Maryland Squeaks By the Blue Jays

Maryland Squeaks By the Blue Jays

Maryland Squeaks By the Blue Jays

Maryland Squeaks By the Blue Jays

The No. 5 Maryland Terrapins defeated bitter rival No. 2 Johns Hopkins 10-9 at Byrd Stadium in front of 7,219 spectators Saturday night. The Terps received an outstanding performance from goalie Pat McGinnis who recorded 21 saves. Senior Captain Chris Malone also stepped up with two goals and two assists as well as some big ground balls. Malone was pumped after the game, “Every season it’s the biggest game on our schedule. This is the biggest win I’ve had with Maryland lacrosse. You come to Maryland to play Hopkins.”

Maryland got the scoring started with Buggs Combs who got up after being drilled while setting a pick to catch a feed from Dan LaMonica and score. Hopkins answered a minute and a half later with Conor Denihan shooting a hard shot top right on extra-man after a cross check call against freshman Chris Passavia. Maryland had the next two goals to go up 3-1. Craig Hochstadt got his fourth goal of the year on a Chris Malone pass while man-up. Then Malone scored himself with a tough shot on the run. The assist went to Combs, his second of the season despite having 33 goals. Hopkins answered with two goals to close out the quarter and tie the score. Bobby Benson converted a great look from Adam Doneger cross crease while man-up. Then Eric Wedin, who was doing a great job with face-offs scored driving right and shooting opposite stick side low.

The second quarter was quiet offensively which is expected when you have two of the top seven defensive teams in Division I men’s lacrosse. Maryland had an empty net opportunity after JHU goalie was taken down behind but the shot hit a Hopkins defenseman. Rob Frattarola had a clean shot from 10 yards out but Maryland goalie McGinnis ate it up. The Terps were able to put one up with 7:06 left in the half when Alex Poole drove the goal-line and shot, Hopkins goalie Rob Scherr got a piece of it but then knocked it in. Matt Hanna had a shot from point blank range a minute later to tie but McGinnis made a huge save. Coach Pietramala said, “Their goalie having 17 saves is a big deal. He was the player of the game.” An interesting situation happened with thirty seconds remaining in the half. Edell tried to call a time-out to get a possession and try to score a last minute goal. It looked like Maryland had the time-out but an official signaled an offside call against the Terps, which gave Hopkins the ball. The Blue Jays took advantage of that possession when Wedin drove right and finished low. That tied the score at four going into the half.

Maryland took the lead two minutes into the half off a fast break when Michael Howley found Dan LaMonica. The Hop came back by scoring the next three goals. Corey Harned got it started in transition. The Wedin let go a laser from up top off a pass from Joe McDermott. There was a flag after the play so Hopkins took possession with no face and Bobby Benson scored an EMO goal. Maryland broke the streak with six minutes left in the third quarter. The Terps were moving the ball well and finally it was Dan LaMonica who took the shot with almost no angle. Hopkins put their lead back to two with Harned moving the ball to Benson who put it away.

The fourth quarter started with Malone putting away a pass from Mike Mollot. Then Malone assisted Buggs Combs who scored from 13 yards out. The Terps had the momentum and they capitalized with two unassisted goals to take the lead. Mike LaMonica made a great move spinning off his defender on the goal line and dunking it. Then Dan LaMonica took his pole high then spun low and scored. Hopkins called a time-out after that goal with 4:59 to play. Maryland’s Brian Carroll was hit with a crosscheck penalty thirty seconds later that put Hopkins man-up for a minute. Denihan took two shots sending one high and the other into the McGinnis’ chest protector. Hopkins backed it up and got another shot but McGinnis was there. Hopkins then stole the clear but was hit with a moving pick call so possession went to the Terps. They got the ball up field but dropped the pass and Wedin came up with a big ground ball. Donegar took the next shot but it sailed wide and Hopkins backed it up. Maryland called time-out to set up a defense with 2:14 remaining. JHU passes the ball around until Wedin takes a shot five-hole that is saved. Maryland tries to cheap it but Hopkins makes the steal, pushes it up field, and scores. It was Benson with his fourth of the game putting it five-hole, this time successfully. Hopkins only got one more shot after that and it was stick side high. Maryland played keep-away to close it out.

This was the first time Maryland has beaten Hopkins in the regular season since 1996. Hopkins played without junior P.J. DiConza who broke his kneecap in practice on Wednesday. Maryland has now won seven straight one-goal games. Malone had some kind words for teammate Carroll, “He stepped it up in the 2nd half winning those face-offs. I mean he is going up against probably the best face-off guy in the country and he comes up big. Carroll worked all summer to go against Eric Wedin and it paid off tonight.” Coach Pietramala characterized the game as, “Clearly two evenly matched teams and clearly two teams that don’t like each other very much.” Coach Edell was very positive on McGinnis, “He is the best goalie in the sport.”

Hopkins will next face No. 13 Navy at Homewood Field on Saturday. Maryland will open with No. 9 Virginia Friday night in Orlando, Fl at the ACC tournament. Coach Edell said, “That’s game puts us in a tough spot. Their post-season life could be on the line. How do you match that kind of emotion?”

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DiConza out
    by (#4058) on 4/15/01 @1:04AM
Anyone know of the condition of DiConza? Is he out for the season?
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   yeah by 4/15/01 @1:23AM
      Yeah Terps!!!!!! by 4/15/01 @7:29AM
         Bad news by 4/15/01 @7:52AM
    by (#10156) on 4/15/01 @8:04AM
Quite a story from a Hop fan. Your article drips with "too bad the Jays lost". Why not mention the huge disparity in fouls. How can you get homered at home? Every contact made by Maryland was flagged while the same plays by Hop went unnoticed. If the Jays hadn't made 3-4 goals in transition and had all the emo chances they would have been lucky to even be in the game.

Go back and watch your replay. The Terps dominated play in settled and even situations. The Terrapin long sticks smothered Hopkins and with Harper, Howley, and Passavia will have at least 2 more years to protect McGinnis's replacement.
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   good call exlaxer by 4/15/01 @11:05PM
What about the Duke UVA game?
    by (#8096) on 4/15/01 @10:38AM
Talk about squeeking by... Duke scored goal 10 to beat UVA 9-10 with 12 seconds to go... and they didn't even start their play until 20 seconds to go.
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Way to go Terps!
    by (#4825) on 4/15/01 @10:51AM
Maryland is sick, they're going all the way this year! The only thing standing between them and the title is 'Cuse and i think that would be an awesome matchup
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   Maryland's year....I don't think so by 4/15/01 @11:18AM
      Princeton winning it all :( by 4/15/01 @11:25AM
         Way to go Maryland by 4/15/01 @1:01PM
            ok baltimoreravenslax...... by 4/15/01 @5:33PM
               ok airlax420 by 4/15/01 @11:10PM
            top four teams by 4/15/01 @11:38PM
            Maryland? UMass? by 4/16/01 @12:11AM
               Youth of today by 4/16/01 @6:55PM
                  Umass has not be tested by 4/16/01 @7:44PM
                     ... by 4/16/01 @10:51PM
                     lacrosse player... i agree by 4/18/01 @11:23AM
                  waynegroh by 4/16/01 @10:47PM
                     YOUTH OF TODAY by 4/17/01 @8:14PM
      No way, Umass will win it this year by 4/15/01 @2:13PM
         Yeahhh Orlando!!! by 4/15/01 @5:34PM
         U Mass will not win it this year by 4/16/01 @10:07PM
         Easy There by 4/17/01 @11:51AM
      Maryland going all the way!! by 4/15/01 @8:02PM
         yea Terps are gonna win it by 4/15/01 @11:21PM
      Princeton will lose to Syracuse by 4/15/01 @9:40PM
         cbalax26 by 4/16/01 @2:13PM
            ?? by 4/16/01 @3:13PM
      Terps by 4/15/01 @11:24PM
         Maryland by 4/16/01 @12:18AM
            preincton .....good spelling by 4/16/01 @2:04PM
               cut the spelling crap by 4/17/01 @6:07PM
            Youth of Today by 4/16/01 @3:22PM
               you fool by 4/16/01 @10:19PM
               cbalax26 by 4/16/01 @10:44PM
                  syracuse is going all the way by 4/18/01 @11:36AM
    by (#11335) on 4/16/01 @12:59AM
The Terps are beast!!! John Hopkins coudlnt handle them from the start. MD just wasnt fired up in the frist half. I think Maryland has what it takes to win it all this season. Even John Hopkind could'nt handle them. There is no way, if they play to there capability, Vrigina will beat them.
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All You Umass frontrunners
    by (#9915) on 4/16/01 @11:47AM
Will you all just give it up. I mean UMass will not come close to beating syracuse. First of all you are gonna try and run and gun with one of the greatest run and gun teams of all time keep dreaming. First of all you don't have the horses and are gonna feel it when you come play cuse and see what run and gun is all about.

Orangemen all the Way!!
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   right by 4/16/01 @10:27PM
   Band Wagon by 4/18/01 @6:37PM
lose the next 3??
    by (#6028) on 4/16/01 @9:36PM
who else thinks the "mighty" hop have a chance at blowing games vs. a potentially good navy team who traditionally plays them close, a very hot towson team, and a loyola team with an upset or two left in the bag. i do! i dont think its likely but there is a chance that they can fall.. but 4 in a row for a program like that is not possible.. but then again.. these are some very good teams..
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