Born Saves the Day for Loyola

Born Saves the Day for Loyola

Born Saves the Day for Loyola

Born Saves the Day for Loyola

The Greyhounds relied on their six horses and got a stellar performance from their goalie to defeat Georgetown 11-9 at UMBC Stadium in front of 4,116 fans. Overall it was an ugly game with plenty of dropped passes and errant throws. Georgetown struggled to put the ball on cage while out shooting Loyola 47-26. Jason Born finished with 21 saves 12 of which came in the fourth quarter. Born said, “I didn’t want to lose twice on this field. I’m from Catonsville so I didn’t want it to be like last year with my friends. I called some of those guys Timmy Goettelmann and Mike Battista this morning to tell them I was playing for them.”

Loyola was first on the board three minutes into the game as Stephen Brundage curled around lefty and stuck it on the short side. Both teams were struggling with throwing and catching. The ball spent more time on the turf than in the sticks. Loyola extended their lead to 2 when Bobby Horsey stuck a pass from Gavin Prout on the left pipe. Georgetown’s first came with 6:45 remaining in the first quarter as Steve Dusseau dove on his defender lefty and stuck it on the right pipe. Trevor Walker evened it for Georgetown when he took John Brasko and dropped it low.

Loyola started the second quarter with Michael Sullivan scoring unassisted after he was checked hard. The Hounds were able to go up 4-2 when Sullivan started to take his short stick defender but he saw the slide coming and dumped it to Chris Summers. Summers quickly passed to Gunnar Goettelmann who got off a shot before the defense could fully rotate. Georgetown evened the score for the second time of the game with a two unassisted goals from Walker and Tom Tamberrino. Loyola continued the theme of a two-goal lead and scored the next two. Goettelmann did a catch and shoot off a pass from Summers for the first goal. Then Sullivan sliced through four defenders before scoring in traffic. Mike Henehan had a shot as time expired and the Georgetown bench jumped in anticipation but Jason Born made the save.

Georgetown didn’t have many quality offensive opportunities in the third quarter and therefore no goals. Loyola’s strong defense allowed them to produce two goals in the transition. Prout first scored on a pass from Sullivan. Georgetown did have one nice opportunity to score when Tamberrino schooled his defender as he dodged from “X.” Tamberrino saw a slide and hit Henehan on the crease but Henehan couldn’t get a hold of it and failed to score. Loyola took the ground ball and John Brasko streaked up field. Brasko hit Summers who threw a series of fakes before putting it in the net.

The Greyhounds got the first of the fourth quarter with Summers unassisted. Tamberrino answered when he dodged from behind again on a nice move. Loyola scored next on a textbook fast break. Sullivan moved it to Goettelmann who fed Summers who finished. Dusseau came back for the Hoyas and stuck a bounce shot unassisted. Prout answered for the Hounds as he took Rodger Colbert around the top and scored. Prout showed tremendous strength running through Colbert’s defensive check. With 3:29 remaining Scott Doyle got his first of the game with little to no room. One minute later, the Hoyas put another up to bring them within two. Doug Stabb was the recipient of a Henehan pass as he was cutting. Georgetown won the next face and Stabb shot from 18 yards out but it was saved stick-side. Stabb made a great play on the clear and got it to Dusseau who shot wide. Georgetown retained possession and Walker shot but it was saved. Again, Georgetown came up with possession and Doyle was able to get off two shots but Born stopped them. Georgetown was able to get off another three shots before Loyola successfully cleared the ball and the final horn sounded.

Georgetown was without the services of starting attackman Mike Hammer who was out with a sprained knee from the Syracuse game. Coach Cottle commented after the game, “We’ve been on the downside of a lot of hot goalies this year. Today, was a day when our goalie won the game for us.” Cottle also said, “We felt that if we kept Georgetown to under 10 we would win.” Cottle also mentioned his six guns (Goettelmann, Summers, Brundage, Horsey, Prout, and Sullivan) “That’s our six stats and we throw them in as much as we can. We are not as deep as we’ve been and we run the guys we got into the ground.” Coach Dave Urick talked about the game, “I’m sure we’ve all seen more picturquese lacrosse but we both played hard and that is what you want at the end of the season.” Dusseau had two different scenarios for a different outcome, “If we had put it [shot] in better spots, we’d be moving on.” He also said, “If we played harder, longer, earlier, things would have been different.” Cottle spoke a little of their next game, “You’ll see us a lot better the next time we play even though we play Goliath [Princeton].”

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great season guys...
    by (#12723) on 5/12/01 @8:58PM
I am truly sorry to see these Hoyas go. They put together a great season and it is definitely a shame that it had to end in a game that did not accurately reflect their talents, and how hard they have worked all season. They will be back next year though, just wait...
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Yeah, well tough luck
    by (#3027) on 5/12/01 @10:20PM
loyola is obviously a better team then the Hoyas. They were challenged more during the season,forcing them to put in just a little more effort than the Hoyas. They were pushed by the playoff monkey to end their jinx in the playoffs too.
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Choke time
    by (#8608) on 5/13/01 @7:14AM
Remember what happened at Rutgers in 98'
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Bye Bye G-Town
    by (#12682) on 5/14/01 @12:49PM
Oh Im sorry that you are just a gross team. Just think all that money you spent on those chessy ass t-shirts, "Monday", and what ever else they said. Did'nt see this loss coming, right. Time to take your medicine next Loyola.
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What's your deal
    by (#834) on 5/15/01 @10:31PM
You seem to be a big ban-waggen fan. You sit there and you critize and speak condesendingly about all these other teams. You trash Bucknell who earned their playoff spot and represented themselves quite well honestly. They were over matched but managed to hang in there and keep it close. Then on this page you jump on the Princeton Ban-waggon not giving Loyola any credit for their skill. Then big surprise you jump on the SU side of next week. Granted Hofstra has to play a great game with some help by a sub par game from Cuse, but that's no reason to trash their efforts. Then what a surprise. You jump on the MD side after Towson beat Duke. Don't give towson any credit either for the great season they had and legitamite players as well. Take it easy on these everyone cheering on their team too. They show true loyalty and there's no reason to mock it. Grow up a little, how about that? Have fun making fun of this all you want. It'll show how cool you are. Really it will.
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georgetown: Good season but horrible game
    by (#5306) on 5/14/01 @8:29PM
I commend georgetown for its excellent season, escept for the very last game against the hounds. I went to the game down in catonsville, and georgetown played horrible. In no way did they deserve to win that game. They were very sloppy with their clears, catching, and passing. They couldn't even scoop. Maybe the last game against Syracuse had an impact on their confidence, but anyway it was pathetic. It remimded me of the way my middle school team plays. I feel for the hoyas cause they're capable of much better.
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    by (#6278) on 5/14/01 @8:46PM
whenever they lose this happens...the can't pass catch clear and what not....but the cuse game had a big effect...cuz mike hammer...their 2nd leading scorer got hurt and couldn't play this week this game didn't quite reflect how their actuall season went
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