Georgetown Explodes on Hobart

Georgetown Explodes on Hobart

Georgetown Explodes on Hobart

Georgetown Explodes on Hobart

In the beginning of the week Georgetown Head Coach Dave Urick sent a message to his seniors by reminding them that they don’t have much time left in school. He told them they could pack it in, maybe get to the NCAA tournament and play a game or they could pick it up and make some noise. Well, Georgetown started to make some noise today by destroying the Statesmen from Hobart 17-5 in front of 1,617 fans in Washington, DC. Senior Mike Henehan had what Urick described as “a breakout game” with 4 goals and 2 assists. Henehan who had been hurt early in the season said, “I finally felt comfortable. Before I was pushing too hard, now I am relaxed and letting it come to me.”

Hobart was the first to score as Jason Ouellet hit Joe Leska who slipped off his defender underneath and scored. Georgetown came back with the next three goals and took the lead, which they would never give back. Henehan was first converting a feed from Scott Doyle in extra-man offense. Then Neal Goldman scored on a pass from Trevor Walker. Henehan capped off the run dodging from behind and scoring without much net to work with. Hobart got the last goal of the quarter when they were two men-up. Jamie Breslin took a crank shot that deflected off a defender's stick making it difficult for Georgetown goalie Scott Schroeder to stop.

The second quarter was all Georgetown. Hobart did have an opportunity to even the score early when John Bogosian had a one-on-one that Schroeder made a great save on. The Hoyas reeled off the next four goals. Doyle got things started with a lefty shot driving down the left hand side. Though, it was not as hard as Doyle’s usual shots. Georgetown went man down but made a great clear with a play called “over” that completely caught Hobart off guard. Georgetown capitalized on the clear with Steve Dusseau getting his first of the game with a speedy shot stick side low. Twenty seconds later Walker converted a feed from Dusseau that put Georgetown up 6-2. Doug Staab, who also had a breakout game, scored his first when he took a pass from Henehan, faked high, and rolled it in low. Georgetown closed out the half by possessing the ball man-up therefore there was no face to start the third quarter.

Georgetown took advantage of the man-up as the second half started with Staab converting a feed from Walker. Hobart scored next when Breslin slipped under an over-the-head check to go one-on-one with Schroeder and score. That was the first Hobart goal in over 19 minutes of play. Henehan scored the next two goals for Georgetown. The first on a feed from Tom Tamberrino and the second off a heads-up play by Doyle who got a jump on a offside call against Hobart. Staab completed his hat-trick in similar fashion to his earlier one by faking high and going low. Hobart closed out the scoring in the third quarter with an extra-man fast break and it was Bogosian putting it five-hole.

The fourth quarter started with Hobart putting another point on the board by unfortunately for them it was their last. Again it was Bogosian who deflected a shot off Schroeder. Georgetown closed out the game with six goals. Tamberrino had two, both on real nice shots; one high and hard, the other dropped low. Doyle scored next with his usual laser shot high. Staab got another from freshman Walid Hajj on a fast break. Mike Boynton picked up the loose ball and scored on EMO. The former Georgetown Prep star Jimmy Conley closed out the scoring with a hard shot up top also on EMO.

Georgetown is extremely deep playing over five attackmen (not including Mike Hammer who was out but expected back next Saturday for UMASS) and six defenders. Coach Urick said, “We have an awful lot of confidence in our next three defenders (Brad) Cook, (Mike) Jezienicki, and (Pat) Collins. It is nice to have that luxury. The temperature got a little higher today and allowed us to take advantage of our depth. We expect to play into the real hot weather of May and the depth will be to our advantage.” Coach B.J. O’Hara said that the depth was not an issue, “They were just quicker than us. We tried to slow the game down a bit and limit their amount of possessions but we had a lot of problems with the face-offs.” Henehan on his team, “We finally stepped up and played real well.”

Hobart has a dangerous No. 12 Cornell next on the schedule Tuesday but still have Syracuse, Loyola, and Princeton. Georgetown plays at No. 4 UMASS next Saturday in their biggest game of the season.

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Break Out Teams
    by (#3444) on 4/14/01 @7:35PM
I'm glad to see teams that have not been so dominate before, come out and shock some big name schools. Schools like Georgetown and Notre Dame are doing great for schools that have not had a great deal of lacrosse history.
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   YES by 4/14/01 @8:44PM
      actually by 4/14/01 @10:19PM
         Yeah... by 4/14/01 @10:45PM
            Hobart? by 4/16/01 @3:35PM
               No doubt... by 4/19/01 @12:49PM
   Hoyas by 4/16/01 @3:49PM
wrong department.
    by (#6368) on 4/14/01 @10:46PM

this is more like.. "From the who gives a crap about this game department" Once again's lacrosse experts highlight an awful game. Keep up the good work, this site gets more and more boring every week.
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   What...? by 4/15/01 @7:37AM
   Signing Off by 4/17/01 @12:42PM
    by (#10753) on 4/15/01 @2:52PM
Hobart had a terrible game and can do a lot better.....lets see what they do against Cornell
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   a lot better???? by 4/15/01 @3:07PM
      yeah by 4/15/01 @6:35PM
         A little perspective? by 4/16/01 @2:21PM
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   nice job against Cornell by 4/25/01 @8:00PM
Where are all the Hobart people this year?
    by (#10386) on 4/18/01 @3:16PM
Its seems like last year at this time, Hobart had a lot of fans on this site. They must have graduated. Even Ithaca College is getting more articles than Hobart now. How do like them apples? They should stay d1 though so Ithaca can get a turn at some National Championships. Serioulsy though, Hobart is too small of a school to get the top lax players. Most kids would rather get a full ride to Farfield or Umass than go to Hobart. Good school, but too small and not enough girls to get the top guys. Also, Cornell and Cuse will always get the top upstate guys over Hobart. Maybe D2?
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   DII? Not a chance. by 4/18/01 @3:41PM
   Rotten Apples by 4/18/01 @6:28PM
      (no subject) by 4/18/01 @8:12PM
    by (#2024) on 4/18/01 @9:16PM
Bob Punobb is a haus.
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   TIMMMAAYYYY by 4/19/01 @12:47PM
   Slobber by 4/20/01 @1:19AM