Tigers Tiptoe Towards Title

Tigers Tiptoe Towards Title

Tigers Tiptoe Towards Title

Tigers Tiptoe Towards Title

Loyola fought hard for 60 minutes but in the end, came up a goal short against Princeton in front of 10,510 fans. It was the fourth largest crowd to witness a men's NCAA quarterfinal although many left after Hofstra - Syracuse game. The Greyhounds played the game they wanted by holding Princeton under 10 but they couldn't get to the magical number of 11 they felt they needed for the win. Coach Bill Tierney talked about the difficulty his team encountered, "Loyola College gave us all we can handle coaching and playing. This was one of the most mentally tough games I've ever been a part of."

Loyola was first to score two and a half minutes into the contest. Stephen Brundage caught a feed from Gunnar Goettelmann on the run and scored despite Princeton goalie Trevor Tierney getting a piece of it. There was no scoring for the next eight minutes as both teams worked it around and each goalie made some solid saves. Princeton was able to finally put one up with Will MacColl. MacColl was dancing behind the net but slipped and fell. MacColl popped up quickly and got a shot off before any Loyola defender was able to pick him up. A holding penalty against Winship Ross at the end of the quarter gave Loyola a man-up opportunity to start the second quarter.

The Greyhounds took advantage of the opportunity when Bobby Horsey made a great look from up top and found Gavin Prout open on the crease for the score. Both teams again had multiple shots to score. Sophomore defender Damien Davis ripped one on a clear but it was wide. Prout had a good look but put it right off Tierney's stick. Princeton eventually did get two in a row to take their first lead of the game. Sean Hartofilis dodged on David Metz and put a lefty side-arm shot right inside the pipe. Then the Tigers won the face and Rob Torti popped it top-left. Loyola reclaimed the lead with two goals before halftime. Horsey was dodging on Kyle Baugher but stepped off and fed Goettelmann who drilled a low to high shot. Loyola won the face and began to work the ball around. Tierney was yelling for the officials to tell Loyola to keep it in because they were stalling. Well, the officials signaled for it and Loyola successfully shot about 10 seconds later. Michael Sullivan put a Horsey pass opposite stick side high.

Princeton came out strong in the start of the second half. Owen Daly caught a pass from Matt Streibel goal line extended to shoot with little angle and score. Princeton reclaimed the lead when Ryan Boyle made a tough feed to MacColl who managed to finish. A key series of events occurred with about 9:40 remaining in the third quarter. John Brasko slapped Boyle on the wrist late with an official right there. There was no call and that infuriated Hartofilis who gave the official a piece of his mind and the official gave Hartofilis a yellow flag, in fact, two of them. This put Loyola man-up for two minutes non releasable. Horsey took the first shot from about 18 shots and put it right in Tierney's stick. It looked like they were playing catch. Princeton got the ball and held it for almost a minute and a half. Summers was able to get off another shot just as the penalty expired but Tierney made a great save and sent it up field. Hartofilis eventually got the ball on the fast break and scored to totally redeem himself. Princeton players and Coach Tierney all referenced that as a huge turning point for momentum. Loyola got their last goal of the third quarter off a trick play. Prout had the ball and pretended to flip it to Horsey. Horsey dodges hard left and Tierney slides accordingly leaving the entire right ride of the net open. Prout's defender wasn't sure where the ball was leaving Prout with plenty of open net to score on. Prout and Horsey said it was something they had tried in practice before but it was not a called play. Loyola had a great opportunity to tie the score with two seconds left. Sullivan had a shot with Tierney out of position but put it just wide.

Sullivan hit the turf after a pass about three minutes into the fourth and Coach Cottle said after the game that Sullivan believes he tore his ACL. Sullivan had torn his other ACL in pre-season and was waiting to have surgery. "Now he can get a two-for-one," said Cottle. Princeton's first goal of the fourth quarter and the one that ultimately proved to be the game winner caught Loyola flat-footed. The Greyhounds were hit with a failure to advance call and on the quick restart Owen Daly shot a pass from Boyle to make the score 7-5. Princeton's final goal of the game came highlight style. Brad Dumont who had four goals coming into the game faked a forward shot then put it five-hole behind the back for a sweet shot. Loyola quickly came back when Horsey again dodged from behind before dumping to Goettelmann. It was the same play they scored on in the second quarter. Princeton did a good job holding the ball until an offensive player stepped into the crease with it for the turnover. Loyola capitalized with Prout ripping a shot off a Goettelmann feed. Loyola won the next face-off and Cottle considered calling a time-out, "I didn't want to take the ball out of Gavin's stick. I thought we may have had a 2 on 1." Turns out Loyola forced the pass and lost the ball. Princeton brought it down but when Loyola went to double they ended up committing two penalties that really handcuffed them to make any attempt at stealing the ball back and scoring. The Tigers move on to the Final Four with an 8-7 victory.

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    by (#12539) on 5/20/01 @9:58AM
Yes...Bogart's is still open, and I'm pretty sure thats where half the crowd from the first game went after watching paint dry, ooops, I mean Loyola-Princeton's first half. Compared to the run and gun tempo of the afternoon's first game, it had almost appeared to be the women's quarterfinal. I couldn't tell whether it was great defense or lack of offense on both sides due to the sun I absorbed all afternoon, and needed to retreat to Bogart's to hydrate myself.
Being a Long Islander, there's nothing else like a crowd at a Long Island venue!! I was hoping to witness one of the biggest upsets in recent history, but unfortunately for Hofstra, the games are four quarters long.
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oh hell yea it is!!!!!
    by (#6322) on 5/20/01 @12:08PM
oh yes bogarts is open... it is always open... can't beat that place... by far one of the best bars on that strip and on LI... only problem is all them damn high school kids that go there and think there tough... they should stay out its college place...
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mmm bogarts
    by (#5306) on 5/20/01 @2:46PM
The tigers will stop tiptoeing as soon as they meet towson next weekend and rutgers. Princeton is a very good team but tony and his tigers are really hot right now. I dont think princeton will be headed to the final. Towson has so much momentum right now and they've got nothing to lose cause they're not supposed to be in the final four. So good game princeton but your gone next round
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did anyone else see the loyola goal?!?
    by (#13670) on 5/21/01 @6:49PM
wow.. all i can say is the loyola play at the end of the 3rd quarter! that was sweet as hell. the fake flip. tierny was absolutly screwed on that one. he didn;t even react to the goal until 5 seconds later!
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    by (#4825) on 5/23/01 @10:35PM
That was insane! My friend and I are planning on trying that in our game tomorrow which is JV Championships!!
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