Syracuse Returns Home to Rout Hobart

Syracuse Returns Home to Rout Hobart

Syracuse Returns Home to Rout Hobart

Syracuse Returns Home to Rout Hobart

The top ranked Syracuse Orangemen returned home Wednesday after a long stint of away games to host the Hobart Statesmen in front of 5,893 fans at the dome. Syracuse opened the flood gates early to cruise to a 19-4 blowout. Sophomore All-American Mike Powell got his 100th career point off an assist to attackmen Mike Springer on Syracuse's first goal of the game while later Springer would collected his 100th career goal midway through the first quarter. SU's first half surge of 13 goals put them on there way to their most lopsided victory since 1995. This gave Syracuse coach John Desko a chance to put in alot of his younger players and get them more experience which doesn't really happen in many of Syracuse's other games. By the fourth quarter Syracuse had completely emptied their bench and everyone was getting a run. Every coach knows that these games are opportune times which can help develop younger players which can very valuable later in the season when they may be called upon.

After the opening whistle Syracuse came out with two quick goals and Hobart answered with one of their own off a goal from John Bogosian and at this point it seemed as though there may be life in the Statesmen to sustain a competetive game. Syracuse then went on an astonishing tear of 14 unanswered goals going into the 3rd quarter making the lead 16-2. Everyone was getting a run and it seemed as though all they had to do was shoot. Credit the Hobart goalies while they probably had an off day there wasn't much stopping Cuse when they wanted to get a great look on net. Hobart did get their chances off the 40 shots they took in the game, but they couldn't seem to completely penetrate the SU defense and get solid looks at the net. Most of their shots came from very far out or in close where they were under the intense pressure of SU defenders. In the 3rd quarter Hobart attackmen Dan Cesere finally tallied a goal for the Statesmen after they had gone nearly 30 mintues without a point. In the fourth quarter both teams netted a couple goals before the clock expired, but the intensity of the game had completely died.

Leading the Orange in points where Josh Coffman who was recently named to the U.S. National Team with 5 assists and Mike Springer who collected 4 goals and 1 assist. No one singlehandly dominated the game for the Orange. In their total team effort ten different players netted goals.

My overall impressions of the game told me that the score was a matter of Hobart being a little off and Syracuse being very sharp and at the top of their game. Teams know they can't do this against Syracuse, especially when playing in the dome and it showed Wednesday night. Up next for Syracuse is an away trip to Brown this coming weekend while Hobart faces Bucknell at home.

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Ho- ho
    by (#2675) on 3/28/02 @9:31PM
Hey listen... Hobart did not play their best game tonight, anyone that was there will admit that. But Syracuse played real dirty. I was impressed with Coffman but other than that Powell is really overrated and their whole team plays dirty lacrosse. If a couple more refs calls go their way and guys like Bogosian, Hill and Shore played a bit better, we have a whole new ballgame. The three I mentioned were all really, really sick and playing under the flu. Let's give credit where credit is due, the Orange are good, but Hobart is right up there with them.
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Powell Deserves Credit
    by (#15718) on 3/28/02 @9:54PM
I dont care what u say Powell is sick, name another sophmore that has scored his 100th point so early into the season. The boy got game, so get off his jock. Dont hate cause Wright and Powell took Hobart to school. Go Cuse' win it all this year
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Dude....Where do you come up with this $hit?
    by (#5791) on 3/29/02 @2:27AM
Who the hell is this?..... I am not knocking Hobart at all but how do you know they had the flu???? Did you sleep in everyone's bed??... I dont think so.... It wasnt that those three had a bad game. It was a team effort. Syracuse was a better team that day and Hobart is looking forward to the future.
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Statesmen in decline
    by (#2700) on 3/29/02 @5:26PM
Screwball has his own reality.

We have ours.

Bart 4 - Cuse 19
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Played with them??
    by (#8608) on 3/29/02 @7:11AM
Lets face it Hobart belongs in D3, they probably won't be able to beat Middlebury or Salisbury. They cannot play with the big boys!!!
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Midd vs. Syracuse
    by (#5543) on 3/29/02 @9:14AM
I think it would be a good game.
Anyone agree??
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D 3
    by (#2700) on 3/29/02 @6:10PM
Truth is: Hobart used to recruit far better (and deeper) talent as a DIII program in the 70s and 80s. Lax fans under the age of 30 never saw Dave Urick's Statesmen beat some of the best DI teams in the country. In fact, this Hobart-Syracuse thing used to be a raging, knockdown rivalry that gave former SU coach Roy Simmons Jr. fits. Those days are gone.

As for Middlebury -- they have a very nice program, but it is highly doubtful they will ever duplicate Hobart's 12 consecutive NCAA championships.
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Are you nuts!!!!!!!!!!!
    by (#19482) on 3/29/02 @9:13AM
Come on I was at the game. Even if they were all sick Hobart is not "right up there with Syracuse" They would not be within 8 goals of Syracuse at their very best. Coach Kerwick admitted to the Syaracuse newspapers that he was afraid of exactly what happened. Hobart does not belong on the field with any of the top 15 in the country. They only way they get to the Big Dance any time in the near future is by winning in an incredibly weak Patriot League. Thumbs down to AQ's!!!!!!!!!!!
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Credit is not due
    by (#1384) on 3/30/02 @2:25PM
Hobart got their asses kicked!!!

They deserve no credit. You're obviously a player for Hobart or you go to Hobart. Suck it up and realize your team sucks ass.

Powell is overrated? Sounds like a bitter fanboy to me.
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you can't be serious
    by (#25819) on 4/01/02 @12:55AM
ok now seriously how can you even imply that a)Hobart is anywhere near as good as Syracuse and b)Syracuse played dirty ???
I was there, if anyone played dirty than it was Hobart... Bart probably twice as many fouls. I also seem to remember a certain play where a Hobart player was called offsides and then runs in anyway to knock down a Cuse player - I'd say that's pretty dirty... and again, how do you know they had the flu??
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    by (#25533) on 3/29/02 @11:30AM
I think everyone failed to see the most important part of this game. The fact that one of the cuse goalies, not sure which one, brought back the football pants. Now that kid has style.
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word, shits are hot (nt)
    by (#8966) on 3/30/02 @4:39PM
(no text)
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    by (#24759) on 4/01/02 @12:14PM
Pfiefer is the only kid I know that can pull something like that off
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