:23AM
It looks like Colgate Lacrosse is here to stay and that last year's surprise run was no fluke. Being a Navy fan, I am glad to see other Patriot League teams getting better and better. Navy having more competition in conference gives them better preparation for when they play teams like Maryland, Hopkins, etc.
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    by (#210743) on 2/21/09 @10:08AM
all of Duke's helmets look sick the white ones and the blue ones but I haven't seen the black helmets if they have them they probaley look sick too
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    by (#117375) on 2/21/09 @12:50AM
after last years goal flurry. he seems kinda flat starting off this season. I hope he steps his game up because he is disappointing.
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Quinzani will be exposed this year
    by (#38132) on 2/21/09 @7:51AM
Quinzani's not as good as last year's numbers suggest, he had one of the best attackmen of all time and one of the best sharpshooters of all time attracting the top D-Men. Not saying he's not a good player, just saying he'll be exposed for the player he really is this year. He'll never put up numbers like that again unless another Danowski or Greer run with him. Like it or not, just callin' it like it is.
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To be fair...
    by (#155398) on 2/21/09 @9:09AM
while I agree his numbers will decline this year, he was 5 g 1a after 2 games last year and 3 g 1 a after two games this year, and he's having to adjust to an entirely revamped attack with himself as the first choice dodger. He will still have a great year for Duke the kid can play
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Agree, but you proved my point..
    by (#38132) on 2/21/09 @2:32PM
No doubt the kid can play, I'm just saying that he's not a 50+ goal guy w/o superstars around him. He's not like a Danowski or Rabil who can carry a team. Without 40 and 25, he will be one of the top two that D's will focus on and he is not cut out for that at DI. It worked in H.S., but come on, he played in Mass. Like I said, he's def. a good player, just not a superstar. Without 25 and 40 to protect him, this year will prove that.
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    by (#154593) on 2/21/09 @10:49AM
Why in the blue hell would Quinzani use a python when he could use any other shaft by brine?? that doesn't make sense
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Brandon Corp
    by (#109373) on 2/21/09 @12:28PM
Seriously, this guy is amazing... 4 goals 1 assist.
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(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 2/21/09 @8:05PM
my question is why the hell rob schroeder would have one hand on his stick when a guy like corp is out in front of the goal?? http://www.lax.com/bimages.phtml?story=2226&iid=17
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    by (#177808) on 2/28/09 @4:41PM
he's tapping the side bar to feel the dimensions of his goal without actualy having to look at it
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(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 2/21/09 @7:45PM
My biggest fear for Duke is Rob Schroeder. Dan Loftus was a great goalie, and unfortunately, I think playing behind Loftus up until now is really going to be a detriment to the Duke defense. Hopefully he'll become more comfortable and start to get used to leading Duke's defense. So far though, I'm amazed Duke is doing this well with so many losses from last year, and Crotty is really stepping it up big time. I think he'll undoubtedly lead their attack throughout the year.
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