Duke Crushes Hobart 22-6

Duke Crushes Hobart 22-6

Duke Crushes Hobart 22-6

Duke Crushes Hobart 22-6

After watching the Georgetown Hoyas struggle with an undersized Manhattan Jaspers club we were all reminded what a bigtime division I contest looks like. The Clydesdales of Duke came trotting out to face an inferior although sizable opponent in the Hobart Statesmen. The field immediately looked smaller with the teams getting up and down the field in a hurry. Both teams played an up tempo game, but Hobart regular up tempo style was crushed by Duke's way up tempo style, 22-6.

Hobart had trouble handling the ball from the outset, but they managed to take the initiative early. With 11:37 to go in the second quarter the Statesmen held a 6-5 advantage. Most of their settled goals came the same way with John Begosian, Nate Hill and company attacking from behind the cage. Michael Strahan must have stopped by this week in practice and taught Hobart the swim move. It's his patented move where he takes his arm and puts it on the side of his defenders body and pulls his way by. Hobarts' attackers were using the one arm bandit style to swim by their defenders to emerge from behind the cage next to the crease. Many times they never got their free hand back on the stick and took one handed shots. Fans were screaming for ward calls left and right, but instead the refs kept calling holding and pushing calls on Duke defenders. However, Hobart was unable to make Duke pay going 2 for 9 with the extra man.

Some may think that Coach Pressler and his Dukies were trying to send a message with their 22-6 win. Pressler agreed after the game stating,"Everyone in the world is saying we don't belong, but I think we proved today that we do." Pressler's game plan worked perfectly once his squad got rolling. He told us that they figured if Hobart was a transition team that they would beat them with their transition. They took the Hobart squad very seriously claiming them to be the strongest of the AQ's(not Princeton, just the ones that didn't necessarily stand a chance). Pressler said"Are we taking Hobart lightly, that's laughable, we have no right to take anyone lightly."

Coach Kerwick thinks the up tempo style game is the only way to play win or loose. He referenced that style of play the right way to play and stated that he wouldn't teach his guys any other way. He felt his team just failed the basic fundamentals today. He went on to say that he never questions his players' hearts, but pointed out an inability to throw and catch as their demise. Kerwick jokingly said,"I wish they stopped the game when we were up 6-5. You have to pass and catch and we gave them a lot of opportunities ...I think we just didn't handle the ball well." Another devastating blow was leading attackman John Begosion took a hit in the second quarter. The star attackman failed the doctors test for a concussion and sat the rest of the game. Coach Kerwick said he seemed like he was going to be alright.

On an interesting side note, Pressler said that one of his teams' goals was to hold Hobart to six goals. After the initial six so early it didn't look plausible, but even after back up goalie Michael Russell came in with 7:04 left Hobart couldn't score. Russell made some huge stops and actually tied started A.J. Kincel with six saves.

Duke moves on to face Syracuse next weekend at Hofstra. Many of the Duke players alluded to the fact that they may get booed by Hofstra fans who felt their team should have gone to the tourney over Duke. Freshman attackers Matt Monfett and Matt Rewkowski are both from Long Island and have been hearing that the whole area is in an uproar. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds; it seems many of Dukes players are from the Island. Pressler quickly reminded everybody that,"We're not playing Hofstra at Hofstra, We're playing Syracuse at Hofstra." He also brought up a good point of view. He said that from now on the guys were pro's. Graduation was today, so the only thing these student athletes have to do in their lives is prepare for the next game. Will Duke try to out transition Syracuse?

At the start of the game Hobart looked shaky. They won the face, but when they brought it back to their own defensive end they took turns dropping passes and picking the ball off the ground until Duke finally took it away from them. They quickly moved the ball to Monfett, but he missed the net wide. Duke didn't look any better, so when they cleared the ball after a Hobart offensive set Pressler called time out to settle his boys down. Both teams were attacking the ball defensively leading to Dukes' Dan Hauber slashing penalty. Hobart set up a 2-3-1 and Begosian snuck out from behind to his right to bounce one along the right pipe while diving, 1-0. At 10:45 Duke answered when Monfett drove from the lefty wing position. After getting a step the whole defense shifted leaving Tearrance Keany open on the back side along the restraining line. The 6'5" 220 lb middie took two steps in an ripped an overhand cannon that beat goalie Mike Borsz high to the right pipe, 1-1. Duke took a 2-1 lead on an uncharacteristic play in years past. Monfett drove from X to his left drawing a double from the adjacent. He dumped to Alex Lieske to the goalie's left and when the crease slide came he hit Ban Chemotti all alone on the crease. Chemotti threw the ball past the drawn and quartered Borsz, 2-1. Duke showed an ability to make four and five quick passes to break down a defense several times on the day. It's an ability that they haven't had in the last couple of years relying on big studs to beat two or three guys to score their goals. Duke added another at 8:47 on a fast break after a Hobart diving shot from behind, 3-1.

Hobart came back when Nate Hill took his turn at driving from behind and diving in front to get off a shot. At this point it was the fifth such attempt and the second goal for Hobart, 3-2. At the 5:02 mark of the first Dan Cesare got a shorty behind the net and drove the corner righty. When the slide came from the crease he hit Sean Read for a quick overhand shot that was partially saved, but still trickled it's way in, 3-3. Duke got a man -up play with 2:17 to go and cashed in. Starting in a 1-4-1 they broke into a wheel before moving the ball back to Cassesse in the top lefty crank spot. Cassesse passed down low for a give and go, but he booted the go. Matt Rewkowski picked up the loose ball on the crease and scored, 4-3. At 1:21 Duke got another transition goal on a fast break making it 5-3.

Hobart scored just 15 seconds into the second quarter, when they caught Duke out of position. Scott Harvey and Tim Booth had a two on one coming down the left side. The defender slid up field to Harvey so he dumped down low to Booth who beat AJ Kincel to the short, stick side high with Kincel guessing far side, 5-4. Hobart got the tying goal when Duke defender Michael Ferrari got the first of many questionable calls on him. The man up set up in a 3-3 and worked the ball to Dave Spratlen dead center along the restraining line. He unleashed a cannon that beat Kincel between the legs, 5-5. Hobart took the lead on a fast break at 11:37 of the second quarter. They would not score again. Duke totally took over the game scoring an incredible 17 unanswered goals.

They ran Hobart into the ground with numbers, size, and athleticism. The final, 22-6.

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As fans we've been cheated......
    by (#2443) on 5/12/02 @7:06PM
All of us who love this game should feel cheated in 2002. Cheated because we were not givin the opportunity to see the best the college game has to offer.
For close to 30 years I have been around the game of lacrosse as a fan, player, and coach. For the first time I actually refused to support the sport which means so much to all of us. I refused to spend money to go and watch games with teams that had no business being there in the first place, while other teams who earned the right to play were at home.
Now don't get me wrong, I really think the AQ's are good for the sport int he long run, but I also think there should be some sort of additional stipulation that qualifies you to participate in the NCAA playoffs other than winning your conference. As an example, maybe in addition to winning your league title teams should have at least 9 wins as well. I just think the playoffs are a reward for the best teams in the country to go in and fight it out on the field.
I can't imagine what the Seniors at Hofstra or Loyola are going through, particularly Hofstra. You spend 4 years working your ass off; you go into your senior year as a possible final four contender; you do what you have to do during the regular season to prove you belong, and then you are slapped in the face by a group of people who decide you don't belong. Yet teams that are 6-7 and 7-6 respectivly get in.
When the 2002 playoffs are over, and the 2003 season is on the horizon people will forget what happened this year with the playoff selections. Unfortunatly the kids that put it on the line game in and game out in their final college season will have to deal with this forever. As a fan I feel like we've been cheated out of some great lacrosse.
In the words of Mr. Chris Farley..."I'm Loking, Loking!!!!" I'm sure my friend from Long Island will agree, heyyyyyyyyyy
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enough already
    by (#25743) on 5/12/02 @8:24PM
Yeah Hofstra got screwed this year, and Umass last year, but write a letter to the NCAA or something and stop whining on this website, it takes up too much space.
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    by (#834) on 5/12/02 @9:02PM
12-7??? Does anyone know the story behind that?
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Point Proven
    by (#22632) on 5/12/02 @10:17PM
all the manhattan fans, the stony brook cretins, the farfield dorks etc can now shut their traps after being embarrassed this weekend.

Lacrosse lost a lot of respect this post season with what happend. might never regain it. it would be like duke not getting invited in basketball because it lose the conf tourney but east carolina or Joe blwo state college getting in

manhattan supporters=jerks
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    by (#19840) on 5/14/02 @3:28PM

AQ's are a necessity to the game of lax. How are the other teams going to get better every year if they have no chance of seeing post-season. It will suck for the first couple years yes, but some of these AQ teams will get better and we will hopefully see bracket expansion next year. The Hofstra thing was a screw up, but you can't complain about something that was set at the beginning of the season (AQ's). Do we tell Southwest Central Illinois State A&M they can't go to March madness because they are going to be crushed by some basketball powerhouse in the first round? No, there isn't 12 b-ball teams there is 64. I know that there is a difference between the two, but you get my point. The first round in any event should be a blow out. SHOULD being the key word, you never know that's why they play the game
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Pretty Please
    by (#30385) on 5/13/02 @1:55PM
If the 'BART ever wants to contend with the big boyz of D1 they had better get their administration to allow athletic scholarships!!

Bigger, Faster, Stronger is the name of the game.
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