Cavs handle the Tigers

Cavs handle the Tigers

Cavs handle the Tigers

Cavs handle the Tigers

Closing out yet another rain soaked weekend of lacrosse, the Virginia Cavaliers met the Towson Tigers early on St. Patrick’s Day. The match up was an extremely important game for both teams as neither one’s respective conference gets an AQ. After the loss to Maryland last week Towson was in dire need of a win as they have very few tournament caliber teams left on their schedule. What they got however was careless stick skills and a tough opposing defense backed up by a hot goalie. When the final horn blew, it was the Cavs on top 13-8 after holding Towson to only two goals in the second half, both of which came in the third.

Towson got the scoring started when middie Josh Tankersley dodged from out top scoring the opening goal unassisted on a hard righty shot. Virginia came storming right back however, as Conor Gill got one of his three assists on the day finding freshman Jared Little cutting down to the crease. Little left the Towson defense standing still as he put one past Tigers goalie John Hunt to tie it at one. Both teams traded goals back and forth for the entire first half with Towson playing catch up for most of the action.

With the cavs up 4-2 Brian Myers got the Tigers back in it with a great move off an attempted double by the tough Virginia defense. On a full speed dodge to the goal, Myers split the two opposing defensemen with an overhead swim move for an easy one on one with the goalie. Converted midfielder AJ Shannon closed out the first half scoring on a nice lefty bouncer off of a dodge from out top with two minutes left. The first half saw mediocre goalie play at both ends with neither keeper making many saves until Hunt made a one on one stop off a fast break started by cavs d-man Brett Hughes.

The second half started the same as the first with Towson coming out hot right off the opening whistle. Attackman Brad Reppert came around the back of the goal righty sticking his shot nearside past Tillman Johnson tying the game at seven. Virginia again came right back by taking advantage of a man up opportunity off a stupid push from the back. Shannon again found the back of the net making Towson pay for the cheap shot as the cavs defense continually frustrated the struggling tigers offense. Their standard run and gun style of play was entirely shut down by Virginia as Towson began habitually turning the ball over.

The game was again tied, this time at eight, until Virginia long stick middie Trey Whitty picked up a loose ball behind the goal. As second half goalie Reed Sothoron came out to pick up the same ball, Whitty was already a step ahead and dove from behind the goal with a one- armed reach around shot. The goal took the wind out of the Tigers as Virginia went on to a 5-0 run. Towson was having a terrible time passing and catching resulting in 24 turnovers and only two goals in the second half. Sloppy plays, turnovers, penalties and just an overall lack of discipline plagued the tigers in the second half as the cavs would go on to win 13-8.

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Towson Shmowson
    by (#24162) on 3/17/02 @9:08PM
I laugh at Towson. I think that the press, more specifically Inside Lacrosse, inflated the poo out of Towson. Cocci is a wonderful groundball guy but to put him up for 1rst team All-american is humor at its best. Another thing that has upset me is the way Towson has copied Hopkins band and cheerleaders. Towson did not have that last year and now Tony is trying to resurrect some blue jay spirit in Towson. Towson belongs in D-3, they can fight over the scrapps and paint there faces down there. Peace Im out...
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   Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by 3/18/02 @1:36AM
      towson = safety school by 3/18/02 @5:50AM
         Pass the TP by 3/18/02 @12:49PM
            (no subject) by 3/19/02 @7:43PM
      Cocchi by 3/18/02 @3:52PM
      doubt it by 3/18/02 @8:18PM
   Towson by 3/19/02 @11:27PM
      come on now by 3/20/02 @12:18AM
    by (#464) on 3/18/02 @8:06PM
Towson needs one of their goalies to step up. 15 goals to MD and 13 to UVA is not going to cut it. If Towson isn't careful they might not see their name when it comes time for the selection show.
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   I am agreeing with the CWORM by 3/18/02 @9:42PM
      Towsons goalies are not that bad by 3/19/02 @11:47AM
         I watched the past 2 TU games.. by 3/19/02 @12:31PM
      UVA defense by 3/19/02 @1:56PM
      Hughes of Virginia by 3/19/02 @4:09PM
    by (#21337) on 3/19/02 @11:38AM
Come on, you should be getting more points for the fantasy league, you know who this is!!!
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   Sothoron had a better save % then Tillman by 3/20/02 @12:14AM
    by (#13195) on 3/20/02 @8:19AM
You guys can hate all you want on Towson and Danny Cocchi but the fact remains that he will be a D1 AA, and TU will probably get their act together and make the tourney. Nobody else on this website can say that (except for a very select few, of course).
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   D1 AA by 3/20/02 @9:52AM
      give the kid a break by 3/20/02 @12:26PM
         Well said Old school D by 3/20/02 @2:44PM
            good! by 3/20/02 @9:39PM
         vishnu is a fag by 3/20/02 @9:38PM
      all americans by 3/20/02 @5:27PM
         easy... by 3/20/02 @7:12PM
Towson vs. UVA
    by (#23876) on 3/20/02 @6:49PM
UVA showed up,... I showed up,... The only people that didn't show up were the Towson Tigers. They looked like they weren't ready. UVA had them from start to finish. The wahoos were quicker and they had more energy...Towson needs to find a spark from someone...who is their go to guy?
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   what im saying by 3/20/02 @8:10PM
all american
    by (#24189) on 3/26/02 @12:56AM
i'm an all-american, 1st team pooping on cocchi
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   Meatlover by 3/26/02 @8:27AM
      D, you pathetic sack of shit by 3/26/02 @10:36PM
         "shitty D1 athletics" by 3/27/02 @8:24AM
            wow by 3/27/02 @12:06PM
               Nope,........ by 3/27/02 @12:30PM