Fresh Blood In Final Four, Towson Wins 12-11

Fresh Blood In Final Four, Towson Wins 12-11

Fresh Blood In Final Four, Towson Wins 12-11

Fresh Blood In Final Four, Towson Wins 12-11

The Towson Tigers and the Maryland Terrapins were so closely matched coming into this game that you knew it was going to be a classic. In fact, after three quarters of play the score was deadlocked at ten to set the stage for the dramatic finish. In the end it would be some late Tiger heroics coming in the last minute to come back from 11-10 to take a 12-11 victory. Tiger middie Hunter Lochte had to play with the #41 instead of his usual #40 due to a misplaced jersey, but after his winning goal he may just stick with his new lucky number.

The field conditions at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Maryland were slick with it drizzling at times. The Tigers, who play on turf at home, seemed to struggle with their footing more than the Terps(especially on offense). Players like Towson middie Brian Meyers who depend on strong cuts on their way to the goal struggled so it became a passing game more than a dodging one.

Towson raced out to a 5-1 opening first quarter before falling asleep in the last 30 seconds to allow three goals in just 22 seconds(a Maryland record). They led 8-6 at the half, but Maryland picked up on their defense sluffing inside and leaving backside players wide open. They picked on that during the third quarter to come back and tie it 10-10. The fourth quarter was sloppy, but the Terps managed to get Buggs Combs his 50th goal(the second player to reach that mark in a single season for the Terps in history). It seemed like it might end that way until Towson scored two in the last minute.

Towson decided to shut Combs off with a short stick and use their lonsticks for the dodgers. It worked as Combs had two goals, but the way he got them belied the defensive scheme. Towson slao got to use two longsticks on face-offs as Justin Berry won the opening face. One of the longsticks mishandled the ball for Maryland to start the game on offense. They moved the ball around the perimeter deliberately to get everyone a touch and ease into the game. Finally, at the 13:51 mark middie Alex Poole made the first move towards cage. He split to his left and came down the left side to beat Towson goalie Horrigan high, 1-0. The Terps won the next face and Chris Malone came straight down the middle without being picked up due to mis-communication. Just before he got a shot off his stick got checked to avoid the two goal deficit. Maryland attacker Mike Mollot blew by his man from behind on the inbound, but Horrigan stuffed the low diving shot coming around to his right. At 12:39 Josh Tankersley did his best impression of Poole's earlier goal, only he shot low to beat McGinnis, 1-1. The Tigers controlled the ensuing face and set up Kyle Cambell for the first of three scores from the same spot. Hunter Lochte, a middie, had the ball from behind and simply hit the wingman out to McGinnis' right as his defender got caught looking. Cambell ripped a sidearm crank high, 2-1. Towson had to play defense next, but cleared and in the process Maryland attacker Mollott took a minute penalty. On the man-up Towson moved the ball crisply as they moved from a circle formation to a 3-3 to a 3-2-1. In the confusion Brad Monaco hit Tankersley in the low right hand crank spot for a wicked shot to the upper right, 3-1. Berry came away clean with the next face, but Maryland took a stand. Towson answered playing tough "D" and got their fourth goal. Lochte got the jump coming out of the box with both teams subbing and got a pass to break into the middle wide open. When the slide came from the opposite side Campbell was wide open for the same shot and he buried it again, 4-1.

Longpole Danny Cocchi took a foolish penalty hitting a Terp well after the whistle, but Horrigan bailed him out with a save on Craig Hochstadt to kill penalty. With 4:44 left in the first Tankersley drove down the left side and tucked his stick to the outside and after he got by he brought it to the inside before falling forward. He bounced it by McGinnis to take a commanding 5-1 lead.

Maryland stormed back however with three goals in 22 seconds. Mollot who usually works from "X" took longpole Adam Baxter(who did a great job on him all day for the most part) from the top and split to the right. The defense shifted and Dan Lamonica snuck out from behind to catch the feed to Horrigan's right and dunk, 5-2. Next, middie Nate watkins scooped the ball for the Terps off the face and led fast break down right side. He fed Lamonica for an identical tally. Finally, with three seconds to go Lamonica got the ball behind and drove to his left. He found a streaking Watkins down the right side for a quick stick and a 5-4 end to the first quarter.

Towson started on offense, but players were slipping and sliding all over the place. Maryland cleared for Mollott to work on Baxter again. This time Baxter won the battle with a well timed check to make Mollot throw out of bounds. Towson continued to struggle on offense as twice the terps got the ball, but they failed to clear both times and the second time cost them. Reppert got the ball away from a defender and sent it to Ryan Obloj who played give and go with Kyle Cambell freezing the lone defender in between. Obloj eventually took a left hand shot to beat McGinnis from point blank range, 6-4. Maryland took to the offense after the next face, but Danny Cocchi picked up a feed that got knocked down at the side of Towson's goal. Cocchi ran the length of the field down the right side and hooked in towards the cage. Just before he ran out of angle he bounced one inches away from McGinnis' right foot as he was hugging the post, 7-4.

The Terps took a penalty for pushing the goalie, but when attackman Brad Reppert dove in the crease he didn't score and Maryland killed it. At the (:13 mark Maryland narrowed the gap. Mollot and Lamonica used a little pick and roll type play behind and it allowed Lamonica to get a couple of steps as he sprinted to the far pipe coming around lefty. The adjacent slide came and he hit Chris Malone for the quick stick, 7-5. Maryland went on "O" again and Towson turned them away. Baxter took an over-aggressive penalty when he slashed the down and out Hochstadt to put the Terps man-up. The Tigers knocked down a feed and Horrigan came out of net to clear. He got jumped by two and lost possession. Somehow he regained it and chucked it downfield. An alert longpole snagged it and fired at the empty net. The shot was on target, but the sprinting Horrigan got back in the nick of time. In the melee Horrigan got pushed from behind to put the Tigers man-up. On the man-up Reppert snuck out from behind the cage to McGinnis' right and caught the diagonal pass from up top before faking low and burying high, 8-5. The teams went back and forth for a while before Chris Malone inbounded the ball along goal line extended to Horrigan's right after a timeout. The face dodge was successful and the slide was late as he scored to make it 8-6.

Coach Edell must have made mention to the Terps that Towson was cheating to the ball bigtime on defense. This allowed guys on the backside to be wide open all the time. The Terps successfully capitalized on it to close the gap by the end of the third quarter.

People say that Buggs Combs is on dimensional, but his dimension is a damn good one. Horrigan stopped a shot from the outside and the rebound couldn't of been more than six inches out of his stick when Combs snatched it and threw it into the cage. Horrigan was calling for interference, but the goal was good to make it 8-7. Reppert dinged one off the inside pipe for Towson before Maryland tied the game at 8:41. The Terps found the backside guy in Malone to Horrigan's right form the top diagonal spot. He was wide open for the goal, 8-8. Mollot took the lead back for Maryland for the first time since their first goal at 7:53. He split down the left side and ripped one off Horrigan's left shoulder into the net, 9-8. With the lead the Terps looked to slow things down on offense. After a minute they decided to make a move by feeding the crease, but it was wild. After a long period of sloppy up and down play the Tigers tied it at nine with 2:12 left in the third. Jay Horowitz broke free on the way down and never got picked up. The Terps snatched the lead back with 1:06 left. Paul Gilette swept from left to right and got a step drawing the adjacent slide from the low wingman. The defender got caught in between so Gillette popped to James Daue for lefty score, 10-9. The limping face-off man for Towson, Justin berry, managed to win the next face clean, hobble down field, split two defenders and blow one by McGinnis stickside high, 10-10. He had to take a break after that as the pain became unbearable.

Berry started the 4th quarter doing the same thing, but instead of making the pass he decided to shoot again. This time the poor placement turned out to be an easy save for McGinnis. Towson and Maryland tightened up and the play became very defensive. The ball spent much time on the ground and neither team looked good. With 8:07 the Terps finally broke the ice when Combs got his 50th goal of the season. With short stick Hunter Lochte draped over him he managed to convert a Lamonica feed from behind. Lochte couldn't of played it any better, it was just an incredible play, 11-10. Sloppy play continued. At 4:15 Towson's Kevin Meyran got called for interference on the crease. Towson was able to kill the penalty, but the Terps held the ball for an astounding length of time. It wasn't until the 1:23 mark that Towson cleared and drew a penalty in the process. Dan Lamonica went to the box for a 30 second push. Towson set up Lochte for the hardest shot of the day. This lefty laser from the top sailed high and had to be in the hich 90's. Kyle Campbell inbounded and gave it back to Lochte who took the sweetest shot of these play-offs yet. This thing pinged the upper right corner perfectly. McGinnis didn't have a chance.

The next face couldn't of been any more dramatic. The ball came off the mark and rolled into Towson's defensive restraining box. The ball was kicked, goosed, picked up, and knocked down before squirting towards the players bench. A longstick picked it up and hit an anticipating longstick cross field breaking out. The pass was on the money and longpole Neil Adams led the classic 4 on 3 fast break down the right side. The rotation came so he moved it across to Obloj who dumped down to Campbell. Campbell stuck it in the upper right for the 12-11 victory. Berry won the next face and after a time out Lochte ran out the clock.

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    by (#4825) on 5/20/01 @4:34PM
Both teams did seem evenly matched going into it, it must have been one hell of a game..i cant wait until next saturday/monday, its gonna be good
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    by (#5306) on 5/20/01 @5:07PM
I wanted to go to this game so badly but i had to stay home and study for finals. So f#ckin amazin. Good luck to towson in the final four, i think they got a good shot at beating princeton.
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nd beats jhu 13-9 to go to 14-1 on the season !!!
    by (#10900) on 5/20/01 @5:16PM
hope to play towson in the finals. way to go towson!!! we have cuse next. the big east would have an awesome conference with cuse, nd, georgetown, ru. this is great. we received so much flak from the snobbish east coast click when we were rated in top 4 and how we did not really belong there. we got snubbed on a bye into the tourny but we showed them on the field.
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ahhh the joy of lacrosse
    by (#12695) on 5/20/01 @6:47PM
well folks i must say. . .this is a pleasant surprize for the lacrosse world. towson and notre dame in the final four! the only thing that would make this better would be towson notre dame in the finals. . .i say lets get it done, great game today towson and great game today notre dame! good luck next week!
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Go Towson!!!
    by (#13078) on 5/21/01 @10:39PM
As a Graduate of Towson in 96, I missed seeing the 91 Season. I love Towson Lax and am currently living in Texas. Not to much lacrosse out here. For those of you who cannot travel to Rutgers, you can visit the and go to campus media. Once there click WTMD. This link will take you their web page. If you have real player you can listen to the game live. This is of course if the game isn't broadcasted locally (I don't know). Anyhow, this is what I do when I'm not working to listen to the games. Hope this helps. Take it easy and kick some A@@ Towson!!!!!!!! You've got a lot of Fans. This one all the way out in Texas.
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Texas huh?
    by (#4516) on 5/22/01 @1:57PM
Do you play in Texas? What team? If not, check out for info.
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well it looks like TU is legit
    by (#6919) on 5/20/01 @7:33PM
as one of the players on the towson team i hope that the lacrosse community finaly takes towson serious after our @ss kickin of the terps. now we are just two more wins away from the championship and dont think that we arent goin to the finals, no one is able to derail this train.
here we come princeton!!!!!!!!!!
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STL huh!
    by (#12695) on 5/20/01 @7:55PM
hey there buddy dont worry i wont blow your cover but we know who you are! its cool though you tell the truth dog! see you at rutgers!
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    by (#13601) on 5/20/01 @8:07PM
Towson dominated 57 minutes of this game and are a squad that Princeton should fear. Maryland tried to cheapen the game by taking shots at Horrigan, but Towson resisted to retaliate on McGinnis, instead deciding to win the game. I don't think anyone here in Towson was sad to see Hopkins get taken down either. America East 3-1, ACC 0-3.
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american east
    by (#5306) on 5/20/01 @9:07PM
yea the american east is a great conference for lax (they also have delawhere?-john grant), along with towson and hofstra. Their 3-1 record so far is just proof they deserved deuce bids. I think towson can make it a 5-1 record. Go towson and the american east!
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Awesome Tigers....
    by (#2961) on 5/20/01 @9:42PM
Way to go Towson! Congrats to both TU and ND. I watched both games today and they were great games. Towson you are becomming a "favorite son" in Maryland! You weren't born with silver lacrosse sticks in your hands -- you've earned every bit of the success you are politics just gutsy ball playing! Much like watching the US Ice Hockey team when they beat the Russians in the 78 (?) olympics......See you guys (TU & ND) in the Final Four!
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question for warlock
    by (#5306) on 5/20/01 @9:09PM
whats your number dawg? ill see u at the semis and of course the FINAL too. peace
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Hey Relax
    by (#13601) on 5/21/01 @2:35AM
How can you not know the greatest upset in American Sports history took place in the 1980, not 1978, Olympics at Lake Placid, NY? Anyway, good luck to Towson on saturday against Princeton. A SU/Towson Final would be an electrfying 30 goal game.
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    by (#2961) on 5/21/01 @6:41AM
Hey, "go towson tigers" I always did suck at history....and I was in a bar watching that ice hockey the year was foggy but the moment was "unforgettable".......Go Towson Tigers. How cool would a Towson/Notre Dame Final Four upset be??? Can't wait...
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here's some history
    by (#5100) on 5/21/01 @10:14AM
anyone remember the last time towson made it to the finals? UNC blew them out in I believe '93. let's hope they have a better showing this year.
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it was '91
    by (#13195) on 5/21/01 @10:31AM
It was 1991 the last time Towson made it this far, and I am fully confident that they will have a better showing this time around. This years team has winners from top to bottom. And I know losing by five goals isn't that close, but I wouldn't call 18-13 (the score of the UNC TU game) a real "blow out"
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I want Syracuse
    by (#13601) on 5/21/01 @11:46AM
As nice for the sport as Notre Dame in the Final would be, I want Syracuse. It's much more satisfying to beat the best along the way to proving yourself. Syracuse is the best team in the nation and it wold be awesome for Towson to take them down enroute to their first DI championship. FYI-This team is leaps and bounds better than the 1991 team. The Duke game wasn't close and this MD game was not as close as the score indicated. Save for that 22 second 3 goal spurt to end the first, the Terps were outclassed in this one.
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Gayboy, where are you now sucker
    by (#13195) on 5/21/01 @8:35AM
Last week, icalmp and I were having so much fun ripping you to shreds because of your ignorance. This week, we shall focus on your predictions; 1)Justin Berry (face-off guy for TU) would get destroyed by the MD face-off specialist. Well actually Justin dominated, much like he does every week. He also was, as usual, at his best when it really counted. I believe it was 15 to 11 in his favor, that's 57.6% GayBoy (thought I'd help you with the math, I know what a moron you can be). 2) Towson will get smoked therefore proving your theory (if your non-sense can be called a theory) that Towson "sucks". It appears that you were wrong this time around again. Towson 12-MD 11. Do they still suck? do sucky teams make it to the final four? do sucky teams beat the ACC champs and the #3 seed in the tourney? GayBoy please respond, these questions are meant for you. I will have a smile on my face all week because not only will I know that GayBoy was proved to be the retard he is, and I know that next weekend I get to watch my boys play in the Final 4 at Rutgers, while you will be at home popping pimples and whacking off to the Sears catalog's men's underwear models. You are a loser, and will remain a loser for the rest of your sorry existence GayBoy. Please feel free to print out the whole conversation from last week, slop on some mayo, and start eating it, you tool.
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Gayboy II
    by (#10440) on 5/21/01 @1:00PM
I have to Gayboy are one sorry sack of Shit!!!! and you blow goats!!!!!! I'll be @ Rutgers partying and gettin' ripped while your home pumping your neighbor's dog. Nice predictions stinkfist!!!!!
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looks like everyones jumping in with both feet
    by (#8638) on 5/21/01 @1:42PM
seems like everyone and their mother has jumped on the towson bandwagon. its cool though, they play a tough brand of lacrosse that any lacrosse fan can admire. they are a gritty team that simply gets the job done, no glitter for these guys. its great to see towson and nd in the final four, lets just hope they can get to the finals so we can have a new king crowned. another week for lax fans to wait and see what happens. by the way does anyone know when all-americans are announced?
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    by (#27) on 5/21/01 @1:53PM
They are traditionally announced in the morning on Memorial Day...convenient.
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Final four
    by (#10712) on 5/21/01 @9:58PM
It is very nice to see upstart teams like TU and ND in the final four. It's good for the sport. Let's be realistic though, Syracuse is the class of this tournament and will dominate both games next weekend. I was rooting for Hofstra last weekend and I would love to see ND take it to the Orange, but I don't think it's going to happen. Springer, Banks, Powell, Coffman, etc., etc. are simply too potent to be contained and will probably score 18 or 20 on ND. It would take something special to knock off Desko's offensive machine. Regardless of the outcome, congrats to ND and Towson on a great season and I would love to see the magic continue. Rutgers or bust 2001!!
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TU Tigers
    by (#12731) on 5/22/01 @8:11PM
I must admit it is real nice to see Towson in the Final Four. They have not only made a name for themselves in the AEC but in all of D-1. I really hope you go out there and beat those cockey Princeton fags. You guys definitely have the potential to do it. Best of luck to Towson in the final four, and i'll see you guys at Rutgers.
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Red Dragons
    by (#7249) on 5/22/01 @10:01PM
Anyone notice the opposing coaches (Seamans and Tierney) in this Saturday's semifinal are products of D3 Cortland State? For those who can get to Rutgers, it should be a great chess match.
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