Maryland's Defense Frustrates Irish as Terps Prevail 7-3.

Maryland's Defense Frustrates Irish as Terps Prevail 7-3.

Maryland's Defense Frustrates Irish as Terps Prevail 7-3.

Maryland's Defense Frustrates Irish as Terps Prevail 7-3.

Dave Cottle used a patient, ball control and clock-eating offense today to take down Notre dame in the first round of the NCAA Playoffs at Notre Dame. Maryland came out of the gates strong and established the tone charging at the goal and Scotty Rodgers of the Irish responded in kind on the Terp’s second possession when he used a chest save on a shot from Grant Catalino. However, Jeremy Seiverts managed to flick the ball behind Rodgers to put Maryland on the board first. On the next possession Notre Dame was driving when Jake Marmul turned the ball over and the Terps cleared the ball and got it to X where Will Yeatman was parked. Yeatman tossed a crisp one to Joe Cummings, moving in close on the crease from on the left of the crease and he beat Rodgers. Yeatman never got into any shooting rhythm because his old teammates, Regis McDermott , Sam Barnes and Kevin Ridgeway were ready for him and consistently were able to turn him away, limiting him to 3 shots and 2 of which were easily turned away by Rodgers.

Turnovers killed Notre Dame today as they constantly killed their own drives with a bad pass, an out of position catch and the like. This was an uncharacteristic aspect of the Irish not shown before in the season. Wide and high shots on opens also were their enemies today. The Maryland kept the Irish big guns silent, keeping Ryan Hoff from even taking a single shot. Maryland pressured the Irish up top and sealed off the center for most of the game, and kept the Irish from scoring for almost a 37 minute span from their first goal in the first quarter at the 10:22 mark to the 3:561 mark in the third quarter. Maryland was alo very effective int he second half with taking their tiome on each possession, working it worund 3-4 times before moving in. Try as they would the Irish just couldn’t get it going today.

Now, we’ll go to the press release: The Terps (10-6) got some good luck early as they jumped out to an early 2-0 lead. Senior Jeremy Sieverts tallied the first goal of the day, burying a bouncer from eight yards out from the center of the goal. The luck really kicked in on the second goal as junior Will Yeatman found a cutting Joe Cummings on the right side of the crease, got off a good shot that bounced off the body of Irish goalie Scott Rodgers and trickled into the Notre Dame goal. The Irish cut the lead down with their first goal at the 10:22 mark as Zach Brenneman scored on a runner from the left side.

Maryland opened the second quarter with a slick two-man goal to push the lead back to a pair. Ryan Young raced around the right side of the goal and slipped a pass to Grant Catalino, who rolled around the left side and stuck a shot into the top right corner for a 3-1 Terrapin lead. The Terps got a boost from their third midfield with 5:11 in the second quarter when Warren Hansen fired a pass to the left alley where Adam Sear ripped a laser into the right side of the Irish net for a 4-1 Maryland advantage. The third quarter started just like the first two with the Terps scoring early. This time it was Dan Groot finding the back of the Irish goal with a low-and-away lefty shot to build the lead to 5-1 in favor of Maryland.

With 10 minutes left in the third, Rob Morrison took a pass from Young on the right alley and laced a sidearm shot stick-side past Rodgers. The long scoreless stretch for the Irish, which spanned 30:47, finally was snapped by an unassisted goal by Peter Christman with 3:51 left in the third, from 10 yards out, but the Terps stymied the Notre Dame push and headed into the fourth quarter with a 6-2 lead. The lead grew back to five with less than two minutes into the fourth. The Notre Dame defense was busy trying to adjust to Maryland's substitutions and lost track of Groot, who cut to the crease and one-timed a pass from Yeatman for his second goal of the day. Notre Dame refused to give in and tried to climb back into the game with a goal by Grant Krebbs with 7:38 left, but the Irish were unable to muster a solid drive.

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    by (#44432) on 5/11/09 @8:08AM
Everyone thought, "Oh, Perfect Season, these guys should have been a #1 seed" STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE. Garbage, some quality wins, but overall garbage. Dan Mortell sucks at lacrosse too.
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Told ya' so
    by (#3651) on 5/11/09 @8:38AM
1 and DONE!!!
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   ditto by 5/11/09 @12:39PM
I Want To See Cottle Win A Tittle, But.......
    by (#219440) on 5/11/09 @9:41AM
As I have said before, in order for him to do that, he will probably need to be a little bit more consistent when his team is playing a high caliber squad such as Syracuse. Take nothing away from the Terps, though. They definitely deserved a chance to try and show up against the Orange and definitely have a Final Four-caliber team someday in the not so near future.
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Notre Dame
    by (#61946) on 5/11/09 @9:41AM
Notre Dame = arrogant and over-rated in all sports. charlie weis might as well have been coaching this game. I hope ND enjoyed the Great West because once they are in the Big East they'll be watching the NCAA's from home.
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   Not Necessarily by 5/11/09 @11:13AM
      In Fact by 5/11/09 @11:27AM
         Quite a statement by 5/11/09 @1:41PM
            Wait it's the fake Nap by 5/11/09 @1:58PM
         Can't Agree That Notre Dame Would Have Won It by 5/11/09 @3:44PM
         WHAT??? by 5/11/09 @5:26PM
      (no subject) by 5/11/09 @11:05PM
Or perhaps
    by (#91657) on 5/11/09 @10:09AM
If they had been seeded higher like they should have they'd still be around since they wouldn't have played Maryland. You know, the Maryland team that was robbed blind their victory over UVA.
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   Give it up by 5/12/09 @11:15PM
will the trend continue?
    by (#55396) on 5/11/09 @10:58AM
since 2006, notre dame(in the playoffs) has lost to the team that has gone on to win the championship(virginia in 06, hopkins in 07, and sryacuse in 08)..can the terps keep the trend alive?
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Cottle's Job Is Definitely Saved
    by (#136419) on 5/11/09 @11:06AM
If there was any doubt, this iced the cake as for him coming back next season. In fact, even if they had lost, I think he might have been back. Maryland actually has a young team. But, someone said something on another board. He said that Cottle almost always does just enough to keep his job but can't do much beyond that. If Maryland can beat Syracuse, I would say that he will have done a little bit beyond that.
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Cottles Job Saved And....
    by (#219440) on 5/11/09 @11:12AM
If he can score one or two goals against Syracuse I predict he will take over Pietramala's job next year.
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   Very Funny, Naptown Fan. by 5/11/09 @3:48PM
   are you retarded? by 5/11/09 @6:00PM
      Wildcatdt92 by 5/11/09 @7:57PM
Sing it with me ColoLacrosse...
    by (#72283) on 5/11/09 @11:56AM

Notre Dame =


...Clap Clap ClapClapClap!
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    by (#218335) on 5/11/09 @12:02PM
They so deserved it Notre Dame playing easy teams if they were not able to beat Maryland then how should they be number 1. All those people talking about that what idiots. I was laughing when I saw the score
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(no subject)
    by (#221335) on 5/11/09 @5:53PM
Notre dame is overrated in every not surprised maryland was too good for them to handle
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I told you guys the GWLL sucks
    by (#156889) on 5/11/09 @5:55PM
The GWLL is a terrible conference. Saw this one coming from a mile away.
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   (no subject) by 5/11/09 @9:43PM
   Oh man I wish I was as wise as you by 5/12/09 @12:11AM
      Jewgoalie by 5/12/09 @9:58AM
         Yes and I still stick by it by 5/12/09 @2:55PM
            clearly it did this year by 5/12/09 @5:46PM
               (no subject) by 5/12/09 @10:58PM
               Or it shows they were seeded incorrectly by 5/12/09 @11:53PM
                  answer by 5/13/09 @11:55AM
   So they should have been rewarded? by 5/13/09 @8:34PM
      No, the point of a tournament by 5/13/09 @9:20PM
         And by your logic by 5/13/09 @9:49PM
            By my logic by 5/13/09 @10:45PM
Bleed Red and Yellow
    by (#167078) on 5/14/09 @9:34AM
Look, I bleed red and yellow like every terps fan, but i just don't think they can play consistently enough on the defensive end (unless phipps/carter has a huge day) to hold of cuse. Plus, they haven't shown the ability to step up and score big goals against big teams (not counting the highway robbery that was the UVA game).

Unfortunately, Cuse wins 15-10
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   Dave Cottle Does His Best As The Underdog by 5/14/09 @10:04PM
Notre Dame
    by (#223144) on 6/03/09 @9:28AM
Say what you want bout the irish and theyre weak season. But dont down the fact that up until the maryland game they were undefeated. Yes although they may seem overated they still are in the top 10 teams to go all da way next year and you can't deny them of that. Also understand this, Notre Dame has one of the most experienced goalies in NCAA lacrosse. As you may have read and know all teams have bad days and good days. I am not hating on maryland and I respect that they played harder than ND but in my own opinion theyre schedule is no weaker and no stronger than that of NDs which leads me to say that Nd still has what it takes to play with the big boys. (Syracuse) Dont be suprised if you see this nd lax team to come back stronger next year with some new faces while they beat cornell and other big names who are going to lose theyre spot due to theyre star players graduating. And while some of you may hate ND you still might want to consider this. They dont care what you have to say as far as how theyre team is ran and what they are doing wrong. ND has hired some of the best people on theyre lax coaching staff and though it may not have shown in this game you can bet ur bottom dollar that they arent worried about you critizizing them.

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