Lizards Slither by Cannons

Lizards Slither by Cannons

Lizards Slither by Cannons

Lizards Slither by Cannons

With some of the biggest names of lacrosse on their team, the Lizards have been dominating the MLL after losing the home opener to the Bayhawks. So far this season four different Lizards have earned the Bud Light Player of the week for their amazing offensive play. Last week Terry Riordan received the honor for his performance versus Bridgeport, were his six goals earned Long Island a win.

Scoring for both teams would be a difficult task with the goal-keepers in the cage, Sal Locasio for the Lizards and Daye for the Cannons. Locasio has been labeled the MLL’s top goaltender with his ability to anticipate the placement of a player's shot - not much gets past him. Daye has been proving many critics this season that he is one of the best keepers in the league.

Long Island was first to get on the board scoring two goals from A.J Haugen and Gary Gait. Haugen shaked and baked past two Cannon defenders and blasted one of his signature shots on the run. Gary scored three minutes later by cutting to the sideline lefty and then quickly changing direction towards goal, hitting the cage stickside upper 90.

Boston finally got on the board at 2:56. Towers hit a diving rebound past Locasio off a Doug Knight bouncer that kissed the pipe and was left hanging in the air on the crease. The Lizards quickly answered Towers goal by scoring the last two goals of the quarter giving them the lead 4-1. Casey scored with one minute remaining from the left side of the pipe beating his defender topside with a face dodge and then took a stickside bouncer that snagged the top pipe. On the ensuing face-off, rookie Eric Wedin from Johns Hopkins fourth overall in the Collegiate Draft beat Towers on a drop clamp and hit Gary Gait on an outlet. Gary took it straight to goal and banged one top shelf over Daye’s left shoulder with six seconds remaining in the quarter.

What seemed to be a very slow quarter, was due to the strong defense and phenomenal goal tending. There was a total of twenty-one shots taken, thirteen by the Cannons. Sal wasn’t impressed by the choice of shots taken by the Cannons making eight saves and allowing only one goal. Boston seemed to be telegraphing their shots, Locasio was in position seconds before the shots were even taken.

The second quarter began with a pretty shot from Doug Knight assisted by the newly returned Watson. Watson’s presence on the field was evident with he ball movement on Boston’s offense. The Cannons were getting more looks on cuts then they have the past couple of games. There were quite a few dropped passes from cutters. It seemed that even pro-players forgot the fundamentals - catch first, then shoot.

Riordan scored his first goal of the game at 10:33 off a sweet behind the back pass from Powell on a sweep to the left pipe of the cage that drew a double. The goaltending was keeping the scoring spread apart, the next goals wasn’t scored until 4:04 by rookie Mike Law from Denver. Law was found on the run after a Bill Daye save and went straight to goal, Mike was able to get Sal on his knees and bounced the ball early to tag the net.

Twenty-three seconds later Casey was able to find the net when he ripped a grounder when Daye stepped off the stickside pipe. Boston scored the last goal of the half off a nice ISO from Dave Evans. The only thing that Evans left his D-man was the Reebok logo on the back of his shoes and then beating Locasio low and bringing the Cannons with two from the Lizards.

The game was dead even both teams had the same amount of ground balls, saves, penalties and face-offs. Boston’s ability to possess the ball for the majority of the second quarter allowed them to take twelve shots to Long Islands five. Only down by two into the third quarter, the Cannons were still in the game.

Boston got off to a quick start in the third quarter scoring fifty-six seconds into the quarter from co-captain Mike Busza. Busza, who was all-alone on the crease, dumped a rebound off an outside shot past Sal. At 9:52 Boston tied the game off a goal from Traynor. Traynor assisted by Goldstein, was hit on a jumped pivot as Tim attacked the goal. Goldstein found Traynor as he was doubled, Greg went to goal with a hard right step and took Sal off the pipe and tagged the net stickside.

Long Island feeling the change in momentum knew that it was imperative to score, so the attack began to take charge. Terry Riordan posted up on Brian Kuczma, faked the inside rolled and cranked a lefty shot top pipe past Daye bringing the Lizard lead back to one at 8:55. However, the lead only lasted a minute when defender Ryan Curtis took it coast to coast. Curtis shot over hand and brought Sal to his knees before taking him high.

Boston took the first lead of the game at 6:13 from Dave Evans who used a screen from a midfielder to hit a two pointer. Evans shot between the middie’s helmet and stick and right passed Locasio giving the Cannons a 9-7 advantage into the fourth quarter. Boston's aggressive solid defense allowed the Lizards to take seven shots.

The fourth quarter belonged to the Lizards, Gait scored at 11:20 with textbook Canadian play. After catching the ball backhanded lefty, Gary went straight to the cage taking Daye high. Penalties cost the Cannons the game, with three in the fourth quarter. This gave the Lizards man-up opportunities, a team that you don’t want to have EMO. At 8:20 A.J Haugen was hit up top as the ball was swung around the perimeter. A.J faked the outside shot, face dodged his defender and dip and dunked one into the top left corner tying the game at nine.

The Lizards took the lead back at 5:36 when Casey Powell found defender Pat McCabe open. McCabe cranked it low from up top, Bill Daye was in position for the save but the ball was deflected by the traffic in front of the crease. The ball trickled passed Daye as he tried to reposition himself. Lizards quickly scored again a minute later with an outside shot from Tim Byrnes. Boston desperately looked for offensive possession of the ball, but the Cannons were loosing valuable time on their clears with strong Lizard rides on attack.

Boston finally scored at 2:50 on what had to be the prettiest goal of the game. Radebaugh working X made a strong move to goal, as the slide came early Watson was all-alone cross crease. Michael caught the ball and dove straight through the crease going low to high on Locasio. That was it for the Cannons, Long Island was able to keep the ball on their side of the field.

This was the Cannons third loss of the season by one goal. “To hold Long Island down to eleven goals we should have won,” said Coach Whiteley. Boston played a strong team defense, had fifteen more ground balls then Long Island and took twenty-three more shots. It was the penalties that cost them the game. They couldn’t have asked more from their keeper Bill Daye who had twenty-one saves.

Long Island recognizes themselves to be a fourth quarter team, coming up with four clutch goals. “If we’re in it, they think they’re going to win,” said Coach Detommasso, who was recently inducted into the Lacrosse hall of fame. Coach Detommasso was blessed with his line up of players, with the who’s who of lax on offense. “We have player’s that have won national tournaments, we have player’s with experience in winning, they just go out there and play.” They know how to win, even when they are down. Boston has two more chances against the Lizards this season. After this game, Long Islands knows that there next meeting with the Cannons won't be a walk in the park like their first.

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Shot clock
    by (#15367) on 7/07/01 @5:13PM
Of all the new rules that were added to mll I especially like the shot clock. It keeps the game movingat an incredible fast pace,but at the Cannon's games, and all the other mll games, they are inconsistent in reseting the shot clock. Sometimes the clock restarts after a shot and sometimes it doesn't. On more than one occasion the shotclock didn't start at all.
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    by (#5488) on 7/07/01 @6:07PM
I think that the MLL is great for the sport and the lacrosse played in these MLL games is just amazing. These are the best of the best. But,if we want this league to explode all over North America then we need a lot more exposure. We need to have highlights on ESPN Sportscenter and Fox Sports Net the National Sports Report. I mean come on,Jake says that the only way this sport and league will grow is if people who have never seen it,see it! You gotta put the highlights out there with the big sport channels. Even the new WUSA get's it's highlights on ESPN and so does the MLS. They also need to play commercials for the league on National TV Networks,not just local TV channels like MSG. They need to be good commercials too,the ones they have now just suck. Put some huge hits and sick goals in there with some hardcore music and not Jake talking and take out the stupid sound effects. They also distribute Fuel Magazine all over the country to all the big book stores. I went to every store in my area and not one had a clue what Fuel was,even Barnes and Noble had no clue what it was. I also went to my local Ticketmaster to get tickets for the all-star game and Ticketmaster which sells tickets for pretty much every kind of sports and music event had no idea what the MLL was. Yeah the MLL exsists now,but only to the lacrosse world,time to show it to the rest of the world.
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not enough MLL coverage
    by (#13670) on 7/07/01 @6:30PM
true. i thoguht i was going to be able to watch the MLL all star game and the championships on TV, but i don't get the damn channel. they should start airing games on ESPN2 or ESPN like the Final Four. i don't get to see any footage of the MLL at all. it blows.
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MLL coverage on sunday on msg at 5
    by (#7417) on 7/08/01 @10:23AM
i agree there is very little coverage of the mll on tv. but there is like a game of the week for the mll on sundays on msg at 5.
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Yeah I know
    by (#5488) on 7/08/01 @10:52AM
I know that MSG shows a game on Sunday at 5,but that still sucks cuz it's not live and only people in the NY area get MSG. THe MLL has to get a big TV contract with like ESPN,ABC,FOX,or CBS.
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trash tv
    by (#10707) on 7/11/01 @11:16PM
At least you get one game a week because in texas we dont get the MLL. All we got was 4 games of the college championship and that was it . So i hope that espn or something puts some MLL on.
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I 2nd that
    by (#5640) on 7/09/01 @7:53PM
thats all i wanted to say. I agree
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    by (#11482) on 7/08/01 @7:38PM
I think that warrior needs to let some of the other lax companies in on the MLL. Dont get me wrong, warrior is no doubt a awesome brand and they make great equiptment, but if I think the warrior monopoly on the MLL, really restricts the league. If other companies such as brine, stx debeer could get a piece of the action, i think that the league could benefit because of the additional funds that these companies could contribute to the league. WE all know that to survive a league needs fans and a ton of money.. If other companies got in on the league i think that we would see a lot more television coverage, advertising and PR for the league. look at the WUSA and the WNBA
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    by (#764) on 7/08/01 @9:44PM
That would probably be better for the league. More specifically, the players would enjoy choice. I think it should be like college, where they have to wear the Warrior equipment, like gloves and armpads, but they can choose their sticks. Warrior is reluctant to give up this monopoly because they were with the MLL since the beginning. Steinfeld contacted Warrior to start the league. Also, it gives warrior tremendous marketing capabilities, but they could probably be fine in that capacity since they do sponsor the USA team.
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    by (#11482) on 7/09/01 @12:04AM
I definately agree with you. It seems, at least in the boston area that the league really has a strong following. Every cannons game ive gone to the stands have been well packed especially when compared to the first season of such leagues as the MLS. Warrior definately has a great thing going for them, and i think everyone would understand them keeping the monopoly on the mll for another season or two, but for the league to become full blown sucess they need more coverage, PR and eventually higher salary caps. All of which, STX Brine... etc could help with, and hopefully they realize that.
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Warrior is not a monopoly
    by (#5488) on 7/09/01 @12:48PM
Warrior is not a monopoly because they are the official sponsor for Major League Lacrosse. They put up the 2 million dollars to help start up the league. Thats what Mark Millon told me a couple weeks ago when I was at his camp. He always talks to us campers about stuff like this and we always ask him questions. If Brine,STX,and Debeer wanna get some action they gotta put up the money. But,Mark Millon said that he doesn't really like the rule where every player has to wear Warrior,he doesn't think it's fair and that players should choose what they want to use. But it is also a little bit of Brine,STX,and Debeers fault for not paying to get their equipment on the players in the MLL. If you want the Warrior Equipment rule to change,dont yell at Warrior,yell at Brine,STX,and Debeer to get off their asses and gettin into the league.
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That's not true
    by (#3027) on 7/09/01 @9:51PM
I am sure that companies other than Warrior would like to "get off their asses and into the league," it's just that Warrior, basically, is not letting them. Warrior does have a monopoly on the league and you have to accept it, although you're probably one of those kids who walks around struttin' RPM gloves, Warrior elbow/ shoulder pads, and a POS Blade with a pocket like Goran Ivanisevic's (way to go at Wimbledon) tennis racket.
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Nah I dont think so Lacrosse Player
    by (#5488) on 7/10/01 @1:54AM
I dont wear anything Warrior,I'm a Brine man myself. I've been using an Edge ever since I started playing. I wear Brine shoulder pads and elbow pads and I got a Warrior Blade at a camp this summer and sold it as soon as I got home,I hate how the Warriors heads are pinched,you get a terrible release with it and it just sucks. I will never use a single product from Warrior. So tell me,how is Warrior keeping the other companies out of the MLL? What are they doing,saying hey Brine you cant come in because your name is not Warrior? No there basically saying,pay for your sponsorship and you'll get in. Thats why Warrior is not sponsoring Team USA next summer because they did'nt pay for it. I've talked to people who work for Brine and that is what they tell me. They just dont want to put up the money and why should they want to? They already have their name with many top college programs like for example,Syracuse. Their name is all over college lacrosse so they say let Warrior dominate the pros and they'll pay there way in when the MLL get's more popular. If you look at other sports leagues like the NHL for instance,a company like CCM or Bauer Hockey cant just say ok NHL let us come in,the NHL says yeah well give us some money and well let ya in. So then when they pay. The players can wear the equipment and CCM or Bauer can put a Ad in a hockey arena all over the NHL,so that way a kid who watches a NHL game sees his favorite players wearing CCM and he sees it on the boards in the arena and then he goes out and buys something from CCM,and so CCM is happy and the NHL get's money for the league so they are happy.
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    by (#5488) on 7/10/01 @2:01AM
....and if it's a monopoly then take it to the U.S. Supreme Court and fight it!
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Ur missing the point
    by (#13144) on 7/11/01 @6:20PM
Its fine that warrior put up the money to be the sponsor of the MLL, but the fact that the dont allow players to use any other stick is absurd. In the NHL, its up to the individual player, as it is at the college level at lacrosse. I dont care if Brine cant hang a banner in the stadium, but preventing the players from using there preferd stick only creates resentment
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I agree
    by (#5488) on 7/11/01 @9:08PM
Well,I do agree that the players should be able to choose whatever they want to wear. We are all entitled to that right. I probablly would not want to play in the MLL if I was good enough and out of college because I love Brine and I would'nt want to wear anything but Brine.
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johnny brine?
    by (#6368) on 7/12/01 @8:35AM

so let me get this straight, you have more love for Brine than for the actual sport of lacrosse. thats GAY.
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i agree
    by (#951) on 7/12/01 @12:10PM
what a dork you are. wouldnt want to play pro lacrosse cause you cant wear brine gear? who cares what they make them wear. everyone cuts the palms out of the gloves anyway, and arm pads arent that big a deal. basically the only real issue is the sticks. and all that really matters is the pocket and how it throws. all offset heads are basically the same, just a little difference here or there
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you guys are idiots
    by (#14185) on 7/16/01 @1:16PM
you are all stuck up on the fact that warrior sticks are the only ones used. Who cares. I was at the no limit camp and the players dont care. I personally dont play with a warrior head . Actually the only things i own by warrior are a titan pro shaft and a pair of elbow pads. Warrior puts up the money dont "hate on them". Bottom line the stuff you wear and play with on the field comes second hand to the game , always.
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MLL Coverage blows
    by (#14151) on 7/07/01 @7:14PM
I don't see why the mll games aren't on tv when the mls and wusa are on. I guarantee that more people will watch the mll than women's soccer, soccer, or womens basketball, all of which are on tv. if street luge can be on espn, then so can the mll.
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No street luge!
    by (#6392) on 7/09/01 @10:31AM
Biggest waste of air time in the history of mankind! Crush ESPN and its capitalist Disney leanings!
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i am w/ u!
    by (#10665) on 7/09/01 @12:36PM
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    by (#11482) on 7/07/01 @10:53PM
sal lacassio is the nastiest goalie ever and the reason that the lizards came out on top against the cannons. I went to the game, watching sal make countless unbelieveable saves. His last save off the helmet in the final minute clenched the victory for the lizards. Being a goalie myself, and entering the game wondering whether the injured sal would live up to what I have seen of him on the world team, I was not let down. Hes the best goalie in the world and his preformance on friday proved that
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at least there's MLL
    by (#15350) on 7/10/01 @11:25AM
soon enough the publicity will come..then there'll be a WMLL...
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    by (#15067) on 7/12/01 @6:54PM
No offense to all the women lacrosse players out there, but who would actually attend a woman's major league lacrosse game? There are already enough problems with air time and attendence that surround the men's league. Who is going to want to start a women's league that will have the same, if not more, problems?
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    by (#10440) on 7/16/01 @4:01PM
I agree, the womens game will have to wait a while for a League...sorry. They may never get one. the men's league are avg. around 4,200 fans a gamen....not enough! Jake projected 5,000 for the to even think of turning a profit. For them to make their nut the league would have average 9,700 fans a game....not happening. So, you see if the men are having trouble I can't even think of the problems the womens game would have. NOT HAPPENING IN MY LIFETIME!
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