Notre Dame vs. Denver

Notre Dame vs. Denver

Notre Dame vs. Denver Presents: Epic Highlights from the Notre Dame vs. Denver game this past weekend!

A Showdown in the Mid-West, featuring two of the top teams in the Nation. Some solid Lax here....


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Final Four Contender Again
    by (#135806) on 3/15/11 @6:42PM
Irish are looking good but do you reckon they can make the final four again?
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    by (#272245) on 3/15/11 @7:15PM
I mean I think they can, they have the talent. But I must say the reason they made it to the final four no doubt was because of Scott Rogers. He came up so clutch SO many times it was unreal. We will have to see though, a lot of teams have good talent this year. It will be interesting to watch. On another note, Mark Matthews can freakin play.
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Great video
    by (#183001) on 3/16/11 @1:09AM I would like to commend your efforts on this video. It was truly one of the best game recaps that I have seen.

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(no subject)
    by (#271447) on 3/17/11 @11:38AM
What happened to Zach Bren. for ND?
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