Minutemen cage the Bears

Minutemen cage the Bears

Minutemen cage the Bears

Minutemen cage the Bears

The intensity was strong in the first half, hustle for ground balls, quick jumps on rides and early slides on defense. With a tempo this quick, the fans new that the game would be a perfect remedy to keep the juices flowing in the cold Pioneer valley. Paccione and Winkler started the game in the face-off circle. Winkler light on his hands, pushed the ball up field for an uneven transition. Brown found the goal when junior attackman Mike Hughes took a shot under handed topside right off of Schneider’s hip as he went high for the save.

The Minutemen quickly retaliated, getting two from Gene Tundo a frosh attackman. Tundo was at the right place at the right time, finding the cage off a rebound on an outside shot off the pipe. Two minutes later Tundo beat his man from behind the goal and shot lefty high past Levin. Brown was able to control the ball on offense for most of the quarter, giving the Bears numerous opportunities to find the net. Hughes struck at the 8 minute mark on an assist from Miller. Frosh attackman Ryan Culligan found the net on an assist from Matt Kelley. At the 2:54 mark Chazz Woodson was able to shake, bake and take a hard shot right off a roll dodge off Schneider’s hip. Ryan Culligan finished off the 1st quarter with his second goal of the game when Chas Gessner found him open for a quickstick and a 5-2 lead.

At the beginning of the 2nd quarter the Minutemen where playing the Bears 5 on 5, Morley was called for off sides and Brown was charged with an illegal stick. This gave the Minutemen a chance for a 2:30 EMO unreleasable after Morley served his penalty. On the Minuteman EMO, the ball was quickly banged around the horn until, Fiore from up top drew his man and dumped it to Morley, who scored a couple steps North of the goal line extended. The Bears received an EMO minutes later on a slashing call, which they used to gain back their 3 goal lead. Culligan was able to connect with Gessner for the open look. Eight seconds later on a massive scramble for a ground ball at midfield, Thompson was able to get the groundball, run up field, pass cross crease through three sticks, and find Miller open for a crank that bounced past Schneider.

With eight minutes remaining, it was imperative for the Minutemen to control the ball on O. The Bears D began to put on the pressure, they began to press the ball, set up checks and play body on any shot attempt. UMass up to the challenge, was able to tag the net twice before halftime on efforts from Morley and Fiore. Morley scored on a solid ride by the attack and Fiore took his man to goal. Once his D-man fell behind Chris sunk a lefty bouncer on the run to reduce the Minutemen deficit to 2.

The 3rd quarter began with the Bears ahead 7-5 or shall I say 8-5 when Abarelli was a assisted by Jimmy Mormile for a shot stick side high at 14:35. Back to a three goal lead, the Bears continued their solid defense and goaltending as the Minutemen began to turn up the heat. Soon enough UMass was on fire finding the cage four times in 2 minutes from Chris Fiore, Jeff Zywicki, and Morley on an interception into an open net. Don Little capped off the UMass surge with a goal top shelf while falling to the astro turf. This was the first UMass lead since 9:05 in the 1st quarter.

Shocked by the sudden jolt by the Minutemen attack, the Bears changed their offense to get better looks. As Princeton did against Cuse in the finals, Brown inverted the middies with the attack. The inversion worked, allowing Jimmy Mormile to find the net twice from up top. Mormile single-handedly tied the game and gave the Bears a goal lead. With 27 secs remaining the Bears tacked on another goal when Britton Darkac found Jon Thompson who cranked it stickside high.

Going into the 4th quarter UMass was down 11-9, trying to figure out Brown’s new offense. Gessner was the first to connect for Brown smoking his man 1 on 1 for a shot low on Schneider. Dan Paccione quickly answered back with a bouncer outside. Looking to finish the game, Brown patiently worked on offense for a clear look. Thompson scored his second goal of the game to give them back a three goal lead. Thompson showed his poise and patience on O and found Jimmy open for a 14 –10 lead.

Again it looked like UMass was going to come up empty, but Canella put Bill Schell in as keeper at 7:45 and the leadership of team Captains Paccione, McFarland and Little fired up the team. On the ensuing face off McFarland ran the wing and and made his prescience known in the scramble for the groundball. Coming up with the ball McFarland went straight to the cooker and took Levin low. Proving to be the catalyst UMass needed, the D-fense was able to keep the inverted middie situation under control, and the offense was working like clock work. Down by three, the Minutemen began getting the looks they had been waiting for all game scoring the next three goals and tying the game at 14. With 49 secs remaining Jr Kevin Levielle scored the winning goal stick side pipe on an assist from Fiore. The crowd erupted when the ball hit the net, and the Minutemen knew that goal was the icing on the cake. The minutemen were able to keep the ball away from the Bears and maintain a 4 game winning streak.

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    by (#22651) on 3/16/02 @8:56PM
Umass is one of the best teams around, but they get no publicity. here's what they deserve, GO UMASS!
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i agree (nt)
    by (#23888) on 3/16/02 @10:13PM
(no text)
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    by (#21469) on 3/17/02 @12:54AM

...the gorilla...the grass...The Hill...the hail of oranges... *sniff*

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Best teams around?
    by (#16137) on 3/18/02 @6:46AM
Barely beat Vermont!!!, almost lost to Brown!!!, beat Stonybrook (wow), beat a weak Navy.
UMass should be playing D3, they will be awesome
until they get a reasonably strong schedule they will continue to get no respect.
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    by (#7346) on 3/18/02 @2:23PM
How can u call Navy a weak team were 12 when umass beat them and brown was top 20. When I played a win is a win doesnt matter if its by 10 or by 1 goal.
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to netminder_13
    by (#24226) on 3/18/02 @8:16PM
barely beat vermont? i think you have your figures messed up....i seem to recall the score was 10-3? i think that is more like a shalacking of vermont...not a barely beating them...as far brown and navy...id like to see you call navy weak to thier faces..and brown is a competetive team...so basically your opionion is worthless and you can stick it in your ear.
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the schedule's fine...
    by (#21469) on 3/18/02 @11:47PM

UM used to have top notch schedules before the conference. Now winning the conference AQ is all that really matters, so there's no sense in scheduling those long trips to ACC-land any more. Might as well play close to home and stay well-rested for the conference games.

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(no subject)
    by (#21396) on 3/19/02 @12:01AM
I love how when UMass loses to Hofstra, GT, and Cuse all by one goal in barnburners and try to claim that as a quality loss that skeptics say a loss is a loss no matter what the score. Then The Minutemen beat SB and Brown by one goal and all of a sudden a win is no longer a win and they are penalized by it. Not like anyone was happy with UMass beating those two teams by 9 and 10 goals last year because they were penalized by that too. You traditionalists should get off your damn soapbox and admit that the 2001 UMass team would have made serious noise in the Dance last spring. They dominated every single statistical category last year and on paper were the most dominant team in recent years. The only time they appeared to be human was when they lost to two elite teams (GT and Cuse) by one goal each and slipped by a PSU team with arguably the best keeper in the land next to Mulligan (not forgetting Campy either). We will see what happens on consecutive weekends of GT and Cuse starting 4/20. Things are changing around here in the sports world up in New England. It started with the Patriots and it's not about to stop. Everyone will soon have to shut their damn mouths with the skepticism of any team up here.
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no respect
    by (#8608) on 3/19/02 @6:34AM
It looks like Umass will have to win their conference to get in AQ since they still get no repect, I agree a win is a win. As far as weak schedule look at some teams that top 5 teams play, Sacred heart, Butler, Drexler etc.
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    by (#951) on 3/19/02 @9:30AM
quit whining about umass already, it is pathetic at best. they will get pummeled by cuse, and probably georgetown too.

by the way, the pats super bowl should have an asterisk* next to it, cause they lost that game to the raiders on the fumble. them getting that call should make up for your umass snub in last years tourney. so you are all even and can quit complaining
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(no subject)
    by (#21396) on 3/20/02 @11:50PM
Paul Tagliabue, commissioner of the NFL even has respect for the Pats by saying they shouldn't change that forward motion rule on that pass against the Raiders. It's not like the Pas didn't get screwed against the Raiders in a playoff game in '76 either so paybacks a bi*ch. You try and throw 32 of 52 for 312 yards in 6 inches of snow like Brady did. I guess by your standards we should put an asterisk by Maris, the UNC basketball champs in '93, and many others who have controversy surrounding their victory. Anyway this is a lax forum and I will sty on topic by saying that UMass beat Albany yesterday 16-6, just how they should beat a team like that. But I think that "win is a win, loss is a loss" rule is a crock of s**t to keep the traditional big guns on their pedestal when an up and coming team gives them a scare. Lax is the only sport that doesnt take into account quality wins and losses, just look at NCAA basketball tourney. Teams with 20+ wins get screwed because they played close game against lower ranked teams and deservedly so. If a win is a win and a loss is a loss, then two teams with identical records who one of them lost all their games by a landslide and the other lost theirs by all nailbiters to common opponents are on par with each other. There is no way that can be justified. Good teams should get penalized for bad games, regardless of the outcome, and teams like Denver should be rewarded or quality losses like Cuse and UNC. If you guys ever want any type of parity in this sport, that criteria is necessary.
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    by (#24994) on 3/24/02 @9:10PM
absolutely right. this doouble standard crap has got to stop. "a loss is a loss no matter what the score. Then The Minutemen beat SB and Brown by one goal and all of a sudden a win is no longer a win and they are penalized by it."
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You obviously have NO clue about lacrosse
    by (#24277) on 3/20/02 @5:04PM
YOu seem to be confused...You keep saying UMASS barely beat a team and almost lost. A win is a win, whether you win by 20 or win by 1, it is still a win. Keep in mind, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
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What they hell r u tolkin about nave is good!!
    by (#24522) on 3/20/02 @8:29PM
what ru tolkin about Gtown beat navy upenn bith by a goal and u bet ur a gay hofstra fan who only beat fairfeild be 2 gaols and umass beat them be 6..... u have no idea what ur tolkin about
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    by (#24994) on 3/24/02 @9:07PM
umass does NOT get enough credit. they almost lost to brown, however brown should've beaten loyola who at game time (saturday 3/23) was #3 in the country. Umass was FAR better than loyola was
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Good game for Brown...
    by (#9264) on 3/17/02 @10:19AM
....Even though they didn't win, it was a damm close game that they could have had against a top-notch team. I think this performance will help Brown in their upcoming games, give them a fire that will turn them around. Good Luck in the rest of the season! GO BROWN!!
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Schneider Sucks!!
    by (#6720) on 3/19/02 @6:46PM
I hope Canella finally gives someone else a shot in net. I've seen a bunch of games this year and I know that UMass has more talent on the bench then in the goal. Maybe this kid should go back to Nassau CC
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