Big Red Squash Orangemen, 15-11

Big Red Squash Orangemen, 15-11

Big Red Squash Orangemen, 15-11

Big Red Squash Orangemen, 15-11

Okay, so I'm a moron. Between underestimating the driving time to Cornell, the hurricane that was hanging around in upstate New York, and getting a little lost, I finally made it to the game with about 10:00 left in the 2nd. When I parked my car it was already 6-2 Cornell, and by the time I made it into the stadium, Syracuse had climbed to within two on set-ups from Mike Powell.

The play was getting a little sloppy in the middle of the field largely because of overthrown passes while clearing, or occasionally because of forced drives right after the transition. Justin Cynar and Jay Pfeifer also took turns snagging some cross-crease feeds that passed right in front of their noses. Once Cornell settled after the flurry of turnovers, middie Justin Redd dropped into what would be the Big Red's gameplan all afternoon: invert their middies (most of the time it would be Redd) for a draw and dump against a Syracuse shortstick, and never, ever challenge John Glatzel. Redd managed to get a step while driving around righty, but fed into a cluster in the middle of the hole. Luckily for Cornell however, Sol Bliss got flagged for a 1:00 crosscheck during the loose ball fight that followed. Cornell ended up throwing the ball away on the endline, and after Glatzel initiated a smart man-down clear, Spencer Wright ran out the penalty with a nice job of catch-the-rabbit.

Cuse worked the ball around the perimeter almost as if Desko had told them they needed a certain amount of passes before they could do anything; they were clearly itching to go straight to the goal, and the perimeter passing never really made the defense adjust. It was in sharp contrast to Cornell's deliberate drives, feigns, and retreats ( I wouldn't classify Cornell as stalling at all except for one instance in the third). Syracuse ended up forcing a drive into the middle that had the ball slapped away after a collapsing slide from the point, but Cuse recovered up top. The ball got rotated to Coffman at goal line extended off to Cynar's left, and as Coffman drifted behind with his head up, he found a streaking Powell burning through the middle, left to right, just a couple of yards off of the crease. Powell snagged it righty and nailed a seamless behind the back to the bottom of the far pipe. 6-5 Cornell with a 1:30 to go in the half. About :15 later Syracuse would tie it up when the face was taken cleanly and bumped to Powell in the middle, who then darted to his left for a rip that beat Cynar. Syracuse controlled the face again, but a right-handed Spencer Wright drive from top center was picked from behind, and the clock ran out while Cornell was trying to push it upfield.

Interesting note for the 1st half: Pfeiffer only had 1 save.

The third started with another take by Wright, this time from the right wing, where he succeeded in getting underneath his shorti defender for a goalline extended drive. He switched to his left for a shot with more angle, but Cynar played great position and smothered the attempted five-hole bouncer. Cynar immediately hit an outlet which ended up in JP Schalk's hands at the top of the key. He split to his right and dumped across the grain to Redd, who was sitting dead center in the middle of the hole. Redd finished with a little bit of a wind-up for a 7-6 lead. But Syracuse would charge right back just :05 seconds later when Jarret Park grabbed the face and burned straight down the middle for an unassisted tally. But Cornell answered that one too. Justin Redd collected at the top of the box and pulled off a quick split dodge to his left. He drew an unusual amount of attention from the middle, which left Cuse exposed on the low backside. Redd anticipated the open man brilliantly and completed a beautiful cross-field look to Greenhalgh on the pipe, where Greenhalgh finished uncontested.

FYI, Redd played bigger than his numbers would indicate (even though he was 4 and 2). He was the catalyst for nearly every settled opportunity on Cornell's end, the mandate all game was clearly to get him the ball behind against a shorti, and he rarely ever forced anything (anytime Glatzel started prowling in his vicinity, Redd dumped it off). He also gave Syracuse's sliding scheme fits because he could feed on a dime.

Syracuse tied it up again, this time at 8-8, when after several extended iso attempts from Springer, Coffman, and Powell, all from the back corners, Powell drop stepped on Tim DeBlois as he was coming around right and found Tom Hardy cutting towards him from the middle of the crease. Cornell's interior was caught a little flat-footed on Hardy's cut because everyone seemed to readying themselves to double on Powell. Hardy grabbed it , turned his shoulders to Cynar, and burned a low bouncer from 7 yards out on the run. Cornell went up by one yet again after the next face on an unassisted outside blast from Galen Beers, but I couldn't tell you exactly what happened since I was fiddling with my camera.

Cornell then pulled their one blatant Princeton stall-ball routine for the game; they were pretending to be looking for the right match behind, but were clearly doing nothing other than moving it back and forth with an interminable "no, that wasn't what we're looking for, I guess we'll have to setup again" con-job. The refs rightfully told them to keep it in and then Cornell went to work for real on a shortstick iso from the back right corner. Sophomore Mike Riordan, who had never scored a goal in a Cornell uniform, took control at the back pipe to Pfeifer's right and worked a series of rolls and rocker-steps that Cuse's interior looked a little hesitant to slide on. Riordan got a little too close though, and when he pulled off a tight, sharp roll to the inside on his shorti, the Orangeman slide was too far away to stop Riordan from extending it righty past Pfeifer's outside leg. 10-8 Cornell.

At this point both teams were getting their shots, but almost none of them were the result of dodges against their respective close defensemen. Glatzel and St. George were avoided like the plague by Cornell's attackmen, and while Coffman and Powell routinely took it to the hoop, they never managed to beat either Ryan McClay and Tim DeBlois in a pure one-on-one situation. Powell and Coffman tend to make jarring, bee-line cuts and then pause to float for second, usually in hopes of getting their defenseman leaning one way or another, or at least moving towards them. But McClay and DeBlois always kept their shoulders square, their legs shuffling, and an active, but not over-committed, stick at the hip. They're very tough to get around the corner on.

Syracuse would close to within one on a :30 second EMO, the result of a Chris Viola push during a loose ball scramble on the sidelines. After bumping it around the horn quickly, Brian Nee skipped a pass to Springer, who was camped out in the lefty shooter's spot up top. Springer had time to wind up, which is never good, and he bombed a lefty rip that ricocheted on the left pipe and in. 10-9 Cornell. Cornell would then pump in the next 2 to end the quarter. First Redd drove the left pipe, and as was his MO for the night, dumped it Andrew Collins in the heart of the Syracuse defense once the slide came. Collins miraculously had time to cock his stick, step up, and pick his spot, all from 5 yards out. Pfeifer was helpless to stop the offside hip burner. Then with 1:00 minute left Cornell went up 12-9 on a nearly identical play; Colin Crawford drove the same pipe from behind and hit Greenhalgh as he was moving towards him, all for easy 5 yard bouncer. The only difference with this goal was that the shooter was moving when he got the ball.

The 3rd came to an end with an inconsequential :30 push on Sol Bliss. But the one glaring problem with Syracuse heading into the fourth was the ease with which Cornell could get time and room when dodging against Cuse's shortsticks, mostly Brett Walther and Tom Hardy today. It kept the Orangemen lonsticks in a constant state of panic, and even if Cornell's inverts couldn't flat-out beat their defenders, they had a huge amount of time to look the field over, and all from within about 5 yards of the crease.

Justin Redd started the action for Cornell in the fourth. He actually challenged Glatzel on a righty drive from behind, but Glatzel summarily dismissed Redd to the ground as Redd came around goal line extended. The only problem was that Glatzel got flagged for a completely BS push from behind for a :30 second Cornell EMO. Cuse forced the ensuing man-up to keep it around the horn, with no real threats, until a loose ball went Syracuse's way. Pfeifer bolted out to his left, with the ball, to start the clear, and had to negotiate with an Andrew Collins flying at him. In one of the headier plays I've seen, Pfeifer pumped on the fake outlet pass, which got Collins in the air, and then leaned his helmet into Collins' stick for a flag and a 1:00 minute Cuse EMO. Syracuse would capitalize on it. After moving it around the outside a little, Brian Nee took a ridiculous no-angle shot from off to Cynar's left, but Cornell's lonsticks tipped the rebound out and Cuse controlled again. Nee got another chance, when Powell fed across the face of the goal from left to right, and this time Nee coverted on an underhand lefty for a 12-10 Cornell lead.

Playing to the same script all afternoon though, Cornell answered right back on a great individual effort from Tim DeBlois. DeBlois shook off two Syracuse riders near the midfield and rolled into the middle to come straight down the pipe. Sol Bliss slid upfield to hit him (and he did crush him), but just before Bliss got there DeBois whipped it to the left pipe, where Collins was waiting for a nice little dunk and a 13-10 lead. Cornell won the next face and immediately pushed it to Collins on the point of the 4-3 break. Collins took a massive sidearm rip that nailed the crossbar and sailed back outside the restraining line, which Cuse's Jarrett Park snapped up and bolted the other way with. Once Park hit his own restraining line he dumped it to Springer off to his right, and Springer buried a lefty overhand just inside the left pipe. Cornell now led 13-11 with about 10:00 minutes left.

Cornell was now really taking their sweet time on offense, and you could see a little sense of urgency creeping into Syracuse's big guns. Cornell's Justin Redd was setting up behind for a run (or at this point, a pretend run) against Brett Walther, until Glatzel decided to come flying from the middle and force the action with a double team. Redd slipped to the turf on an attempted roll away from Glatzel and the ball headed the other way. Surprisingly though, Syracuse was comfortable with Pat Hogan being the one to take his chances going to the hoop from up top. He drove right handed, and from 15 yards out, with Cynar getting a great look the whole time, Hogan let loose a righty overhand straight to the middle of Cynar's chest. Cynar caught it and sent it the other way. Redd again set up behind, this time ready for a double. Bliss was the one who obliged, and Redd rolled back to X after faking like he was going to leg it out to the outside. Bliss couldn't recover and Redd made a line for Pfeifer's left pipe, where he promptly stuck a lefty bouncer from right outside the paint. Cornell pushed their lead to 15-11 after another sick clear and dump from one of their stalwart defensemen, this time Ryan McClay. He burned down the left sideline with a power cradle, and after leaving Powell behind him at the midfield line, whipped it Greenhalgh on the right pipe for a layup.

There was now under 5:00 minutes to go, and although Syracuse had their chances, they just couldn't find the back of the net. First Coffman nailed Cynar in the chest after a nice redirect from Brian Nee at the top of the box. Then Powell snapped off a great feed to his right on a lightening quick split dodge from up top, but Spencer Wright shot wide left despite having all the room in the world. Cornell got to control again, and Pfeifer was in full double mode starting at the 2:00 minute mark. It was causing havoc with the Big Red, but every trip behind the goal seemed to knock off at least :20 seconds. Some up and downs, and a disallowed goal on a pretty give and go from Coffman to Sean Lindsey (I'm not sure why it was disallowed) at the :17 second mark, and Cornell was going into their locker room with their 2nd straight home win against the Orangemen, and their longest winning streak since their '87 National Championship Game season.

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    by (#26761) on 4/10/02 @9:14AM
Wonder if anything more could have been written to take away from a great Cornell win.

Have some gouda with your whine, Neil.
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    by (#20511) on 4/10/02 @12:11PM
the article was fine, maybe you're bitter cause you know in the long run the game had no significance. yes, i agree all the parity this year in D1 is great, but Cuse is the one lock to be in the final 4 this year and everyone knows it. they dont mess around come playoff time
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I agree
    by (#1384) on 4/10/02 @12:29PM
that this fanboy is just bitter, but at 8-1 Cornell appears to be a real contender.

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He's right!!!
    by (#21337) on 4/10/02 @12:47PM
Don't think that cuse won't be in it, or, give all the credit to Cornell. Lucky game boys!!
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    by (#9458) on 4/11/02 @11:10PM
Cornell played with skill! it's the 2nd time in 3 years they've beaten 'cuse at home when 'cuse had a #1 ranking. cornell is going all the way this year. this is the best cornell team since 1987 or even the golden age of 1976-78 with tom marino, the late eamon macenaney and mikey french.
2002 NCAA Lacrosse Champion = Cornell University GO BIG RED!
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Cornell is for real
    by (#24884) on 4/10/02 @11:19PM
I am an SU fan and braved the weather and watched a game that showed how good Cornell really is and showed that SU has some concerns, especially at goal and on D. Longsticks and middies were lost chasing down to Cornell offense which dominated SU the entire game. The BEST Freshman attackman in the country who plays for Cornell and not UVA, scored at will. He is by far better than a Yevoli Christmas, its just he is from Cornell but if he played for Princeton, WOW he would get all the HYPE !!! Cynar is AA fur shure as he stopped several late shots that resulted in Cornell scoring goals. Thats why SU couldn't come back because they could not SCORE. Su did take toooo many weak shots in the 1st half that were routine for Cynar. Coffman was neutalized with 1 point which hurt. SU had its chances but Cornell didn't allow them to catch up. Cornell is for real and if they can beat Princeton, they could be trouble in the tournament. SU needs to get their shit together as U CRY BABY MASS & G-Town are coming in to play to win. SU needs to knock them both off to regroup for May 27th !!!
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sean greenhalgh has the pro's looking at him
    by (#5616) on 4/13/02 @7:01AM
sean was no slouch in jr box. here are his summer stats where he played for the minto cup winning st. catherines athletics

regular season

games played-18

ola playoffs
games played-13

minto cup final vs burnaby

games played-6
loose balls-29

nice pedigree, possibly the bast canuck to play for cornell since mike french.

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sean's bio
    by (#5616) on 4/13/02 @7:14AM
-------------- --------
---- ------------ ------ -- -- --- --- --- - -- -- --- --- ---
2000 ST.CATHRNES JUNIOR A 19 20 17 37 0 - 15 18 17 35 2
2001 ST.CATHRNES JUNIOR A 18 48 29 77 2 - 13 22 27 49 2
---- ------------ ---------- -- --- --- --- --- - -- -- --- --- ---
PRO/MAJOR/SENIOR TOTALS 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0
JUNIOR A TOTALS 38 68 46 114 2 - 28 40 44 84 4
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pro debut
    by (#5616) on 12/31/05 @4:57PM
4-goals/3-assists in the phiily wings win over the mammoth in denver
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Tomkins County
    by (#25743) on 4/10/02 @9:30AM
Its not easy to come into that huge empty stadium and play well. Its a wierd place to play and has never been lined well. I havent been there in 3 years but sounded like a good game.
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re: Cuse vs. Big Red
    by (#11250) on 4/10/02 @12:58PM
First, I would like to give props to the photographer who took the pic of Powell's dive/behind the back shot. Pretty sick pic. I as so used to just taking photos of players standing around doing nothing.

Second, I was wondering how people think the NCAA tourney field is shaping up? I'm a Carolina fan, and am very interested in the potential at-large berths. Of the six at-large berths, Syracuse, Hopkins, Virginia, and Loyola are locks. The remaining two spots seem to be up for grabs with Carolina, Maryland, Duke, and whoever ends up second in the Ivy League being the front runners. Are there any other teams to consider? Does the committee take three from the ACC (e.g. UVa, UNC, and Maryland) or two from the Ivy?
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You obviously dont_got_skillz
    by (#20646) on 4/10/02 @3:06PM
Your are looking right past one conference and that is ECAC. Umass is on a roll and they will be looking to take Georgetown and then hopefully Cuse. But once they get Georgetown they will have an automatic bid. So, look out because the minutemen are still holding a grudge from last year.
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I hope............
    by (#13195) on 4/10/02 @3:19PM
that UMASS makes the tourney this year. I still have a headache from all of the whining that went on last year when they didn't. More than likely they won't though.
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    by (#1384) on 4/11/02 @12:50AM
lock city...

Hofstra is making a strong case for an at-large bid.

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not to be picky..
    by (#4058) on 4/11/02 @7:17AM
but the jersey # on the Syracuse player diving/shooting over-the-back looks like a #32 instead of #22.. so I guess that'd be Coffman? Either way, it is a sweet shot though.. not bad!
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2 years ago
    by (#25819) on 4/10/02 @2:24PM
I seem to remember a situation 2 years ago when Cuse beat up on Loyola, lost to Cornell in the next game and then ended by winning the championship... sound alittle bit like this year so far?
I'm a Syracuse fan, but I give credit to Cornell for the win- good job, but look out for us in the finals.
go Cuse
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    by (#8966) on 4/10/02 @9:02PM
That scenario was actually stated in the Loyola Cuse article on this site. Great discernment.
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good call
    by (#25819) on 4/10/02 @11:59PM
good call, i didnt even read the article... i was at the game, so sorta pointless to read it. haha go cuse
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I don't think so
    by (#2789) on 4/11/02 @11:30AM
Cuse is good, but not that good. I saw them play against Denver and I really thought it should have been Denver's game. i still think cuse will go to the final four, but I don't think a championship is in store for them. Cornell really looks good, their keep is sick, i can't say that for cuse.
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    by (#21004) on 4/10/02 @9:02PM
hahaha.. i think this says enough.. cuse may be good but they arent invincible.. this was needed to put all u cuse fans in ur place.. but dont worry ull have fun watching hop and uva battle it out on memorial day
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    by (#21004) on 4/10/02 @9:07PM
Umm is it me being blind or is there no crease line in those pictures? there may be one and i just cant see it but from what i see, i cant see the line.
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    by (#21004) on 4/10/02 @9:08PM
Umm is it me being blind or is there no crease line in those pictures? there may be one and i just cant see it but from what i see, i cant see the line.
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They are there
    by (#20454) on 4/11/02 @12:10AM
The crease lines are there, they are just painted a light red color.
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    by (#26869) on 4/11/02 @12:11PM
lines are actually blue.
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Photo's again
    by (#26767) on 4/11/02 @10:36AM
You guys need to get better photographers. The action is all far away and blurry.
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Pics seem OK to me
    by (#26855) on 4/11/02 @12:40PM
Perhaps those peepers are fadin' on ya?
(...or, bad monitor??)
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Mike Egan?
    by (#9958) on 4/12/02 @12:08AM
Does anyone remember Mike Egan? I think he was from Georgetown Prep, I seem to remember two years ago he was an integral part of the victory of 'Cuse as a freshman. Anyone know what happened to him?
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Mike Egan left the team.
    by (#26855) on 4/12/02 @5:00AM
You remember correctly -- he scored both the game-tying and the game-winning goals against the 'Cuse in '00. Unfortunately, after two good years and the promise of two more, he had a falling out with coach (I've heard) and quit. His departure, along with an injury to Lee, is a blow to the Red "O", however the amazin' freshmen are definitely takin' up the slack!
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red 'O'
    by (#26869) on 4/15/02 @1:20PM
give credit to the freshmen, but dont forget about Andrew Collins (att.), Billy Fort (att.),
J.P. Schalk (mid) and Galen Beers (mid) who are all capable scorers.
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