Virginia Flips the Terps

Virginia Flips the Terps

Virginia Flips the Terps

Virginia Flips the Terps

Tillman Johnson continued to stay hot from his performance at Hopkins to lead the #7 Cavaliers over #1 Maryland. Virginia continued to be giant killers as they have defeated the past five teams that have come to Charlottesville ranked #1. Maryland struggled with shot selection and placement all day and the good ones Johnson ate up. Coach Starsia said of Johnson, “This is the Tillman Johnson we have been seeing almost everyday since September.”

Virginia started strong, as senior captain Dave Jenkins said, “We came out flying.” Ian Shure had his bell rung early and Justin Mullen replaced him then had the first goal. He caught a cross crease feed from Conor Gill with a flag down. UVA scored again two minutes later when Chris Rotelli drove right and shot. McGinnis didn’t see it at all. Virginia’s next goal came in an extra-man situation when Hanley Holcomb stepped through a stick check and fired one top right. Virginia’s final score of the quarter came when Holcomb again unleashed a bullet that stung the top right corner. The assist went to Gill who showed his great field vision finding Holcomb almost 18 yards away.

The second quarter was quiet offensively. Virginia scored a minute into it when Mullen caught another feed from Gill about 3 yards out of the crease and scored. Maryland did manage to get off 10 shots in the quarter but Johnson made some amazing saves. Alex Poole had a solid bounce shot from 15 yards out…save. Mike Mollot ripped one high and hard…save. Mollot again with a point blank shot…save. Johnson did say, “I was seeing the ball real well early. I was on top of my game today.”

The third quarter was again quiet offensively. Maryland did finally get on the board six minutes into it as Dan LaMonica scored unassisted. Virginia answered seven seconds later as Jenkins won the face-off and fed Ian Shure, who had returned to the game at the half. Maryland was not taking good shots and the ones they did put on cage Johnson got to.

Johnson started off the fourth quarter with some more big saves. Again, it was Mollot trying to dodge from behind and was stuffed. Then Combs put one in Johnson’s stomach. Each team eventually managed to score once more. Canadian A.J. Shannon caught a nice look from Gill and found the back of the net to give Virginia their final goal. Maryland got their second with 26 seconds left. Buggs Combs caught a deflected feed from Chris Malone and scored but as the Virginia band chanted, “It just doesn’t matter.”

In a great show of gratitude, all Virginia players stayed over 30 minutes after the game and signed free posters for the fans. Johnson said, “This game shows we can play with anybody. This is a big confidence boost.” Maryland Head Coach Dick Edell felt his team would bounce back strong from this loss, “We believe in our offensive system, we believe in our defensive system and we believe in our kids. We are going to do a better job next week.”

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Hang it up Dick......Tillman ate you all up!!!!!!!
    by (#3048) on 3/31/01 @7:37PM
Maryland vs. Virginia!!!! NICE!!!! Virginia is the best......they have corrected their earlier mistakes in the season and are coming on strong starting with today......Virginia is gonna make DI taste it!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's about time
    by (#2752) on 4/01/01 @12:10AM
Virgina opened it's season horribly, as we all know. But now their really coming into their own as a team, especially on the defensive side of the field. Like I said before, Maryland hand not been tested yet this season, and today they did and lost. I'll say that Cuse will be #1 after today, although I have not checked the score of their game. Virgina should be top five now.
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Syracuse will be #1
    by (#3027) on 4/01/01 @9:35AM
Cuse wins big over Brown, 15-4
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Cuse will b #1 but not for long
    by (#9072) on 4/10/01 @4:29PM
cuse will b numba 1 but they have a tough schedule comin up and they have to play umass that is now ranked #4 in the nation they r comin along great and they have beaten Penn State, NAvy, UMBC, and HOfstra. They r now undefeated and i think they will beat cuse for the #1 spot.
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    by (#5323) on 4/01/01 @11:07AM
What an awesome game, for Cav fans anyway! Tillman Johnson tore it up against a good attack unit. What am I saying?! The entire team tore it up!! This win should prove to ya'll that the Hoos are back in business.

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Maryland is bad
    by (#6496) on 4/01/01 @12:22PM
Everybody has been saying how great Maryland is, and they haven't yet (before Virginia) played a real division one program. I mean they barely got by UMBC, and only beat Denver by three goals. This just goes to show Maryland isn't a top notch program.
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duke is a real division one team
    by (#4476) on 4/01/01 @6:46PM
think first.
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    by (#4753) on 4/02/01 @6:54PM
'scuse me but duke sucks, so no they havent played a real D1 team.
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Not much
    by (#2700) on 4/03/01 @5:35PM
You think Duke sucks??? Check out Wagner.
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not this year
    by (#6496) on 4/09/01 @9:39PM
Without Card and last years bunch Duke sucks a butt.
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    by (#2700) on 4/02/01 @7:50PM
Apparently the Cavs are the best damn D1 lax team south of Philly. 'Cuse awaits them Memorial Day weekend.
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Maryland overrated
    by (#10156) on 4/01/01 @12:29PM
Most Terp fans didn't take much stock in the #1 rating since there had been no top teams played as yet.

The Cavs threw a tight zone at Maryland which obviously caught them unprepared. McGinnis actually had a better game than Tillman since he saw much higher quality shots.

Most of the Terp attempts seemed to be aimed at Johnson's chest protector.

The Cavs are clearly superior at present but if the Terps can solve the zone riddle and find a scoring threat at midfield they could still challenge.

The defense units are a draw at best with maybe a slight edge to Maryland since they don't have the power shooters of Va but still held them to just 7 goals when the Va controlled the ball almost the whole game.
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Malone overrated
    by (#3027) on 4/01/01 @2:20PM
last year, Chris had amazing numbers because of his counterpart in the midfield, Brian Zeller. Zeller always had the long pole, which made it a lot easier for Malone, who was able to dodge against a short stick. Not this year. He isn't producing, and needs to adjust his game against the long pole.
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whats going on
    by (#4476) on 4/01/01 @6:48PM
whats this new thing with people writing out their opinions in lists? i dont care what you have to say exlaxer, so stop spacing your words out.
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No Upset Here
    by (#3444) on 4/01/01 @2:54PM
Upset? i think not. In order to be a good team you have to play good teams. I mean look at Marylands sched! How they got ranked so high, i don't know, but i can tell you from thier play down in Charlottesville, they wont be at the top again. Plus, they was underestimated UVA's talents coming into this game. Some Marylander's yelling, "show them their over rated!" UVA over rated. Try the other way around. I'm just happy to see Maryland get put into thier place by the big dogs.
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I might be amddie but I agree with the defender
    by (#9851) on 4/06/01 @3:07PM
Yep, he is right, Virginia might have lost a couple games, but look who they lost to.
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    by (#6598) on 4/01/01 @10:41PM
buyakashah since you know so much about lacrosse you would think that you would know who beat who. As you stated- Maryland barely got by UMBC and isnt a good program. Well I'm not sure if you noticed or not but UMBC is the last game on Maryland's schedule, but good try.
They will prove your "not a good program" statement wrong as soon as maryland plays hop.
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    by (#8807) on 4/05/01 @3:48PM
Maryland has Navy next and then Hopkins. Navy just beatup Gtn and if Maryland isn't careful looking ahead to Hop could be a problem. No question Terps were overated - Mollot and Lamonica can't go iso on the big boys. They got away with it early but now they are going to have to involve their midfield. Mollot got shredded by Koontz - never came close to beating him even though he tried the whole game. Edell would have been better off benching him.
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    by (#10156) on 4/05/01 @3:57PM
Hoos are the best to play Terps this year and the game long one on one attempted by Md was stupid against the packed zone of virginia. I don't know whether that was bad coaching or stubborn attitude of Mollot, but no adjustments were made during the game. Md defense is still stronger but O did'nt show up.
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I meant Towson
    by (#6496) on 4/10/01 @3:42PM
I got Towson and UMBC mixed up, its an easy mistake considering they are very evenly matched, there as good as interchangeable in this case.
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Tillman best goalie in the country? (nt)
    by (#11402) on 4/16/01 @11:10AM
(no text)
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(no subject)
    by (#11402) on 4/16/01 @11:12AM
Tillman is the daddy of goaltending. And the great part is, we can all watch him for three more years.
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