Terps Topple Towson

Terps Topple Towson

Terps Topple Towson

Terps Topple Towson

Last year, the Towson Tigers came out and showed the Terps that they can play by beating them in the playoffs. The Terps came out today looking to get even and they did so with a controlling 15-10 win over the tigers at Byrd stadium. Many felt that Towson’s offense was going to be too much for the tough Maryland defense, however it was quite the opposite when the final whistle blew. The Terps offense out shot the Tigers 61- 28, with the Lamonica brothers out shooting Towson on their own, before the rain soaked crowd of 2,647.

Both teams were playing evenly matched at the start of the first quarter, with both goalies, Danny McCormick and John Hunt, keeping the game at zero with point blank saves. Maryland defenseman Lee Zink also did his part for the Terps keeping the Tigers Kyle Campbell in check.

However, the Tigers scored the opening goal at 5:13 in the first on a goal by Brian Myers in which he split McCormick off stick side. This would however, be Towson’s only lead of the day. On the following possession D- man Mike Howley stripped the Tiger’s Ryan Obloj and immediately pushed it up field to Mike Mollot. Mollot scored unassisted putting one of his five on the day by the Tiger’s John Hunt, ending the first quarter in a 1-1 tie.

With the second quarter came the rain and the goals. 36 seconds in, the Terp’s Nate Watkins went in unassisted and put the Terps up 2-1. The quarter went goal for goal until the Terps scored three in a row, giving the Terps an 8-6 lead at the beginning of the third.

The nail in the coffin came after a crushing hit by the Terps Nate Watkins in the Tiger’s defensive end. Watkins lined up defenseman Dan Cocchi at about the restraining line, and put him to the dirt. Cocchi, thinking it was a just retaliation, swung his stick while lying on the ground connecting with Watkins shins. The flags flew and the Tiger’s forgot to cover Dan Lamonica as he found the back of the net off a Mollot feed.

This was the beginning of a run by the terps that put them up 14-8 with goals coming from Mike and Dan Lamonica, Craig Hochstadt, and Mike Mollot (game leading and career high 5g and 2a.) Even the potent Tiger’s offense could not make it back from such a deficit, and the Terps sent Towson packing with a 15-10 loss.

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    by (#12731) on 3/09/02 @6:34PM
way to rebound from last week
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2,647? Where?
    by (#21469) on 3/09/02 @7:50PM

That crowd looks about half the size of the one watching at Denver today...

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crowding the TV
    by (#23119) on 3/09/02 @11:30PM
I guess that Denver game is packed with cuse' fans, or is Denver an athletic powerhouse. Was that game on TV? Cause I bet 15,000 plus were watching MD/Towson on the tube. Besides that is the only way to watch MD hoops at the same time.
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(no subject)
    by (#21469) on 3/10/02 @3:06AM

Not unless you're talking hockey or skiing. Hey, there were even a couple of Providence fans there - I didn't know there were any... :D

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    by (#2489) on 3/10/02 @7:56PM
in case you didn't notice the pictures are all of one side of the stadium. the other side is where most of the fans sit right behind the benches. there is you 2,400 some odd fans dipstick.
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weak crowd and the MD lax elitests
    by (#21413) on 3/10/02 @5:21PM
I don't want to hear anymore college lacrosse purist elitests dis the mll attendance. tu /md plays and there wasn't more than 200 non-family members. Oh yeah, how come no one is saying "how can md play in byrd - it's to big and looks soooo bad."
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beat it
    by (#2489) on 3/10/02 @7:57PM
plain and simple. beat it. you could only dream of playing in a stadium like that.
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i did
    by (#21413) on 3/12/02 @10:17AM
twice. and it was empty then too.
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    by (#23125) on 3/10/02 @12:36AM
the game today was pretty good. my dad and i travelled out to see it. pretty exciting, good show of maryland's defense. although we thought both teams have a lot to work on. hopefully they will get used to eachother more as the season progresses.
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RUG = awesome
    by (#20984) on 3/10/02 @2:26AM
Reed Sothoron is a friggin beast. and evan santini is also awesoome.
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    by (#8807) on 3/10/02 @8:41AM
The game was televised so why go sit in the rain? Talk about an over rated player - Cocchi was sliced and diced by Mollot. 5 goals by a converted attack? Cocchi got smoked and his cheap shot whack at Watkins was simply that. He probably should have been ejected or at least drawn a non releasable. The Terp core defense - Howley Harper and Passavia is probably the best.
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meat on cocchi
    by (#24189) on 3/19/02 @12:26AM
cocchi is the worst

humanity 1 , cocchi -37
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That kid...
    by (#13195) on 3/11/02 @8:54AM
Bordley, #5, is good.
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