Radford Makes It Official

Radford Makes It Official

Radford  Makes It Official

Radford Makes It Official

RADFORD - The Radford University Board of Visitors has approved the university's recommendation that men's lacrosse and women's gymnastics be reclassified from varsity to club sports effective at the close of their respective 2000-2001 playing seasons.

"This was a tough decision but it is a good decision for Radford University," said Athletic Director Greig Denny. "We've studied this issue thoroughly and we know this is the right move for us as we continue to build a strong, competitive presence in NCAA Division I athletics in accordance with the strategic plan we have developed."

The board also approved a plan to add women's swimming and diving as a varsity sport effective in the 2001-2002 academic year. Swimming and diving is currently a club sport for women at RU.

The changes give the Highlander athletic program 11 varsity sports for women and eight for men.

"Adding swimming is a matter of efficiency," said Denny. "We can support twice as many swimming and diving athletes as gymnasts with the same budget, we have an excellent facility in place with the Dedmon Center natatorium and opportunities abound for competition with other Division I institutions within reasonable travel distances."

Denny added that all gymnastic and lacrosse student-athletes currently receiving athletic scholarships will retain those scholarships for the duration of their athletic eligibility as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress and adhere to the Intercollegiate Athletic Conduct Policy. Any student-athlete wishing to transfer to another institution will be given a release and the full assistance of the university to find other placement.

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Radford sux
    by (#764) on 11/13/00 @6:47PM
This is one of the stupidest reasons for removing lax that I have heard, possibly ever. It's not Title IX, which I can understand why some schools take away lax (which is wrong, but that's a different story). Yet taking away lax to they can have a WOMEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING TEAM!! What school in the history of NCAA athletics have ever packed a "natatorium" for women's swimming? How can they say that women's swimming would generate more revenue for the university when it never gave men's lacrosse a chance. At least make an effort to make the team competitive before giving it the axe. Why didn't they hire Klarmann anyway? He could have turned the program around. And how about some scholarships for the kids? They probably only got around 3. Radford Board, you people are crazy. Trading in men's lax, a possible revenue generator if done right, for women's swimming and diving, who probably will put the atletic department in the red, is ludicrous. The only place where swimming is given any credit is the Olympics, and there it isn't even that great.
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    by (#1017) on 11/14/00 @12:08PM
in addition wasn't there a statute passed a few years ago that guarantees equal number of varsity athletics for both men and women? 11:8? Coming from a school that resides in thes same region as Radford I know this for a fact: that school shouldn't be competing in DI athletics to begin with. They have neither the talent nor the recruiting to sustain a DI program in any sport.

And why now? Why not a few years ago when they couldn't beat St. Mary's Institute for the sight impaired? They actually started to put together some sembalance of a successful program. And they cancel it for Womens Swiming and Diving?

Dumb! ladies and gentlemen... just dumb.
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    by (#189) on 11/14/00 @9:51PM
That ratio has to do with the amount of women to men in the school. If a school has more women that men, their athletics have to show the same ratio.
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    by (#1017) on 11/15/00 @11:40AM
thanks for clearing that up for me. i figured i was missing something
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    by (#181) on 11/14/00 @3:08PM
yo radford sucks man ask me if i flippin care
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    by (#4882) on 11/14/00 @7:39PM
where are you from, Waltham, Revere or Weymouth? No one in the country says the word flippin except 40-65 year old women in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area. Put down your chowder and get a clue.
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    by (#181) on 11/14/00 @8:21PM
you suck and you are ass too
maybe if you are lucky you will be half the lacrosse player i am
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You must go to Harvard
    by (#4882) on 11/14/00 @9:01PM
Your comments are always very intelligent and insightful. Your range of vocabulary is astounding. I mean, the way that you use the words ass, flippin, suck, and fag, you must be an English major. And I doubt you could ever even be on a team that would compete with the teams Ive played on or with. Go back to Charlestown and sulk about how your city blows at lax so bad. Im sure your reply will be great, and include many great insults. Maybe you can tell me how I suck ass again!! Then you can feel real cool about yourself. I wouldnt even let a scumbag like you polish my rings.
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    by (#1017) on 11/15/00 @11:50AM
i think he'd rather polish your knob than your rings.
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