Tony's Tigers Taste Victory

Tony's Tigers Taste Victory

Tony's Tigers Taste Victory

Tony's Tigers Taste Victory

Towson dictated the tempo and the outcome of the game defeating the Duke Blue Devils 12-10 at UMBC. The key to the game was the face-off and both coaches had different takes on the 15-11 advantage for Towson. Coach Tony Seaman, “I’ve been reading all year in the press about the kid [Scott] Bross is the best face-off guy in the nation. Well that might have been settled today.” When Coach Mike Pressler was asked to comment on the face-offs he said, “Yeah, I have some comments but I can’t say them publicly. With a face-off there are three people: the two face-off guys and the guy that blows the whistle. Scott Bross is the best in the game and given a fair fight we will win our share.”

Towson got started early when Neil Adams picked up a ground ball and moved it upfield for the fast break. Ryan Obloj tokk possession and finished for the early lead. Freshman Brian Meyers scored next for Towson with a right-handed shot from 10 yards out as he was coming across the top. Duke got their first three minutes into the game when Chris Hartofilis ripped a bounce-shot stick side. Josh Cornett put another on the board for the Tigers as he drove through a series of checks including one on the hat that wasn’t called. Duke was hit with a push call on Towson’s next possession and the Tigers made the most of the opportunity with Josh Tankersley going high off a Brad Reppert feed. Duke goalie Matt Breslin looked asleep in the cage but woke up with a great sweeping save at the 8 minute mark and followed that with two more off hard side-arm shots. Duke got two more to bring the Blue Devils within one. Taylor Wray was dodging from behind when he found Alex Lieske open on the crease who finished. Leiske then caught a pass at his ankles from Devan Wray and was able to bring it up and score.

Towson kept rolling when Tankersley threw a sweet stick fake, the d jumped and he scored. Duke answered when Michael Keating picked up the ground ball off the face passed to Greg Patchak who found Lieske open to score. Towson came right back with Meyers converting a feed from Reppert. Duke got two in a row to tie the score at six. Hartofilis was first with a lefty crank high as he was driving left. Terrence Keaney was next when Kevin Brennan was found him wide open. Towson got the last two of the half. Both goals were when Duke defenders got caught up in the back of the net. First it was Schwartz as he tried to cover Reppert. Then Hauber, who was doing an outstanding job knocking around Obloj all day got caught and Obloj popped it high with 26 seconds left in the game. Towson won the ensuing face-off and called time-out. Myers picked up the ball and made a run at the goal but was put on his back before he could pass or shoot.

Duke tied the game for the third time at 8 when they scored two to open the second half. Towson was hit with a slashing penalty and Patchak took advantage with a hard over-the-top shot. Duke’s next goal came from Lieske who converted a feed from Patchak. Towson had an opportunity to take the lead with two strong shots from Brad Monaco and Josh Cornett but Breslin ate them up. The Tigers eventually did get to him with a Tankersley side-arm high from 15 yards out. That goal gave Towson the lead that they would never relinquish.

They extended that lead 2:30 into the fourth with Campbell beating Schwartz then throwing a pair of fakes before sticking it in the back of the net. Hartofilis showed off his hard shot drilling one from 18 yards away low on extra-man. Towson got two more to extend their lead. Myers showed a lot of confidence for a freshman driving through three defenders and scoring overhand. Then Obloj put one past a diving Breslin. Keaney got the final goal of the game with 1:12 left to play for a 12-10 score.

Obloj talked about the size difference, “They may be big but we are much faster than them. They couldn’t run with us.” Coach Pressler talked about the loss of steam, “When you put all your energy in a comeback, if you don’t take the lead it comes back to bite you.” Towson moves on to face Maryland next week in College Park, Md.

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Who the hell is surprised at this one?
    by (#10386) on 5/12/01 @3:36PM
Duke was crap this year, they lost to Harvard. They derserved to be in over Umass though right committee? What a waste of the NCAAs money this game was. The D1 lax tourney is laughable. It shouldnt even be called the NCAA tourney, it should be called the ACC invitational where the best teams in the counrtry dont even get invited. What a joke
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   What ???? by 5/12/01 @4:15PM
      Weak Schedule? by 5/12/01 @6:45PM
         the face-offs by 5/12/01 @7:16PM
            (no subject) by 5/12/01 @7:36PM
               Poo by 5/12/01 @8:20PM
            Bross was great against St Andrews and Radford by 5/12/01 @8:40PM
               I totally agree by 5/12/01 @8:55PM
               Hofstra/UVA does anybody care? by 5/12/01 @9:37PM
               maryland is good by 5/13/01 @6:55PM
            you're a loser by 5/12/01 @11:44PM
               no class by 5/13/01 @7:07AM
               check your stats.. by 5/13/01 @7:31AM
               2 ACC! by 5/13/01 @8:31AM
                  IC-bomber don't be a hater by 5/16/01 @5:21PM
               massachusetts lacrosse is garbage by 5/13/01 @9:56AM
                  mass is bad? by 5/13/01 @6:52PM
                     I meant high school lax, not Umass by 5/13/01 @8:50PM
                        ok by 5/14/01 @11:32AM
                     (no subject) by 5/13/01 @10:53PM
               no by 5/13/01 @6:56PM
                  (no subject) by 5/13/01 @11:11PM
                  How about JHU#3 (nt) by 5/16/01 @5:23PM
         Weak teams.... by 5/13/01 @12:58PM
            Sacred Heart? by 5/13/01 @8:39PM
      not just bitter by 5/13/01 @6:50PM
   i hate to say this but by 5/13/01 @12:25AM
   You only wish you play by 5/16/01 @5:26PM
Expected more....
    by (#2961) on 5/12/01 @11:10PM
I'm a big Duke fan..but, shame on you Coach Pressler. I would have expected you to be a bigger man than that. Scott Bross is an excellent face off man and athlete. But, you just robbed Justin Berry by blaming the refs and you did your team an injustice with that comment. Berry has taken on some of the toughest face off competition in the nation. Each week he proves he is the best in the country. He has racked up his 64% percent win record against the best in the nation. Berry plays with more heart,guts and pride than I've seen in years as does that entire Tiger Squad! WELL DONE TOWSON!
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Hey Berry
    by (#12400) on 5/12/01 @11:48PM
Remember --> cheaters never win and winners never cheat. Everyone in the country knows you are going early so cut the crap. I gotta run, it's not last call yet.
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   i hope berry sees all this by 5/13/01 @10:30AM
      iclamp is da man by 5/14/01 @1:38PM
Towson Defense
    by (#13191) on 5/14/01 @9:46AM
Is it true that Towson Tigers are really lead by their sophmore defensive Ace Adam Baxter.
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   Baxter and Berry by 5/14/01 @11:03AM
   men of steel by 5/14/01 @6:52PM
   men of steel by 5/14/01 @6:52PM
Two weak teams, one of the weak teams wins...
    by (#12682) on 5/14/01 @12:43PM
Duke your a joke, Im glad you were smacked by Towson just like you were all season. Now it's your turn Towson to be smacked like the bitches you are.
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   Bitches? by 5/14/01 @1:18PM
   JayBoy ?...Ha, more like Gay Boy, where do u play? (nt) by 5/14/01 @2:10PM
      GayBoy, GayBoy by 5/14/01 @3:27PM
         Uh, how bout no... by 5/14/01 @3:35PM
            Who do you play for??? Big Man by 5/14/01 @4:38PM
         start making sense, please by 5/14/01 @3:38PM
            Now were getting deep??? by 5/14/01 @4:44PM
               What's going on here........ by 5/14/01 @4:54PM
                  Evidence by 5/14/01 @5:21PM
                     You are truely retarded by 5/14/01 @5:40PM
               jayboy??? by 5/14/01 @5:29PM
                  get em' iclamp by 5/14/01 @5:43PM
                     no doubt JCambell by 5/14/01 @6:05PM
                        I agree w/ iclamp by 5/14/01 @8:07PM
                           YO FELLAS !!!!!!! by 5/15/01 @12:13AM
                              GayBoy, come back, we're not done yet by 5/15/01 @8:14AM
                                 poor gayboy by 5/15/01 @8:46AM
                  I CLAMP WHAT????? by 5/15/01 @9:51AM
                     white trash by 5/15/01 @12:27PM
(no subject)
    by (#5306) on 5/14/01 @8:34PM
I feel that both teams played well and they both deserved to win that game. Either team would create a difficult matchup for Maryland in the quarterfinals. Duke of course has already beat them and Towson is very quick, and they're playing their best lax of the season right now. It should be a tough game for Maryland next sunday
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   good post, right on the money by 5/14/01 @9:22PM
Hi, Im back again...
    by (#12682) on 5/15/01 @10:17AM
First of all it amuses how much you put into these comments. You three probably slap hands and tell each other that you really showed JayBoy up. Congrats!!! Some of us have real jobs and go home at night. We have better things to do then sit on the computer and wait for responses. Okay, you beat Duke- Duke wasn't that good anyways. During the season you lost to Virginia by four (shouldn't have to go any further than that), they were a terrible team. Lost to Maryland - big game, shit the bed. Lost to Hopkins - big game, shit the bed again. So basically Towson "your team" can't show up for the big games. Towson will fold and then you guys will feel really stupid. But you will come back with comments such as- "It was a great game to watch", "they accomplished so much, what have you accomplished in your life", "they got screwed by the refs". Im sure you'll have more than that. So "iclamp" I assume you are the face off man for Towson, when the Maryland face off man runs by you all day, think of me, it will really mean alot. "JCampbell" if this is your real name then you are a complete imbecile. Can't believe you would announce your name over this site. Even if I sound like a retard no one will know who I am, your probably one of those Jerry Springer White Trash types anyways. "Laxman7777" I can't even remember what you wrote, so just go suck a dick anyways. I will be looking forward to amusing my self some more when you guys reply, until then.
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   I actually feel sorry for you GayBoy by 5/15/01 @10:53AM
      Hurt Me, Hurt Me by 5/15/01 @11:16AM
         yes gayboy is back by 5/15/01 @11:46AM
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                        sorry gayboy by 5/15/01 @2:59PM
                           Same thing over and over and over by 5/15/01 @4:39PM
                              No, no, keep it going by 5/15/01 @4:54PM
                                 ok gayboy you win. . . by 5/15/01 @5:37PM