Maverik's Design Our Next Shirt Contest

Maverik's Design Our Next Shirt Contest

Maverik's Design Our Next Shirt Contest

Maverik's Design Our Next Shirt Contest

Maverik wants you to design their next shirt! If you think you've got the Photoshop skills then get cracking, cause the contest starts right now. The deal is simple. You upload your designs to your photo albums page (which you can also reach from your user page). There's no limit on how many designs you can enter.

Starting Dec 1st we close the door to new submissions and let the whole community vote (voting will be open for a week) for the top three designs. Only the #1 winner will have his design manufactured and distributed by Maverik, but the three finalists get this schwag:

1st place - Maybach Gloves, Maybach Shoulder Pads, Maybach Arm Pads, Vision Head, a Wonderboy Shaft, and lots of the final shirt product.

2nd place - Maybach Gloves, Vision Head

3rd place - Vision Head

Tech Note: we only accept gif, jpeg, and png for image uploads so make sure to keep any master files around (like your photoshop .ai files) in case you win. for help with any designs that want to use the Maverik logo we put the .ai file here and the jpeg here.

Legal Note: by submitting your design for this contest you are agreeing that Maverik will own, and have full usage rights for, any design entered.

All shirt entries can be viewed here, which is also accessible from the front page.

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Images, logo etc.
    by (#79817) on 10/27/09 @6:14AM
If Maverik wants something with their logo on, it would be advisable to make some images and logos available for the designs.

Mac Lax
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   Illustrator by 10/27/09 @8:42AM
      More entries by 10/27/09 @3:13PM
   good point by 10/27/09 @11:59AM
      jpg. image uploads by 10/27/09 @3:43PM
         yes by 10/27/09 @4:20PM
      logo by 10/27/09 @10:08PM
         logo by 10/27/09 @10:12PM
   Let Maverik brand it by 11/14/09 @10:56AM
I need the design i posted deleted PLEASE
    by (#228324) on 10/28/09 @7:21PM
ITs the American Red cross one . Thank you and how do i delete the photo if i cant.
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(no subject)
    by (#225101) on 10/28/09 @7:27PM
I posted my designs yesterday, but its not in the section for the do i get it in there or is it still submitted just not in tht section of the site?
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need an answer
    by (#224361) on 10/30/09 @10:08AM
anyone know wat program i would use cuz i have windows.thanks
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   also by 10/30/09 @10:15AM
    by (#208651) on 10/30/09 @1:19PM
my designs arent showing up in my photo album or in the submission album?
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   SAME by 11/30/09 @10:15PM
    by (#210200) on 10/31/09 @3:45PM
i uploaded the shirt designs but they arent appearing in the contest
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   they have to be approved.... by 10/31/09 @4:05PM
      Voting? by 10/31/09 @8:07PM
         it'll be Heisman style by 11/02/09 @10:20AM
      (no subject) by 11/01/09 @10:34AM
         Paint by 11/01/09 @6:51PM
            pasting photos on a T by 11/02/09 @10:21AM
    by (#228251) on 11/03/09 @3:45PM
I made a maverik mcdonalds shirt and i dont see it in the contest with the other shirts. Just wondering why?
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Mcdonalds Design?
    by (#228251) on 11/07/09 @7:52PM
My design is still not posted and I'm just wondering why?
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   first, it had McDonald's trademark on it... by 11/07/09 @9:25PM
(no subject)
    by (#185732) on 11/09/09 @6:53AM
How can I get my submission to appear on the entry page? I uploaded it to an album, but it isnt appearing there.
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    by (#226083) on 11/16/09 @5:53PM
I think u have to fix something because i keep submitting my three designs and none of them are showing up!!! Once i press submit, the next page never loads so i press refresh and it just goes back to the same page and i select the photo again..SO FRUSTRATING
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    by (#228251) on 11/19/09 @8:33PM
Does MAVERIK have anything to do with this contest? And will this tshirt be produced by them on there website?
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   i'm pretty sure... by 11/19/09 @10:25PM
    by (#205153) on 11/22/09 @9:56PM
How do i upload the photos? Because I've tried three times and they aren't showing up.
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   make sure by 11/30/09 @7:12PM
picture cant be seen
    by (#161214) on 11/24/09 @11:42PM
hey i posted my shirt yesturday and its up on the site. i can see it but i send it to others and they say its just a red x. can others see mine? thanks, mikemac10
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Entry-approval timing
    by (#229404) on 11/27/09 @6:40PM
I was just wondering, it appears as though it takes a while for the designs to be approved. If the contest ends December 1st, and you submit it on the first, will you be at a disadvantage for voting due to the time it takes to get it approved?
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   problems uploading... by 11/30/09 @7:38PM
Reupload image
    by (#114298) on 12/01/09 @9:09AM
I've made changes to my artwork yesterday and uploaded it. I had forgotten to place the helmet's face guard over the player's face. I had also made a few noticeable refinements. So after updating my new image I put a note under the caption field (since that was the only place i could write) stating to replace my approved contest entry with this new and improved version, with only 25 characters it looked more like - Please Replace art.
However, to be fair, that same night i had uploaded multiple closeup shots of my illustration and i realize that those were not suited for acceptance. Anyways amongst these closeups was my corrected illustration with the face mask added and it got deleted(i.e. wasn't approved).

I noticed that a few users have had multiple images approved with only slight deviations. So I assume its okay for me to submit my modified image.
Is there anyway we can have our retouched design approved? As long as it bears true to our original work.
One of the main reasons i resubmitted my artwork was because my first entry didn't give viewers a good sense of the resolution and crispness of my artwork. I worked hard to keep a big resolution and retain clean lines. But it can't really be appreciated in the current approved image.

If i were to resubmit it would it be accepted? Even though today is December 1st. The artwork bears true to the original. Only the helmet's face guard is added and the resolution is made clear.
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Deleting an Entry
    by (#227921) on 12/01/09 @10:47AM
I accidentally uploaded 2 of my image, I need to delete the smaller pic of my t-shirt. Can that be taken care of or can someone tell me how? Thanks
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    by (#209509) on 12/01/09 @3:45PM
I looked just before finishing my final design and it still had the option "is this a maverik design" and when I went to upload it, the option wasn't there anymore. Can this shirt still count? It's in my photo album.
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