Bullets Flying, Beat Denison 13-7

Bullets Flying, Beat Denison 13-7

Bullets Flying, Beat Denison 13-7

Bullets Flying, Beat Denison 13-7

The Gettsburg Bullets shot down the Denison Big Red with a thoroughly dominating performance all over the field. Denison hung in there for about two and a half quarters with some opportunistic goals in transition, but they were unable to get anything going in settled offense. A particularly strong showing was put in by Bullet defenseman Mike Plantholt who stripped attackmen and picked off passes all day long. Tim McGinnis was also outstanding otherwise this game would have been decided by one or two rather than five. Denison actually played a very solid game, Gettysburg just wasn't to be denied today.

The Gettysburg Bullets have already printed up T-shirts that say 2001 National Champs. We saw earlier in the year Maryland got burned when they pulled the same stunt for the ACC tournament. Coach Jansyck has a theory about it however,"We've tried everything else.( referring to repeated chances at the championship coming up short) We've got nothing to lose. We figured we'd print them up and get the kids believing it and here we are." Continuing with the theme of destiny's child Coach went on to say in reference to who he wants to face in the finals. "They're both good teams. It's destiny man, so we're going to play either one."

The Bullets had a major advantage in time of possession and it payed off as they led by one after the first, two at the half, four after three, and finally by six. The Bullets faced a man-to-man defense today and took turns isolating from everywhere. Star sttackman Pete Milliman also looks too be in good form after being hampered with some knee problems.

The Bullets took control off the opening face and started what would be repeated all day, a lengthy possession that resulted in a goal at the 13:18 mark. Jake Van Nostrand drove from behind to his left and fed an adjacent cutter, but the stick was checked. The ball rolled out to Matt Twombly for a couple of steps in and an outside lefty crank shot low, 1-0. Gburg won the next face, but Milliman's force feed to the crease resulted in Denison's first offensive opportunity. They were quickly whistled for procedure however, and the Bullets were back on "O". Again, a lengthy possession resulted in a goal at the 11:35 mark. Milliman, marked by Stephen Lewis, curled from behind to his left before turning back and quickly feeding Charlie Hanchett on the doorstep for a quick stick, 2-0.

Denison took a timeout to regroup, but Gburg won the next face and Middie Wes Cadman got off a great shot that Peter Royer stuffed. Denison then had their first true possession. After working it around they wound up coughing it up. A Bullet longpole tried to clear and got stripped for a quick transition to Andy Mcilwaine who was isolated with Matt Radgers directly in front of the goal. He took a studder stepp and went to his right before beating Bullet goalie Tim McGinnis, 2-1. Denison makes a defensive stand in their own end off the next face, but when they got to the other side they coughed up the ball almost immediately along the restraining line. Mike Bevilaqua was off to the races for a fast break. He moved it up o Ric Bremer who had time enough to shoot it through Royer's legs from about eight yards away, 3-1. Denison looked to get one back quick when Greg Mavraganis beat McGinnis on a sweeping shot back against the grain. It rang off the post to keep it 3-1. Less than a minute later Denison made it a one goal game. Again, Gettysburg got the ball on the ground and began to clear when Denison riders got the ball back. The ball was pushed back to Kevin Sullivan who went streaking down the right side and beat McGinnis low on the run, 3-2. Denison got a little confidence and drew a penalty, but they got nothing out of it. Then they got a fast break that was perfect until McGinnis robbed Ryan Berger on a point blank shot that he had no right saving. With 1:33 left Berger was able to convert. Sean O'Brien was working along goal line extended to McGinnis' left and popped a quick feed into Berger all alone in front for the upper right hand corner goal, 3-3. The Big Red got a fast break off the next face and longpole Brian Wilkins took the shot unsuccessfully. Gburg went on offense and called a timeout, but the play they set up was thwarted by the Denison defense. When the defense tried to clear the ball with twenty seconds to go Wilkins took his eye off the ball for a moment and the ball sailed out of bounds. This would cost the Red dearly. Cadman inbounded the ball and ran down the left side before feeding Hanchett cutting across the middle. He caught the pass left handed and took a few steps before cranking one low to make it 4-3 with 2.2 seconds.

The Bullets won the first face of the second quarter, but Max Wright did a great job of relieving Rich Sharp of the ball to put Denison on the offense. The Big Red lost the ball to Gburg defense, but the Bullets threw the ball out of bounds to give them another chance. Again, they quickly got the ball on the ground and sent it back on Gburg offense. Possession trends were already established at this point. In 6 on 6 situations, Gettysburg was penetrating and getting chances on offense and Denison was completely ineffective on offense. Bullet Midfielder took longpole Brian Wilkins out to the midfield line twice to try and dodge him, but couldn't get inside. Later at the 9:13 mark he tried Wilkins from "X" and was able to convert. He drove to his right before pulling off an inside roll to go 1 on 1 with Royer. He came high with the shot and dunked one over Royer's left shoulder, 5-3. Denison kept fighting back. At 6:23 close defensemen Stephen Lewis came up with a defensive ground ball and managed to weave his way past everyone to headman a fast break. He moved it across to Berger who found O'Brien all alone to McGinnis' left. O'Brien faked high and beat him low, 5-4. Shortly after, Denison attacker Kip Hale got inside for a seven yard shot that McGinnis stuffed. You can't say enough about how important McGinnis' play was today. Not only did he make some huge saves, but he made them when they meant the most to Denison.

The Bullets made it 6-4 on great ball movement. Twombly came from behind to his left and popped the ball to wingman Bremer. Bremer rolls to inside and instantly feeds backside man Jake Van Nostrand who only had Royer to beat. Pearce victimized Wilkins again for the 7-4 Gburg lead. This time he isolates along goal line extended to Royer's right. Again, he gets by on a roll dodge and no slide came so he dropped his stick low and shot high beating Royer on the short side. Denison came back within two on the same play as before. Gburg tried to clear out of a scrum and the turnover was converted to Mavraganis who finished. Gburg got a penalty with 13 seconds left so the Big Red held on for possession.

The Bullets killed the penalty to open the second half. The scoring picked up when Milliman got off his second crank of the quarter. Royer gobbled up the first on, but when Sharp fed Milliman from behind he stepped into an overhand bouncer that Royer couldn't handle, 8-5. I don't know who through the pass to Charlie Hanchett across the midfield line and I don't know who hit him, but I heard the wind come out of him on the next play. I'll net Charlie knows who threw the pass, but probably doesn't know who hit him. Luckily Hanchett shrugged it off after being removed from the field to play again. On the Alternate possession Berger started with the ball for Denison. Close defender Mike Plantholt took it away from him clean and cleared it himself. Plantholt was on his game today. Denison was a victim of a failed clear on Gburg's next goal. Van Nostrand picked off a clearing pass after Milliman checked the defenders stick. Van Nostran threw the cross crease feed to Twombley for the lay-up, 9-5. Plantholt drew a penalty for a marginal call an Denison got a golden opportunity. Jon Staunton ripped a couple high and wide and O'Brien was stuffed on diving low shot on the doorstep. Next time down all even, O'Brien was stuffed on the same play, but this time he was in the crease, Gburg ball. Milliman carried the ball and Stephen Lewis took two vicious hacks at his leg with the six foot pole before being flagged. He would've gotten away with the first one, but they lock up the repeat offenders. Royer made a great save on a crease shot before the Big Red take another penalty to go down by two men. Milliman got the ball after a few passes to Royer's right. From five yards away he simply faked high and shot low, 10-5.

Denison was called again for procedure on their next offensive chance. Things really started to heat up with big hits and slashes(in your face play). Denison went man up with 55 seconds to go when Twombley took it too far for personal call. Jon Staunton shot one high and one wide on previous man-up. He zeroed it in this time for a perfect crank in the upper right corner from just inside the restraining line, 10-6.

The Bullets just may have sealed the game off the face in the fourth quarter. When Rich Sharp scooped the ball and ran straight down the right side to score it took the stuffing out of Denison. They played to the end, but the way the Bullets defense was playing, a five goal defecit was huge. Also, the Denison defenders were worn out with the Bullets dominating time of possession by a landslide. Milliman made it 12-6 on a wicked crank from outside with 10:48 left to play. The rest was history as they say. Gburg began to run out the clock and Denison defenders didn't have enough gas to chase them, 13-7.

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Yea Bulletts!
    by (#12291) on 5/19/01 @5:26PM
Great job guys!! 60 minutes left! Finish it!!
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Go Bullets!
    by (#13526) on 5/19/01 @5:33PM
Nice job ... congrats to Coach J and the Bullets. This is your year ...
"Thanks for winning!"
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Go Bullets!
    by (#13526) on 5/19/01 @5:34PM
Nice job ... congrats to Coach J and the Bullets. This is your year ...
"Thanks for winning!"
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Middlebury Wins!
    by (#682) on 5/20/01 @3:43PM
They killed Naz today, 21-14. This team has to be the hottest in the tournament, they have won by 26 goals, 11 goals and 7 goals.
Can you say repeat?
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    by (#2903) on 5/21/01 @9:09AM
This should be a good game! I can't believe Middlebury hung 21 on Naz. This team can score! I'll be interested to see how well they handle G'burg's disciplined, patient offense. If it's a shootout, Gettysburg is done!!!
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DIII Final
    by (#5304) on 5/21/01 @10:44AM
This should be a sweet game considering neither one of these teams have even been tested yet in the playoffs. Sounds like Middlebury has shaken off their early season problems. I predict the Bullets will take home their first Trophy. By the way, did the Naz defense smoke crack before this game?
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    by (#2903) on 5/21/01 @11:28AM
From the looks of the scores, you're right Mr. Smith. It really makes you wonder how things would have shaken out if W & L Made the tourney. I know this issues has been worked over for a whilr now but something needs to happen with this AQ business.

RE: the crack. from what I heard, it was a classic run * gun type game with Middlebury outshooting Naz something like 66 to 50. If you look at the box score it also looks like alot of other secondary scoreres were getting involved. I don't know what happened but if Naz has one of the best defenses in the country and they gave up 21 like that, G'burg has their work cut out for them.
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    by (#2903) on 5/21/01 @11:30AM
Oh, by the way, Middlebury 14 - Gettysburg 9
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    by (#12398) on 5/19/01 @6:00PM
Thanx for representing the best lax conference in the country!
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    by (#13051) on 5/19/01 @9:18PM
It's a beautiful day
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    by (#12750) on 5/19/01 @9:21PM
Way to go Burg. See you all at the show.
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Let's Go Middlebury
    by (#908) on 5/23/01 @10:09AM
I hope Middlebury kicks the @#%! out of Gettysburg.
Middlebury shut these mother %$@#ers up already.
They haven't been this far ever, you guys have.
Show them what it feels like to be the recipient of the Finalist Plaque.
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big nutz
    by (#5304) on 5/23/01 @10:52AM
Shut your cake-hole. It wasn't too long ago that Middlebury had never even been to the tournament before, so don't come talking like their sh!# doesn't stink. Don't forget that Middlebury is 0-2 against Gettysburg. I've got some great logic for you-Middlebury lost to Springfield by 13 and Gettysburg beat Springfield by 4, therefore Gettysburg should beat Middlebury by 17.
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DIII All Americans
    by (#5304) on 5/23/01 @10:58AM
On 360lacrosse.com they have their DIII all-american teams listed.
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Try Looking Deeper, pal
    by (#5280) on 5/23/01 @11:34AM
The reason why not too long ago Middlebury had not been to the NCAA's was that no NESCAC schools were allowed to go to any NCAA tournament. Ever since then, NESCAC schools are the dominant force in all of DIII sports. I believe that it wasnt until 1993 that NESCAC teams were allowed to play in the tournament, and Middlebury has the distinction of being the first nescac team to evern play in tournament gae, wina tournament game, make it to the finals, and win an NCAA championship. And if you look closer, the games that Middlebury played against Gettysburg were both at the beginning of the season, AT Gettysburg. And if you take the whole "who beat who" approach to the tournament, then I think that Denison should have beaten Gettysburg by seve, considering they beat Hampden Sydney by five and hampden Sydney beat W&L by one and W&L beat Gettysburg by one. Wow, do you think that you should take this type of prognosticating theory into all of you game predictions?
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    by (#5304) on 5/23/01 @12:41PM
You really know how to take a joke buddy, but thanks anyways for writing that page long essay. Come on, I know Gettysburg isn't going to beat Middlebury by 17, I may be partial to them, but I'm not a moron.
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    by (#10532) on 5/23/01 @3:32PM
What's with all the hostility towards Gettysburg? Middlebury has been to the dance 3 times in a row and now most of you except Mr. Smith and some others are jumping on the band-wagon. Wouldn't we like to see a new team take home the NCAA hardware. Three years ago were most of you rooting for SSU to kill Middlebury in their first championship? I think this is a great year for D1 and D3 because there are some new faces at this Final Four weekend.
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Mr. Smith
    by (#682) on 5/23/01 @5:54PM
360lacrosse also has their championship game breakdown, if you click on "college" on the main page.
Also, you did ignore the main point of ghs1998 comments which were that Middlebury wasn't even allowed in the NCAA's until 1993 and didn't receive their first bid until 1995. Since then they have gone 11-3 in the tournament and have been the most dominant team in D-III.
Middlebury-16 Gettysburg-11

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    by (#10532) on 5/23/01 @11:39PM
So why were teams from that league not allowed into the tournament until 1993? I would not say they've been the most dominant team since 1995. They've been in two championships and won one in the past 2 years. Let's recap some dominating performances from this past season: 17-16 against WAC, 8-7 against Union?, 13-8 against Tufts, 13-8 against Trinity, 11-7 against Williams, and 11-5 against Bowdoin. So I guess Naz could probably have beat none of these teams by more right. Of course you'll come back with Middlebury's playoff record, which is impressive. But don't say they've dominated DIII since 1995. SSU, WAC, and Naz have. Middlebury had 2000.
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    by (#682) on 5/24/01 @7:39AM
They have been in 3 straight championships, this being their third, not 2.
And how is bringing in a series of games they won over NESCAC foes a way of showing that Middlebury isn't good? Not to get into a conference debate, but the NESCAC is the deepest conference in D-III, an example, the LAST place team in the conference Williams lost to Salisbury St. 11-12 this year.
And yeah they beat WAC by a goal, but besides the second time that G-Burg played them, NOBODY beat WAC by more then a goal or 2 (except Naz). So what is wrong with a 1 goal win on the road v. WAC? Think before you write something.
Also, yes I will bring in Middlebury's tournament record of 11-3, most teams couldn't post a record like that in the regular season, nevermind against the best of the best.
The NESCAC didn't allow teams in the NCAA's before because they wanted the athletes to focus on academics not athletics.
Again, since Middlebury first made the tournament in 1995 they have been the best overall team in D-III. There isn't a good argument against it, especially if you take into account that they have gotten better every year...
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Huh? is right
    by (#10532) on 5/24/01 @11:47AM
DIII did you even read my reply? Obviously not very closely. I said the last 2 champiomships pertaining to Middlebury in the past tense because the third one has not taken place yet. So they have not "been" in 3 yet. And you should be the one doing some thinking before you write. Nothing's wrong with beating WAC by one goal, but how can you call it domination? I presented those scores to prove that Middlebury is good but not dominant. You can say Middlebury has been the most consistant team the last 3 years; but again, the most dominant since 1995? Did you forget the 3 years in a row ('96,'97,'98) that WAC and Naz. played each other in the championship? Was Middlebury "dominating" then? How is that for an argument. I am not disputing Middlebury's talent this year or the 2 before; they are a very good team right now. But you said, "since Middlebury first made the tournament in 1995 they have been the best overall team in DIII." I just showed you that that is not true, plain and simple. You have no rebuttle, get a freakin' dictionary and look up the word "dominate".
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    by (#682) on 5/24/01 @12:52PM
This is so petty I can't believe that I am even responding. But for the record, the phrase I used was "most dominate", as in "the Cowboys were the 'most dominate' team in the NFL in the 90's".
Now, that doesn't mean they "dominated" every game, or every season, it means that comparatively they were the "most dominate" team, its just a figure of speech ok, get it??
And no I didn't forget that Naz and WAC played three in a row, but WAC was killed by SSU in the quarters last year, and didn't even make it this year, while Naz has lost to Mbury 2 straight years, and did horrible three years ago. If you look at the 6 years total, Middlebury has been the best overall. And has progressively gotten better unlike WAC who is the exact opposite. Middlebury have only lost 4 games in the past 3 seasons, and they were good the 3 before that as well.
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    by (#908) on 5/24/01 @9:20AM
Hey Mr. Smith this is college lacrosse not trigonometry. That logic crap doesn't fly here.
There past isn't playing in the finals. There team knows what it's like to play in the finals. Gettysberg has no idea what it is like plaing in front of 20,000.
we'll see
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big nutz and D3
    by (#5304) on 5/24/01 @9:42AM
the time to talk sh!# is over with. Lets face facts, Middlebury is legit and has really shown they know how to turn it up in the playoffs. Gettysburg has always been a contender, but has never made it to the big dance until now. should be a great game with plenty of all-americans on the field at every position. May the best team win.
Go Bullets
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Middlebury vs. Gettysburg
    by (#12351) on 5/24/01 @2:26PM
Middlebury's offense is on fire. Their midfielders were far too quick for Nazareth, and will be too quick for Gettysburg. Unless Gettysburg deflates the ball and dominates the time of possession, Middlebury will drop another 20 goals on them.
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